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  1. Hey @xavier-cusso. On a desktop, the arrows are the visual cue to let users know that they can click the image to advance the carousel, but that doesn't work on mobile. On mobile devices, the carousel becomes swipeable; it cannot be tapped to advance it. In the circumstances the arrows could make for a bad user experience by suggesting an action that doesn't work. That said, if anyone at Squarespace is listening, I'd personally like to see a stronger visual cue on mobile devices, to indicate this is a carousel. Perhaps some dots or dashes along the bottom of the image, or the hint of the other images at the sides.
  2. This sounds like a perfect situation to use Squarespace Scheduling (previously Acuity). It is an online appointment-booking tool built into Squarespace. Enter your availability and the services you offer, then use Scheduling to share your schedule, receive online bookings and take payments. You can optionally send reminders and follow-up emails to clients. You can try it free for 14 days.
  3. You're welcome. I can see that the numbers are just text - they aren't prices in the 'Squarespace' sense of the word because they aren't on a Product Page or in a Product Block. You therefore have two ways to do this. That just means that we need to isolate the numbers in some way. One way to do this is to add the text that you want to strikethrough, and then format it as italic, using the text toolbar. We can then add some CSS to Design > Custom CSS that will format the italic text as strikethrough instead. Of course, this assume that you aren't using italics elsewhere on the site. Is this what you want to achieve?
  4. You cannot change any Squarespace files or optimise them. For more information see this support page: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/sections/360000341228-Site-performance-and-speed
  5. The Mercer template is a newer Brine-family template and it uses the 'Advanced Products Page'. This crops product images to fill the image container. You'll want to use one of the older templates that uses the 'Classic Products Page'. The site that you linked to is a very old discontinued template (Frontrow) that uses the Classic option. The Classic Product Page is currently available in in these Squarespace 7.0 template families: Adirondack Avenue Aviator Bedford Five Flatiron Forte Ishimoto Momentum Montauk Native Pacific Wells Wexley Once you have one of these templates, you'll want to go into the Style Editor and disable the Product Image Auto Crop tweak.
  6. Fortunately, that's not true. The CSS editor is available on all plans, including the personal plan. If you had included a working link to the page in your question, one of us could have been more specific about the CSS to use.
  7. I love to help by providing advice @Iben but it's impossible for anyone to troubleshoot a technical issue without access to all areas of the site. Clearly that's not something that I want the responsibility for, except when I'm helping a client. For technical issues like this, it is best to contact Squarespace Customer Care. They can logon to your site to thoroughly troubleshoot issues, often whilst you're chatting to them. It's true that they can't troubleshoot the possible effects of someone's code so, before you contact them, remove the code and place it somewhere safe. Refresh your browser and check if the issue still exists. If it does, open a ticket so that they can look at it.
  8. paul2009

    Forms in checkout

    Have you considered using variants for the intensives instead of a custom form? You could set a limit on each variant (also known as 'stock' level) and you'll immediately be able to see what's selling by looking at your 'inventory'. The Commerce app can show how many places are available at a glance. The inventory tab shows the 'stock' beside each 'product'.
  9. In the circumstances @Adaptive you'll probably want to set the minimum height of the text. That way, the buttons are also aligned. For example, this CSS would probably work at the maximum width, but you'll need to wrap a number of these in media queries to adjust the height at smaller widths: #collection-5df0cfba33e7090f1f46f853 .image-subtitle-wrapper { min-height: 134px; } The reference to '#collection' is there to ensure that this only affects this one page. Anyone else using this would need to adjust the collection ID accordingly for their site. Here's a media query example for anyone who needs it. /* On screens that are less than 768px wide */ @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { [the css goes here] }
  10. paul2009

    Forms in checkout

    It will really depend on why you want to do this. The information provided in the original question isn’t very detailed and doesn’t provide any context. Can you provide more details, including a working link to the site to give context to the requirements?
  11. Hi Kevin Great to see a Devlin site; there aren't many of those left. By default, the mobile padding is 40px. To reduce this to 14px, you can add this to Design > Custom CSS: @media (max-width: 640px) { #site>.wrapper, #footer>.wrapper { padding: 14px; } } -Paul
  12. Products Pages can hold up to 200 products each. A site can technically have up to 1000 pages but you shouldn't have more than 400 or it will start to slow down. More information can be found in Page Limits. However, these limitations are unlikely to be the ones that cause a client to want to move off Squarespace. It is usually due to missing features or unnecessary administration. For example, limited built-in support for filtering products, limited sales tax management (one tax rate for everything, manual management of tax rates in each state), limited shipping management (especially outside the US) and single language and currency support. I'm not trying to put you off, but before you design anything, try adding the most difficult products (a variety of product types with complex variants) and see how you get on. Then try some test orders from a range of addresses with different shipping options (if they are physical products) and see if you experience any issues.
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