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  1. Site URL: https://ewgarts.com Hello, I'm just getting started with Squarespace and the email form on my Contact page looks a little off. The fonts on First and Last Name are huge and ridiculous looking. Any hints on how to correct this? Thanks.
  2. Site URL: https://www.delightedspirit.com I want to prevent ActiveCampaign's site tracking if someone doesn't consent to cookies on my website. I'm following these instructions & I'm now at the last step (#4). I'd like to know if I need to change anything to make it work with Squarespace specifically? Here's their example: // Insert tracking snippet here if (document.cookie.indexOf('accept_cookies') !== -1) { vgo('process', 'allowTracking'); } $('.btn').on('click', function() { var expiration = new Date(new Date().getTime() + 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 30); vgo('process', 'allowTracking'); document.cookie = 'accept_cookies=1; expires=' + expiration + '; path=/'; }); I'm not even sure how to test if I did this correctly.
  3. So I have a business and I am a middle man for most of it. Based on the dropdown feedback I get, depending on their location, the email would go to different people for a quote. Is there a way to set up my quote form so that based on a certain location, the email would go to one person and based on another location, it go to someone else? So if someone needs a quote in California, it goes to one person, but when they say its for indiana, it goes to another person. I hate having to get the email then reach out on my owner, losing time and also losing out on others who are doing something similar and we use the same contact/person for fulfill our orders. Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://wrasse-buffalo-6zlc.squarespace.com/ I want to make it so when someone signs up on a certain form, they don't just go to an audience, but they go to an audience and are tagged. How do I do this?
  5. Site URL: https://www.sewingwithnikki.com.au/ Hi I'm editing my order confirmation email and there is an option to "Add an optional custom message based on product type" which is great. Can I change the font colour for this? Its showing as black when all my other font is white. Thanks in advance
  6. Site URL: http://www.extremeelectronics.net Does anyone else experience a lot more spam emails ever since switching to Squarespace to host your site? I get specific ones, especially, with scammers trying to get me to click links, claiming my site is using copyrighted images, which it isn't. The emails they are sent from are ghost email addresses that you cannot respond to (I tried from a "burner" email account to see if I could send to them). They are always from different accounts, with different names, but same basic wording. I get anywhere from a few a week, to several of these a day. I have added a Google Capcha feature to my site to eliminate bots from sending emails, but they still are coming in, at an alarming rate. I did not have any of these types of spam emails before I switched to Squarespace.
  7. Site URL: https://www.nathangrooms.com/ I have had a difficult time understanding what I need to do to correctly set up an email account in Google Workplace. for nathangrooms.com. There is something about the CName that they keep saying but it's over my head. I was wondering if someone could direct me through the steps to take to get the email set up.
  8. Site URL: http://www.agatanowak.co.uk Hi Long story short, I transferred my domain to Squarespace and now can't forward email to my gmail account. Is it actually possible on squarespace to forward myemail@domain.com to myemail@google.com ? WITHOUT spending an extra £5 a month for Google Workspaces? thanks
  9. Would also like to know how to edit content in Customer notifications? Can't delete the default text Sqaurespace has put in so I'm thinking this hasn't been fixed since the original post? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Site URL: http://activateagency.co.nz Hi there, I'm wondering if there is currently any way to automate email campaigns to free members area subscribers? Eg. members receive an automatic email thanking them for registering and giving next steps; queue emails to arrive a certain period after they've registered for memberships etc? I know that I can automate to regular mailing list subscribers, but I can't see any way to set up the same automation for those who register as members, which seems like a pretty essential tool that I had honestly assumed would be available based on the combination of regular email automations & members areas. I've just migrated my email marketing from Mailchimp to Squarespace and created a Members Area for an online workshop programme we are delivering. We already have the list of approved members, so I have been able to import them successfully into a mailing list and send them an initial welcome email using a regular email campaign. However, I note that I can not manually add these participants into a membership and give them access to the members area - I have to email them again using the regular email campaign function, and ask them to register for the members area, at which point I'm unable to automate emails to them as free members rather than "customers". Even if they register as members to gain access to the members area and then I manually add them into an additional mailing list, then it's still not possible to automate an email sequence for them because they have to "subscribe" to the mailing list themselves... So it seems like the only way to be able to have the combination of 1. participants in a free membership + 2. automated emails enabled is to make people register for a membership AND then subscribe for an additional mailing list... which somewhat defeats the purpose of automating emails to get people engaged anyway. It would be wonderful to know if anyone has a good way around this, or if not whether this functionality is likely to be forthcoming in future? Thanks in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://www.shiroica.org/ I have been building a Non-profit site for a community cemetery association. I have it up and running but am really rethinking the features I chose. The association wants to be able to contact people and notify them of updates. They also want to be able to share the approved minutes and other information in an easy way for members to see, especially if they are unable to attend the meetings in person. Since this is a Cemetery association, many of the members are closer to being residents than long term supporters so there is a push to spread the word easier and to fund raise more efficiently. I am tapping into ideas and opinions here. Which is a better choice for the site, Member areas or an email campaign subscription? I know the member area can provide separate access but there is no kind of verification, anyone can just sign up and be in. The email campaigns thing is a little unclear, 3 campaigns and 500 emails. If someone subscribes to the newsletter is that an automatic notification when there is a new post or is that part of the email service? I am trying to simplify this as much as possible since the majority of members lack basic computer literacy beyond things like clicking on Facebook. There are other things I would like to add as time goes on including a site listing and obituary database so others can search and locate relatives and the like. Any feedback, ideas or opinions are completely welcome.
  12. Site URL: https://www.littleboxes.shop/ Hi Circle Fam, This one is seriously stumping me. For the past couple of months, when I add emojis to the subject line of my marketing email campaigns, they appear as broken on send (and on test sends). No matter the emoji, it appears as two question marks in diamond shapes. It's been really frustrating because I can't find a cause, and it used to work for me! I've reached out to Squarespace support, but they claimed it's not an issue on their end and that it must be a client issue. Which is weird, because my email client is Gmail, through the Squarespace website (I purchased the Gsuite through Squarespace). Anyone else having trouble with this or know of a fix? Thank you!
  13. Hello, I have another e mail that is associated with my domain / website for billing and for logging on. I have on my contact page on the website an e mail that has info@ ( that has my website name) / info@_______.com Someone had set up my site that the info@_______ would be directed to my personal e mail. That all worked fine for years. Now suddenly it isn't syncing. The sender gets a mailerdemon that my email folder is full. It's been years since putting this site up and I don't know how I'd ever know the password. Now I am seeing that GoogleWorkplace is in conjunction with Squarespace. It wasn't like this years ago. Can someone offer some suggestions please. There is no number to call a square space and the same with Google Workplace. I am locked out of my website's custom e mail. Thank you very much.
  14. Hi all, I mostly work on Shopify but I'm helping a friend out with their website that sells art prints and digital courses. Is the following possible with Squarespace's ecom features? The first and most important thing is to set things up so that when a customer buys a course (service) they are sent an email that includes a link to a webpage and a password to tog into that page. We also want customers to be able to buy multiple products and to buy and use gift cards. Also, we'd want to have different confirmation emails going out to people who buy a digital product than someone who buys a physical product. Thanks!
  15. I saw many people asking, but no real answers. Can the folks at squarespace please add the JSON vars to your documentation? How can I specify a physical product in the order confirmation email so that I can say something specific about each product when someone orders it?Thanks.
  16. Site URL: https://www.prosserfamilyfarm.com I have products that require different information. For example- soaps need basic fulfilment email, easy. However, we also take preorders and deposits for our meats. Customers are paying a deposit and will pick the meat up on farm at a later date. The basic fulfillment email that says "shipped" doesn't work here. Id like to sent them an email with further instruction about picking up their meat. Can you send different emails for different products when you "fulfill" an order?
  17. Site URL: http://www.10Eighteen.org I am switching from Mailchimp to Squarespace, have the pop up on my site, transferred my mailing list. But I can't see anywhere to capture just a link to go to a signup page (ie if I post something on Facebook about getting the newsletter, I need a link!). Am I missing it or does it not exist?? I'd rather not have to send people to the website or contact page and then the extra step - a lot of people aren't going to get that far.
  18. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to customize language in the section of the e-mail where I see the Order summary, I need to translate all words that are in english like quantity, price, placed on *** etc. Can I do it in CSS? Is there a way around it? I see it's possible to switch it automatically for the supported languages but my language is not one of them yet. Thank you!
  19. Site URL: http://www.asarodger.com Hey Squarespace community, Just checking in to see if there's been a removal of the integration with MailChimp? I recently tried to add an email block and only got the choices of using Squarespace emails or collecting to a G-Drive Sheet. See screenshot attached, there used to be an option for mailchimp, but it seems to have disappeared. Curious if this is just me, or if the partnership/integration has ended? Cheers! Asa
  20. Site URL: https://www.mementoandmuse.com/ Any one ever ran into issues and successfully connected DKIM/DMARC with SqSp and G Suite? This is my friends business and their email keeps going to customers spam folders. Cheers
  21. Site URL: http://www.bermanpictures.com I designed my photography website so that my email and phone contact links are from custom code. The code worked before, but I just discovered that now it doesn't. I would rather not use Squarespace's email link option through Pages-->Primary Navigation because the placement, color, and type size do not work in my design. So I added it to the Tagline of the Site Title. Pasting the code I am currently using below. Does anyone know if there's a way to alter this code so that the links will again work? The website is bermanpictures.com. You'll see I inserted multiple &nbsp;'s to make the spacing that looks right. <a href="mailto:mb@bermanpictures.com">email</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="tel:917-415-1766">+1&nbsp;917&nbsp;415&nbsp;1766</a> I think that's correct, but I am not at all knowledgeable about this stuff. Thanks for any help! Michel
  22. I was wondering if it is possible for a Member to change their email address, as I have had a few people signup using incorrectly spelled emails. Can they change it, or can it be changed on the admin side?
  23. Site URL: https://cheetah-krill-7gh3.squarespace.com/config/ Hi! I'm not sure if this is possible....however I will try to explain what I am trying to do. My client sells donuts. Flavours get updated every week. They want people to be able to order further out then a week, which means there is no real way to specify what donut flavour they would like to order. So I was thinking the customer could pop in the date they want to order for and a couple days before they pick it up they receive an email with current flavours. Is this even possible?? Thank in advance!
  24. I'm really lost for what to do here, and this is happening with several examples of email lists in csv format. I am trying to import a CSV of email signups that were people who came directly to a landing page and entered their information in order to receive ticket presale notifications. All of the emails are valid (I even recognize a handful of them) and are 100% voluntary signups of people who engage with our business. Additionally, there are a few I am importing from venues we work with. They are lists on which people opted into marketing communications. As for the quality of these email addresses, they MUST be real and valid and properly formatted - these are emails the customer used to receive order confirmations and tickets in order to attend an event. So in all of these cases, I get that error message, which is making me entirely regret migrating from MailChimp to SquareSpace for this part of our business. I get that spam and quality of email lists are a thing, I just can't think of a better example than voluntary signups by people who are clearly real individuals? I need a rather urgent resolution on this or else I will have to go back to MailChimp, so any help is appreciated!
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