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  1. I'm trying to add a border between sections on my site. Ideally this would be done with an SVG mask, but I settled for trying with a PNG image instead. This is where I'm at right now: [data-section-id="63deaf31f73bb003a7fce3df"] { overflow: visible; &:before { content: ''; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/63da9ac5c9844e3c54f8abd2/t/63deac4ef73bb003a7fc7b5e/1675537486671/Raven+Flower+Torn+Paper+Up.png); position: relative; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: top; top: -20px; margin-top: 1px; pointer-events: none!important; z-index: 101; } } Nothing I do seems to be selecting the section. Even if I just try to set the background color of the section, it's not working. The PNG linked above should be placed before the targeted section, therefore displaying on top of the banner image.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to add a down arrow icon to the drop down menu? I've tried multiple css codes but nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hi, I am restructuring a poorly performing site, that was made (very basically) last year and not optimised. I am learning as I go but have spent some time on optimisation and performance. I would be very interested in honest opinions on overall experiance from search results to site in general. I seem to be having trouble with page descriptions in google, I have optimised them all and indexed with google, but it seems that some of the snippets are generated by google and in some cases don't really make sense. The site is in French so apart from the copy (if you don't read french) please let me know what you think? Merci,
  4. Site URL: http://bradleystearn.co.uk/ I'm struggling to find a way to remove the negative/blank space on the mobile view of my website. Viewing on desktop the design is how I would like it, swithcing to a mobile view you'll see a lot of negative white space between my header, and the image slideshow. I've been hunting around the design section of the edit menu, but cannot find a way to remove this space, which doesn't affect the design of the desktop version. http://bradleystearn.co.uk/ Thank you
  5. Hello, have you noticed that squarespace favicon looks great in light mode and dark mode browsers? Its color change from black to white, to keep the logo visible in different backgrounds: So please, do you know how to do it whit custom css?
  6. Site URL: https://www.partybarnpublications.com/books/crafting-the-roast Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to move where the price is displayed on the product page. It's at the top near the title and it really should be at the bottom near the add to cart button or above the quantity button. Anyone out there know how I can move this? Thanks!!
  7. Hi, I added some custom code for the gradients on the website www.advancingagency.com and it looks fantastic for mac users in any browser. However, when pc users open it in any browsers, they see the attached image, not the video view I also attached. What could I do to make sure the site has the same view? 1729802831_ScreenRecording2023-02-03at5_35_48PM.mov
  8. How do I increase the resolution of zoomed product images on my site? The click/hover features both display a very pixelated, low-quality image. It's not utilising the full image size to zoom in and instead, appears to merely zoom into the smaller, web-display version on the product page. I have tried resizing the images, going from 500KB to 20MB - all of them look equally pixelated on zoom. The first image shows what the artwork should look like when zoomed-in - vs. what it actually looks like using the zoom feature. The third image is of 2 versions of the same piece; however one is 4806 x 3399 pixels, the other 1748 x 1240 pixels - and they both look equally pixelated when using the zoom feature, despite one being almost 3x higher in resolution. Thank you 🙂
  9. I am not sure if this website uses Squarespace, but I am very interested in learning how they create their cover page / landing page effect. I would love to create this effect with: 1. Landing on a color background with logo fading in 2. Color background with logo fades to an image 3. Image faded to the home page of the website (I do not care for the scrolling navigation feature here) Thank you for any insight or tools or CSS you may be able to provide! https://www.lilsemckenna.com/
  10. Hi there. I'm trying to put my cart (styled as text) in the same position as the navigation but I can't seem to do it. I can put it all in the same line if I set the Center Layour a as horizontal instead of stacked, which is of course something I don't want to do. The site is live: https://www.lostreseditores.org Thanks in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://imnotascientist.com I'm not sure if I worded the title correctly; I'm trying to take this image that's currently in the footer and make it fixed to the bottom of the browser window, so it spans the page completely and stays on the screen as you scroll, and appears on every page Password for the site is: missingno Here's how it currently looks in the attached screenshot. Right now I have an un-linked page www.imnotascientist.com/png-assets which I'm using for some code another user wrote for the nav bar icons. I figured I can take the image out of the footer container, put it on that page, and use some CSS in the site design to make it a fixed image, right? Because I already have some text on the footer underneath it, I'd actually like to keep the text in the footer exactly as it sits. It's just that start-bar image I want to work with I found some threads on this forum related to this but none of the code seemed to work
  12. Hello! Is there a way to have the heading logo change based on the dynamic background for the page? It seems silly that there is a dynamic header design option without the ability to implement at least a light and dark logo version. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hello !! Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue - Basically in both SS views Desktop + Mobile the phone number for ELAINE is navy blue but when I check it on my actual phone it's grey with a link line underneath. None of the following have fixed the problem yet : Ive deleted this multiple times and made a new text box I've copied and pasted TAMARA text box and inserted new text Changed it multiple times in the COLOURS EDIT PAINT BRUSH THINGY restarted computer refreshed my phone refreshed SS removed the 'LINK' which is making it grey..... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - site is going LIVE soon 🙂 PLEASE HELP 😆
  14. Hi guys, I am wanting to view the square space site on tablet view however the option for that is not there on the header. Do I have to add it in from somewhere or other option? Thanks, Jack
  15. Guys, what in the world is with fluid engine being garbage on ipads? This is so crazy to me. I've been using squarespace since 2007 and have never seen this kind of unfixable wonkiness! Am I missing something?!
  16. Hello, Need help. My website looks great on default domain provided by squarespace but when i change the domain id or add another domain, It loses some of its styling. My website is https://garlic-dolphin-fkzw.squarespace.com/ I've changed my primary domain to https://reelstoryentertainment.com and now some styling appears different. Any help is highly appreciated. Password:V3rifi@B1e
  17. Hi all Does anyone know how to recreate the effect on this website. About halfway down the flowers on each side of the book move to the side to reveal the book as you scroll. https://hollyringland.com/ It's definitely a Squarespace site but I have no clue how the designer managed this effect. Thoughts? Thanks! Michelle
  18. Hi there, Not sure what they are called, but I will try to explain. My pages in my portfolio have some navigation tool right before the footer. I can either toggle to the next project (chapter) in my portfolio, or backwards if the page I am on is not the first project in the portfolio. This option is not something I have designed myself, it was there all along. In the Desktop version of my site, this works fine. But on mobile mode, the words are too large and overlap. For instance: Wedding Photography and Newborn Photography Overlap, making it look messy. At least is comes acrosse bad as unprofessional. I myself am always annoyed when some designs do not work on mobile devices. Any idea how to adjust these, or get rid of them? Hope it makes sense and anyone can help out! Thanks in advance.
  19. I am trying to edit the font of some text within a testimonial preset carousel within Squarespace (on the home page of the site linked below). I have successfully changed the text below it using the following code: section[data-section-id="63c390bd1403971a5efb5e19"] .user-items-list-item-container p { font-family: "Steelfish"; font-size: 31px; } However I cannot seem to find a way to change the font of this main text. I am open to all suggestions and am getting quite desperate as this job has carried on a lot longer than anticipated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://orb-seahorse-ha47.squarespace.com/ password123 /* attempt at testimonials top text */ section[data-section-id="63c390bd1403971a5efb5e19"] .user-items-list-carouselslides user-items-list-carouselslides--initialized p { font-family: "Steelfish"; font-size: 31px; } Tried this unsuccessfully Also tried h, h1, h2, h3
  20. In the new Fluid Engine, is there any way to have text wrap around another block of text? Is there code I can enter to accomplish this? I am a writer looking to highlight pull quotes (individual lines from my writing) in a larger font at various points throughout an article. I have included a screenshot of my current efforts. The pink text is the pull quote, and as you can see, the surrounding text does not properly fit around it, despite the hours I've spent trying to manipulate it.
  21. hello! I wanted to find out if there is a way I can show an existing client a site design update without duplication of the site. I was intending to change some of the font settings and navigation style etc. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this particular scenario 🙂 Thanks in advance for the feedback and assistance! Jonathan
  22. hi, i have an issue where when I hover the mouse over a product image outside in the category area, it wants to automatically start rolling through the products images, which i dont want it to do. i want to be able to click on that product, and then once in the product they can slide side to side to see the extra images... i noticed one thing that i dont have, and thats themes. my friend www.180decals.com uses squarespace, and has been the past 5-10 years. for some reason he can still go into the directions like it shows and go to design>themes, i think it is. THEMES though, he has, i do not. all i have are the image blocks type editor, he doesnt even know what those are..and the biggest bummer is i recently got sqarespace to learn off him, and now we have different versions so the learning is minimal on the design end because of that now lol.. any help on the image issue? can i turn something off that doesn't scroll the images when the mouse hovers over it? am i down to only coding with not having the themes option? i believe i read the reason might be i have 7.1, my friend has 7.0 or before. thats all i could find within other google searchings.. thanks in advance. dj
  23. I'm here out of desperation as I've wasted hours messing about with overcomplicated gallery options. I simply want my images within a gallery page to have a horizontal scroll, not vertical. (Not a carousel slideshow, where one image at a time is visible and responsive features are used). I haven't been able to find a way of searching SS templates by the availability of a horizontal scroll for image content. Templates like 'Ishimoto' offer no adjustment to image padding. A good example would be the 'Horizon' themes by Format - basic code, uncomplicated clean look. A perfect example on a functioning website would be: https://www.the7thmember.xyz/ I feel like I'm missing something that should be really easy to find, but Gallery Blocks and Gallery Pages are both lacking a basic 'I want it going sideways' option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Big thanks.
  24. Site URL: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/config Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone could help me to change the color of my logo on certain pages. I would like my logo to be in white on most pages, except some where the background is white, I would like the logo to be black. Here's an example of a page where it needs to be inverted: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/cover My website link is: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/. The password is: Bookofgeorge Is there a code I can inject to simply invert it on select pages? Or is there a way to override the logo to a different images on those pages? Thanks so much!
  25. I'd like to make all the images on my site have the "tilt-down" animation — or, better yet, have that be the default. I thought I could do this by going to "Site Styles" and "Animations", but I find that (1) "Tilt Down" isn't an option there, and (2) this is for all site elements — including text and other things that aren't images. Does anyone know a way to make all my images default to an animation style? (This isn't crucial. I have a lot of images, and this would just save a bunch of time.)
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