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  1. People in the community generally need more information to be able to help. Please provide a working link to the page on your site. Here are some top tips about posting the link: Try not to include anything after the .com, for example: mysite-name.squarespace.com. Don't include the /config/ link as this sends us to the admin page which we won't be able to access. If the site is in a trial or is password-protected, please post the read-only site password. Without it, we can't see your site. More information can be found in this article: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206536837-Is-my-site-live-
  2. There is no benefit in switching templates. Turning off Ajax is easier and it will have the same effect.
  3. If you've built a site by manually adding languages, the bad news is that you cannot change the checkout page. It only appears in one language. If you were building a site in a multi-language site from scratch then one option is to build it in one language and then use Weglot to translate it into the other languages. This product uses DNS to translate the site content and it can also translate the Squarespace checkout. There's an article that explains how to integrate Weglot with Squarespace.
  4. When a site is aimed at an international audience, it's better to use a date picker. It's a UX/UI standard. The customer can accurately choose the date and the backend can process the date in any format you choose, for example 1 January 2020.
  5. Your colleagues must have at least 'Contributor' permissions on the site to see Draft posts. Drafts aren't visible to the public. If you want to share a standard page with a limited number of people who are not contributors you can set a page password. You can then share the link and the password with them.
  6. I don't know what code you are using for Calendly or where you are installing it so it's difficult to say if it can be fixed. The simple workaround is to disable Ajax in Site Styles until it is fixed.
  7. That's because it was written for the Brine template. You are using York so the code required is different.
  8. I took a quick look but there are some errors in your code (curly quotes instead of straight ones) that you might want to take a look at first.
  9. It's not easy to provide an example as it will be specific to your site. That said, there are a number of articles on creating multilingual sites (search this forum for the other threads) and the principle will be exactly the same as your requirement: a site with two languages is the same as a site in the same language but with separate services. Take a look at Squarespace's own guide too: Creating a multilingual site in Squarespace.
  10. The code required to set a minimum order quantity is very straightforward, but as Colin said, the major issue is that the benefit is completely lost at the checkout stage. At that point, the potential customer can order items below your minimum quantity, leaving you with the additional admin of issuing a refund. The plugin you mention is no different. As the author points out in his demo video "There's no code that can be placed on the checkout page.. so customers could come into this quantity field and change the quantity [below the minimum]".
  11. Enter the message in the Post-Submit HTML box instead. You can add HTML code to display along with the Post-Submit message. For example: <h2>thank you</h2>
  12. I'm not sure I understand. Can you provide a working link to the site, and a screenshot of the issue if it's not obvious?
  13. Squarespace don't share road-maps or announce upcoming features. However, you (and anyone reading this) can add their voice to requests for this feature by raising a ticket through Customer Care. They'll document your feedback and share it with the appropriate team.
  14. You can create discounts like '20% off orders over $100' but there isn't a specific 'Buy One Get One..'. discount available. This guide will walk you through the options for creating discounts.
  15. You can create discounts like '50% off orders over $100' but there isn't a specific option for 'Buy One Get One..'. This guide will walk you through the options for creating discounts.
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