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  1. You cannot prevent visitors from creating member area accounts. This is currently one of the major limitations of Member Areas. They'll still be able to visit https://www.1831.co/account/login/create.
  2. Haha! 😊 No magic tricks required! As the calendar effect is triggered by a hover pseudostate (:hover) you simply need to toggle this using your favourite browser developer tool. For example, using Chrome: Right click the element to Inspect it. The element will be highlighted in the DOM Tree. You'll usually need to navigate up the DOM Tree a little at this point to identify the correct element that has the pseudostate. In the Styles tab, click :hov. Check the :hover checkbox. You'll see the event 'flyout' appear even though you re not hovering over the element. You can now find the elements that were previously hidden. Here's a quick screencast: I hope this helps. If anyone reading this wants to learn more about the features in Chrome DevTools, Google has a great series of guides here: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/overview/.
  3. That's because your CSS is only modifying the top of the mobile bar; that white bar is the bottom of the rest of it. 😂 If you add this, you'll change the colour of the bottom element too: .Mobile-bar--bottom { background-color: #8dbcbf; }
  4. Member Area pages will not appear in the main navigation area. To allow one of your member area pages to appear in the main navigation for all visitors, check the page’s URL and then add a ‘Link’ to the Primary Navigation. As I mentioned, this link will be seen by all visitors, irrespective of whether they are a member, but only members will be able to view the page content when they click that link. If this doesn’t help, I recommend you reach out to Squarespace Customer Care directly, as they can logon to your site and talk you through how Member Areas work.
  5. Use this in Custom CSS: .yui3-squarespacecalendar .flyoutitem .flyoutitem-datetime--12hr { display: none; }
  6. The Maldivian currency (Maldivian Rufiyaa) is not supported on Squarespace. It isn't possible to use this currency for the Squarespace checkout. For more information, see Supported countries and currencies for Squarespace Commerce.
  7. When you enable Customer Accounts, a Sign In link should be added to your navigation menu. The design and placement depends on your template. If you see the Sign in link, then head to Settings > Member Areas > Member Navigation. You should see two options: Don’t Show Navigation Show in the Customer Account Panel - With this option, after a member logs into their Customer Account, the Sign In link in your Main Navigation changes to Account.
  8. There isn't a migration option yet from Squarespace 7.0 to Squarespace 7.1. For the moment, it's a lot of work. You can only move to 7.1 by starting a new trial on 7.1, recreating your site’s design, adding all your content and moving your domain. It isn't possible to migrate the 'backend' content such as member/customer data, subscriptions or order information. For more information, see Moving from Squarespace version 7.0 to version 7.1.
  9. What difficulties are you experiencing? It should be easy to provide a payment link on your website by adding a link to LawPay.
  10. On Squarespace 7.1, members see the Member Navigation at the top of your site, replacing the Main Navigation of your public pages when they are logged on. This isn’t available on 7.0. Instead, a member can sign-in and then click on the Account link to open the Customer Account panel and view the links available to them.
  11. Please provide more details including a working link to the site, the font files you've used and the CSS that you added.
  12. Hi Nikki The Product Description is a rich text field so it uses standard HTML to format the text, including paragraphs, titles, bulleted lists, numbered lists and so on. If you aren't familiar with HTML you may want to take a look at w3schools before editing this field. If you are looking for some examples of how to format the HTML in this field, a good way to do this is to manually add some products to your store, with examples of the different descriptions that you may want to provide (such as washing instructions and fabric composition) and then export these products to a CSV. You can then review the HTML that was added and use it as a template for your imports. I hope this helps, but if I haven't answered your question, please post back.
  13. Squarespace Commerce only supports Stripe and PayPal online. You cannot connect a different payment processor. You'll either need to use a different platform or embed buy buttons to leverage a different commerce service. I wrote a guide that explains how to sell higher-risk products from a Squarespace website by using Ecwid and Square payments. See Add Square Payments to your Squarespace Online Store.
  14. On the Five template, the site logo can appear on mobile if you position the logo in the banner instead of the header. You can set this in Site Styles, by setting the Banner Content tweak to "Site Title Logo Tagline". However, if the site logo is in the header (as it currently is) then the logo will always be replaced by the site title. It isn't possible to change this with some simple CSS, it will require some JavaScript (and therefore a Business plan or above).
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