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  1. A client showed me that product zoom isn't working on any computer that they use, but it's working for me on different systems and browsers. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass when they hover over a product image, but left clicking doesn't enable the zoomed in image. I can't duplicate the issue on my end. I'm interested to know if anyone else has seen this issue. I haven't found anything in a search.
  2. Site URL: https://bozoo.it/ Hello, I would like to get a scrolling product gallery for my product like this website. https://sabai.design/ I am referring to the section "Beautiful, sustainable furniture for you, and for the Earth". How I can achive that in my template Saltless?
  3. Site URL: http://www.jeanlynch.com When creating a store I was given a page with default (pottery) products on it. I was easily able to change these products but I am unable to change the standing info on the bottom of each products page (see screen shot below) . Its obvious this default place holder text and photo are meant to be editable but when i go to edit page all I get are style parameters -- there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the actual content or to delete the section. I can find no way to select the text or to select the section. Am I missing something really obvious or is this a glitch? Everything else is working fine for me. Thanks
  4. How do I increase the resolution of zoomed product images on my site? The click/hover features both display a very pixelated, low-quality image. It's not utilising the full image size to zoom in and instead, appears to merely zoom into the smaller, web-display version on the product page. I have tried resizing the images, going from 500KB to 20MB - all of them look equally pixelated on zoom. The first image shows what the artwork should look like when zoomed-in - vs. what it actually looks like using the zoom feature. The third image is of 2 versions of the same piece; however one is 4806 x 3399 pixels, the other 1748 x 1240 pixels - and they both look equally pixelated when using the zoom feature, despite one being almost 3x higher in resolution. Thank you 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://www.529innovations.com/suspension I have several stores on my site and one of them that contains my most active products is not showing any images. If you go to the page and over over the area highlighted in the attached screen shot you can see that there is a link to a product. This just started recently and all the other areas of my site work properly. If I move the product to a different category or store I can see the item but that is not a viable work around as it would break many other links/references that exist.
  6. Site URL: https://www.snackclothing.co.nz/shop/p/bu9si3idmzww84hwbc1n65rr5eaceh Hello! I have looked all over the internet for a way to remove the background from the arrows on my product page carousel with no luck! (Squarespace 7.1)
  7. Site URL: http://anagracecollectionx.squarespace.com I have 21 product pages and I was trying to add a "section" to only one of the product pages, however the added section appears on all 21 product pages. Is there anyway to limit the added section to the designated product page?
  8. Site URL: https://www.mikesmithlive.com/store Hey all, I'm a custom CSS newbie and am having issues with moving my "Add to Cart" button so that it's displayed below the price on a particular product page: https://www.mikesmithlive.com/store/storyteller-e-course (PW: Test-32). I have separately implemented some custom CSS on two other product pages to stylize and redirect their checkout buttons to an external third party vendor, and was successfully able to move those checkout buttons below the price; see https://www.mikesmithlive.com/store/lvl-bulk and https://www.mikesmithlive.com/store/lvl-single, respectively (same PW). I'm getting the sense that some of my CSS may be canceling out the rest, but am unable to gauge that with any certainty. I'm including all of my custom CSS below to see if anyone here could help me determine that, and/or if there's some additional CSS I need to include to move the checkout button on the first product page (which is #item-62fec0203c643a6de7dbe707). /* CUSTOM CSS TO HIDE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS FROM ALL PRODUCT PAGE HEADERS */ #item-62eb0216b0a87f42c025ec0d .title-desc-inner .page-desc { display: none; } #item-62eaffad989f1737e1b2f343 .title-desc-inner .page-desc { display: none; } #item-62fec0203c643a6de7dbe707 .title-desc-inner .page-desc { display: none; } /* CUSTOM CSS TO HIDE OR STYLE ADD TO CART BUTTON ON SELECT PRODUCT PAGES */ #item-62eb0216b0a87f42c025ec0d .sqs-add-to-cart-button { display: none !important; } #item-62eaffad989f1737e1b2f343 .sqs-add-to-cart-button { display: none !important; } #item-62fec0203c643a6de7dbe707 .sqs-add-to-cart-button { text-decoration: none; border-radius: .4rem; -webkit-transition: .1s opacity linear; -moz-transition: .1s opacity linear; -o-transition: .1s opacity linear; transition: .1s opacity linear; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; color: #fff; background-color: #000; border-color: #000; display: inline-block; width: auto; height: auto; border-width: 0; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; line-height: 1em; font-weight: bold; font-style: normal; text-transform: none; line-height: 1.2em; letter-spacing: .05em; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; font-size: 1rem; line-height: normal; padding: 1.2em 2.004em; width: 250px; } /* CUSTOM CSS TO HIDE PRODUCT QUANTITY FIELD AND SHOW PRODUCT DETAILS BELOW PRICE ON ALL PRODUCT PAGES */ #productDetails .product-price { order: 1 !important; } #productDetails .product-quantity-input { display: none !important; order: 2 !important; } #productDetails .sqs-add-to-cart-button { order: 3 !important; } #productDetails .product-excerpt { order: 4 !important; display: block !important; } /* CUSTOM CSS TO SHOW "BUY FROM JOSTENS RENAISSANCE" BUTTON ON SELECT PRODUCT PAGES */ #productDetails .product-excerpt a[href*=jostens] { text-decoration: none; border-radius: .4rem; -webkit-transition: .1s opacity linear; -moz-transition: .1s opacity linear; -o-transition: .1s opacity linear; transition: .1s opacity linear; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; color: #fff; background-color: #000; border-color: #000; display: inline-block; width: auto; height: auto; border-width: 0; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; -webkit-appearance: none; -moz-appearance: none; appearance: none; line-height: 1em; font-weight: bold; font-style: normal; text-transform: none; line-height: 1.2em; letter-spacing: .05em; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; font-size: 1rem; line-height: normal; padding: 1.2em 2.004em; width: 250px; } Any help or guidance anyone could give me here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  9. Site URL: https://www.blank-supply.com/shop/p/applique-garden-stocking-2-pga2y-jd4y2-b7elk-mlmt3-faym5-94jtb-b55z6-d88ge-m5kns-yyalz-y695n My client has 2 options per stocking product: to be embroidered or not, however there is only ONE product available even though there are TWO variants. I would love to have this display "sold out" when either one of the variants is purchased so that she won't manually have to do so every time one variant is purchased. Is there a CSS or header injection I could enter to accomplish this? Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://rose-orb-4xd7.squarespace.com/shop/dignitat-cava-brut I would like to keep the variant option title "Variant" , the button text ""Vælg variant" but get rid of the ""Vælg variant" from the drop down list Website Password: 642Rasmus
  11. Good day, Please help move product availability (marked in red) to the bottom. Please also help change size and color. Link: https://www.ptphotography.com/destination-trial/p/7v1gw1mrynm8aojh0otshn3rwbj4yc-p62n2-pebdc-6bm2f-gcftp Size is set to Medium and Framing Option is set to: Framed White Thank you in advance. Regards, K
  12. Site URL: https://www.thelabelhousecollection.com.au/collections/denim-jackets/products/personalised-denim-jacket Hi there, I'm trying to add a custom text overlay / preview for products similar to the site linked. I haven't been able to find what I am looking for as similar questions either don't have an answer or the answer isn't applicable to me. I am after a way to display custom text on a piece of vinyl and allow customers to choose the font from a defined selection, the colour, and sizing. Then display this either a text box to the side of the product preview or on top of the preview. Ideally both however that may not be possible. Thanks in advance
  13. Site URL: https://www.ellesentials.com/shop Hi there, I'm trying to add the "add to cart" button below each product on the product page but don't know how. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you!
  14. Site URL: https://www.ellesentials.com/shop/p/cloud-cashmere-lashes-sfjfk Hi there, I'm looking for some assistance with my website. I'm looking to change variant down menu into buttons so it's easier to see and select. I'd like it to be like the photo attached with the "button"/circle around the selected option. I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://www.ahriaorganics.com/shop-all/baby-top-to-toe-cream I am wanting to move the additional info blocks of products on this site to display under the product description/price block (to the right of the image) and not underneath the product info as it currently is. Is this possible? https://www.ahriaorganics.com/shop-all/baby-top-to-toe-cream
  16. Site URL: https://www.at17c.com/shop/p/coming-soon-pycrn-sts2h Hi. I would like to change the weight/thickness of the product gallery arrows. They are very hard to see. How do I go on about doing that? TIA
  17. Site URL: https://www.liimmi.com/preorder/ Hello! I have the following two problems and looking for help. Can I add a link to the Add-to-Cart button to redirect to a page (all 3 product pages to go to the same confirmation page we set up in Squarespace)? Or is there a way to get an id for the Add-to-cart button (when it is out of stock and we just collect sign ups for the waitlist)? The real problem behind is that we are trying to track the Add-to-cart button clicks because we are taking pre-orders without any purchase. We'd like to say that the Add-to-Cart button click is the conversion event for tracking, but we are unable to identify the button, so we thought of a page maybe that loads saying thank you for signing up for the pre-order waitlist, if there is no way to target the button for tracking. Thanks a lot!
  18. Site URL: https://weareposhyarn.com/ I know zoom must work for other people, why won't it for me?! When I enable it, the zoomed in image looks all pixellated and blurry, I will attach a screenshot of the zoomed image, with a photo showing my original image for comparison. I can only assume that SS is shrinking my product photo for speed, and then trying to enlarge from that smaller size, instead of using my original image? But if so, how do other shops manage to have nice crisp zoom in product images? I use a standard 2500 x 2500 for my image sizes, but I have tried uploading a 1500 x 1500 image, a 1000 x 1000, and a 4000 x 4000, to see if anything made a difference, but it didn't..
  19. Hi! Is there any way to remove the "Select" text on the Product Variant Dropdown, so that it only say "Farve" and "Motiv"? Thanks in advances!
  20. Hi Tuan! My page is https://www.nuligoods.com/shop/p/grey-blazer I'm trying to move the accordion into the "product description" space. Is this possible? Currently I used the built-in accordion function in the "additional info" section. If you have any suggestions on getting an accordion function (markdown? custom CSS code?) to this position I would be so grateful. I'd want to be able to replicate it for each product I'll add Thank you!!
  21. Site URL: https://www.holmcollection.com Hi, please help me. My product page header color doesn't fit well with the white background but I want to keep the color for the other pages. How can I change just the product page header color?
  22. Site URL: https://www.piatori.com/attire/p/modu Is there anyway to have the AfterPay widget under the price of your items? For example like this:
  23. Site URL: https://kalopsiacollective.com/ Hi there, I'm in the process of revamping a client's website. They are a textiles manufacturing business who currently have a Shopify site set up to process orders but their main site is on Squarespace. We want to transition everything to Squarespace but having some issues. Is there a way to create a shop page for custom orders and invoice the client instead of having an auto-payment option? If this was to be set up through a form, is there a third party platform you could recommend to auto-process invoices being sent out from an order form instead of a product page? I'm struggling to find a workaround without linking to the existing Shopify site and would love some support with it! Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all Site URL: https://www.prsnlhb.com/view-all/phb-essential-logo-t-shirt-black Hi everyone, Is there a way to position the related products pricing to the left side on mobile only? @tuanphan
  25. Site URL: https://www.katrinelevin.com/levan-lagidze-my-journey-2021 On the product summary page, the following code worked perfectly for years in Brine to show that an item was SOLD while hiding the price. Now it doesn't work. Can anybody suggest an alternative? /* Hide the price SOLD */ .tag-sold .product-price:before { content: 'SOLD'; } /* Hide the price */ .tag-sold .product-price .sqs-money-native { display: none; } I tried using the code below - it works great to hide the price but also hides "SOLD" - I'd like the designation to appear. /* Hide sold out price */ .sold-out .product-price { display: none; } Any suggestions? Many thanks!
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