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  1. Site URL: https://aquavacationrentals.com Hello there why I get multiple submissions SOMETIMES in one email? If you go and check https://aquavacationrentals.com/reserve you will see my form that I created few years ago, why every SINGLE submission does not come instantaneously by it self rather that some times I get few forward it into one email?
  2. Site URL: https://counselingplace.org/ Hello, Our agency sends out newsletters through Constant Contact. I'm trying to find a way to have a new subscriber email submitted through our Squarespace website forwarded to our Constant contact email list. I tried to insert the code below in the Custom CSS under the Design tab but it didn't work. Should I place the code elsewhere? Is there a different code to use? <!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms --> <script> var _ctct_m = "c49b46fbc2c14cd55eabc265afa697dc"; </script> <script id="signupScript" src="/
  3. Hi! I'm in the process of making my business a new website. I love the ease with which Squarespace allows me to do so. However, we technically already have a website. We're not using it ATM because it hasn't been updated for ages. I found a way on the cpanel to make the url redirect to our Facebook page. The company that currently hosts it isn't giving us a good enough service. We have troubles with our e-mail adresses all the time. So, here is my question : Does Squarespace support adresses that end with .qc.ca ? It seems .ca does work, but I'm not sure for the .qc.ca How would I
  4. Site URL: https://www.alexandrelawniczak.fr Hi folks I have a question about customer management in my online shop (www.alexandrelawniczak.fr) Yesterday a customer bought an article in my shop but did not fill in his email address correctly when ordering. He did not receive a confirmation of his order (I sent it back to him afterwards) Is it possible to modify the customer's account & update his email address directly in the customer manager? Thank you for your help and have a nice day 👍
  5. Site URL: https://www.makesense.games/funnel Hello community 🙂 I have 2 different sign-up forms in my squarspace that i would like to connect to 2 differents mailchimp lists. They are connected like a chain : the first one is for non-vip, than the 2nd one (with a 1$ reservation) is for the VIP. Both lists receive a specific newsletter : they can't receive both. i need to split the subscribers in 2 groups (or 2 tags). The only thing squarspace allows me is to choose between 2 mailchimp audiences, which is problematic in mailchimp. Mailchimp told me it need to be solve by a
  6. I want to segment my email lists by audience. I have set up a simple 'voting' feature with links. In my email, when they click on a link, I can see what they clicked in Google Analytics because of URL parameters. For example, `http://example.com?audience=beginner`. The Problem It seems that I have no way to trace the email back. In Squarespace I can see the link they clicked, but the parameters are stripped from the link. I thought about maybe including their email in a parameter, but that feature doesn't seem to be included. Advice to solve this problem is greatly appreciated.
  7. Site URL: https://thedrive-incinema.squarespace.com/ Hey all, Maybe a question for a future release or something that's being worked towards but I wanted to enquire about Email receipts. I see in the Commerce > Customer Notification > General orders there is a list: > Order Confirmed > Order Fulfilled > Order Refunded > Digital Downloads I wonder if there's any intention to build a email template tailored towards events (like there is for digital downloads)? I have a client who wants to use QR codes sent with the email order confirmation as a way to ve
  8. Site URL: http://www.thedrive-incinema.co.uk/ Hey all, I'm a designer by trade slowly familiarising myself with coding. With Squarespace switching up the email edit style for 7.1, I'm having issues with the content that fires to the customer post-order. What I want to do is simple. I want to remove a line of text in the email order confirmation which states: "We will be in contact shortly regarding the services you have ordered." I really have no clue why Squarespace thought that'd be a good idea for every product imaginable. Can anyone help me with some coding to remove this
  9. I'm really lost for what to do here, and this is happening with several examples of email lists in csv format. I am trying to import a CSV of email signups that were people who came directly to a landing page and entered their information in order to receive ticket presale notifications. All of the emails are valid (I even recognize a handful of them) and are 100% voluntary signups of people who engage with our business. Additionally, there are a few I am importing from venues we work with. They are lists on which people opted into marketing communications. As for the quality of t
  10. Site URL: http://sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk Hello, so: My emailing system is held with fasthosts, as is my domain. So I've transferred the domain to my website, but now I'm trying to sort out the emails. My contact sheet doesn't send to info@sebastianlefeuvre.co.uk (fasthosts) but it also isn't sending to my personal email: seb.lefeuvre@hotmail.co.uk What can I do? And secondly, how can I use my emails with square space?
  11. Site URL: https://www.oragd.org/ Some of the products that we sell on our website are live webinar classes that we host via Zoom. Is there a way to add a Zoom link to the email confirmation?
  12. Site URL: https://www.rosaparkselementary.org/ I need a custom code solution so that donation receipts have the donor's address included in the body of the email. Right now, Squarespace doesn't provide a JSON variable for donor's address.
  13. Hi! Is it possible to add more fields to a promotional pop up other than just email? I'd like to add a "name," "city," and "state" field (also to the footer). I tried adding a form with the lightbox option, but when I tested it, the contact wouldn't show up in mailchimp (waited 30 minutes). My website: refractedco.com If anyone knows what to code/other tools that might be a work around, let me know!
  14. Hi 😀 I am a new website designer and would so appreciate any advice you can give me here. I have an artist client that wants to display her artwork in three categories oil paintings, pastel paintings, and mosaics. She wants the oil paintings category split into three categories (Still Life, Floral, and Locations). I am going to design using 7.1 and would like to add an “Inquire” button to each artwork page allowing customers to contact my client via a custom form linking to that specific piece of art. When my client receives the email from her customer, she will know which product t
  15. Site URL: https://objetdahlia.co.uk Hi Do i need google workspace?? ive only just noticed that i pay for it and i dont know if i actually need to?? I use the basics when it comes to email and pay for the upgrade to use email marketing but thats it. Can i cancel it without having any issues?? Help! TIA Sharron
  16. Site URL: https://biddie.co Hey, I would like to change the colour of the social icons in my email footer from colour to plain black outline - how do I do this please?
  17. Hi all ! So I am creating blast email templates to send to my contact lists, where I choose a specific color for my section background (let's say, green). It looks great and all, but when someone receives it on their phone or tablet, and their dark mode is turned on, then the background color inverts and it looks really bad. Is there a way to force the background color on any devices? Thank you so much for the help!
  18. Site URL: http://www.browologylabs.com Hi, So my phone has night mode enabled, which basically makes the screens mostly have a black background on all apps. I noticed when I send an email using the email templates on squarespace to my phone without night mode enabled everything is fine. Once nightmode is enabled the background colours change to Brown (they are meant to be pink). Does anyone know if there is a setting to prevent this or is this just something that was not accounted for by squarespace? Regards
  19. Hi, i’d like to know if there is a way to change the sender and subject lines from when customers submit forms. Right now all submissions show ‘Squarespace’ as sender and ‘Form Submission - xxx’ as Subject. is there anyway to change this? I’m willing to even pay for a third-party solution but I cannot find any. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  20. Site URL: http://activateagency.co.nz Hi there, I'm wondering if there is currently any way to automate email campaigns to free members area subscribers? Eg. members receive an automatic email thanking them for registering and giving next steps; queue emails to arrive a certain period after they've registered for memberships etc? I know that I can automate to regular mailing list subscribers, but I can't see any way to set up the same automation for those who register as members, which seems like a pretty essential tool that I had honestly assumed would be available based on t
  21. Can I use squarespace along with mail hip to send out email blasts to my clients? How does that work?
  22. Hello! I'm a Graphic Designer and had my portfolio site for a while using my name as my URL. I've since gone freelance full time and am changing my business name so I'm redesigning my site. I have an email address that links with my original domain but now that I've switched my company name I would like to have an email address with that .com as well, BUT I still want to keep the original email address too. How do I do this though squarespace? Even though I have two domains linked to my site/account it seems to only allow me to have one email address. Help would be appreciated a
  23. I was wondering if it is possible for a Member to change their email address, as I have had a few people signup using incorrectly spelled emails. Can they change it, or can it be changed on the admin side?
  24. Site URL: https://orb-flatworm-3nw8.squarespace.com/ I'm using the form block to collect user email addresses and I'm wondering if it is possible to connect a storage site outside of the four built in options: email address, mailchimp, google drive, and zapier. This is for the "subscribe" from on the site's Content Center page. Background: I'm building a side site for my companies employees and our main site uses a platform called Concep for our email marketing. Is it possible to integrate Concep through a code injection so all user email addresses can be stored in the same platform?
  25. Site URL: https://www.royalcitylittles.com/ I just discovered that some e-gift cards that customers are purchasing for people, the links are going to their junk-mail folders. Anyone know how I can fix this?
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