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  1. I've updated the article to remove seconds from all time fields.
  2. It will be easier to do this directly from Squarespace to Squarespace. There's a similar thread here:
  3. And that's why Squarespace don't include a feature that allows this. You could achieve this with code, but a safer alternative may be to ask them to reply to the order confirmation email. If they include their document(s) as attachments to the email and you are using a cloud-hosted email service (like Gmail) then the email service will carry out a scan on the attachments before they are downloaded.
  4. I’ve sent you a message @brunnatorino
  5. This is a duplicate question. See
  6. You could make it a Service product. Since service products aren't shipped to customers, they don't require customers to pay for shipping or enter a shipping address at checkout.
  7. See: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206541837-Removing-the-www-from-your-domain
  8. There's nothing built-in that offers what you need, but Squarespace have a very powerful Orders API that provides access to detailed order data including shipment information. This may be more useful, although I haven't specifically tried to sort orders by delivery method. With a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool like Parabola or Integromat you may be able to pull the order data from the API, then flatten, filter and/or sort it to meet your requirements. In addition to running an export on demand, these tools allow you to schedule it to run regularly.
  9. There isn't a built in solution that can do this, but it should be easy to do with the right tools, because you're moving from a 7.0 Dovetail site to a 7.0 Brine site and neither are using Developer Mode. You can buy a third party plugin for the Chrome browser (Squarespace Websites Tools Extension) that will do this for you effortlessly, or you could hire someone to do it for you.
  10. I see the issue, but this isn't something that Squarespace is designed for. You may be able to re-write your solution so that it can be hosted on Squarespace, but it's difficult to know as you haven't provided details of the actual domain name or code. In any case, you definitely won't be able to do this on a Personal Plan - you'd need to upgrade to a Business Plan. As a workaround I suggest you host your code with a different provider, on a standard web server. There many low-cost hosting services available that could do this and they are likely to be cheaper than upgrading to the higher plan. If you host your Squarespace site without the 'www' subdomain, you'll be able to use this subdomain for the other hosting service so that the URL remains unchanged.
  11. Until Squarespace release a tool to do this, you must copy content from one site to another.
  12. It’s difficult to troubleshoot this much further without access to the site. I suggest reaching out Squarespace Support for an online chat.
  13. I'd love to tell you there's a solution, but this is one of the current limitations of Squarespace commerce. See;
  14. Hi This is usually because of Squarespace's Ajax page loading code. This page is working for me, so perhaps you disabled Ajax to achieve this?
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