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  1. No. You cannot integrate any other payment methods with Squarespace Commerce. For related information, see my earlier posts here:
  2. If you've created a second Blog page, you can move items from one blog to the other as follows: In the Home Menu, click Pages. In the Pages panel, select the page containing the content you're moving. Press and hold Shift and click the item or items you want to move. In the action bar at the bottom of the panel, click Move. The Move button only shows if you have at least one other page of the same type. In the Select Destination Collection window, select the page where the content will go. Click Move Items. The select and move options might look different depending on the page type. For more information see: Moving collection items between pages.
  3. You don’t need to “transfer” it to Squarespace, instead you simply “connect” it to Squarespace and you can use it for your website. Follow this guide: Connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site.
  4. If you've removed all your code, it looks like an issue for Squarespace Customer Care.
  5. You'll find a number of ways to do this if you search 'tabs' not 'dropdowns'. Some will require CSS and others will be more complex and require JavaScript. The solution will depend on: The type of content that you need to add to each tab. For example, will the tabbed content be text-only, or will it need to show images or tables. Flexibility in styling
  6. These messages are a 'heads-up' to developers to update their code so that sites continue to work in the future. Normal site visitors won't see these messages and won't need to worry. You're seeing these messages in the developer tools because browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge) are changing their behaviour to make cookies safer by enforcing more privacy-preserving defaults. If the cookies are created by Squarespace, you do not need to take any action. In fact, there's nothing you can do. Squarespace will be updating their services to keep sites running smoothly. If you have added snippets of code that create cookies, or have purchased extensions, plugins or addons that create them, you may need to update them to ensure that your site picks up the new behaviour. There's more technical information here: SameSite cookies explained.
  7. These are known limitations of Squarespace Commerce right now. A workaround is to use weight-dependent shipping options and add fictitious weights to each product so that the correct options are selected. For example, if you set 100Kg for large works, 50Kg for medium works and 10Kg for small works and set the shipping prices accordingly. Then, when a customer adds a '100Kg' canvas to the cart, the 'large works' rate will be the only one available to them. Take care to add further shipping options for multiple items for example, two large works and so on. I hope this helps.
  8. This isn't currently possible on Squarespace, either using built-in tools or third-party solutions. Squarespace is a US-centric service and has the capability to do this with US Zip Codes on the Advanced Commerce plan, it isn't possible for UK Postcodes. You can raise a feature request for this by opening a ticket through Customer Support to help others in the future, but this is unlikely to help you in the short term as it does take some time to see new features (years not weeks). It may be possible for a developer to custom code a solution for a Squarespace website, but the devil will be in the details. Can you provide more information of the essential features that you need, and perhaps include a link to your previous site that you mentioned?
  9. Hi Emma You can easily add Lodgify with a Code Block, but you must be on a Business Plan or higher because the Squarespace Personal Plan does not allow code. -Paul
  10. The issue with Instagram blocks should now be fixed. If you're still seeing any missing posts, please go to your Connected Accounts in Settings and press "Reset Data."
  11. The JSON variables available in Confirmation Emails are specific to the order, not individual items that were ordered. For this reason, I don't think you can achieve what you need with JSON variables. For example, you can reference the customer's full name, their order number and whether or not they ordered a digital product, but you cannot add text to the email that is specific to which product they ordered. If you can provide a few more specifics about the products and what you are trying to achieve, we may be able to suggest an alternative approach.
  12. You can do this by removing the variant option and adding the different product sizes as individual products.
  13. I don't really understand why you would want to add code to a stripped down template when you can simply choose another template.
  14. You cannot use it. For more details, see answers in this thread:
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