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  1. Site URL: https://www.izzisbeads.com/izzisbeads/p/bestie-sets So as you can see this page looks clunky. Ive been able to use css to change the font in the variant options to my font but there are a few things i cant figure out. 1: how to change the size of the font in the variant options 2: how to change the layout so the buttons dont take up so much space and are just directly down from one another. Id like the buttons to have less space between them on this page and to have my accordian just below my pictures. It looks weird how much space the buttons use and how the accordian is so far down. 3: Id also like to be able to change the appearance of the variant buttons to match my site styles the password to access the site is beads Im new to all of this so any help is appreciated
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help with product details pages, I have a few issues but this is the main one (photo below): 1. I need to reducing the space between the product title and top of the image on product details page, for desktop sites, it's fine on mobile. I'm using Squarespace 7.1 with template name: Stanton. Product details pages use the “simple” image layout (because that’s the only one that intuitively seems to navigate additional product images and display thumbnails but I'm open to suggestions that don't include code if they exist). I do have some basic code changes on my site already but can't remember where I go to put it in to apply sitewide so if you could remind me of that, this would be amazing thank you! 2. I'd also like to change my complex variants to add up as you select options, i've seen the paid extension for that which I'll buy this weekend if nobody thinks that's a bad idea, but i'd like to code my desktop site to show the price near the add to cart button (not as annoying on mobile as the options are close together, but soooo frustrating for listings that need a lot of text on product details pages). If anyone knows code for that it'd be great too! 3. (rant warning) I'm so frustrated by the lack of ability to change things like spacing and font use sitewide OR area-only (like details pages only) with ease on Squarespace lately, my fonts are also doing weird things (changing the size of paragraph style 2 does absolutely nothing and I'm in the process of combing through formatting issues that pasted in when I copied details between listings without pasting as plain text - sigh). When I change formatting on product details page to look good, it changes somewhere else and that looks terrible etc. Thanks for the vent haha.
  3. Site URL: https://www.pennyembroidery.com Hello! I have a product that has three variants - tassel colour / fabric colour / product shape. I would like to list the tassels by amount available (I have one of each), but each of these tassels can be used with any fabric/product shape. I am running into an issue where SquareSpace is creating 250+ variants due to every single tassel being available on every single fabric. I would like to create limited stock numbers where once one tassel colour has been used with one fabric then it is gone, but the fabric remains available for all the other tassels. I'm finding this incredibly hard to explain but i hope it makes sense! Would be so grateful for some help - my head is spinning trying to figure this out - It feels like it should be more simple than this!
  4. I don't know if I'm missing something, but I can't seem to change the price of my product without changing all of the variants individually, is there a way to do that? each of my products has 75 variants and it takes me forever, any help would be very appreciated, thank you!
  5. Site URL: http://elkranch.com Product Variant as Weight, with set value per kg, We have a product at a value per kg, it's Variant is a weight, which is different for each item. We wish our customers to pick a variant based upon $ value we post as inventory as opposed to picking weight, but we could go that way, just $ matter more than weights to most of our customers. We like our customers to pick a product like steak or set of Ribs and then choose the variant (portion weight) as the order item. Is there a custom plugin for inventory resolving how to set this up? We are a Farm selling Elk Meat for curb side (at farm) pickup in Canada, Thanks for helping, 🙂
  6. Site URL: https://www.nooriboutique.com/ Hello! I'm wanting to change my "color variant" from a drop down menu to little photos that they can choose (see attachment). Does anyone have a CSS for this? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Site URL: https://www.kasandramurray.com/shop/p/dnd-to-thine-own-self-be-true Hello, I have two products on my store. One product syncs the image when selecting the variant while the other does not sync the image when selecting the variant. Is this because the second item is a t-shirt and has two levels of variation (size and color)? Based on how the KB article writes about variants that shouldn't be the case. I have attached a screen shot of part of my product set up to show my variants have different images. I have seen other forums talk about plug ins, but I'm pretty sure I didn't install a plugin on my site and even if I did wouldn't it work across all products? Can someone shed some light on what is happening here? Page where changing the variant changes the image: https://www.kasandramurray.com/shop/p/apparel/dungeons-and-dragons-draw-string-bag Page where changing the variant does not change the image: https://www.kasandramurray.com/shop/p/dnd-to-thine-own-self-be-true
  8. Hi everyone! I'm finishing my new website with a store to launch this Sunday, and I found some things I feel I should be able to do with the Squarespace editor and I can't find how to, with a fear that it can't be done, and honestly as a software engineer, I find it very basic to give this ability, which is why I'm inclined to think I'm the problem haha. Both things have to do with variant options in physical products (I'm using v7.1 and the beta editor): How can one reorder options within a variant? I found how to reorder variants no problem, but on that screen you can only delete an option, or add an option within a variant. Drag/drop does not work, and if you go to the edit all section of the options, it doesn't seem to be drag and droppable either. How can one rename/edit an option within a variant? I found that a product which I have 2 versions with a similar name, I did "product name-1" and "product name (2)", finding the second one better. I wanted to edit the first one and couldn't find out how, without deleting all that comes after it, and creating it again correctly (this is related to the inability to reorder options I mentioned before). Thanks a lot for the help in advance. Have a great week!
  9. Site URL: https://wolverine-bulldog-2z5j.squarespace.com Thought I'd reach out to @paul2009 on this one: Any chance there is a way to set a master Unit Inventory for a Product and all its Variants (instead of being forced to set individual Variant inventories)? For example, right now on the site I’m building, I have a product (site pw: unique) I’m setting up, which is a room aboard a boat expedition in Alaska. So, that room is the resource of mine you buy. However, that room can be 3 different price points: the price of 1 adult taking up the whole room, the price of 2 adults taking up the room, the price of a 1 adult plus 1 child taking up the room. I’ve set these three price points as “Variants” to the product (because doing so allows me to avoid 3x the amount of Products and some other messes). The problem is that the minute I add Variants to my Product, Squarespace removes the master Product unit number, and makes me select unit Inventory for *each* Variant. In my case, that’s a problem, because I can’t sell 10 of each of the variants, I can only sell 10 of the master Product. This scenario seems to be suited for Squarespace's Scheduling, in that you can set a set number of Resources that applies to multiple products, however I went all the way down a pretty intricate Scheduling setup to arrive at a pretty backwards UX for my clients' clients in many other facets of the process. Commerce, on the other hand, creates a perfect UX for my clients' clients, except for this one issue of the master product inventory. This is why I am going through the effort of checking in. I reached out to Will Myers on this one, since I've enjoyed his plugins, and he mentioned he's heard this issue before as well from clients, and recommended maybe tagging you. If there is no solution, unfortunately I feel I may have to just break my Commerce strategy apart and not use this Variant method. SITE: https://wolverine-bulldog-2z5j.squarespace.com/ PW: unique Thank you in advance, Marisa
  10. Site URL: https://www.jessicapoundstone.com Hello! I sell fine art prints, and currently offer two "customizations" -- size and frame. I currently offer four sizes and four frame styles. I have one variant for each possible combo. I am getting ready to offer a new frame option: a Lucite plexi box that comes in multiple colors (7 total). What I would like to do is add one variant per size titled "plexi box frame", and then, If a customer chooses the plexi box frame option, have them indicate the color they want via a custom form. Customers would only see this form if they chose the plexi box framing option. Or, alternatively, they would be able to easily dismiss the custom form if they did not choose the plexi box framing option. The alternative - having to add multiple colors to every available print - is daunting, so I am hoping the above solution as possible, or there is another solution that could work. If it's not possible to avoid the big lift of adding a ton of variants, I will probably only offer it on a few pieces and roll it out slowly, or reduce the number of colors available, both of which would be kind of a bummer. Thanks in advance for any ideas! Relevant URLs on my site: Product page with multiple products: https://www.jessicapoundstone.com/order-jessica-poundstone-art Specific product page example: https://www.jessicapoundstone.com/order-jessica-poundstone-art/color-space-27-pink-red-yellow
  11. Site URL: https://iamfashon.com/store/p/evil-eye-necklace When selecting the color, then going to select size the (select size) doesn't appear at the top of the 16, 17, 18, 19. Causing it to act like i didnt select anything.
  12. IS there a mechanism where you can make dependent variants. In other words, a list of options that are dependent on my customer choosing another option? Thanks
  13. Hi all, I am trying to see if it's possible to increase pricing for variants by a percentage of the standard option price. In other words, I have my variants are priced x% more than my standard product. Can I change these variants to add that additional cost to the product? Thanks!
  14. Hi there, I am trying to build my product pages and I have lots of products that have the same kind of variants. Is it possible to make a list of variants and add them to all my products so I don't have to put in re-enter the variants for each product? thanks for your help!
  15. Site URL: https://www.lisafishcreative.com/ Hello! I would like to customize the 'Sold Out' mark/badge text color style on the product page of my website, specifically for when a size variant is sold out. Color is the most important factor here, however if possible I would also like to change the font to bold.I'm hoping there is way to edit the 'sold out' label font color to red (#EC1313) without it affecting the 'Size' and 'Quantity' variant label colors. Seems they share the same color (blocks, I believe) as the variant labels. At the moment, my online shop has a single product listed. The product itself isn't sold out, just the size variant. The Size variant 'Unisex S' is set to '0' quantity. I've provided 2 separate screen shots to show the product page to which I'm referring.I am using the York template 7.0 and I've found the only solution may be to customize with custom CSS. I did see a similar question posted, but I'm not sure it is exactly the same situation.Eventually, I will have color variants for shirts that I will want to apply the same 'Sold Out' styling. However, it may be that I have to choose one variant over the other, unless it is possible to apply to both. Unless someone straight up tells me it's not possible! I appreciate any help, thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://www.f3pens.com I'm not sure quite how to ask so I'll explain what I'm trying to do. I make hand made fountain pens that require the selection and inclusion of a nib. The nibs are available in any of a dozen variations and each is tracked with separate quantities in my inventory. So each time you purchase a pen, you have to select a nib and I want that to remove that nib from the inventory. If I use variants, it just creates multiple quantities for the pen which is not what I want since there is only 1 pen available and doesn't detract from the tracked inventory of the nib. So basically I want to force that when you buy the pen you have to also buy from your choice of nib. Is something like this possible or is there some other way to do this?
  17. The new editor has removed some functionality within the variants. I am no longer able to have an add-on available for a product for an added cost. I used to be able to have variants with different pricing depending on what was chosen. Is there a way within new editor that i am missing to be able to give my customers the option to add on or have different pricing between variants. I do not want to create a whole new product- just a drop down to choose sizing (ie large meal vs. small meal) OR add salad for an added cost.
  18. Site URL: https://calliope-oleander-2amj.squarespace.com/home Hello, I have put together a carousel of links to different pages on the site. At the moment these are large circular buttons with a red background that can change to white on hover. Is it possible to have these so that each has a different background colour before hover? There are 7 different card items in the carousel. Thank you!
  19. How do I set variants the same across all products? I did an Etsy import for a client and they want the variants to be the same for every product. The import was over 200 products. I really don't want to do this manually, and if they want to adjust the price or size will this have to be done one by one?
  20. Site URL: https://iamfashon.com/store/p/repentnecklace
  21. Site URL: https://shop.alexandraadoncello.com/shop/p/ilciolo I'm trying to make the font size of 'Quantity' the same as the Variant options (Size, Frame, Border). I've already used the code below to customise the variant fields, I would like to match the font size of quantity and it's number to the variant options, which is 14px. /* Variant */ .variant-select-wrapper { padding-top: 12px !important; padding-bottom: 12px !important; } .variant-select-wrapper option { font-size: 30px; } div.variant-option * { font-size: 14px; } /* Quantity */ .product-quantity-input input { padding-top: 12px !important; padding-bottom: 12px !important; font-size: 14px; }
  22. Im creating a store for building custom PC's. Is there way to have checkbox options for my customs to select additional upgrades ie. RAM, Storage, Graphics card. I've found you can made different item variations but check boxes for my customers to choose additional extras would be a much better option, this would adjust the overall price
  23. Site URL: https://www.koryrussellart.com/ I'd like to take my product variants from one product and use them across multiple products, i.e.; I have prints of paintings that come in a specific set of sizes -8x10, 11x14, 16 x 20, etc., and all come in either paper or canvas.). Is there a way to duplicated these variants and use them again without having to enter each one for each product?
  24. I have recently started moving over to Squarespace from Indiemade and bringing listings from commerce sites. I'm in love with all the functionality but I seem to have really hit a snag with bulk editing listings? Am I missing something? My listings have several variations and I have nearly 200 hundred listings. I want to be able to quickly say, select a shop category and decrease pricing by a set amount but I can't seem to be able to do something like this? It wants me do every single variation and on every single listing manually. Is the ONLY way of doing this via downloading a CSV of your inventory and bulk editing through Excel? Why is there no user friendly way of doing this? I was also setting up a custom listing with lots of options. Now normally I would expect say option A means +£2 is added, option b means £10 is added, and it would automatically price this up. Instead, all I found was 192 variations needing me to manually work out and input a prices. This is madness! Please say I'm missing something obvious?? I would really appreciate some help / insight!
  25. Site URL: https://www.churchandstate.co/products/ My client has products that are made in very limited quantity, so some items only have a single size. The problem is, they want to show the variant drop down even when they only have a single size/color available. How can this be implemented?
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