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  1. In accordance with the forum guidelines, I'll send you a private message.
  2. Tremont is very styles and this makes it quite a restrictive template. It would be so much easier to add this to the banner on a Brine-family template. You can test this out by temporarily switching templates or starting a new trial just to test it out.
  3. I feel your pain. I meet a lot of potential commerce customers who find out about these limitations the hard way which is why I shared the list of commerce limitations, hoping that it would save others from exactly this pain. I always recommend that you add a handful of products, shipping options and payment options and test the customer experience and the order workflow BEFORE you move on to "design" the site or add a wide range of products. Shopify isn't perfect either. At least not the 'standard' version, so the same advice applies. Sure, I could build you an all singing, all dancing store on Shopify Plus - complete with a $2000+ per month subscription - but if we're comparing like with like, you'll probably need to make some compromises on Shopify too. Try adding: products with different variants like size and colour (if you sell them) products with different prices products that are physical, service and digital products with images, size charts, ingredient lists products that require customers to submit information (eg for customisation) out of stock products limited availability products bundles (if you need them) shipping/local delivery (if required) pickup/collection delivery/pickup dates (if required) gift cards discounts payment types (full payment and 'buy now, pay later' if you require this) currency options I hope this helps.
  4. Yes. It's usually pretty straightforward to add a Lodgify calendar to any Squarespace site that's on a Business plan or above. Please check you aren't on a Personal Plan and then direct us to the page where you've inserted the Code Block and added the embed code that Lodgify supplied?
  5. If you want to sell gift vouchers that can be redeemed in person (as opposed to being redeemed for online purchases) then another alternative is to create them using standard products, and then create your own emails or physical cards manually. If the customer wants a physical card, then it's best to create a 'physical' product as it will prompt for shipping details and shipping costs. If you want to sell an electronic option that you can email (manually, not using Squarespace) then a 'service' product will allow customers to purchase an item that does not require shipping.
  6. It's true that the site you are referring to is a Squarespace 7.0 Developer Mode site, which means it is infinitely more customisable than Squarespace 7.1. However, for the lightbox effect, take a look at the Lightbox Anything plugin from SqspThemes.
  7. Here is the documentation: Switching templates. It states “This guide covers how to switch templates on version 7.0”.
  8. Squarespace allows you to build a good looking website, but it doesn't include a built in solution for B&Bs. The Squarespace template you referred to is using their Scheduling addon, but as I mentioned in my earlier answer, this isn't a good option for B&Bs because it doesn't allow bookings than span midnight (in other words, overnight). It's really designed for health, wellness and general appointment bookings. To use a third party booking solution with Squarespace, the book now button will be provided by the third-party service that you choose, and will show live availability and then take users to the separate booking page (not on Squarespace) to make their booking. The Willmington Retreat example was a Squarespace site. The booking widget was provided by Lodgify. I hope this helps.
  9. Portfolios can only have up to 40 sub-pages.
  10. There are still a number of limitations with subscription products on Squarespace that I've documented and discussed with Squarespace more than once. It just feels unfinished. On the contrary, MoonClerk is built for subscriptions and can be integrated into Squarespace pages.
  11. Squarespace don't routinely monitor this forum for issues (see the guidelines - item 6) so I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care directly to ask for help.
  12. Lodgify has some of the best features for holiday rentals on Squarespace websites, but if you want something simple and cost effective, you could use an Events page (adding events for each week that is booked) and then display these bookings to customers using a Calendar Block. It won't link to VRBO but it won't have any running costs either; just the small amount of admin to update it when you receive a booking.
  13. I'm not sure which Squarespace product are you considering using for B&B bookings or which button you are referring to. Perhaps you can provide some more details, including a working link to the site? If it's not live yet, please set a public password and share it with us too. Note that Squarespace Scheduling isn’t a good option for B&Bs because it doesn't allow overnight or multi-day bookings without lots of clunky workarounds. If you're looking for a booking solution that integrates well into a Squarespace website, I recommend a third party product called Lodgify. It's pretty straightforward to add a search/calendar to Squarespace because Lodgify provide the embed code for your account, and you can add this to Squarespace using a Code Block. Free trials are available. If this post has helped you, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below ⬇️
  14. You cannot impose charges specifically for electronic payment services. These should be considered general business operating costs and absorbed into your general pricing, not added at the checkout.
  15. We are only able to help with coding questions when you provide a working link to the site. When your site is protected by a public password (as this site is), we need you to share the password too.
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