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  1. Helle, newbie here trying to connect Contact Form to my email account, except I do not have an email address showing up in form storage as all the tutorials show. Also note this form is in my footer. Any suggestions?
  2. Website: https://badger-cricket-e7n2.squarespace.com/ Websitepassword: Arnoridesign2211 Dear members, I have embedded a form from Typeform in my homepage. The embed box takes more space than necessary. I have tried changing the height to 300px or 400px but that just makes the form shorter. When I put the height at 500px, the form looks good but the box itself takes more space than necessary and so the next section starts a little too far below. I tried dragging the embed box above but it won't shorten more than a certain point. Help is much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  3. Hello guys, i'm really struggling to find away to change the color of the placeholder text within my form fields. I can change the background color of the form fields but not the color of the text. The placeholder text does not stand out enough when the background color is anything but white. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. The problem is , when I use form field "Select" is too small I need it same size with field "text". Please guys I really need help with this
  5. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me centre the text on my dropdown menu inside the form block on mobile? I am currently using the following code which works on desktop but not mobile: .form-wrapper .field-list .field select { text-align: center; } I tried adjusting it to mobile by adding: @media only screen and (max-width:768px) but that didn't work either. My website is: https://thelonecrowd.com/contact Password: portfolio Thank you!
  6. Hi, I would like to move two questions on my form (on this page here) to be next to each other. I've mocked up below to show what I mean/how I would ideally like it to look. Thanks in advance.
  7. I hope someone can help. When a form is submitted, the original text message stays on the screen and it's confusing. Is it possible to do the following changes: 1. Remove the 'please fill in the....' 2. Change the colour and font of the form submission message? Fingers crossed. Claire.
  8. Hey everyone, I ran into a quick issue today that I am looking for a solution to, looking for any input. I have a form, which sends an email to my gmail. By default forms have a subject line. However when two customers put in the same subject gmail treats them as a conversation. I can turn off conversations, but they're awesome. What I would like is any way to control the subject line. It could be Contacts Us 03/11/2020 1:43:22 for all I care, it just needs to be unique. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks for looking!
  9. Hello I have a basic contact form on my site, when a user submits a comment, I receive the email from "Squarespace <form-submission@squarespace.info>" with a subject line of "Form Submission - Contact - test1" Where test1 is the Subject line of the contact form. Is there away to customize that so the subject line the sender uses is the subject line I see when I look at my email. The from I figured there is not much you can do there for customizing.. If there is away to display the persons name and email from the form that would make sorting emails easier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Site URL: https://www.sherbornyachtclub.org/ When selling memberships, we collect member information in a custom form. When I export the orders, none of the information from the custom form is included in the export to CSV. I see the information in the confirmation email and also in the actual order. Is it possible to export the custom form information that is collected from an order to a google sheet?
  11. Hi guys! Is it possible to send an automated 'thank you for your response' email to customers who fill in forms? For example, the website I have linked has a form in which customers can insert information about themselves to host a house concert. I would like them to receive a confirmation email (not just a 'thank you!' text box on the web page) with custom text. Another example is when a customer fills out an RSVP form for one of my house concerts; I would like them to receive an email with more info. I have spoken to a Squarespace team member, and they mentioned it could be done with custom code, but it is outside their scope of help. Has anyone achieved this, or would you be able to help? I am in no way a proficient coder! Cheers! Phoebe
  12. Site URL: https://seal-reindeer-3la9.squarespace.com/contact Hello! For layout purposes, I chose to hide the captions "First name" and "Last name" on the lightbox form. Since I hid those, I would like to add placeholder texts for those fields as "First" and "Last" respectively. Would this be with jQuery? I attempted and failed because I could not figure out how to target these fields... Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time! pw: sqspcontacttest
  13. Hi all, My website has a product where we require the customer to fill out a custom form in order to complete the purchase. For some reason, the form I created will not scroll down when opened. https://www.sdfsa.org/store/resource-organizing-workshop Click on 'register' If you place your cursor in any of the visible fields within the form, you can move through the fields/questions by hitting 'tab' Is it due to the code I've added into the code injection and CSS areas? Or is there code that I can add to my website to ensure that this form scrolls down? Or code that can open the form in a new page rather than a lightbox? Please help, I really need this to work. Thank you.
  14. Hi all, I recently created an agreement form for a client where the agreement text is being housed in the description field. I noticed, however, that when the form is completed all of that information in the description field isn't sent in the email. This text is important to send within the email as it states what the client is agreeing to. Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this? (It's quite a bit of text and is several paragraphs long, so it's not something I can place in the label area, unfortunately. Thanks for your time!
  15. I am attempting to achieve something like this within a SQSPS form: EXAMPLE: Does anyone have any suggestions for how to target code within the description field to create a link that would open in a new window? MY VERSION: Thank you! So appreciate the help. Not sharing the actual page because its a private registration page for a client - but any general code advice would be super appreciated!
  16. Hello, We'd like to create a form that has a short questionnaire, and then after submission, display one of two blocks of content depending on how they answered the questionnaire. I see plugins that can do conditional logic WITHIN a form, but don't know how to do this AFTER a form is submitted. is this possible?
  17. Hello! I'm wondering if there is a way to add more than one picture (In a carousel of some sort) on the left hand side of my H/R page? I'd love to add more than one headshot but still keep it next to my resume. Thank you so much in advance!!
  18. On my "contact us" page, I am having an issue with getting the form fields to populate... It traces back to when I create the page, as soon as I add the form, the descriptor fields are not populated.
  19. Heya folks! Long time user, first time writer ha ha. I'm building a new form and trying to do a custom redirect based on form input, specifically using Tom's tool for drop-down selections here: https://github.com/tomsWebConsulting/twcsl/tree/main/Form Block Select Field Post-submit Redirect Change#form-block-select-field-post-submit-redirect-change The form isn't using a lightbox, and I think I've figured out the failpoint- the redirect URL link in the post-submission area of the form settings is set to "#", but just redirects to "stenofastrack.com/ft-checkin#" instead of the URLs specified for the options in the form field description. Straight redirects by putting an actual URL into the link field works fine, I'm making sure to test using an incognito browser, but I'm a little stuck as to how to fix the redirect. Any help would be incredibly appreciated, you all rock!
  20. My squarespace form is not forwarding to my email. I changed the forwarding email for a couple of days while my regular email was down. I've changed back to my regular email and the leads are no longer being passed to my email. They are saving to my Google Drive spreadsheet. I'm having the same problem with two forms on my cbrownphoto.com site and with one form on my samesexweddingphotographers site.
  21. Hi all, my website has a product where we require the customer to fill out a custom form in order to complete the purchase. Unfortunately, the form will not scroll down when opened. https://www.sdfsa.org/store/resource-organizing-workshop Click on 'register' If you place your cursor in any of the visible fields within the form, you can move through the questions by hitting 'tab' Is it due to the code I've added into the code injection and CSS areas? Please help! Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/ I am trying to create a custom form that will redirect users to different landing pages based on the selection they make. The form is a drop down asking visitors to select their state. I would like the form to re-direct them to a specific landing page based on which state they selected. Help!
  23. I have a vendor application that needs to have a signature on it. What is the best way to incorporate that in a form? Is there a way?
  24. I currently have a custom checkout form on my website. When someone adds a certain product to the cart, the squarespace form pops up, customer enters data and then they can proceed to the checkout. I would like to replace the squarespace custom checkout form with an external one (e.g. Google Forms) as they are HIPAA compliant and squarespace forms aren't. I can't see a place to embed the code anywhere? Thanks for advice
  25. Hi, please take a look at this page: http://www.telefinans.no How would you solve the "dynamic form"? Its a loan calculator, and its the only thing that keeps the client away from using Squarespace. Any tips on good "form-builder tools"? Regards, Tor Martin
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