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  1. The site is currently private. For us to view it, you'll need to set a public password in the visibility settings and share it with us.
  2. To avoid confusion, the code you want to add is in a JavaScript file, not Java. That's a completely different programming language. When you are trying to load a JavaScript file, you must choose the 'HTML' mode in the Code Block, not JavaScript. This is because the <script> tags are actually HTML. If you choose JavaScript, the "Display Source Code" option is forced "on", which is why you can see the code displayed on the page. I hope this makes sense.
  3. Unfortunately your banner images have text embedded in them. The solution is to remove the text from the images and then add the text and images as separate items. Unless you do this, the text on mobile devices will either be cropped or too small to read.
  4. Banner images will always experience some cropping on mobile devices. The amount of cropping will depend on the height of the banner and the width of the browser. For more information, see the banner image formatting tips and responsive design image best practices. Can you explain the issue in a little more detail? A screenshot and a working link to the site will help the community to help you.
  5. As Squarespace has a partnership with Google, I'm hoping that one day soon they'll introduce a Product Reviews feature that shows Google Reviews. Sadly, there isn't a free solution right now that shows Google Reviews. If you want to automatically display Google Reviews on your site, you can only do so by paying for one of the third-party solutions that connect to Google's API. If you would be happy using an alternative review service, YotPo offer a free tier.
  6. When I look at the site, it appears to be working (see below). CSS wasn't being applied to Squarespace 7.1 sites for a few hours today. Perhaps this was the issue?
  7. Sure. When you've changed the URLs, you can use some JavaScript to show/hide based on these. Here's a link to an article that Brad wrote which covers one way to do this: How to setup multi-language content on any Squarespace Template Note that his solution isn't written in pure JavaScript so it will require you to include the jQuery library. His article was last updated 16 months ago, so it refers to a version of an older version of jQuery that has known security vulnerabilities. Instead of using 3.4.1 in his step 4, you'll therefore want to use 3.6.0 (March 2021): <scrip
  8. It isn't possible to do this on a Custom Checkout Form. The checkout page - including forms - is locked down and cannot be customised with any code.
  9. Using Safari (on both mobile and desktop) I can currently see your announcement bar without issue. It may be worth checking that you are using the latest version of Safari on your device.
  10. You can extend the trial each time it expires. For example, 14 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7….. Squarespace offer students 50% off their first full year of Squarespace. For more details see Squarespace student discount.
  11. @crmichael @S74 @maq Solutions will be specific to the site, and to the range of prices that need to be shown. If you post more details about your requirements, including a working link to products on your site, it will be easier for the community to help you.
  12. This will be a problem if you need 4 variant dropdowns each with 11 flavours. That will exceed the variant limit on Squarespace. You can use a Custom Product Form with 4 dropdowns. Each dropdown can be for one of the four flavor selections. You can add the 11 flavors to each of the dropdowns. There are two disadvantages of using Custom Product Forms that you may want to be aware of: Firstly, it won't be obvious to customers that flavor selections are made after they've clicked 'Add to Cart'. This can affect conversions if you do not make this clear. Unlike variants, fo
  13. There isn’t a built-in feature for this, and as mentioned above, you couldn’t do this at checkout but it could be coded to appear on the cart page - the page you linked in your question. Only fixed values would be possible, which means that unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible to automatically top-up to the next milestone such as making $16.20 become $20. Can you explain the tip options (values) that you want to add?
  14. The Site Styles panel is dynamic. You'll need to have some H3 text on the page you are previewing for it to appear as an option in the Site Styles panel. If you close the panel and add some H3 text to the page, the option should appear when you re-open the panel.
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