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  1. Site URL: https://www.onyxhive.com.au Hello, I make cakes and I need to add variants but I can't add more than 250 variants, is there a plugin or bypass code that can bypass this? I assume this website uses squarespace as well and they have ALOT of variants: https://www.polespatisserie.com.au/product/single-tier/ Thanks
  2. Site URL: http://www.GainesvilleVAAthletics.com I'm looking for a workaround to show the total remaining tickets available every time a purchase is made. Customers have the options to buy 1-4 tickets at a time. I'm stuck manually updating the count right now every time we receive an order (thank god this ends September 30) but for the sake of keeping my boss happy I would like to have some way of automatically updating the stock depending on how many tickets are purchased. Right now I have variants in place to provide the four different cost options so I can't just display the number in stock from one item. This is complicated to try and express by text so if you have questions I get it. Please let me know if there's a way to keep the count accurate even when someone purchases three tickets at 1am while I'm sleeping. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I have options presented in my dropdown menu, but Squarespace is adding an additional, blank option/line item that cannot be selected (that part is good, at least). However, IMO, it looks unprofessional, and is therefore driving me crazy lol. Does anyone know how to fix this with any type of coding? Seems like a bug to me but not sure if a genius has a solution? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA!
  4. Site URL: http://www.scottmurry.com Hi friends, I'm exploring the idea of setting up a product on my page—but would like to make it a "Name Your Own Price" option. Patrons could in turn choose to pay $1 to $1,000 for a downloadable item. I see variable pricing options, but not something in which people can enter how much they'd like to pay. Any experience in setting up this format on squarespace? Thank you, Scott
  5. Site URL: https://www.glimpseguides.com/the-travel-shop/silk-pouches-gold-zipper Hi I am trying to change the font of the variant drop down menu on product page to match the other styles on my site. I also want to change the the color to grey.
  6. Hi! Is there any way to remove the "Select" text on the Product Variant Dropdown, so that it only say "Farve" and "Motiv"? Thanks in advances!
  7. Not something I can explain too easily. I sell photography prints where I only offer a small number os sizes and that it. I also offer the same image in a fine art museum print but I only want to offer that Fine Art Print in two of the four sizes. is there a way to do this with either CSS or HTML? I dont want to create an entire new item if at all possible.
  8. Site URL: https://www.eatdishy.co.uk/recipes-main/roastedcauliflowerbiryani Hello, On my site the quantity box, as well as the variant drop down are very large. Is there a way they can be made smaller? Around half the size would be good? https://www.eatdishy.co.uk/recipes-main/roastedcauliflowerbiryani See example above. Any help or guidance would be great. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello. I'm in the process of moving my website from 7 to 7.1, and would like the product variant and quantity fields to display on the same line. Attached is a screenshot of how it looks at the moment. Thanks, Fofo
  10. Site URL: https://www.forbiddenfusion.com/store/p/scented-wax-melts I'm trying to add descriptions to each variant on my inventory, but unsure what coding should be, and where to add. I sell different fragrances of each item, and I'm trying to convert them to variants rather than individual items to simplify. I want to add the scent description at the click of the variant. Any ideas how to accomplish this? I saw where @Beardsman asked before, but I never saw an answer!
  11. When importing inventory into Facebook commerce via the data feed "Variant" data is not recognized by Facebook. Thus my Facebook and Instagram shop show no variants such as Size and Color variants. Has anyone found a solution to this? I found a solution to the inventory not being recognized and showing items "Out of Stock". To resolve that you have to create a rule in Facebook in the data feed (coming from Squarespace). Set the rule to "Inventory" and a number 1 or higher. Then your products will be in stock. Trying to resolve the variant issue now.
  12. Site URL: https://sunfish-wombat-zmpp.squarespace.com/config/design Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me change the look/size of the arrow inside of the Variant dropdown box. Also would like the outline to 'hug' the writing, so there isn't so much space around the 'select material' ect. Can the Variants dropdown options look the same as the rest of the fonts? with the same background colour as the site. password: password Thank you Line
  13. Hello, I make candles and give customers a free sample to go with their order. Right now on each product I have a variant for each sample scent people can choose. However, I also only sell in batches at a time, so I may have 5 candles in stock of a particular scent. But, If I set the stock of each variant to 5, my total stock becomes 5xnumber variants, instead of just five in total. Is there a way to have 5 of one product in stock with the option to pick from, say, 10 addons? (I consider the samples/addons as unlimited stock) Thank you kindly in advance, Best, Josephine
  14. Site URL: https://www.ladyhestereats.com/order/4original Hi! My brain is going around and around with this. Hopefully I can explain it OK. I'm selling donuts, we offer packs. So individual, 4 pack, 24 pack and 40 pack. We offer 4 flavours, which change weekly. I want the customer to be able to click '4 pack' then be able to select which flavour they want and how many of each. Atm, people just add it in as a note. any suggestions/help??
  15. Hello, I would like to check, if a subscription is enabled on a product with variants, will the customers be able to change the variant during the next billing cycle? Or will it only be for the variant they subscribed to?
  16. Site URL: https://www.bellewooddistilling.com/spirits I sell liquor in bottles and most everyone purchases the largest size/largest price ($30 plus). A few of our products come in a mini-bottle samplers for like $5. I don't want the lowest price variant for the mini-bottle to display on the product list as in "from $5" but would much prefer the highest and most common variant (90%) purchased. Essentially, I want to get rid of the word "from" and then also show the highest price. Anyone know how to do that?
  17. Hey! I would like to add the words 'from' before the price on my MAIN products page. I've seen code to add the word before price on the price displayed once you actually click on the product but I'd like the word to show up before EVERY price on my website. Please check the image for a better idea of what I'm asking for 🙂
  18. I want each color to be listed as it’s own product, but I also want to be able to change the color as a variation when I’m viewing one of the products. When I change the color, it becomes a different product. Or, I want each variation of my product to be listed as it’s own product. How do I do this?
  19. Trying to find a way to reduce the size of the arrow icons in the product variant drop down menus. Thanks in advance for any help in trying to figure out!
  20. Site URL: https://www.kctracks.com/ Greetings! I have done a fair amount of custom CSS (~400 lines) and code injection on my new website without having to post here but I really would love some help now. After all the time and effort I have put into building my site through Squarespace, and the experience being overall wonderful, I was devastated to find out that you cannot add variants on digital products. That is all I will sell so this is very frustrating. So, I'm looking for a workaround. On any given product details page, can we: 1. Use a Button Block button in the Additional Details tab to mimic the true built-in Add To Cart button, but reference a different product that is hidden from the store? In other words: the main Add To Cart button will add the product the user is viewing to the cart as intended. The second added Button Block button will be below, but its clickthrough link actually activates an Add To Cart script/procedure taken from a different product's page. OR 2. Force a variant dropdown to show up, and use the links in that dropdown to redirect the user to the necessary product details page which will have the proper product Add To Cart button. OR Another more elegant workaround that I have not even thought of? Thank you so much in advance for helping. I hope this is not to complicated of a request. My site is https://www.kctracks.com/ and until (if) I decide to purchase my plan, the password is kctracks. EDIT: So I have figured out one can add Product Blocks to a separate product's Additional Details section. I have the Product Block only showing an Add To Cart button. It's a tad clunky but it's a workaround. If there's an even better way, I'm all ears! -Keegan
  21. Site URL: http://www.koryrussellart.com Is there a way to duplicate and/or save my variants? I have a lot of paintings that are the same size, and it would help to be able to have those sizes available in variants.... like when you type in a tag and it finishes it. Am I missing something? Thanks, Kory
  22. Hello, I'm setting a store where the product are classes. Each class with only be able to take 12 participants, but there are two pricing... 1 for full fee paying students 1 for students with concession I can create the variant, but I cannot associate them to the same product quantity... Is there a way I can get around this and only set a quantity amount that is SHARED across two variants...?
  23. Hi All! I'm building a shop that sells beer online. I added a Variant called "Size" and it will display options such as: 4 pack 12oz bottles 6 pack 12oz Cans My problem is that for some products, there is only one option and I need that option to display on the page regardless. They seem to only display a variant when there is MORE than one option. You can see this in the attached screenshot. Any idea how to force this display (besides adding the size as "text" in the description. I'm trying to stay away from that so that reporting will be consistent from product to product.) This needs to go live next week so any help asap would be so appreciated - thank you!! Rachel
  24. I cannot give out links to the site, can anybody help based just on screenshot why has the variant got the title twice?
  25. Site URL: https://point-paddlefish-hk6e.squarespace.com/ Good evening! I'm trying to set up merch pages for a musician. We have a certain number of CD's. They are one price with an autograph and one price without. I've found product variants. However, the solution isn't as eloquent as I'd like it to be. Does anyone have anything better? I'd rather a check box that adds an upcharge for the autograph. Here's what I have.
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