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  1. Hello ! I just activated apple pay on my website. The issue is that Apple pay automatically selects a shipping option. Is that normal ? Thank you in advance
  2. Site URL: https://onyxhive.com.au Hey guys, This is the first time that happened to me. I usually don't have any problems getting orders via afterpay but I had a customer that didn't get any order confirmations from my website. This is what happened Customer placed order via Afterpay Stripe marked it as "uncaptured" but the payment went through the customers side through Afterpay I had to go manually log into Stripe to "capture" the payment and have it marked "successful" on my end Squarespace nor Stripe did not notify me that there was a pending / uncaptured payment If the customer did not message me, I would not have known there was an order Even though the payment was "successful", Squarespace did not process the order and is not on my "order" list. Question: How can I prevent "uncaptured" payments happening? Lucky this is the first order and the customer message me, if they didn't then it would have been sitting in my Stripe account as "uncaptured" and the customer would been irate they didn't get their order! Also this is the first time that an order went "uncaptured" through stripe on my end. What is the cause? Can I get an email notification email from stripe or squarespace theres a pending payment to be captured? I have contacted stripe and they said: "Thanks for your patience. In this case, I kindly recommend you to get in touch with our friends at Squarespace, they have the right tools to take a deep look at their integrations, since payments are coming from their end and reaching your Stripe account, they can take a look at their integration and platform" In the FAQ https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/218953057#toc-failed-afterpay-payments It doesn't state anything if we "capture" the payment, what happens after? I have "captured" the payment through Stripe > Succeeded > The order did not process through Squarespace, thus myself nor the customer gets an order notification. It's awkward because I had to message the customer what they ordered.
  3. Hi, does anyone know coding if it’s possible to change the word of subscription to sponsorship. On the cart. Where it would say review and subscribe to review and sponsor. And where it says subscription summary to sponsorship summary.
  4. Is it possible to include a button that would give our customers the option to pay the credit card processing fee as part of their payment? This would need to be calculated based on the amount that they spend and appear as a separate button when they are checking out. For example we accept donations, if someone were to donate $1000 is there a way to set it up so that they can also pay the credit card service fee. Some of our donors would be willing to pay the 3% fee if there was a button that appeared giving them the option. In this scenario If they did not select the button their payment would come through as is and we would pay the service fee on our end. Additionally how much gross sales would be necessary to make upgrading service levels a better option versus the business plan. (cost of upgrading= less than the service fees)
  5. We have finally launched our first site on Squarespace. Overall the process was fantastic, the tool is quite intuitive. The last item to test was payments. This is were it all fell apart. We have set up both Stripe and PayPal/Venmo. We also enabled Apple Pay as that is popular with our audience. As of this afternoon we are still unable to accept payments via Apple Pay or Venmo. We have an open ticket and have been informed that this is escalated. Are others having any payment issues? Is there anything out of the standard documentation that we might be missing? We have tried all the basics, Apple Pay make sure the switch is on, Venmo, make sure Safari is allowed to do web purchases and Pay Pal one touch purchase is off. We are just out of ideas and our new audience is not very excited about our pages.
  6. Hello, I'm working on a payment process that requires a large variation of possible prices, so many that it makes creating different products and variants too difficult to manage. Each customer receives a contract with a calculated price prior to coming to the page to make a payment. What we are looking for is the ability to allow the customer to enter the price directly as stated in the contract - similar to a donation block - then pass that information to the paypal integration for payment. We considered using the donation bock, but that has tax implication and forces, or so it seems, donation verbiage into the process which can cause confusion. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: http://www.somaticsoulutions.com I'm a coach who offers my work 'by the month'; a month being 3-90 minute sessions. I also use a 'pay-what-you-want' model. My current set up is to offer a low, mid, and high price point for a month package of three sessions. Ideally I would offer a single package of three session and a client would be able to input the amount, pay, and then schedule the first of three sessions, rather than choose one of the three price points I'm offering. As far as I can tell there's no way to do this, nor a workaround I've been able to arrive to. I'm curious what ideas you have on how to accomplish this? Thanks for your time, Ken
  8. Site URL: https://blueriderdesign.studio/ Hi, I'm using Squarespace for my site (blueriderdesign.studio). I want to add options (size and / or materials) for each piece along with a purchase button. However, I don't like the Squarespace templates / their 'store' pages. I'd rather use some version of what I have now. Would Shopify be able able to do what I want? The site still needs some cleaning up, etc. However, I'm close to having the final look I want on the pieces page and the individual pieces section. Example: https://blueriderdesign.studio/pieces/project-one-27etg-th48n. I want to keep this format, more or less. The store looks too standard for my branding. cheers,
  9. Hi there, We are wanting to pre-sell items while they are still in production. We're trying to set the site & Payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) up so that we can authorize the payment and capture funds closer to the ship date. Has anyone had success with this on SS? So far we've learned that the Stripe create customer API is not compatible with Squarespace. What about PayPal? Anyone have success with this and want to share how they've done this?
  10. I'm in Canada - and we use Moneris within our shop. We want our site for our customers to reserve cakes. We have a limited amount of cakes a week and commerce is the only option that allows us to put a cap on orders. We want our customers to pay in store, Is there a way we can remove the payment method at checkout? We still require their name and contact info, however we do not require them to pay online. Initially we set up a form for our customers to fill out, but there wasn't a cap amount. When I reached out to the Squarespace support team, they suggested we go the form method and email customers if we get reservations past our cake amount available. This would make our website obsolete as that's what we currently do through facebook and instagram. We rather spend our time making cake than chasing our customers and letting them down. Please someone have a solution - even if its the CSS code I can inject in my backend to remove payment method :)
  11. Site URL: https://www.gearsntonic.com/ Hello everyone I wanted to add Paypal to my payment method, but I wanted to add a fee of the 3,4% on every order if Paypal is selected as payment option ( 3,4% since is what Paypal is gonna charge us for the transaction ). Is there a way to do this just when Paypal is selected? Thanks
  12. Site URL: https://www.luxandleaf.com/ Hello everyone! I have a question regarding selling CBD products in Squarespace. So I created a website for a client who sells skincare beauty products that contain CBD oil (https://www.luxandleaf.com/). However, I wasn't able to connect Stripe or Paypal because they do not allow transactions that are for CBD. I'm looking into third-party payment processors like Foxy.io (https://www.foxy.io/squarespace) Does anyone have experience with them? and how it works? or any other suggestions?!
  13. I sell services to schools in the UK and its extremely rare that a school will pay for a service with a credit card or PayPal. I like the products page and Squarespace but the inability to automate bookings is holding my business back. Most UK schools request an invoice before making a BACS payment. How can I take orders/bookings for my services without charging or by bypassing checkout? I have seen the work around for charging services for free but this will cause confusion and I certainly don't want schools receiving invoices suggesting they don't have to pay. Any solutions? Anything being worked on? I'd love to be able to process payments like a shop but that's just not the way the education sector does things and that won't be changing anytime soon. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Antony
  14. Does anyone know, if Squarespace is going to integrate with Coinbase to accept crypto payments for website integration soon? If not, I will be looking to move my website off of squarespace and onto Wix, Shopify, or the many other competitors that already offers this.
  15. Site URL: https://raritanrivermusic.org I maintain a web site for a classical music festival, which operates as a non-profit. As such, they are eager to get their patrons to make donations. I put a bunch of "Donate" links and buttons to make that easy. However, we've discovered that if you happen to be trying to make a donation using an iPhone and Safari, and you happen to have Apple Pay configured on your iPhone, the donation diaglog always displays an Apple Pay option for making your donation. Right below that, there is another option to pay with a credit card. So far, so good. The problem is that a footer with the text "Secure SSL Checkout" hides the credit card option. You can scroll to see the credit card option, but as soon as you take your finger off the screen, the footer hides the credit card option again. Has anyone else seen that, and if so, is there a way to make sure both the Apple Pay and the credit card options are both clearly visible and accessible? Thanks!
  16. Hello, We have a large volume ecommerce store handling over 80k+ worth of transactions a month. We have since started accepting Afterpay via Stripe but are getting huge amounts of complaints it never loads. We noticed traffic coming via links on Facebook etc are mostly affected but in overall we are getting upto 12+ complaints a day and can see we have lost sales because of it. Is this affecting anyone else? I have reached out to support but can hardly even get a reply. I have also reached out to Stripe but again no response. This might be the last nail in the coffin for us!
  17. I want to set up a member area on my website, but I want it to serve as an Alumni membership portal whereby Alumni (members) can set up an account and check if they are up to date on their annual dues paid to the organization - not necessarily access special content. Do the member areas support this type of billing history search by "members."
  18. Does anyone know if I am able to have half of my donations/purchases deposit into one checking account and the other half deposited into a second checking account? This is a nonprofit and they have a different account for grant donations than they do for other transactions and having all purchases transferred to one checking account will be a nightmare for them.
  19. When clients schedule a session with me online, they are required to enter in their credit card # each time. Why can't it save their info so they do not have to enter their card number every time they book a session. Sometimes clients want to book 5-10 sessions at a time, and complain to me regarding the monotony of entering their CC # for every appointment.
  20. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/pricing Hello there! I am offering services under subscription/retainer payment arrangement. I offered 30% discount for the yearly plan one-time payment. I noticed that Squarespace don't accept one-time payment for my discounted yearly plan. Instead, it offers to automatically renew every end of the month. This doesn't work with me. I am afraid that after giving the discount they unsubscribe before one-year commitment. Anyone here who has the same issue as mine? How did you manage? Or what is the work-around you did? I will appreciate any help here. Thank you.
  21. Site URL: https://www.antipodeanco.com/ Hi, I was looking to add payment icons to the footer of my homepage so my customer's can see which type of payments are be accepted on my website e.g. Visa, Mastercard ( I am currently registered with Stripe). Can anybody help? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.gillettecamels.com I know how to require a minimum order amount before Point of Sale checkout, but I really need a solution for credit/debit cards specifically. My client runs a concession stand and if someone buys a $1.00 candy bar and wants to pay with a card, the processing fees eat a lot of that. Is there any other option to add a service fee for card purchases that are below a minimum amount... say $10?
  23. I run a spa business and online booking is now live. I only want to require deposits from new clients when booking themselves online, not returning clients. What are my options?
  24. Site URL: https://www.bagtazocollection.com/ Hi there - I'm trying to get a Paypal Pay Later button above my add to cart button on the product page. I have added the provided script into the product header injection: <script src="https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=(somenumbers)&components=messages" data-namespace="PayPalSDK"> </script> and added the provided HTML into a code block in the Additional Info section of the product but nothing shows up: <!-- In your code, update data-pp-amount with the price or cart amount. For example, data-pp-amount="89.99" for a $89.99 product. --> <div data-pp-message data-pp-style-layout="text" data-pp-style-device="message" data-pp-style-logo-type="inline" data-pp-style-text-color="black" data-pp-amount="ENTER_VALUE_HERE"> </div> I'm guessing once it shows up I'll need some additional code to the header injection and maybe the CSS move it to near the cart button but I haven't gotten it to show up at all yet. Then I'll need to figure out the variable to change the price. Help on any/all of these tasks would be much appreciated!
  25. Site URL: https://www.mitochondrialyoga.com/ My client wants to add Bitcoin as a payment option on his website, any suggestions?
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