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  1. Hi Guys, im in the long process of starting up my site. I offer a range of Custom items. I know i can add a size variant but what i really NEED is to offer the option for the client to Type in custom text, as in a Name and age typr of deal. How do i go about setting this up in my pages? Also is there a way to Bulk edit prices? or do i have to do it 1 by 1 :/
  2. My site use to show the sold out text next to specific sizes that are out of stock in the drop down menu. I also have the "Show in variant dropdown" option "ON" but doesn't seem to work anymore.
  3. I am in the process of importing my products using the upload template CSV. Many of my products have multiple variants. According the the documentation, "you only need to enter the Products Page URL for the first variant." When I leave the "Product Page" column empty for variants, however, I receive an error for each after import reading: Product page not found Make sure the URL corresponds to an existing product page When I try filling in the "Product Page" column for each of the variants (I am using "shop"), the system interprets each row as its own unique product, and I have a bunch of unnamed products rather than variants. As far as I can tell after many reviews, there are no other errors within my CSV.
  4. IS there a mechanism where you can make dependent variants. In other words, a list of options that are dependent on my customer choosing another option? Thanks
  5. Hey there! My client want's add-on gifts available for selection when customers purchase bouquets. If I set up each existing product as a variant, is there anyway the stock #'s can be linked to the original product to ensure they have availability? HOWEVER my client has many of her available products setup as their own variants, see here: https://helloblossombouquets.com/shop/alive-packs Could I do something with the existing SKU to link them? TIA! Brodi
  6. I'm trying to get the "Bracelet Size" variant selection box to be above the item description, like the "Add to Cart" button is now. I used code for 7.1 yesterday to move the "Add to Cart" button above it, but the variant selection box needs its own code? Unless I'm missing a setting to move it around in the edit design area? Here's the link I included above: https://www.hyperspacecoffee.com/shop/p/2ufpr1p787c0z7jievsvidzu395u69
  7. I've toggled to "on" for the option to show out of stock labels in my product variant drop-down menu but it's still not showing. When you click on the drop-down menu it shows all sizes and only gives you a "sold out" label after you've chosen the size variant.
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to create a 'custom pack' that has 10-15 subproducts within it. https://highvoltage.squarespace.com/test Password: HvS Ideally it would be; CUSTOM PACK Choose a combination of 6 or 12+ products below to make you custom pack. Quantity Price Item 1 1 $10 Item 2 1 $8 Item 3 2 $12 Item 4 2 $40 etc etc etc Pack total 6 $122 Then in the cart, it is displayed as one item showing the subproducts and their quantities. SHOPPING CART Custom Pack 1 x Item 1 1 x Item 2 2 x Item 3 2 x Item 4 If the custom pack product is not achievable, is there a way to add a text line to each product in the cart to identify it as part of the Custom Pack? For example: SHOPPING CART Product Name Custom Pack Thanks in advance Douglas
  9. Site URL: https://www.chickswhoquilt.com Hi- I have a situation in commerce that I can't quite figure out. We are selling cloth masks that are mostly finished with the only remaining step be to add cloth ties or elastic straps. Is there a way to list a product and then have an option to add something at the end for an additional cost without listing multiple variants for the same thing? What we do right now is say that an item has an inventory of 10. We list it with 2 variants - with tie and with elastic with an inventory of 5 each. But we really have 10 that are neither and we add whichever option they pick at the end. But having to split it up as 2 variants causes issues with inventory for example when someone buys 5 with elastic and thinks there are no more left because it only shows 5 with ties. Is there a way to list an item and then have options? Like with Amazon where you can add gift wrapping for $5 or something. They don't have the same item that is unwrapped and the same item that is wrapped. They just add the wrapping as an option to the items that they have. Or Apple where you can pay extra for engraving. Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://ollieandme.com.au Hello i am trying to create a product variant that only shows when a certain selection is made, is this possible ? For Example Size: Medium & Large Custom Text: Yes / No If yes is selected in custom text then another drop down will display listing the text colour options. and a custom form will pop up to enter the name. If no is selected it will enable the customer to head straight to the checkout. Its the last part of my website and I cant work it out, its driving me crazy. Thanks Kate
  11. Hey, I'm currently creating a website for a Candy Store which requires a product that will allow to select X amount of flavours in a mix. Example Variants: Flavours: Lemon, Cherry, Apple Size: 200g (£5), 500g (£8) Now I would like to have a `select box` option to select multiple variants. To make this even more complex, I would like to have an option to select how much of each flavour the person wants e.g. if they select 200g, the could have an option to select how many grams of each flavour they would want.
  12. Site URL: http://www.scottmurry.com Hi friends, I'm exploring the idea of setting up a product on my page—but would like to make it a "Name Your Own Price" option. Patrons could in turn choose to pay $1 to $1,000 for a downloadable item. I see variable pricing options, but not something in which people can enter how much they'd like to pay. Any experience in setting up this format on squarespace? Thank you, Scott
  13. Hi there, I've already created a password-protected page (see screenshot) of the two file types of my graphic novel. This page was created specifically for backers, and I sent an email with the password when my campaign was complete. Now I want to offer digital downloads for anyone to buy the same thing using the "digital downloads" feature. Ideally I'd just want them to pay on the page, then receive the confirmation email with the URL and password to the page below. I've looked into the digital download email and I can't change the text to reflect that (rather than the link to the file, as it's currently set up). I really don't want to have 3 different products listed for the book (physical, ePub and PDF). Two is OK I guess. Does anyone have any ideas how to go about that? Many thanks, Rebecca S
  14. Hello! I have a client who is an artist and wants to sell a total of 5 prints for each painting. Which would be be easy, except there are options for small, large, framed or unframed. So based on demand he may sell 5 unframed large, or 2 small unframed and 3 large framed. Basically the total stock number of the product will be 5 regardless of what the variants are. Is there any way to do this? Control the stock at a product level, not a variant level? I feel like I'm in a maths problem from High School. Thanks In Advance anyone.
  15. Hello, I have a product that needs to have its unit price adjust based on quantity. Is there a way to accomplish this? Currently I have the product just setup with 3 variants. A variant for 1-11 units, one for 12-199 and one for 200 or more. I have a rate for each but this concerns me as the customer still has the option to select the bulk rate of 200 units but still enter a lower number of units in the QTY field and purchase a lower number of units at the bulk rate. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Hey everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has figured out how to split product variants up on the category pages. I have a few products that are available in two different types of wood. I'd like to show both options on my category pages but keep only one master SKU product. This way there is still a single PDP where they can see all available options. I'm very fluent in HTML/CSS and pretty understanding of JS/jQuery. However, I'm not super familiar with how squarespace sets up their source files. I've been looking around at the JS files under assets.squarespace.com > universal > scripts-compressed but haven't been able to see how and where the category page product list is generated. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, my site is currently under construction as I work through this so I have the shop locked. The password is: fiverr Please do not attempt to place any orders. Thanks so much.
  17. Hi there, I'm currently recreating a model site from scratch in Squarespace in order to get more familiar with the tools. I'd love some guidance in recreating the buttons found on the linked page under Colors and Select Size – namely, 1) how to override the dropdowns for buttons, and 2) how to display the colored circles in place of traditional buttons. Would anyone be kind of enough to help me get sorted? Thanks!
  18. Hi all, This is my first time using Squarespace to build a website. I am currently making add-ons for my product, but cannot figure out how to 'dynamically' add the price of the add-on to the overall product price. For example, Product A costs $100 and there is an option to change Product A's color for $10 extra. I see that I can manually change the price under 'variants' however, I have several other variant options and do not want to manually change all 128 variants that are available. If anyone has any solutions that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  19. I have a commerce shop that offers one product but different flavors (variants) of that product. For ease of the backend, I want to only have one product with three variants. I want to display those three flavors/variants on the homepage but neither the summary block nor the product block have a way to show the different variants. Any ideas? I can most likely create custom links as a work around but just want to know if there is a way to do it using a block of some sort.
  20. Whenever I add size Variants to my T-shirts in my shop and save, the price, stock and advanced shipping reset and the variants option does not display.
  21. I am creating several webpages with similar content for locations across the country. Instead of manually updating the text in each page is it possible to create a couple text variables for &city, &state where I can update the variable for each page? I hope this question makes sense I don't have much HTML experience so the variable idea comes from using Matlab.
  22. My site- motocrane.com is generally comprised of dark banners with white Body Text. However, the product variant drop-downs have a white background, so the white body text is not readable. How do I change my product variant text to black without affecting the rest of the site style?
  23. Hello, I would like to send a customer an email after their purchase that lists which variant of a product they ordered. Is there a way to do this? I looked and could not find how, so thank you for your help.
  24. Creating a physical product page and I only see the dropdown feature available to select colors and other variants. Is it possible to display variants of a product in a different format (see attached screenshot). I'm under the impression I will need a custom code for this...
  25. I'm adding different product variants and would like the images to correspond to the variant. For example I'm selling a print and then a framed print. Would like the image to change to a framed print when that variant is selected. How do I do this?
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