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  1. See my earlier post below. You cannot remove the cart. To raise a feature request for this to be removed or hidden, open a ticket through Customer Support.
  2. No. Carrier calculated shipping is only available for domestic shipping within the United States.
  3. Thank you for clarifying. We produce a currency extension that allows your customers to see prices in their preferred currency, alongside your USD prices. This helps potential customers to understand the estimated cost of your products in their own currency, without the expectation that they can purchase in their own currency. For more information on the product, visit the description on our website. Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
  4. I'm not sure that I fully understand your question. 🤔 It isn't currently possible to create an online store using Squarespace Commerce if the business is entirely based in South Africa and wants to take payments in Rand (ZAR). Is that what you are asking?
  5. Hi Marc You cannot integrate any other payment method into Squarespace Commerce because payment APIs require access to a web server's code. This is the same for CardConnect as it is for other payment gateways. As Squarespace is a serverless platform, you only have access to the frontend code (even with Developer Mode) which means you can only use the default integrations of Stripe and PayPal with the Squarespace commerce features. To use another payment provider, you must replace all the Squarespace commerce features and use it simply as a website. This means replacing the inventor
  6. As I explained in this earlier post, the pay later messaging could be added, but it would be pointless because Squarespace have not agreed to integrate PayPal's suite of consumer financing solutions yet.
  7. The url slug /cart is reserved and cannot be removed or hidden, even if you do not use ecommerce.
  8. You can hide the first and last name captions by adding this to Design > Custom CSS: /* Hide first and last name captions */ .field.first-name, .field.last-name { .caption-text { display: none; } } This is applicable to any form on any template. If you would prefer to change the captions, you'll find an existing post about this here:
  9. Squarespace's bilingual guide is for websites without stores. Stores are more difficult because Squarespace does not natively support more than one language or more than one currency in the checkout yet. It isn't possible to add a plugin or code to a Squarespace site to help with this. The solution will depend on whether you need two currencies or whether one will suffice. For example, in Canada you may only need Canadian Dollars on a French/English site; in Europe you may only need Euros for a site in French, German and Italian. If you only need one currency for the bilingual site,
  10. paul2009

    Apple pay

    Apple Pay is enabled by default and is already working on your site.
  11. Is there a reason why you have removed the CSS from the Custom CSS area? This is the best location to manage all your CSS.
  12. The <script> tags are for JavaScript. As you are adding CSS, you need to use <style> tags instead. For more information, see The Style Information element.
  13. Hi Sean You can already set the default shipping country. You'll find the setting in Commerce > Checkout: Let me know if this doesn't work for you. -Paul If a post helps you, please click a "Like" option below ↘️
  14. Yes, this can be achieved with a few lines of CSS that target the element's :hover pseudo-class. For example, in the first screenshot they are simply adding a white background and a box-shadow when a user hovers their pointer over the element. To achieve this on Squarespace, you'd typically apply this to a summary block item or gallery block item, but it will depend on the layout of your page, and whether you want it to apply to ALL items on ALL pages, or just particular ones. If you post some more information, including a working link to the page you want to affect, the community ca
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