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  1. Hi, how do I add an image to a specific custom product form? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://khaki-gerbil-cdd4.squarespace.com/ Hello everyone, I'm working on a fine art print shop project. On a certain product page like this: https://khaki-gerbil-cdd4.squarespace.com/shop/p/no-1-mmedn-ct2my-t8per-pgh8a-z4zl7-l6xez-d2rcz-9tbsl-fx7a4-wbyhw-yxwkc password: modern84 there is a form for size and color variant selection. The "size" is correlated with price. The color is correlated with a different image loading (black and white variant of the image). My issue is that the price doesn't change until you choose the color and the image correlated with color selection won't show, until I choose the size (which is unnecessary). My solution would be to change the default values of the dropdown menu from "Select size" and "Select color" to "20x20" and "Original color" respectfully. Do I need to do it in javascript or CSS would suffice? Any help appreciated! cheers, Tom
  3. Site URL: https://www.calvin.no/ On the front page https://www.calvin.no/, how do I go about changing these things? Date format from "MM/DD/YY" to "DD.MM.YYYY" "Read more" to "Les mer" And on blog post pages, like https://www.calvin.no/solo/korrespondentbrev Date format from "Oct 26" to "26. oktober" (and so on) In the contact form, https://www.calvin.no/kontakt, is it possible for me to change the labels under the name fields ("First Name" and "Last Name") to the Norwegian "Fornavn" and "Etternavn"?
  4. Site URL: https://www.sherbornyachtclub.org/ When selling memberships, we collect member information in a custom form. When I export the orders, none of the information from the custom form is included in the export to CSV. I see the information in the confirmation email and also in the actual order. Is it possible to export the custom form information that is collected from an order to a google sheet?
  5. Site URL: https://www.boekjevankarton.nl Hello, I am trying to find an elegant solution for our website where people can buy their own personalised photo books. I hope that somebody can help! On a product page, customers should be linked (through a button) to an external URL (where the photo book can be designed and paid) based on the variant of the photo book they have chosen. We sell 2 kinds of photo books, each in 4 sizes (so 8 variants). Would this be possible? And if it is possible, which scenario would be easier to code: 1) On a product page, create 8 Variants of the product, remove the Add to Cart button, add a normal button and link this somehow to the product variant using code. Or; 2) Remove all Product elements from the product page (price, Variants, title etc) and instead create a Form with two Radio blocks (for choosing kind of photo book and size) and a Submit button, and have the submit button link to a URL based on the book chosen. I would prefer option 1 because each variant has a different price, and it is nice that it automatically displays the price for each variant. I have created a dummy page here, with a Form field: https://www.boekjevankarton.nl/productpagina/e9ldas74i9ugztnnddrq4lu37yqci8 PW: Testing I have already found this thread where somebody described a similar problem, but I have two variables not one! Thanks so much, Best regards, Roel
  6. Hello, A client of mine has asked me to compare Squarespace Scheduling with Cliniko. She's an acupuncturist and is quite keen on Cliniko, which she thinks might suit her better for forms and clients digital files management. Does anyone have any experience with Cliniko and know how they actually compare? Or if anyone has integrated Cliniko scheduling to a website I'd love to hear your feedback. Many thanks! Emmanuelle.
  7. Site URL: https://helix-marigold-76hn.squarespace.com/ Hello! Anyone know if its possible to change the text inside the product form button without changing the button text on the actual product page. Eg on the product page i want the button to say "Place Order" but on the form button "Add to Cart" Thanks! PW: 1234
  8. Site URL: https://marigold-mouse-h28x.squarespace.com/team Does anyone know how to change the font of the submit button (in a lightbox form). I was able to update the color in CSS, but am having troubles matching it to the other button styles. Password: suitup
  9. Hello! I have a problem! How can i translating or modify those error boxes in the picture? Those appears when i click "send" in contact form but i haven't wrote my message or email adresses which in requrred. I want delete the text "Your form has encountered a problem. Please scroll down to review." Or if that can't delete, it would be translate to: "Ongelmia yhteydenotossa. Täytä vaadittavat kentät". Next i want translate text Sähköpostiosoitteesi is required. to "Sähköpostiosoitteesi vaaditaan." And i want translate text Viestisi is required. to "Viesti vaaditaan". If somebody can help me, i would be thankful!
  10. Site URL: https://www.dynamicdoctors.co.nz/enrol-with-us Hi there, Does anyone have a tutorial or know how to add signatures and file upload options to squarespace forms? I can't seem to find any answers online =( Form similar to this: https://www.localdoctors.co.nz/enrol I've tried pandadocs but I have no idea how to integrate that to the form so it looks like its part of the form? Please let me know if you guys have any answers! thanks, Angel
  11. Site URL: https://www.gamesdynamic.net I have a form on a reporting page that is accessed by using the button lightbox feature. I want to be able to control when that form is usable on my site. I am hoping there is some basic code I can inject to make that specific button unclickable, so I don't have to remove the form completely and remake it each time I want to enable/disable it. If there isn't a way to make it unclickable, is there atleast a way to hide it, but retain all the information in the form? The goal is to have a method that allows me to simply toggle the form button on and off but not have to remake the form. Thanks!
  12. Site URL: https://iconhealthco.com/new-member I am trying to add the custom form validation and submit the form to third party URL, I am able to inject the form submission code to another URL by the help of element.addEventListner but the form is now calling both events onSubmit. Is there any other ways to do the customize the form submission.? Thanks in advance.
  13. I would like to have three columns in my form, under "Coffee Shop Supplied", so that users can input information for multiple roasts within one form submission. For example: Roastery Name * Coffee Shop Supplied * Column One. Column Two. Column Three. 1. Roast Name 2. Roast Name 3. Roast Name 1. Origin(s) 2. Origin(s) 3. Origin(s) 1. Process(es) 2. Process(es) 3. Process(es) 1. Notes 2. Notes 3. Notes How do i do this?
  14. Site URL: https://ewgarts.com Hello, I'm just getting started with Squarespace and the email form on my Contact page looks a little off. The fonts on First and Last Name are huge and ridiculous looking. Any hints on how to correct this? Thanks.
  15. Site URL: https://www.woodstore.fr/ Hello, I made a showcase site which should not allow to buy online but only to consult the products and to contact the merchant. When the site was not yet published, everything was working well, I had an online store that allowed to fill out a form when an item was liked by the customer and that allowed to contact directly the merchant, without ever being linked to an online payment system or shopping cart. The problem is that since the site is online, when a customer clicks on the button "I want it" on the product sheet, he adds the product to the cart, so the merchant receives no email alert of interest in a product, and the product is out of stock for 24 hours because they are only one-off products. I would like to remove the payment option in my store as well as redirect the "I want it" button to my contact page or just limit it to sending an email notification to the merchant when someone has filled out a form in the store. Maybe it's possible to do it directly in the settings or with an injection code? Can anyone help me? That would be really great. I'm lost! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  16. Site URL: https://www.wavvis.com/ Hi guys. I wonder if someone can help me solve this problem. On my desktop view I see the full section of my page (forms, blocks, etc.), however when I move to mobile version it cuts it on half, or it overlaps with my footer. First two images are showing desktop view, other two are showing mobile view. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Site URL: https://www.devonmind.com/equal-opportunities-monitoring-form Hi all, I would like to format some form fields into columns, but displayed vertically. So for instance, if there are 15 radio button options, numbers 1-5 are in column A, followed by 6-10 in column B, and 11-15 in column C. I've figured out what coding to add in order to split them into columns, but they display horizontally (i.e. 1 in column A, 2 in column B, 3 in column C, then back to A) and I'm not sure what tweak(s) I need to make. Have attached screenshots which should hopefully help. There is custom code on the live site link I've provided, but hopefully you'll be able to decipher it and advise what I need to remove and add. Thanks so much in advance! 🙂 Andre
  18. Hi! Just wondering can I use the same form (with lightbox button) on different pages? Same form as they have the same name, content and links to the same storage place. Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://coral-amphibian-g9w7.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I'm trying to find a way to custom re-direct users to pages based on their inputs to the form. I saw other posts on this forum which enable a way to do this. This one is particularly helpful: The catch is, we want to to re-direct users to different pages based on a small matching algorithm that we run on the user's responses. Essentially, the algorithm will create a combined score based on inputs into the form, and based on that score, the algorithm will re-direct to a custom page. We know how to code the algorithm in python, but we don't know how to integrate a python script with Squarespace. Is there a way we can call a Squarespace link in a python script on Squarespace. If that's not possible, is there simple way by which we can integrate the algorithm into the script presented above? Thanks for the help!!
  20. Site URL: https://endive-denim-89ds.squarespace.com/contact Hi all! 👋 After some intensive research on the forum and on the web, I am looking for a way to close the popup Lightbox form (when you select any of the "Pitch" "Ask" "Join" button...) by clicking outside the form (like, in the background for example). Right now, the Lightbox form can only be closed by clicking on the X button, but I notice that people always try first to click on the background (away from the Lightbox) to close it, and I'd love to make this available to them too. Would someone know how to do that? Thank you so much!
  21. Site URL: https://www.facilibuildhub.com/instructional-library-form Site URL: https://www.facilibuildhub.com/instructional-library-form I created an instructional library on my website, but want to require first-time visitors to fill out a form before they can enter it. After they submit their info, they will no longer be required to share their contact info. This is what I currently have set up, but it requires users to fill the form out every time. Instructional Library Form — FaciliBuild (facilibuildhub.com) Does anyone know a way to create a one-time entrance form?
  22. I have created a form on my website, and asked it to send the submissions both to my email and Google Drive. I have just noticed that since September, I have received the emails, but the Google Drive spreadsheet has not been updated. Has anyone else experienced this - how has this happened and can I fix it?
  23. Hi all! I am wondering if there is a way to view all the forms submitted via the dashboard? I can see the count and paths in Analytics, but there's no log or option to view each submission? I think this is pretty important and am surprised it's not an option. Although not as robust as desired, GoDaddy of all sites offers a log of all form submissions that's relatively helpful (see screenshot), but I digress. Has anyone found a workaround for this or is there an existing feature request I could upvote? (I couldn't find one). TIA!!
  24. Hi we manage a few sites, however on one domain form submission emails aren't being received. We have tried everything from white-listing domain etc we get the data sending to Google Sheets fine, however the email notification isn't coming through. Any others encountered form submission emails being blocked or not sent?
  25. Site URL: https://tambourine-oarfish-c28h.squarespace.com/ Wondering if there's a way to add a block of text above the form elements in the custom product forms? I want to add a some instructional copy. Right now I'm using the "Line" form field element to add the copy, but I'm unable to add line breaks or include hyperlinks. https://tambourine-oarfish-c28h.squarespace.com/ password: Bestcannoli2021! Here's a screenshot of what I was able to accomplish. What I'm hoping to do is add a line break/space after "bring your order number with you for pick-up", and also hyperlink "store hours" to the Contact page.
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