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  1. It never appears immediately after adding it. You need to refresh your browser for it to appear (F5 or Cmd-R depending on computer).
  2. You can’t make them ‘optional’ but some JavaScript can be added to automatically pre-select the first option in each variant drop-down. That will allow customers to click add-to-cart without choosing/changing any options.
  3. If there are less than 31 show posters, you can use a Summary Block to show the Gallery Images tagged as "Show Posters." There isn't a built-in option to allow you to duplicate a Gallery.
  4. It sounds like you are describing a banner slideshow. Many templates have this feature, and some of them allow you to overlay titles, descriptions and buttons ("calls to action"). Your site is currently set to private which means that we cannot tell you what template/version you are using, and whether it supports this feature. You can check your version using this guide, or set a password so that we can view your site.
  5. This isn't currently possible. To raise a feature request, open a ticket through Squarespace Customer Support. You can reach out to them here.
  6. You cannot style the checkout logo or make it unclickable. The site site or logo will always be there, and always be clickable. If you don't want it to be visible, you can uncheck Show Site Logo and then match the colour of the site title to the colour of the header in Design > Checkout Page. The site title will still be there, but it will not be obvious to visitors.
  7. The Business Plan will cost the same, but you won't need to take advantage of the domain name and GSuite offers.
  8. The cart/checkout will slide in on the right side of the page. You can downgrade from a Squarespace Commerce plan to a Business plan, if you don’t want to use the commerce features of Squarespace.
  9. Hi I wrote a guide about using Shopify Buy Buttons with Squarespace that may help you. To answer your specific questions: 1. if switching, will it screw up my facebook pixel? When a customer adds a product to the cart, this transaction and the remaining steps to checkout will not be occurring on Squarespace, they'll be happening on Shopify. The pixel on Squarespace therefore won't track AddtoCart, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, Purchase and so on. Shopify has similar features. 2. when I switch over will it affect other payment methods i already have connected on the site such as paypal? The Shopify checkout will replace the Squarespace checkout. Your Squarespace payment integrations (PayPal and Stripe) won't be used. 3. would I have to rebuild each product description again from 0? There are various ways to integrate them. As a minimum, you'll need to add some basic details (including an image) for each product within Shopify. 4. is there a way to get a refund of the remainder of the stripe subscription considering I have not used the full year subscription? Can you clarify what you mean? I'm not aware of any subscription costs to use Stripe.
  10. Update: This has now been fixed 🙂
  11. Jason This has been confirmed as a Squarespace bug, which is affecting the Galapagos template (possibly others). A fix is being prioritised. It appears they have been testing radio buttons as an alternative to dropdown lists, but these shouldn't appear on your live site. When you see issues like this, it's always helpful if you report them to Squarespace Customer Care. You can reach out to them here. Whilst they fix it, here's a temporary workaround. Add it to Design > Custom CSS to hide the additional radio buttons. .variant-radiobtn-wrapper { display: none; } I hope this helps. -Paul
  12. After adding it, you'll need to refresh the page. Is the CSS still there? I don't see it on your site currently.
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