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  1. Site URL: https://khaki-gerbil-cdd4.squarespace.com/ Hello everyone, I'm working on a fine art print shop project. On a certain product page like this: https://khaki-gerbil-cdd4.squarespace.com/shop/p/no-1-mmedn-ct2my-t8per-pgh8a-z4zl7-l6xez-d2rcz-9tbsl-fx7a4-wbyhw-yxwkc password: modern84 there is a form for size and color variant selection. The "size" is correlated with price. The color is correlated with a different image loading (black and white variant of the image). My issue is that the price doesn't change until you choose the color and the image correlated with color selection won't show, until I choose the size (which is unnecessary). My solution would be to change the default values of the dropdown menu from "Select size" and "Select color" to "20x20" and "Original color" respectfully. Do I need to do it in javascript or CSS would suffice? Any help appreciated! cheers, Tom
  2. Site URL: https://cossetceramics.com Hello, Thanks to everyone for helping each other. This forum is a golden place for answers. At the moment I am changing the structure of my website and have come to an issue. Some of my items are available for online purchase, while some others sell exclusively at online retailers. I'd like to provide an external link for the purchase. I figured I could remove the add to cart button indicating that I have 0 in stock, but then the 'SOLD OUT' text shows up. Is there a code I could use to hide it? What I would like to create is a product page showcasing everything available (incl external sales). Once clicked on the product I have the item page without 'add to cart' or 'sold out' text and the external link provided through a description text. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can help me with this. Warm regards, Tatsiana
  3. I would like to achieve masonry like gallery layout in Shop on my site using 7.1 The first image is my site now.. the second image is what I would like it to look like (that is a summary block work around which I cannot use). Can anyone help me with custom code? TIA!!!
  4. Site URL: https://a2acurates.com Hi Guys, On my online store I have categories such as homeware in the nav section and then sub-categories within that - such as cushion covers, baskets etc. - see images. For some reason when you click on a product, the breadcrumb does not show the sub-category. Eg: it says Homeware - name of the product. Is there any way to add this sub-category to all my product pages? I want it to be for example: Homeware - Cushion Covers - name of product. Therefore if you click on the cushions covers, it takes you back to that sub-category page. https://a2acurates.com Password: kimsedgwick Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Howdy. I want to see if there's a way to change how this Quantity selection works, from a number input field to a quantity dropdown selection. Ideally it would: 1. Allow the user to select a preset quantity of 1 to 5 units 2. Allow the user to select an "Other" or "More!" option at the bottom of that 1 to 5 selection, which would prompt the field to revert back to the original input field Any help would be appreciated, even if only part of it can be accomplished with css, javascript, or some combination thereof.
  6. I'm building a shop for a client, because of the nature of their products some are built to custom specs and need to be listed without a price and instead an 'enquire about pricing' prompt. Some products are listed traditionally and still need price/add to cart displayed. Can anyone help?
  7. Site URL: http://www.thehelmsf.com/shop Hello! I'm having an issue where my product description is black like my background. And the site style says my exerpt font is white...however it's still black. Can someone help please? You'll have to click on one of the hats to see it ๐Ÿ™‚ Password: Halloween
  8. Site URL: https://raspberry-cow-26ht.squarespace.com/config/design/styles Hello, hello! I'd like the product titles & price to be a bit larger and I can't figure this one out. I haven't found anything in the site styles and these suggestions I found for similar scenarios didn't work: .ProductList .ProductList-title { font-size: 30px; } <style> .product-title { font-size: 4rem !important; } </style> /* Product Block Titles */ .product-block .productDetails .product-title { font-size: 1.8em; } /* Product Block Prices */ .product-block .productDetails .product-price { font-size: 1.5em; } Any suggestions? My shop isn't visible because I haven't launched it yet, so I included a couple screenshots. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Site URL: https://vassaralamps.com Hello, Could You, please, advice, how to align price after I had removed the "from" before? Thank You! Web: vassaralamps.com / Lampas2021 Code I used to remove "ร€ partir de" (from in french..)> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $("#productDetails .product-price").html(function() { return $(this).html().replace("ร€ partir de", ""); }); }); </script> CSS > .product-price { visibility: hidden; } .product-price * { visibility: visible; position: absolute; margin-left: -50px; }
  10. Hi,On product pages where product has variants I want to change the text of 2 elements:1: There is a "from" before pricing which I would like to change.2: On these products there is a dropdown which has the text "select". Also would like to change this. Anybody know if/how this can be done? BR/Tomas
  11. Site URL: https://www.tgtfresh.com/fresh I have several minor issues relating to the product pages on my site. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. I'm using the Shopify Buy Button on my site, and so far, other than a minor gap (more noticeable on mobile), it's been working great. Is there a way to reduce the space between the price and the button? 2. For some of my products (https://www.tgtfresh.com/fresh/p/-karasumi for example), I have 2 separate package sizes. Since my company operates exclusively in a primarily mandarin speaking country (Taiwan), the "from" in the price could be difficult to comprehend, and given the fact that I'm using the Shopify Buy Button, customers also won't see the price of the item they'd choose until they add them to cart. Is there a way to change the from text to $699 - $749, or to replace the from to the Mandarin equivalent? (Also, I've been able to change the "out of stock" to mandarin, but I'm yet to find a way to change the "sale". Is there a solution to that?) 3. We also sell some flash frozen fish, which have great emphasis on freshness, so they're caught daily, with daily price/stock fluctuations. Therefore, I was told to use a form instead for their sales, and so far, I've been able to add a button to the product page using the answer here: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/18620-add-another-button-to-a-product-page/?do=findComment&comment=206499 , however, since only some of my products are sold through forms, I added the header injection code to "additional information" code blocks instead. For some reasons that I can't understand, this resulted in 2 buttons on each of the pages this code was added to. Also, on mobile, the button appears between the product name and the price. Is there a way to only have one button, placed after the price for both desktop and mobile? (all of the products in this category: https://www.tgtfresh.com/fresh/limitedseafood)
  12. Site URL: https://www.melissadinino.com/originals/quick-release Hey everyone, I have a question for y'all. Has anyone figured out a way to add an option to a product (not necessarily a variant) that displays a different price for that product without increasing the inventory? My example, to clarify, is with artwork. I want to give people the option to add framing to a specific painting or buy it without. So say I have a small painting that is $500. I want to have on the page - almost like a variant - the option to buy that painting with or without framing - the option with framing being more expensive (say $600). If I do it through variants, it forces me to say there's one unit available of each. In this scenario, I would have to hope two people don't go to buy the different options at the same time, which is very possible, and if they didn't I would need to watch my store like a hawk to quickly remove the other variant before it also sells. I've thought of doing a separate "add framing" product that people can add to their carts as well, however, framing costs can vary a lot and it would get really complicated if even possible. Any ideas on how to neatly contain this under a single product? I have an example of this with variants at the link above. I appreciate any and all thoughts!
  13. Any ideas on how to individually resize the images on my product page? For whatever reason Squarespace will only allow the user to select 1 specific aspect ratio, for all products. I'm trying to develop a website for selling photos, and photos come in all shapes and sizes. Picking one aspect ratio results in some images/products being cropped. I've already setup my "Store" using the product photo option (which allows for custom aspect ratios), and then unlinking my official product page. However, when the customer clicks on the photo they want to buy, the page updates to the official product page photo, which is cropped to the wrong aspect ratio. It appears my only option is to inject CSS code (per Squarespace IT), which I know nothing about. However, when I look at the FAQs on that potential solution, it specifically says to NOT use CSS to change image sizing. If I cannot fix this issue, it's a dealbreaker for me to use Squarespace as my web host. Hoping someone has an idea on how I can move forward. Thanks, Max
  14. Hi fam! I'm creating an affiliate blog/store. I won't be fulfilling any products of my own. I'd like to use the standard shop setup, but all products will link out to external e-commerce sites and Amazon affiliate product pages/links. I want to show the products on my site as a typical store. However, I don't want a cart feature. I've hidden ALL sizing, variant, etc. information so that just the price and description show. (See image attached.) Now, I'd like to show a button in the description that says BUY, with a link to the external URL. How can I do this? I'm unable to add any blocks. I can add a button under the "Additional Info" tab when I try to edit the product. But this button shows up under the image and looks weird. How do I do this? Please see image. Thank you all!
  15. Site URL: https://www.missdemeanor.com/womens?category=j.walker after years of easily uploading photos from my phone as product images, the photos appear stretched and distorted in the gallery view. once i click on the product, the photos appear as they should. anyone else experiencing this? below: photo of two products in gallery view. the photo of the blouse on the left is distorted, photo on the right is normal (older photo, taken with same phone). second photo is once i click through to the product, the image appears as it should.
  16. Heyyy , is it possible to have different product image sizes on the shop page. I will be selling a range of graphic prints. Some images need to appear in as landscape and other vertical. see image attachment for example. Thanks Brad
  17. Site URL: https://socialsoulholisticwellness.com/group-yoga-class-fees/p/group-yoga-class Hello! I appologize if this question has been answered already, could someone help me with some code to customize a specific product page? Please see details below: 1. I would like to reduce the size of the checkout button (too large) 2. I would like to reduce the size of the variations dropdown and the quantity field 3. I would like to remove the text above the variations dropdown so you only see "select the No. of Participants" in the dropdown field. Website Password: socialsoul
  18. Hi, I wondering if its possible to get a form where the customer can fill in the size of the product. So when the customer writes for example 50x60 (cm) then the price changes based on that. Is that possible on sqaurespace?
  19. I have a store page ( /gallery-store ) which will ( once i get this working ) contain a lot of artwork. but i need a way to filter so customers can look for "landscapes" or "geclee". I am doing this by creating an index page with a dropdown menu with all the different search terms. each item in the dropdown is a link "/gallery-store?tag=geclee" for example. this does work and gives me a subset of all the paintings with the tag in question. however if you click on an image and go to the product detail page the breadcrumb home url is that of the store page and not my index page. so i am looking for a way to do some code injection to change the home url in the breadcrumb from pointing to the store page to my index page.
  20. Site URL: https://reindeer-blenny-m5mk.squarespace.com/store/p/apple-macbook-pro-13-m1-soc-256gb-ssd-macos-space-grey-laptop Hi all, I'm trying to add some padding to these blocks in the image attached. But I'm having trouble finding the right code. My code is below. It would be great if someone can help. Password to test site is: password123 .product-variants { display: flex !important; } .variant-option-title { font-size: 16px; padding-top: 0px !important; } .variant-select-wrapper { font-size: 12px } .quantity-label { font-size: 16px } .ProductItem-details .product-quantity-input input { font-size: 12px } .product-details .variant-select-wrapper::after { position: absolute; top: 28px; right: 1rem; transform: rotate( 45deg); border-bottom: 1px solid; border-right: 1px solid; height: 0.5rem; width: 0.5rem; transform-origin: center top; pointer-events: none; font-size: 0.5rem !important; } .ProductItem-details .variant-select-wrapper select { border: 0.5px solid grey; border-radius: 3px; } .ProductItem-details .variant-option select, .ProductItem-details .product-quantity-input input { appearance: auto border: 0.5px; border-radius: 6px; padding: 20px; float: left; margin-bottom: 64px; }
  21. Site URL: https://ukulele-pug-le4k.squarespace.com/doggos/p/country-feast-set-sgnye Hey there! I'm currently struggeling with my product page. I would like to put the title and product description above the image gallery. I am not really good in css which is why I need your help. Can you help me with some css code to put product title and product description ("mรคnnlich | 6 Monate") above the image? Thanks a lot! https://ukulele-pug-le4k.squarespace.com/doggos/p/country-feast-set-sgnye password: unserverein123
  22. I just built my first site using Printique to sell photo prints (print-on-demand). It would make sense to shop by Categories of "print type" (ie. metal, acrylic, canvas, etc...). The problem I'm having is the way Printique imports, its structure is: Product > Print Variant > Size Variant; so assigning categories or tags to the product will assign it to all print types. What I'm wanting to do is just filter products by Product + print type variant. Is there a way to do this?
  23. Hi I am using the Indigo template for my new website and do not have a URL yet, I am looking to make the product descriptions, add to cart etc, for each item "sticky" because currently when I am scrolling down the page to look at additional items the whole section just stays at the top. Would really appreciate some help have been looking at this all day and I cant find out how to do it anywhere! I have attached two images, one of the top of the page and then another of a scroll down which shows where the product description is missing. Thank you x
  24. Site URL: http://highnoon.co.nz Hi Paul I've tried the code with the instructions that you suggest here (https://sf.digital/squarespace-solutions/squarespace-products-changing-sold-out-to-sold-or-something-else) and still see only the 'sold out' message on both the category page and the individual item listing. Can you help?
  25. Site URL: https://testing-changes.squarespace.com/shop/cashmere-wrap Trying to optimize a site for mobile but the changes I make in Site Styles are pretty awful on the desktop version. I know I can fix this with some CSS and a media query for mobile but some of it is beyond my (very limited) coding capabilities. Can someone help me? Specifically I'd like to be able to set the Thumbnail Size and Spacing to be one thing on mobile and another thing for larger screens (40 px/2 px and 90px/11px respectively) and also change the Title Font size for mobile as well. The other tweaks I think I can swing by finding a middle ground that looks decent on all devices but I'd love to be able to fix these elements at least. Thanks so much!
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