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  1. You are using Squarespace 7.1, the new version of Squarespace that they are currently testing. All sites in version 7.1 share the same template so that option isn't available. For more information see: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028367571-Version-7-1-style-and-design-options#toc-templates-in-version-7-1
  2. I wouldn't recommend using an image in place of a table as the information will not be accessible to people with disabilities - a legal requirement. It will also make it very difficult to read on smaller devices. The best solution I have found for responsive and well designed tables on Squarespace is the Custom Table Block. You can add this like a standard Squarespace block on any page. If your table contains more than a few rows/columns, add the data to a Google Sheet and link it to the Block.
  3. I explained how to remove the 'Add to Cart' button on the Brine template in this guide. It also explains how to make prices POA, but you can ignore those aspects and just add the third section of code in section 2. Each template is different, so if this doesn't work for you, please provide a working link to the page on your site. If you want to remove the 'Add to Cart' button and replace it with an enquiry form on selected products, I have a plugin that makes that very easy: Product Enquiry Form for Squarespace.
  4. Something like this: .product-block .productDetails .product-title { font-size: 2em; line-height: 1.3em; font-weight: 600; }
  5. I see you are using a Summary Block to display the products. We are waiting for Squarespace to include an 'Add to Cart' button on Product Summary Blocks. You can add your voice to the existing requests for this feature by raising a ticket through Squarespace Customer Care. In the meantime there are two options: Use a series of Product Blocks instead. This doesn't scale but is manageable for a few products. There's a checkbox on these blocks that allows you to add the button. Use code to add the button to the Summary Items. This is something you'll want to hire a dev to do as it isn't something that you'll find in a forum snippet.
  6. If you are trying to engage your audience, I encourage you to look at alternative design options in preference to anything that blinks or flashes. If not used properly, you could alienate the very people you want to attract. It can also be a problem for users with disabilities and is frowned upon by several accessibility standards.
  7. When you post a question, please include a working link to the page. Without one, it's almost impossible to imagine the issue. If your site is in a trial, you'll also need to set a site password and tell us what it is, otherwise the site won't be visible to us. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206536837-Is-my-site-live-
  8. The answer will depend on the template you've used and the site styles. To provide you with an answer, we need a working link to the page. If your site isn't live yet it won't be viewable so you'll need to set a site password and tell us what it is.
  9. See this Zap: If you configure your form to submit the details to a Google Sheet, you can then use this Zap to send an email to your inbox, where the "Name" and "Reply-to" fields (but not the email address) as well as the "Subject" of the email can represent the user's name, email address and the subject they entered when the completed the form.
  10. Squarespace can’t do this but it may be possible to do this with an external email account and some automation like Zapier. It will depend on your requirements so you’ll need to be a little more specific. The first and most important thing to mention is that you cannot change the ‘from’ address for each email, for example to match the sender’s own email address. This is known as spoofing and it isn’t permitted.
  11. Change your Custom CSS so the border is #999 instead of white so that you have a darker border on all the other pages. Then repeat the code, with the border set to white, prepending the selectors with '.homepage'. This will ensure the homepage is white instead. Let me know if you need more specific advice. Your site using using a Brine-family template btw, which includes what Squarespace refer to as the 'Custom Template' (sites made by answering questions instead of picking a design).
  12. Even if you centred the logo, the layout won't look so great if there is no symmetry either side of it. The best solution is to arrange your nav items equally on either side of the logo and try to keep the length of each one consistent.
  13. You won't find a CSS solution for this because Squarespace use JavaScript to determine the way that the images appear. If the lack of an 'auto' ratio is an issue for you, please submit a feature request to Squarespace by raising a ticket through Customer Care. They'll document your feedback and share it with the appropriate team. They do not monitor this forum for product feature requests
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