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  1. A nonprofit’s online presence is key in its success. A website provides the perfect opportunity to educate the public about your cause as well as allow visitors to show support to the mission. Creating an impactful website will encourage new and returning visitors to share your cause, donate, and even volunteer. From strategically placed call-to-action buttons and Donation Blocks to striking the right balance between text and infographics, there are many ways to improve your website’s impact. What are your tried and true tips and tricks for launching an effective nonprofit website?
  2. Site URL: https://carlospagan.com I came across this portfolio site i found really beautiful. https://carlospagan.com I think he uses Square Space. Does anyone know how he is able to achieve the layout on the main page? Each row there are one large thumbnail and two smaller ones. And it rotates every row. Thanks
  3. Trying to start a photography website but I"m getting overwhemed by all the template choices and am getting no where.. Ant tips to getting me passed this point. Thanks so much for any help and sorry for the lame question.
  4. Site URL: https://pentagon-dachshund-mefm.squarespace.com/config/ I'm trying to remove the titles from appearing under my thumbnails of the main page. Any advice? https://pentagon-dachshund-mefm.squarespace.com/config/ pw: honkhonk Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone, Developing a website for my small business and would love some constructive criticism. I still have to complete the testimony, blog, and our process pages but do have a skeleton template in place for these pages. The web address is https://www.aquillercole.events/intro1. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  6. Hello, After spending few hours searching for this on the forum, I could not figure it out, so here I am. I'd like to be able to customize tags for "Events" both upcoming and past. When I create an event, I use tags to organize them and it is displaying like this right now (tags: Bootcamp, Career). I'd like to change the tags displayed in the Summary to look like this: Is there a way to do this?
  7. Site URL: https://pentagon-dachshund-mefm.squarespace.com/config/ Would like to round the corners of the site I'm building, but I'm having trouble doing it in the custom css. Any advice? pentagon-dachshund-mefm.squarespace.com pw: honkhonk
  8. Site URL: https://www.zaweyati.com/ Hi I recently added a background image to my footer and while it looks great on desktop, it gets cut off in mobile view. Is there a size recommendation for the image to work on both views? What else can I do? Thank you
  9. Site URL: https://www.moonmazestudio.com/ Hi! We just launched our first site on Squarespace. We're sharing it here with community for any general feedback. https://www.moonmazestudio.com/ Thanks a bunch!
  10. I want my header to be effectively the same on mobile and desktop, the only difference being that the content (Title/Logo, Navigation, Social Links) would be stacked due to the width of the screen. How on earth do I make this happen? I cannot stand the hamburger menu, as not every potential client is going to be computer literate enough to know what it is or how to open it. If visitors can't see the link, it might as well not be there. I want my navigation links to be plainly visible as soon as they reach the website.
  11. Hi, could someone help on some issues with the new Squarespace product categories as also point me in the right direction on Design of Category pages. Background: I have just updated 7.1 commerce with the latest categories update (based on a notification I saw in the dashboard). This update provides more powerful category features, in particular, nesting of categories (ie Category, Sub-category). This is a useful feature. For example, one can create a category structure like Mens>Jeans, add those categories to a new product and Squarespace automatically generates the category and
  12. Hello! Is there a way to remove the minimum width of a spacer block? I've found a lot of guides to remove the minimum height of a spacer, but not the with. Thanks in advance
  13. Site URL: https://www.dwbehavioralhealth.com Hello all, This is the first site I've designed on Squarespace (I've done a couple on WordPress previously, but really still new at this!). This was for a friend of mine who recently started a private psychotherapy practice focused on working with young women and teen girls (ages roughly 10 - mid-30s). The main audiences for the site are parents of teen girls seeking help for their daughters and young women seeking therapy for themselves (she also wanted to be accessible to teens themselves, who may be checking her out before their firs
  14. Site URL: https://capriva.shop Hey, is it possbile to style the shopping cart icon without actually replacing it? I know you can add custom icons with CSS but this just brings me more trouble because I would need seperate versions for dark and ligth backgrounds. The standard shopping cart icon is fine for me, I just would like to have a bold version of it. I also want change the color and background of the little quantity numbers besides the shopping cart. I want to have a circle around the number (still deciding on the color) and want the text to be white. I managed to
  15. Site URL: http://dunnedesign.squarespace.com Hi all, Trying to include an testimonial carousel on my website from my clients. Have made it as a carousel summary blog and pulled it onto the homepage however trying to get it to autoplay? dunnedesign.squarespace.com password: dunne Can anyone help? Thanks
  16. As 2020 comes to an end, we can all start looking forward to what the new year will bring. Personal New Year’s resolutions are the norm, but what about for your website or business? Maybe it’s expanding your range of products, maybe it’s finally doing those design tweaks you’ve been thinking about for ages. What are the website/business goals you’ll be focusing on in the new year? Share in the comments below!
  17. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/fr/creer-ma-boite Hey Guys! Im looking to do the same type of " shadow box " we normally do in summary grid but in my product grid list. Any leads? Cheers! Now it's like this: But i look for something like this: ( with the add to cart )
  18. Site URL: http://www.tayloralders.com Hello! I need help with the spacing on my hyperlinks. They are too far below the text and I'm not sure how to get them back to normal. I'm having the problem in my regular paragraphs as well as my footer (see photo). Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://www.lesweekendeurs.ca/fr/creer-ma-boite Hey guys! Is anybody has a code or knows a way to create pellet color background around category tag on mobile? I did this: But i'm looking for something like this: Thanks Y'all!
  20. Site URL: https://www.extraordinaryroutines.com Hi all, I'm having lots of trouble with the button formatting – any ideas on why the bottom line has disappeared? Cheers, Madeleine
  21. Why exactly are logos so important? Logos help set the tone for your business, as they are often your brand’s first impression on potential customers. As we know, our brains can process images more quickly than text, so having a logo helps users identify and remember your brand. Think of it as your company’s ID in your customers’ minds, it’s how you stand out among your competitors. How did you decide on your logo? What do you like most about it? What core message or feeling did you want your logo to convey? Tell us all about your logo in the comments below
  22. Site URL: https://kumquat-megalodon-cade.squarespace.com/config/ HI! Making a website for a klient who would like to have a small overlap of the logo in the Header. The logo will be placed a bit above the image below. Is that possible with some code? This is a sketch to show what I try to explain. Maybe a bit more further down than the sketch showing. Thanks a lot for any help🙏🏼 I also struggle with to line height on just Heading 1. without breaking the line height on all of the other headings. I should probably search for another template that gives me more freedom. Any suggestion of temp
  23. Hello Squarespace Forum, I am trying to add CSS to my Shopping Cart page but I can not get it to actually use my CSS. The CSS works fine on every other page though. I thought Squarespace just might not support the use of Custom CSS in the Shopping Cart page since Squarespace does not give you the option to edit it through their editor anyways. But I saw a video online of someone using CSS to change the style of the Shopping Cart. Maybe they were using a different Version of Squarespace? I could not find anything online and Squarespace support was not really useful either. (My
  24. How does one create motion graphics and animations to headers on square-space?
  25. Site URL: https://www.jesperbindslev.com/screenshot Hi everyone, Hope this finds you well. I have been developing a new site to switch up to 7.1. I spend the weekend on this as i need to get it running. for a new personal portfolio type site. One thing i struggle with (and wonder about) is that certain of the sections struggle with basic padding/white space alignment. in short after choosing vertical centre position it seems centred in the editor but once saved it re-alings wrongfully and appear above the centre - basically looks sloppy. See screenshot linked up - its from
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