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Found 77 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.sparkesink.org Hey Everyone, I Have Been Trying To Get My Commerce Site To Give The Option To Continue Shopping. I Have Also Lost My Cart Button Somewhere, Every time I Add A Product It Goes Straight To The Checkout Page, It Doesn't Even Take Me to A Cart Page Or Give Any Options To Add More Products To The Cart. I Would Appreciate The Help/Research Or Resources Anyone Can Send My Way.
  2. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/cart Hi, Is it possible to change the size of "SHOPPING CART" and change the product title to uppercase?
  3. I would like to add a select calandar to my shopping cart when purchasing a product. This particular product is a food product and has to be made. I need to block out 7 days in advance from time of booking how can this be done. Is there a way of adding the calendar to the shopping cart.
  4. Site URL: http://www.ofrasco.bio/cart After I have some product on the cart, there is an option, below "SIZE", that's a link that says "Editar detalhes" (that means "change details"). It is referring to the form I created for when people add a product to the cart. I attached a screenshot. Is there a way to take out this "Editar detalhes" link and text? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone! My client chose black as the background colour for her site, then wanted to make 1 page with a white background. I found the following CSS and it worked for the SHOP page (I found the collection ID using a block identifier) #collection-5e716b64dbe03d1298fe5ab0 { .Main { background-color: #ffffff; } } My client now wants to change the background colour on the CART page to white. The block identifier is giving me "CART" as the identifier and when I add this to CSS, it does nothing:( #cart { .Main { background-color: #ffffff; } } Does anyone know how to change the background colour on the CART page? (also, just an fyi I've checked off the "Use Light Color Scheme" option in commerce and it's not impacting the CART bakground.) Thank you!! Jenn
  6. Site URL: https://www.agiaskepi.org/shop-by-category/sundried-blueberries?category=Dried%20Fruit Hi, I need hep restoring our shop's cart button back to its initial setting. As the site served only as a catalogue, I deleted it over a year ago using the code below. But now we need the functionality. How can I restore it to default? Any help much appreciated. Squarespace - Version 7.0– Supply family (Supply template) <style> .product-price, .product-quantity-select, .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display:none; } </style>
  7. Hi We have a dog treat shop website. Does anyone know how to do any of the following please? 1) On the product page, can the 'add to cart' button text be changed to 'add to doggy bag'? 2) On the product page, is there a way to resize the 'add to cart' button (i.e. reduce its size)? 3) When viewing the shopping cart, can the references (title and body text) to 'shopping cart' be updated to 'doggy bag'? Thanks very much. Product page example: https://www.thebrisbanebarkery.com.au/other-treats/peanut-butter Shopping cart page: https://www.thebrisbanebarkery.com.au/cart
  8. Site URL: https://www.woostersbakery.co.uk Hi Folks Does anyone know a working solution for Squarespace 7.1 to hide the shopping cart icon in the header when there's nothing in the cart? I've tried a few things suggested here in the forums and on the web but they all seem to only work with Squarespace 7.0. The template is Vance. Many thanks.
  9. I can't seem to change anything on my shopping cart page. Have tried the code I found on other forum pages, but nothing seems to work. Specifically, I need to change the background color of the page.
  10. How can I change the classic cart icon with the bag one in Crosby 7.1? there is a css I can add to do this? Thank you
  11. Site URL: http://hyperspacepins.com Hi, I'm a newcomer to the Squarespace platform. Having a little issues customizing the Shopping Cart page on the Brine theme. Was able to customize the checkout button but I'm unsure about the tags and code for customizing the title and paragraph font. A) I'm looking to change the color on the title font ("Shopping Cart", currently in black) B) Also looking to change the font family of the following text ("The Child Pin", "Limited Edition") and the font family for the prices and text "Subtotal". Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking. 🙂
  12. Site URL: http://www.urban-jungle.fr Hi All, Our site is fully in french but could we have a feedback about the purchase experience ? We are trying to reduce the number of action when trying to buy a product. Do you have any ideas to make the cart showing up when adding to the cart ? Moreover on mobile the cart isn't displayed. Are you able to help us ? Don't hesitate to share any other feedbacks. Thanks a lot ! Best,
  13. Wanting to adjust the color of the small "x" icon to the left of items in my cart and I'm not seeing a built-in style for that so far. Any suggestions? Here's a screenshot:
  14. How do I change the shopping cart text on the empty shopping cart page? I added a custom font to the site for header 2 uses elsewhere, but apparently this capitalized and changed the "Shopping Cart" title also. I cannot figure out how to alter it in site styles. I don't need to change the font, I just would like it to be capitalized normally and not all caps. https://www.mbdesignsapparel.com/cart
  15. Site URL: https://www.blueferncreations.com.au/ hi all After searching the current posts on this forum I have noticed that a lot of people are having issues with customising the shopping cart and the order confirmed pages. I am having the same problem in 7.1 (especially the order confirmation page with no footer - how unprofessional does that look?) and I have been back and forward with Squarespace support with no luck. I'm only a relatively new customer and have spent a couple of weeks getting my site together. Overall I was very happy with Squarespace until I was testing the checkout experience before going live. I've made some custom CSS tweaks for now and am happy to share if anyone is interested. The only thing really bugging me still is the missing footer from the order confirmation page. Does anyone have any workarounds for this? Also, I have just submitted a feature request and I would like to ask anyone in the same boat as me to also submit a request. If they get plenty of requests for the same feature, I would hope that they would think about implementing it. I have attached a screenshot of my request, please do not copy it word for word. Oh, and I chose to put it under 'Adding or editing blocks' in the contact form. thanks michaela 🙂
  16. Site URL: https://www.russellbrxwn.com/merch I was trying to change the font on both of these but have hit a dead end. I'm trying to change the font where it displays 1 item and the dollar amount to the same as the rest of my site and I'm trying to change the default text as well on the checkout screen. Any help? Thanks
  17. Site URL: https://www.wellbehavedwomenmusical.com/ Hello! Finishing up the website for a piece I'm involved with and there are a few customizations I need to make on the Shopping Cart page and I'm hitting a wall. The "Checkout" button font is wrong. Site Styles shows the correct font and all other buttons are as they should be. At the top where it says "Shopping Cart" -- can't change font or color Quantity is showing up as a comma. Any pointers? Thank you all so much for reading!
  18. Hey guys 🙂 I am trying to use Squarespace to simplify my business. Currently, we print business cards for many local companies with 50+ employees. Essentially, we'd like to create a "portal" or "page" for each of these companies to order their business cards directly from the site. My vision is to have: - The main website - Hidden pages for each company. i.e. "Company A" can go to a hidden page called www.website.com/companya and "Company B" can go to a hidden page called www.website.com/companyb. The issues I'm running into: - Currently, if I create a shop for each company, I can't duplicate the shop. I have to manually re-enter each product (even though every company has the same products, just different artworks for their business cards. But the pricing and options are identical). - If I create a new Squarespace Site for each portal, then I'm running into the same problem. I'll need to re-enter not only the data for the store, but also the entire website. - If I throw all the company's artworks into one category (i.e. Category "company a" and category "company b") then the companies will see each others' artworks. This cannot happen. And as of now, I don't see an option to show only certain categories in a shop page. Is there truly no way to speed this process up? It's just not scaleable in it's current form. If I have 20 companies, I'll need to create 20 different pages - one for each company - and manually re-enter the products one-by-one. Instead of being able to duplicate the store, and simply replacing the artwork thumbnail. Please offer advice. Is Squarespace the right fit for me?
  19. Okay, I'm working on a site using the Autotunes template from the Brine family in 7.0. We are not currently selling anything, though we plan to later. However, in the meantime I want to remove the shopping cart icon since there is no shopping cart. How do I do that?
  20. Hello, I am using the "products" collection to show a list of all the products for sale. When you click on the item it goes to the product block where you can add it to your cart, however I would like to show another "add to cart button" under each product in the "product page" for easy selection without navigating out of the page. I cannot figure out how to add the add to cart button anywhere else but the product block. Any advice? website is https://www.milkandsass.com/shop
  21. Hi! I'm setting up a shop and there will be close to 300 items. Those products do not have fixed pricing and would like to change the text and the functionality of the 'Add to Cart' button to something like 'Ask for the price' button. I already managed to hide shopping cart icon. I'm using Brine template. Can you help me?
  22. Once someone has clicked the add to cart button (and the item has gone to their cart). How do I automatically redirect them to another page within the site? I thought maybe changing the ecommerce site to allow express checkout - so once they click purchase it redirects them to the checkout page - but instead would redirect to another page within the site. Ex. They want to purchase a blanket within the shop. They select how many they need and then select "purchase". Once they click "purchase" they are then directed to a new page allowing them to purchase monogramming for that blanket. Thanks ahead of time!
  23. Hello, i have already setup a webpage included an online shop. But i need to change the text and language from english to german, e.g. the shopping cart and the checkout (please check the attached screenshot). As my business will be in germany, customers will be german, the webpage and all text content has to be german, especially all text from the ecommerce pages. Otherwise its against the law and i guess i ll be forced to leave the squarespace plattform. Help is very needed. Thanks, regards Tom
  24. So I would like to add the option of offering more of a discount to not abandon their cart, is this possible or do I have to integrate something?
  25. I need to remove the text that says "shopping cart" on this checkout page. Any ideas?
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