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  1. Site URL: http://paulette-interieurs.com/ Hello everyone, I would like to add a texte ("par lot") right after the "from (price)".... And in a perfect world, I would LOVE to have that changing according to the variable. Do you guys think it's possible? Is there anyone that have that kind of knowledge and can help me with that? Thank you guys for you precious time and the help. hoppy
  2. Site URL: https://www.alifelessordinary.store/shop/p/mother-of-pearl-shell-cups Hello, I would like to hide the price on sold items on the product page, and also on the related products (which are sold) on the same page. I currently have code to hide the sold price on the 'shop' page but it does not work on the product page and the price still show when sold. current code is: .sold-out .sqs-money-native { display:none; } .view-item .sold-out .sqs-money-native { display:block; } Any help would be most appreciated! Thankyou. Emma
  3. Site URL: http://www.xxy-23.com Hi All, my site is www.xxy-23.com PW: Michael the prices only show on the product list page (https://xxy-23.com/mens-store) when you hover over the picture. I need the price to show always. I have read some pages and they talk about (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/231746347#toc-store-page) product list titles which sounds somewhere along the right track but i cant work out how to apply this. ultimately i just want the pricing to display under the products when listed. any help is appreciated Cheers, Rikki
  4. Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all/phb-essential-logo-t-shirt-black Hi everyone, Is there a way to position the related products pricing to the left side on mobile only? @tuanphan
  5. Site URL: http://kyracoatesart.com Hey everyone! I have enabled Afterpay on my 7.0 site. I see that the price shows up in the cart, but not on the product page. I'm aware it does this on the 7.1 sites, but not the 7.0. Is there any custom code or widget I can add to my site to get the Afterpay financing price to show below the regular price? Thanks in advance!
  6. Site URL: https://www.whitprint.com/emprex-22-inv 7.0/Montauk We have a product page whose prices are updated every morning (which we do by importing inventory from a .csv file). Our shoppers visit the page every day. A couple of shoppers have told us that when they open the page in their browser they see yesterday's prices until they refresh the page after it has loaded. One shoppers asserts that this happened even though he'd closed the page the previous day. This sounds to me like browsers are fetching day-old content from cache. Is this what's happening? More importantly, is there anything we can do on our site to prevent browsers from fetching cached content when reopening this page? We could have our page display "Refresh for current prices!" but that seems lame. Also, we didn't get any complaints about stale prices in previous years. (This is the third year we've run this product campaign.) Maybe this year's shoppers are just fussier, or maybe ... something has changed in Squarespace? ps: Wow, you hit Return at the wrong time and suddenly you've already posted your question! Anyway, I just wanted to add that I first posted this in Commerce but it occurs to me that maybe there's some coding that would solve this problem. If I don't get any suggestions soon I'm going to have to add the "Refresh for current prices!" to our page. ☚ī¸
  7. Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all/nlt82a0v7ai136xxx613j8xrnhqoep Hi everyone, Is there a way to move pricing under the title in mobile (centered)
  8. Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all Hi Everyone, Is there a way to move the price to the right side and on the same line?
  9. Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all/nlt82a0v7ai136xxx613j8xrnhqoep Hi Everyone, Can some help me with this issue, I'm trying to move the price number to the product title. Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://benevolentdelights.com.au/ Hi there! I have an Ecommerce site which I am changing the process for payment for. Rather than adding to cart it will be submitting an enquiry by contact form so we can contact customers directly with further details. I have used the below code in the Header Code Injection: <style> .collection-type-products .grid-prices, .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-product-price, .ProductItem-details .product-quantity-input, .ProductItem-details .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display: none; } </style> It has worked for the main product page but when you click on the individual product it shows in the "You might also like" section the pricing. As well as on the homepage for the quick view it has quantity and pricing when you click. Is there a way I can code to remove ALL add to cart, quantity and pricing from all areas where products are shown? We do not want this function at all on the website and just want to show product images and information. Thank you in advance! (Password for site: BD4321!)
  11. Site URL: https://www.whitprint.com/emprex-22-inv Moved this to:
  12. Hi there. I use the Adirondack template for my site and am wanting to remove the trailing decimal 00's from my pricing. For example I want $249.00 to display as $249. Any idea how to make this happen? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://dunikal.com/magasin So this is the issue I'm having: When my Squarespace site is set to default language FR-CA, a non-breaking space is automatically inserted between the amount and dollar sign of all product prices. See below: <div class="product-price" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1661790753009_214"> À partir de 179,98&nbsp;$ </div> The problem I'm having is when trying to customize .product-price through css. Adding any font-family element to .product-price will make the non-breaking space super long and break the page layout (see images attached). The price displays fine with the default site fonts. I can work around it with white-space: nowrap & overflow: hidden, but it doesn't work in the related-category block. Why does the non-breaking space act that way as soon as any font-family is added? Any way to control it? Thanks
  14. Site URL: https://www.supercubes.com/container-canopies/26x20x10-single-truss I'm trying to hide the price from this group of products. I know how to hide it globally, but I only want to hide the price on this set of products. I can't find a way to select an identifier.
  15. Site URL: https://www.morganoakes.com/new-tribal-art My client has an e-commerce site with some items that are "price on request." I've used a tag ("por") for these items in order to hide the price and add-to-cart button, and instead display "Price on Request." However, I'm having trouble finding the selector ID for when the item appears in a summary block as they do on this page: https://www.morganoakes.com/new-tribal-art. The fourth item "Woman's Stool" shows price as 0 -- it should say price on request. I've had to add custom code when a price-on-request item appears in other blocks. It occurred to me that I should be able to make this a global change, without having to target different types of blocks. If the latter is not possible, can anyone help me target the price on request items for this "New Tribal" items page? This page is made of summary blocks pulling from the 4 different shop pages for the different regions. Thanks for reading! first screenshot is how item appears on New Tribal page summary block, second is how it appears as a "you might also like" item...
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to find out if Square Space offer's the ability to create unique URL's then when clicked on, provide an automatic discount to customers? The unique URL would be provided to specific customers and would apply a site wide discount for them. However it would be crucial that the URL be unique for each customer. Appreciate any input and advice on if and how this can be done.
  17. I am curious if there is any way to change the pricing text listed under Booking? I would like it to read the price per hour and not the total price. Is there anyway to do this? Thank you!
  18. Site URL: https://chameleondesignandprint.squarespace.com/elite-uniform-products/full-zip-bespoke-elite-dance-jacket-with-zip-pockets Hello! We have an online shop for a few items but I need to display our bespoke products clearer... the only way to do this is to use the commerce feature. I need to hide the Price, Add to Cart and quantity from only this Commerce Page, not our online shop and I am finding it quite difficult! I have searched on this forum and on online but I can only see outdated coding. Is there anyone that could help me with this?
  19. Site URL: https://www.amieamie.ca/ Hello, How do I go about changing the size of the product title and price on the home page? https://www.amieamie.ca/ Every post I read about it says this... In the Home Menu, click Design, then click Fonts. Choose a font, and click the to apply the font to specific parts of your site. ... but there is no such thing as a wheel symbol or any product list section where I could change the size of the font. Any idea what I can do? Moreover, the price style and font are different on the SHOP's page, and I have no idea how to access that either! Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://www.partybarnpublications.com/books/crafting-the-roast Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to move where the price is displayed on the product page. It's at the top near the title and it really should be at the bottom near the add to cart button or above the quantity button. Anyone out there know how I can move this? Thanks!!
  21. Site URL: http://www.yangjewellery.xyz Hey guys, So i'm about to release a bunch of my new jewellery pieces onto my website and i want to give my customers the opportunity to browse the collection before it goes on sale the following day- therefore for that period of time i need all the prices, add to cart button and quantities hidden? I've tried a few different blocks of code but nothing is working so i thought i would throw it out to the hive mind. Any help is appreciated. 🙂
  22. Hi, Does anyone know how to hide "only" certain item's price tag on summary block? We have some products not ready for production but still want to show it in our shop. Thank you in advance.
  23. Site URL: https://www.everallurejewelry.com/ Good day. I am selling engagement rings. When selecting a product a final price is calculated ONLY after you have: 1 - Selected a ring size, 2 - Selected a gold carat option 3 - Selected the diamond carat size 4 - Selected the diamond Colour 5 - Selected the diamond Clarity Here is my question: Currently the TOTAL COST of an item is only displayed once al of these actions have been completed. So when you click on the product is doesn't show any price at all. It says Price from R0. How can I change this to display initial price (hope that makes sense). I think it won't be a good selling point and it would put of clients if they click on a product but it doesn't show a price. Any advise please? Kind regards Christel
  24. Hi All, I am working on building a site for my mom and have run into an issue. She runs a food business and offers dishes that either serve 4 or 2 people and then offers pricing for an additional portion. She has a set menu every week and it is misleading for the "from" price that is displayed for each item to show the additional portion pricing. She does not offer meals for one and would prefer the price for meals for 4 (which is her standard order) to display first. Is there a way to get the "from" price to display the most expensive variant first instead of the least? I searched the forum and others recommended adding this as a separate item in the shop (for instance if someone is offering fabric samples) -- however this does not work for a full week's menu and would end up making the store look very messy/not user friendly. Any help would be appreciated! Here are some visuals if it is helpful:
  25. I have a similar problem. We see tiles and need to show price per pc and price per sq. ft. and unfortunatelly I can't find a way to do this. I am publishing the prices on description (sq.ft and pc and have pc price on the actual product.
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