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Found 398 results

  1. Site URL: https://runatitshouting.co.uk/new-events-page is there a code or option to add a Button Block to the top of an Events Page.?? like the custom page i made below. I want to use it as a events page so i can do tags ect. thank you option to add a Button Block to
  2. Site URL: https://www.sandyvo.com https://www.loom.com/share/866cc4dea8884e22810c17b31b888994 Video link above shows what the issues is, but in short, I am trying to embed custom code from Kartra to my home page to display this block - every time I paste the code it displays at the top of the page instead of in the correct section of the page. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Site URL: https://www.kelseyeaton.com/ Hi! I'm trying to customize my cursor to be a circle that inverts the content inside it. Just like this website: https://www.satupelkonen.com/ (except the whole images doesn't need to be inverted on hover, just what's inside the circle). I found this JSFiddle project that does something similar: https://jsfiddle.net/p1ja0n8r/ But I'm not a developer, and am hoping that someone can explain how to do this like I'm five years old. If it's even possible in SquareSpace? THANK YOUUUU! ScreenRecording.mov
  4. Site URL: https://www.thiscitymaps.com/ I have been using the code below to get my grid images side by side on mobile and it has been working perfectly . My question is how do I modify this to work for regular images or poster images (image with text link on top)? @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .products.collection-content-wrapper .list-grid { display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat(2,minmax(0,1fr)); grid-column-gap: 5px; grid-row-gap: 5px; } }
  5. Site URL: https://sparkotechengineering.squarespace.com Password: customer123 Beginner needs help (1st pic) How to add another Packaging dimensions option (2nd pic) Tried to code it on a specific page but its not working.
  6. Hey there, I am using 7.1 and my default language is german. I want a simple and good looking german/english switch option on the home page (i dont want a cover page etc.). I have injected already a code that makes only the default language main navigation visible and hides the english ones - i have done that by giving each folder and page a "/de/.." or "/en/.." URL slag. The code makes the "en" ones invisible. Now i want a code that creates a nice looking language switch somehwere on the top on my website (header etc.). Right now it looks like that (see attachment) and i cant even click on either on them..and the switch looks very weird and unprofessional. Please send help! Iยดm a beginner in coding..:)
  7. Hello, I have a single custom HTML file and accompanying CSS file which I would like to act as a homepage for my site. This page will not be edited often, but will have just several buttons which act as links to the other pages. I would then like to use standard Squarespace pages and the editor to manage the rest of the pages on the site. Does anyone know if it is possible to edit manually the raw HTML (header and footer, etc) for the entire homepage only, and then use the editor to design the layout for the other pages? If so, how? I know that code can be injected using code blocks, but when I try this I can only add to an existing template. I hope my question is clear. Thanks.
  8. I created a custom Log in button at a completely different placement than the standard one, now I'm wondering how to change the properties of this button to trigger the "UserAccountLink" instead of choosing a page. I can't see any type of navigation in the inspector except for the "href="#"", In my mind this simply says that there is something else that triggers the navigation, such as a onClick handle for the button. This is the HTML properties of the ORIGINAL Login button : <div class="user-accounts-link header-nav-item header-nav-item--collection customerAccountLoginDesktop loaded" data-controller="UserAccountLink" data-animation-role="header-element" data-controllers-bound="UserAccountLink"> <a class="user-accounts-text-link header-nav-item" href="#" data-animation-role="header-element"> <span class="unauth">Login</span> </a> </div> I'm wondering if all of these properties has to match the properties of my new button, or if it's simply enough with the class etc. Thank you for taking your time reading/answering, I have little to no experience in HTML & Javascript.
  9. Site URL: https://takeepfit.com Im trying to create a separate confirmation for my service. At the moment both my product and service is receiving the same confirmation email but I want to have 2 separate emails so that when a service is purchased they're able to receive the location and time for the event in the confirmation email. I've spoken to Squarespace via their live chat and they've told me its possible with code injections but I have no idea on how that works, so I was wondering if anyone could help me please!
  10. Site URL: http://www.wearehkers.com Hello, I've injected a javascript and corresponding css to take active links black. I called the javascript selector .active-link and used the css code below: .active-link { color: black !Important; } But there's one button in my header that I want to keep as an exception so that it doesn't go black when I'm on that page. I tried using the :not () code but it didn't seem to work. Does the :not () code work on squarespace? Below is what I've tried: .active-link:not (.Header) { color: black !Important; } OR .active-link:not (.Header-inner-top) { color: black !Important; } PS. This is on a template that is not live yet so my domain won't show what I'm talking about, here's a screenshot instead. I don't want the subscribe button to go black as it is below
  11. Site URL: https://inktractor.com I'm trying to figure out a way to add social sharing buttons through code injection on squarespace 7.1 because it doesn't have share buttons. I think there's a way I can manually add at least a like button through say facebook's "like button configurator" but it would be a manual add to every blog post through a code block. I've been told I could circumnavigate this through code injection but I don't know how to change the code to make it a different link for every blog post. Can anybody help me? Here's the code I'm trying to modify to recognize individual blog posts: <div class="fb-share-button" data-href="https://inktractor.com/fiction" data-layout="button" data-size="small"><a target="_blank" href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Finktractor.com%2Ffiction&amp;src=sdkpreparse" class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore">Share</a></div>
  12. Hey guys (and gals), I am setting up my Squarespace site and want to have a slideshow on some of my pages that just auto plays slowly. However, since the auto play interval can only be set to a max of 10 seconds I am slightly out of luck since I find this to be a little too fast. So I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to change this interval somewhere. I have looked in the "site styles" tab but could not find anything there, I am very fresh to HTML and CSS so I have not been able to dabble too much around with it. I had a poke around in the F12 overview of the website and did find mention of a gallery interval but it was inside a huge block/function so I left it alone since I could not really understand how it worked at all. If it would not be too much to ask I would also ask if it was possible to change the actual transition speed between the images as well, since I find the transition to be a little too fast. I apologize in advance if this does not meet the standard of "Advanced code", since all HTML and CSS are advanced too me. Thank you so much for the read! Stay safe out there!
  13. Site URL: https://www.pinkspacetheory.org I was able to add the code for our givebutter campaign but the picture doesn't show up.
  14. Site URL: https://runatitshouting.co.uk/new-events-page can i have the coding to add a Line Block underneath the Button Block but above the Events Page.?? thank you so much!
  15. Hello, I've created my website using 2 languages. The primary navigation is in english and the secondary is in french. I used coding so that the headers of the primary navigation won't show the secondary navigation headers and vice-versa. My website is almost ready but I'm having a problem with the checkout page. It actually shows all the headers (french and english) instead of one or the other. I've read that we cannot change the text of the checkout page due do security reasons... What about the header? Is there an option to not show the header in the checkout page? Is there a line of code to add in the others pages so that it modify the results in the checkout page? Here is the code that I used: <style>nav.Header-nav--primary { display: none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav--primary { display: none; } </style> <style>nav.Header-nav--secondary { display: none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav--secondary { display: none; } </style>
  16. Site URL: https://www.johan.media/ Hello everyone! First time here, I've been looking on the web how to apply a grained js library (I guess it's how we call it). I have basic knowledge in HTML and CSS but not in JS so it was quite new. So I want to add this: https://sarathsaleem.github.io/grained/ to my website. In the header injection (Setting > Advanced > Code Injenction) I added this code: <script> src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/sarathsaleem/grained/master/grained.js" </script> <script> var options = { animate: true, patternWidth: 100, patternHeight: 100, grainOpacity: 0.05, grainDensity: 1, grainWidth: 1, grainHeight: 1 }; grained('#siteWrapper', options); </script> I used the id siteWrapper maybe I should use an other one? In Custom CSS: #siteWrapper { width: 100vw; height: 100vh; } But it doesn't work. Any help out there? I'm lost on that one (my website: www.johan.media) Inspiration: https://grain-effect-hero-section.webflow.io/ Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
  17. Site URL: https://dragonfly-fennel-r5xx.squarespace.com/config/ Hi I'm brand new to squarespace and trying to edit my wife's website. I'm a developer and editing 7.1 is a huge pain. The main reason is that I cannot simply add custom classes and ids. I've written scripts and included them in the footer to inject classes and ids but a better solution would be to be able to do this via an api. Would it be possible to inject scripts in my website via the api instead of the editor panel? Thank you.
  18. Site URL: https://runatitshouting.co.uk/new-events-page is there a code or option to add a Button Block to the top of an Events Page.?? like the custom page i made below. I want to use it as a events page so i can do tags ect. thank you option to add a Button Block to
  19. Site URL: https://runatitshouting.co.uk/new-events-page Please can anyone help me remove the thumbnail of the date. ("JUN 28 thumbnail" on the left hand side of my screenshot) I have another events page on my website where I would like to keep the thumbnail. Meaning I can't do it in CSS in the advanced settings. It has to be a cod injection for the specific page itself. Can anyone help me?
  20. Site URL: https://nextgenhq.com/referral-program Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm trying to pass hidden values into a Typeform that's embedded on a regular Squarespace page (see example). I've successfully embedded the form onto the site but I don't know what to write in the code injection part for the form to accept values from the URL. I found these instructions in Typeform's help center but it doesn't help that much. I would much appreciate and help and/or tips to figure this out. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I'm wanting to have an "add to calendar" link on my event pages that allows people to automatically add the event to their calendar. I've used a third party plug-in called Eventable, which generates a code (which I've inserted using the code block) - but wondering if any clever people out there know a better way to do this as it's completely new to me and I don't really love the look of it at the moment. Brine template https://celery-recorder-da9w.squarespace.com Password: BLUE Thanks, Emily
  22. Site URL: https://www.triunehealth.net My opt-in form code from third party provider Simplero isn't working. it doesn't appear at all. Just a blank spot on the page (done in a different browser not logged in). Here is the code copied directly from Simplero: <script async id="_simplero_landing_page_js_162176" src="https://triunehealthllc2.simplero.com/page/162176.js"></script> I have done every single step correctly I have contacted the third party provider --and they have not been able to help I have contacted Squarespace Customer Support and they advised I have read every single forum post regarding this issue--even ones that really don't pertain to my issue in hopes that maybe I might glean a tiny bit of information that would be helpful. PLEASE NOTE: I originally thought this was a third-party provider issue, because at first I was using ActiveCampaign -- and their code was producing this same Script Disabled/Blank Page. So that's when I moved over to Simplero (which is a really nice platform, btw), but then the same thing is happening! Clearly not a third-party issue! It's a Squarespace (or user/me) issue ๐Ÿ™ƒ. I am using the Wexley template. I'm wondering if it's this particular template that is causing this issue... Please help! I've noticed others posted this similar issue and never got responses...
  23. Site URL: https://sparkotechengineering.squarespace.com/ Help Please! I want to make the drop down of my categories have some space or borders. Tried to code it but i can't make it work.
  24. Site URL: https://www.thirstforallah.com Hey all, I recently purchased a plugin from squarestud.io and have been having trouble getting support regarding a plugin that causes my navigation links in the header to be underlined upon hover. See Nav Header One - CLICK HERE. This is currently only working on safari and does not work in chrome on my mac, but does work on my mobile in chrome. Any particular insight into what could be changed in the coding that could solve this problem? //Navigation underscore - squarestud.io// nav a:hover { background-size: 100% 0.5px !important; } nav a { padding-bottom: 6px; overflow: visible !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; background-image: linear-gradient(to right,currentColor 100%,currentColor 0) !important; background-size: 0% 0.5px !important; background-position: 0% 100% !important; white-space: initial; transition: all ease-in-out 500ms !important; -ms-transition: all ease-in-out 500ms !important; -moz-transition: all ease-in-out 500ms !important; -webkit-transition: all ease-in-out 500ms !important; } //End navigation underscore// Additionally, if you are feeling particularly generous, on mobile the underline surpasses the boundary of the link and goes across the whole screen. See below. Really grateful for the help i've received thus far on this forum. Thanks for your help!
  25. Site URL: http://www.rustandweave.com Hello Does anyone know how to hide the header and footer off a product page? I have removed it off index/normal pages but cant remove it off the product page, have tried everything! Please help!
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