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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! We are trying to put our wholesale Shop page under our normal retail website too. But we need to show prices without 20% VAT to our wholesale customers. Is there any CSS or code that displays the pricing -20% on Product specific Catalogue page and specific product pages? Attached below in red are the values we want to take 20% off. We need to take 20% off since Wholesale customers just like to see without VAT included. Of course, 20% VAT will be added automatically at the checkout. Looking forward to hearing from the wonderful community. Kind regards and good vibes, Pawan
  2. I would like to use the product pages on my site to display my products, but because I am not actually selling online, I need to hide the following elements: Add to Cart button Quantity area Price
  3. Hi, I am looking for help to change the pricing description of products on my site. Right now if you hover over the product it reads 'From £2.95'. I would like to be able to change this to just a custom number I could enter (e.g £95) or for it to read 'From £2.95 to £95' / £2.95 - £95 9to show the minimum to maximum price for each product. I've spoken to the Squarespace customer care team and they have suggested someone on here ma be able to help with custom code.... Many thanks in advance, K
  4. I am able to change the options on product variant drop downs using javascript. But the price is not changing according to the selected options. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I want to always show the currency (in this case NZD) next to the price when a variant is selected (so I don't have to write '*All prices in NZD' on every product page). At present it has 'from NZD $....' but when a variant is selected the 'NZD' is not displayed. Using the Hyde template. See images for example. Any ideas? Alternatively, if anyone knows of a free (or close to) live currency converter plugin/code that could be more effective please let me know :)
  6. I was wondering how to remove all $ signs and the currency signs on my prices. For example "$35 CAD", I want to make it only "35". Thank you in advanced
  7. Hello fellow sufferers, I'm using Squarespace Commerce and as we all know, you can choose your shop currency but you can't show multiple currencies. So if my price is in USD at the moment my international customer's can't see the price in their own currency. One "solution" I see posted in the forum is to simply write the price in alternative currencies in the description. This is clearly not ideal for two reasons. First, I'd have to keep updating the price based on exchange rate fluctuations and second, its only in the description, not in the cart and not at checkout. Now to be specific, I don't need to CHARGE the customer in different currencies, its ok to charge them in the shop's base currency (ie USD). I can put in a disclaimer that the price shown in their currency is approximate and that the actual billing will take place in USD. I just need the display currency to be user-choosable. I've had many lengthy exchanges with SS Customer Care but they have no solution and have assured me there is nothing in the pipeline either. So we're forced to find a widget or some code that can do this for us. Let customer choose what currency to SEE prices in Display cart and checkout in that currency AND the actual billing currency (USD) Bill them in USD. Has anyone done this? Cheers,Rasheed
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