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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all! Is there ANY WAY to restore a website that was maliciously deleted?! We have a client who hired a freelancer to edit her site, long story short, it didn't end well and the freelancer deleted her website. Is there any solution to this? Any backup? We can't find any way to restore and I feel horrible for our client 😞 Thank you!
  2. I'd really like to allow interns at my company to draft blog posts on the site. However, I don't want them to have access to editing the rest of the website. Is this possible yet on Squarespace?
  3. Site URL: https://breathelondon.org Hi All, I want to have contributorA to be able to add blogs to 'Page A Blog'. And I want contributorB to be able to add blogs to 'Page B Blog'. It looks like it's possible to create a Collection on a page which shows only blogs which have a certain category tag. So in theory I could set up 'Page A Blog' with a Collection on it that pulls in only blog posts that are tagged 'contributorA'. And I could set up a 'Page B Blog' with a collection on it that pulls in only blog posts that are tagged 'contributorB'. BUT... As I understand it, currently, in Squarespace, if I invite contributorA and contributorB, each of them can not only view and edit each other's pages, they could also view and edit all of the other pages in my site - which I don't want! (obviously). Unless I've missed something, and it's not possible to restrict contributors to only be able to view/edit certain pages... is there another solution I could use? Could I, for example, use something like Contentful, use that to give the contributors their logins, and use some sort of plugin or custom code on each page to bring in content from Contenftul. So 'Page A Blog' pulls in blogs from Contentful from contributorA and 'Page B Blog' pulls in blogs from Contentful from contributorB? Any thoughts welcome! Thanks, Andy
  4. Hi all, My team and I are currently trying to explore the best strategy for restricting access to content on our website. Ideally it would be access to a specific set of pages. I have established like most of you that we cannot restrict who can signup to a members area, and that we cannot make unique passwords for pages or the entire site (which poses an issue for us, as we do not want the password shared on). I have some questions I am hoping someone can help clarify as potential ways around this silly lack of features: 1. Is there a way to add people directly to a members area in Squarespace using their email addresses rather than sending out a link for them to sign up? 2. If people sign up to a members area, is there a way to cap the number of members or remove the "members area" access after a period of time, locking in the members who are signed up to continue seeing the content (but preventing others from signing up)? 3. Is there any value in creating a members area and a password protection behind that login members area wall? 4. Does anyone know any widgets or plug-ins that can be integrated into a Squarespace website to manage and lock down content? 5. I can see that a membership to a members area can be cancelled, but does this "block" a user? i.e. I read in the Squarespace help guides that if someone has their membership cancelled, they can just sign up again and pay. Since we would be putting on a $0 payment fee (the wall is simply for security as this is a free educational course; we would be planning on monitoring the membership notifications and removing anyone unauthorised), we are worried that people who shouldn't be accessing content could just go straight back in. 6. Can you add specific email address as 'contributors' with the 'viewer' role? If so, does this allow any sort of block to content or is this the same issue with everyone having the same password for protection? Many thanks in advance for any assistance with my questions! Vanessa
  5. I would like to style single words of title elements but every time I add additional html tags they become encoded and do not work as expected. Or is it able to disable the encoding of html elements in general? Kind regards, Michael
  6. I'm a student designing a site for a non-profit. Is there a way to transfer ownership once I'm done designing or would it be better to sign-up for Squarespace with their own email and request access as a designer?
  7. I've created a contributor and sent an invitation but the client hasn't received or can't find it so I'm trying to work out how to resend. I've since made this contributor the 'Owner' and when I go back to Permissions it says that this contributor Last Logged In - Just now which is not the case, maybe I should've waited till the invitation had been accepted. How can I send another invitation or troubleshoot this situation?
  8. I am looking for a way for contributors to add digital products themselves and not to be able to delete other products. Can this be done ?
  9. Hi I'm trying to build a site for a small county and have a few specific requirements and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on if it would be possible to custom build a site like this through SquareSpace with maybe SquareSpace Developer? The county wants a page where they can put new county information and news up but also has a focus on commerce, they would like to grant county business owners to a page on the site, without having access to the rest of the site. The business owners are not super tech savvy so they are looking for a solution in which the business owners may just have to fill out a form with their business information to automate edits to their page, as well as pull information from their Yelp profile or their personal websites.
  10. I create new site and i need to set that template in my old site domain. which in Contributor section. Let me know can i set new template in my Contributor Sites. domain same just need to change new template. can i transfer this one.?
  11. Hi, I am trying to make a staff only page where they can upload pictures taken through out the day. is this at all possible? I've created a staff page where they can access/ download documents. but I will need them to have access to uploading
  12. I operate an online magazine and would like for my writers to be able to create and edit articles within the Squarespace CMS, but not be able to publish. Is there a way to limit functionality to where contributors are only allowed to "Save Draft" and "Submit for Review" similarly to WordPress? I do not want a contributor to accidentally publish unfinished work. If this is not already a thing, can we refine contributor roles? This would be incredibly helpful, so as to not have to have submissions through Word and Google Docs, then have to download the images, upload the images, etc.
  13. I helped a client in the past on the Square Space platform, so I'm a little familiar with it. I have about 3 clients that I would like to move to the Square Space platform. My question is, what's the best way to go about doing that? Would it be best to build all their sites under my account, flip the bill, and just recharge them the fees (if Square Space doesn't have terms against that)? At the same time, I don't know that I really want to flip that bill every month. I would rather have them deal with it. Is there a way to build a site out and then pass it off to their account once complete? The other option, I guess, is they'd have to create an account and give me access to help them build out their sites. The down side of that is I'm not sure if they want to do that or not. Something I'll have to find out. Anyway, was wondering if anyone else has done something similiar and the best way to go about handling it. Thank you.
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