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  1. Site URL: https://www.palnikstudios.com www.palnikstudios.com. password: yes Hiya 🙂 I keep trying various ways to target my shopping cart page but nothing works... I'd like to simply give it side borders that match the rest of my site. I'm also trying to edit the color of the button on hover. #cart doesn't work and #cart-body: doesn't either.
  2. Site URL: https://ateljeesalo.com/kauppa Hi! I would like to change couple of things on my website. I know that you can't translate checkout page, but I would like to translate couple other items. Please note that my page is currently under development. 1) I already found how to translate quantity and how to change Add to shopping cart button, but can you change add to shopping cart button so that it is automatically translated? 2) I would like to translate "SALE" text. 3) I would like to translate that "AVAILABLE” text next to the prices. 3) I managed to change couple of texts on shopping cart, but I would like to still change (or hide) the header SHOPPING CART, change subtotal and Checkout. Also is it possible to change the text that is shown when you click the shopping cart while it is empty. Thank you! Help is very much appriciated!
  3. Site URL: http://www.theroyalcodes.com Hi fam, I have been scouring the internet and the forums to figure out how to change the Shopping Cart page color theme to match the rest of my website. Everything else on my site is 'White Minimal' theme, but I can't seem to change the theme of the shopping cart page. Am I missing something? I have figured out how to change the background of the Shopping Cart page through custom CSS, but it looks like it will also require me to custom color all of the elements to get it to look the same as the white minimal theme. before I take the time to do all of that, I wanted to see if there is a faster way to do it. Any secrets I don't know about? 🙂 Thank you for your time, Ryan ps: custom css I started doing was: .cart { background-color: white; a, h1, h2, h3, p { color: black; } }
  4. Site URL: https://www.friendsofeverhartpark.com/ I set up a minimal shop for our non-profit. The shopping cart does not show up on desktops, but it does on mobile. As per help here, there are directions to edit the header, element, turn on 'cart'. Mojave does not have that.
  5. Hey I am trying to remove or disable the Add to Cart button on my product pages. I don’t want people purchasing through the Cart but I would like the convenience of being able to add and remove items through the product page. I tried using a custom css code but it doesn’t seem like it did anything. Wondering what others have done. thanks
  6. Site URL: https://www.caminodelvino.co.uk I've tried implementing the Google Reviews Opt-in survey into my squarespace website - https://caminodelvino.co.uk. I've been guided by the code used on this Squarespace forum thread - https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/174434-how-to-google-customer-reviews-opt-in/#:~:text=April%207%2C%202021-,Hello,-%2C - supplied by @Adiran213. I’ve applied this code in my 'order confirmation page' code block and it works on my website with the opt in survey appearing post-purchase when I run a test. However, when I click ‘yes’ (ie. I would like to participate) I receive no follow on email asking me to write a review - could anyone provide some guidance on why this is not happening/how to solve it? Thank you
  7. Site URL: https://khaki-gerbil-cdd4.squarespace.com/ Hi all! pass: modern84 I managed to customize the css for shopping cart, however changing the color of variant font eludes me. any help appreciated!
  8. Site URL: https://www.palnikstudios.com/gallery @tuanphan palnikstudios.com/shop password:yes I feel like my question was very unclear. 🤣 I have my store laid out exactly how I want it (via code blocks and product blocks) my current store (cartoons tab) draws all the info from palnikstudios.com/shop via product preview blocks. before I go to the shop page (not in menu) and just hide the shop with a massive text block... Is there a way to have it there and active, but not seen? I tried disabling the page for viewers, but then all my products can not be added to cart. I don't mind if the shop is indexed by google.. I just want people to view our products on the menu pages (paints / cartoons) rather than the hidden shop...
  9. Site URL: https://www.infinix.com/cart Hello, How do I remove the banner on our shopping cart page? https://www.infinix.com/cart Thank you, Stephanie
  10. Hello! I have embedded my Square store into my Square Space (Canadian) based website using an iframe, however when I proceed to checkout after adding an item from the embedded store, there are no items in the checkout location. At the stand alone store page at Square.Site, checkout works without a problem. Square and Square Space have provided no help. I have tried to find a solution but I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Site URL: https://www.curingmom.com/cart I recently received an email from customer stating she was unable to access her shopping cart to checkout. I found that my Shopping Cart title and items list begin showing quite far down the page. I instructed her to scroll down and she would find it. How do I remove all that space or add a page image or something to fix this?
  12. I need to remove the text that says "shopping cart" on this checkout page. Any ideas?
  13. Site URL: https://www.abbuela.com/ Hi all, I am trying to find a template or find the way to customise how people see the product right after added to the cart. I am getting a good amount of add to cart but it seems that people don't know where to click to go to the shopping cart (among other hypothesis). I would like to have a slide-out cart (once you add a product to the cart, you can see clearly the product in the cart and proceed to buy directly). Does anyone know how to do it or any template we could use for this? Thank you, Szilvia
  14. Site URL: https://www.cheekycreek.com/livraisons-domicile Hi there - I am looking for instructions/solution so that once my customers add one item to their cart, they are automatically redirected to my main catalogue page so that they can add a second item if they wish. Thanks for any leads,
  15. Site URL: https://www.fyeo-newcastle.co.uk/ Hi, Please can someone tell me how I remove the cart button on this website - https://www.fyeo-newcastle.co.uk/ it's 7.0. Thank you
  16. Site URL: https://burgundy-tetra-8dp5.squarespace.com/ Hi there! I'll start off by apologizing as this very well could be a simple fix! I've removed my cart icon and substituted text "Shopping Cart" and have two things I would like to edit. First, I would like to apply the 'paragraph 2' style to this text in order to keep it cohesive with the rest of the nav pages, etc. as things will likely change as the design progresses. It seems quite a bit cleaner to attack this now rather than having to manually adjust font, size, spacing, etc. via Custom CSS for the "Shopping Cart (0)" every time the design is altered. Second, I would really love to hide the "(0)" until something is added by a customer- reappearing at "(1)", etc. I've got my custom CSS and a quick screen grab attached. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you : ) Erik @media screen and (min-width:992px) { /* Cart number to cart text */ span.sqs-cart-quantity:before { content: "SHOPPING CART ("; } span.sqs-cart-quantity:after { content: ")"; } header#header svg.icon.icon--cart { display: none; } .header .header-actions-action--cart .icon { width: auto; } .icon-cart-quantity { position: fixed !important; font-size: 33px; top: 10px; right: 10px; } } /* Nav under header */ .header-title-nav-wrapper { flex-direction: column; justify-content: start !important; }
  17. Site URL: https://www.sweetteahostess.com/products/low-country-boil Hello, I'm trying to add a header image to each category page within a 7.1 shop. Currently, if you add an image it appears across the entire store. I would like each category to have its own image. For example products > low country boil would use one image while products > oyster roast would use a different image. Currently, we achieve this by creating standalone pages using a summary block. But this creates competing pages. Ideally, from an SEO standpoint I would like to avoid this and use the shop pages. But having a distinct hero image on each page is a priority. Appreciate any thoughts.
  18. Hello. I am trying to make a custom shopping experience where I have too many variants to fit into one product. There are ~5 different categories each with 10 options each. So we decided to split the products up into different "sub" products. In doing so, I need to create a mini web app that allows the user to choose which items they want to add to the cart culminating into the end where when the user clicks the finish button, the button will trigger an event that will add all 5 products to the cart at once for the user. I however cannot find documentation for the api used by squarespace (api/commerce/shopping-cart/entries) to perform such actions. In essence, I want to be able to programatically access and edit the shopping cart via a code block on a certain page on my website. I know that we cannot add code the checkout page itself, but I just want to be able to edit the cart on other parts of the website. Thanks
  19. Site URL: https://blueriderdesign.studio/ Hi, I'm using Squarespace for my site (blueriderdesign.studio). I want to add options (size and / or materials) for each piece along with a purchase button. However, I don't like the Squarespace templates / their 'store' pages. I'd rather use some version of what I have now. Would Shopify be able able to do what I want? The site still needs some cleaning up, etc. However, I'm close to having the final look I want on the pieces page and the individual pieces section. Example: https://blueriderdesign.studio/pieces/project-one-27etg-th48n. I want to keep this format, more or less. The store looks too standard for my branding. cheers,
  20. Site URL: https://www.zani-nation.com/bracelets-1/p/c3m4vp3n2yoya7f6on4511x1oxwchs Hi, I'd like to change the color of the shopping cart to black on my product pages since the background color is white, but keeping the cart icon white on the rest of the pages. How do I do that? Best Patricia
  21. Site URL: https://sampleyoga.squarespace.com/cart Hi, Im trying to change the background of the quantity box to match the grey colour on the rest of the page. I though this code would do the job but nothing happens when I put it in the css editor. .RgUdJr28R input { background-color: #dee0e2 !important; } Thanks!
  22. Hello, i have already setup a webpage included an online shop. But i need to change the text and language from english to german, e.g. the shopping cart and the checkout (please check the attached screenshot). As my business will be in germany, customers will be german, the webpage and all text content has to be german, especially all text from the ecommerce pages. Otherwise its against the law and i guess i ll be forced to leave the squarespace plattform. Help is very needed. Thanks, regards Tom
  23. Hey everyone! I'm trying to change my shopping cart page a little but I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried adding custom css to no avail. My site isn't live yet, does that make a difference? I basically want to change from one theme to another if that's possible. i.e. from "Light 1" to "Lightest 1". Thanks in advance
  24. Site URL: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com Hi there – I'd like to replace the cart icon with words that say "Cart" with the number adjacent. site: https://tuna-ladybug-3hgy.squarespace.com pass: brineintopedro
  25. Site URL: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits Hi guys, I need some help with some finishing touches for my bilingual website. I seem to encounter some issues, especially when it comes to my shopping cart and checkout page. Here is a list of things I'm looking to do: Shopping cart: throughout my entire website I have chosen to hide either secondary (French) or primary navigation (English) depending on which version of my site clients use. However, when you arrive at the shopping cart, both primary and secondary navigation are displayed. Is there a way of hiding primary navigation when my clients are using the French version of my online store (https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits) and hiding secondary navigation when my clients are using my English version of my online store (https://www.terroir-imports.com/products)? Shopping cart: is there any way of changing the following: "QTY" = Case(s) | Caisse(s) "Price" = Price | Prix "Subtotal" = Subtotal | Sous-total "Checkout" = Checkout | Paiement Quick view (working link: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits) : does anyone have a custom code to change "Quick view" to "Aperçu rapide" only on my French site? View full item: does anyone have a custom code to change "View full item" to "Plus de détails" only on my French site? Checkout page: is there anyway of modifying the preset text in the checkout page? I would want to make the headers bilingual (ex. Payment | Paiement). Store (working link: https://www.terroir-imports.com/produits/bourgogne-aligot-2018-mark-haisma) : is it possible to change the following button in my online store "Added to cart" = "Ajouter au panier" "Adding" = "Ajout en cours" "Added!" = "Ajouté!" Thanks for your help guys! @tuanphan @creedon
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