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  1. This is an issue with the widget code. It is changing the iframe height during the transaction, resulting in the strange effects that you see. I recommend placing the code on a page by itself, without the blocks above and below. These may be the cause of the issue (insufficient space) but even if they aren't, the button and text make the UI more confusing. Rather than providing the button linking to the other page, why not simply make the /scheduling link take users to the externally hosted site? You can do this by adding a 'link' to the Navigation instead of the page containing the code.
  2. This forum is not monitored by Squarespace for product feature requests. I'd recommend that you contact the Squarespace Customer Support team to officially submit this request. You can reach out to them here. They'll be sure to document and share it with the appropriate team.
  3. paul2009

    Sales Tax

    If you need to charge accurate tax rates in every zip code then adding all rates manually is the only option. Some ecommerce platforms connect with services that automatically update sales tax information, but Squarespace isn't one of them. One potential option that I've seen suggested on a few forums is to identify the most expensive locale in your nexus state and charge that rate to everyone in the state. If you submit ALL the taxes you collect then technically you should be in compliance, even though you may be collecting a little more than required. Note that this isn't tax advice; I'm not an accountant or lawyer so you may want to professional advice. If neither of these options are attractive, you may want to look at another platform like Shopify.
  4. paul2009

    Sales Tax

    The setup of tax rates has not changed.
  5. Squarespace Customer Care should be your first stop for questions about missing features. You can reach out to them here.
  6. The email address is usually included in the payment description, for example "Charge for test@example.com". I don't believe the customer field will include the email address separately. This is something that you'll want to discuss with Squarespace Customer Care as the community cannot logon to your site to troubleshoot issues. You can reach out to Squarespace here.
  7. I’m not sure I understand. Visitors to your website will not have been authenticated and so cannot post content to SquareSpace. You’ll need to embed an alternative database into your page(s) or use a different CMS.
  8. @mattBTL The first few lines of your Custom CSS (in Design > Custom CSS) look like this currently: #SiteWrapper { font-family: Montserrat } .box-header { background-color: #2d84c1; color: #fff; font-family: Montserrat; font-weight: bold; padding: 5px 10px } Line 6 is setting the colour of the blue box (referred to as the 'box-header'). It affects all pages where you have the box header. If you want to change them all, simply change the blue colour (#2d84c1) to a green of your choice, for example rgb(10,108,85). If you only want to change the box headers on this page, then you can do it by adding this to the end of the Custom CSS. It refers to the unique Collection ID of this page: #collection-5d9c90b131cb8f78a59ac156 .box-header { background-color: rgb(10,108,85); }
  9. You've only included a little of the code, but we need to see it all. Better still, provide us with a working link to your website so that we can see it in place. If your site isn't live yet, please set a site password and tell us what it is.
  10. Rally is a variant of the Brine template. You can hide the cart in Design > Site Styles. Go to HEADER: LAYOUT and then change Cart Position to Hide.
  11. That's strange as it shouldn't cause any issues with crawlers. I know for a fact that sites are using it and being indexed correctly. To help us understand, the issue you are facing, please share the error from Google.
  12. Hi Romain You can host both languages on one site if you only want to display the pictures. If you want commerce facilities, it is not currently possible to checkout in more than one language or currency, because you cannot translate the checkout content. There's a straightforward way to show two languages by giving your pages URLs that indicate the language, for example /en/contact and /fr/contact and then add some code to recognise this. Brad wrote an excellent guide called How to setup Multi-language content on any Squarespace template. On the subject of flags, you'd assume that users would find flags quicker than text, but as a UX designer I can tell you that text is better. For example, English could be represented by many different flags, so whichever flag you choose, user testing shows that a proportion of the visitors won't relate to the flags, some may even find them offensive. For example, Canadian visitors won't find the Union Jack or the French Tricolour relevant as relevant as Europeans.
  13. Hi Leah 👋 The last I heard from Squarespace was.. As I understand it, Squarespace have a pretty old billing system that prevents them introducing new features, so since August they have been upgrading it. During the transition period, some sites will be on the old system and some on the new; if you are trying to move a domain from the old system to the new, you won't be able to do this yourself using the self-service tools. Bear in mind that I don't work for Squarespace, so it would be great to hear directly from them. I understand that transfers between Squarespace sites can still be done, but it is a painstaking manual process that the Squarespace Customer Care team must do for you. I would suggest you reach out to them using live chat (at the times when it is available) and see if they can work through your issue.
  14. You can normally transfer a domain away from Squarespace yourself by going to Settings, and then Domains. Select the domain to transfer and then uncheck Lock Domain. There's a full guide here: Transferring a domain away from Squarespace. Note that you can only transfer a domain to another provider if it's been at least 60 days since it was registered or transferred to Squarespace. This is a restriction imposed by ICANN, not Squarespace.
  15. As @ThompsonWebDesign says, this isn't a feature and cannot be coded around. You can submit a feature request via Squarespace Customer Care.
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