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  1. Hi there. I don't know what that means. Can you explain? Currently I've tried these things so far: 1. inject the code into the home page advanced code injection site. (result: every text block below and including clicked text block opens.) 2. Inject the code into the home page and each page with an accordion. (result: no text blocks will open when clicked.) 3. inject the code into the home page, as well as at the top of each individual markdown box. (result: same as #1). 4. only put code into markdown boxes, no code-injections. (result: same as #1.) (www.rachelthor.com/p
  2. I very much appreciate your work on this. However after updating this in the "code injection" of my home page advanced settings, it still has a glitch. It will open every toggle underneath the heading I am clicking on, not just that heading. Is that possible to adjust in the code so it only opens the current heading I am clicking on?
  3. yes www.rachelthor.com/portals
  4. I tried your new code, it's great. there's only one issue. Right now, any h4 header i click, it will open that one plus any headers underneath it (instead of just that one header). can you update your code to take care of that? thank you!
  5. the most recent one I've tried is: <script> var arrState=[]; (function() { var arrAnswerBlocks=document.getElementsByClassName('answer'); for (var i=0;i<arrAnswerBlocks.length;i++) { var element = arrAnswerBlocks; var state = {id:(element.id), collapsed:true}; arrState.push(state); } })(); function expand(id) { var state={}; var answerBlock=document.getElementById(id); for (var n=0;n<arrState.length;n++) { state=arrState[n]; if (state.id==id) { if (state.collapsed) { answerBlock.style.di
  6. Site URL: http://rachelthor.com/ Hi there, I've been following the squarespace forum for adding code that allows me to create drop-down menus where only the heading is visible until you click it, then it toggles open to a longer explanation (often used for FAQs). This successfully worked for me on the last page I created on my site. This time around however, I'm trying to use the same code and it's weirding out on me. Working the first time I load a preview and then staying forever open after that, or continuously bouncing between open and closed. I am wondering if I have the code doubled so
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