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  1. If you need help with the CSS, please post a working link to the site (you’ll need to set and share a public password if it’s not live) and let us know what the CSS is supposed to change.
  2. Hi Chloe On Squarespace, it isn't possible to do this on a checkout page. It's locked down and cannot be changed. We do have a datepicker that you can configure to only allow Fridays, but because of the lockdowns it would need to be added to a Custom Product Form, not a Custom Checkout Form. This is a popular solution for florists because customers typically purchase one bouquet per delivery, but if you plan to add more products to your website, it may not be suitable. You'll find full details of the datepicker extension here, but DM me if you'd like to discuss. -Paul
  3. Squarespace are rolling out a new "Contextual Style Editing" feature in Squarespace 7.1 this week that's supposed to make editing your site easier but in my opinion, it is truly dreadful. This feature moves the custom CSS box to the right side of the preview, instead of the left. However, if code is not working, you've done the right thing by contacting Squarespace Customer Care. They won't support the code itself, but they should be able to confirm if there are any issues with the platform.
  4. If you're using Google Analytics to track conversions, Squarespace automatically sends the following information for every received order, without adding code: Order ID Your store name Purchase total (includes shipping) Customer's city, region, and country Product name SKU You can find more information in this guide: Using Google Analytics with Squarespace.
  5. I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care for help with this. They are always happy to help and as they can logon to your site, they'll be able to talk you through any issues.
  6. This will happen with this type of Shopify Buy Button, where the entire product description and images are loaded from Shopify instead of Squarespace. The links will open in the lightbox window which is then closed, causing the issue that you describe. In your circumstances, I recommend you use the Basic Shopify Buy Button (qty and add-to-cart button only) on the product page at https://www.sleepycatrec.com/shop-admin/libby-rodenbough-spectacle-of-love-vinyl. Your links should then continue to work.
  7. Can you explain why you need to duplicate contact information? This information is typically added once to the footer (or header) so that it appears on all pages. Alternatively it is added to a contact page and this page is linked from other pages. Can you explain what you need to duplicate and why? A working link to the site may help us to understand the context of your question.
  8. Squarespace Customer Care should always be your first stop for issues with your checkout. You can reach out to them here for online chat (at certain times of the day) or to log a ticket for email follow-up.
  9. I like what you've done with it on your site! The code that I provide in the guide allows one 'custom' product badge to be added. Repeating it won't add further badges Please DM me if you you'd like to purchase a solution that allows more than one custom badge.
  10. You can do this by embedding any third party payment solution into a page on your Squarespace site. However, these payments will be managed through your payment provider and NOT through Squarespace. There'll be no record of the transaction in Squarespace Commerce. Examples of third party services include JotForm PayPal.Me Typeform
  11. I recommend that you login and contact Stripe for support. Let us know how you get on.
  12. I provided a solution in the guide below. It uses JavaScript and follows a pattern, almost exactly like creedon described above. https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/display-product-titles-on-two-lines-with-squarespace-71
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