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Found 101 results

  1. Why are normal and basic e-commerce store features missing? (The elephant in the room?) Here's a list of complaints I have. My basic question is why isn't Squarespace trying to offer features to seriously compete with Shopify and others to expand their business? Why are the following missing? There's no option to sort/filter products by tags, availabilty, sales, color, or anything else. There's no built in option for product reviews. You can't expect everyone to figure out coding and troubleshooting every single time they want a basic, ubiquitous store feature. There's no ability to add all products to a single page. Likewise, there's no ability to add all sale products on a single page to show a "clearance" section. There's a limit to adding more than 200 products on a single collection, meaning you have to make new collections for each category. Why jump through hoops to invest in expanding your product offerings? Why not just a single collection like any normal store??? There's a consistent value for design in Squarespace which is what attracts any sensible person, but why are there consistent shoddy designs??? A built-in inability redesign the Search page, the Checkout page, the account page, the login page, etc etc. Why are functionality updates not easy? Why the crazy hassle to go from 7.0 to 7.1? Why can't I easily get new features and be confident for my business investments? Why do popular features have to disappear when there is an update even then? For example, parallax is gone with the update. Other normal store features that should be standard to ease merchant usage are missing also. Product color to image linking, liking products. Why is the functionality of different themes restricted instead of simply design? I'm reading 7.1 fixed this, but the point still stands. Why not just have a simple flexible design language where everyone can have every feature and not have to go through the hours of work required to apply new themes Why all the rigidity?? Why can't I edit a gallery's transition settings when directly in an index, but only in a gallery block? Why no limit on how many product's per page?? Isn't that normal? Why is there no built in return/exchange mechanism? Why do you make us pay for basic store features??? Why is Shopify automating basic calculations like adding statebystate tax information, and you guys are making us do it manually or pay for it? This is crazy. Also why not integrate live shipping costs from different shipping services by weight, etc. Why do these basic basic features need to be such a hassle. Why no drop shipping integrations?? Is that like a crazy thing to ask for? Why no integrations to Printful competitors. Please start investing more in your ecommerce side. Integrations are lacking, features are lacking, Please compete with shopify. You guys are just ASKING us to migrate elsewhere. Its constantly frustrating to encounter squarespace limitations and dragging, cloggy updates. I'm sure there's many more basic features that are missing. These are just the ones I've been facing.
  2. Site URL: https://www.terentyevpublishing.com/ What is the best way to fix the overlapping of the site title and the shopping cart sign? The attached screenshot is from Wav template on iPhone SE.
  3. Hi everyone! My client chose black as the background colour for her site, then wanted to make 1 page with a white background. I found the following CSS and it worked for the SHOP page (I found the collection ID using a block identifier) #collection-5e716b64dbe03d1298fe5ab0 { .Main { background-color: #ffffff; } } My client now wants to change the background colour on the CART page to white. The block identifier is giving me "CART" as the identifier and when I add this to CSS, it does nothing:( #cart { .Main { background-color: #ffffff; } } Does anyone know how to change the background colour on the CART page? (also, just an fyi I've checked off the "Use Light Color Scheme" option in commerce and it's not impacting the CART bakground.) Thank you!! Jenn
  4. Hi, we have a site selling meals for order and have been asked to provide options for school lunches - so there will be a set meal option per day - and we need to ensure that the 'Wednesday Meal' cannot be ordered after 4pm on a Tuesday (for example) - is there a way to do this per product? I can't see any documentation and no real search results on this, so assuming a custom implementation is needed - has anyone done this or know the best way to handle it? Thanks
  5. How can I change the classic cart icon with the bag one in Crosby 7.1? there is a css I can add to do this? Thank you
  6. Hello, i have already setup a webpage included an online shop. But i need to change the text and language from english to german, e.g. the shopping cart and the checkout (please check the attached screenshot). As my business will be in germany, customers will be german, the webpage and all text content has to be german, especially all text from the ecommerce pages. Otherwise its against the law and i guess i ll be forced to leave the squarespace plattform. Help is very needed. Thanks, regards Tom
  7. Site URL: https://atlantacoffeeshops.com Hi, I am working in the Five template. By default, all pages that I create include a sidebar on the right. Two questions: 1) How can I create custom code/CSS to omit sidebars on all pages throughout my site? Or said another way, how can I ensure that "full width" is selected for all pages on my site? 2) Is there a way to remove the sidebar from the "cart" page specifically? I could not find an option to do that on Squarespace Help pages. There is a way to customize the "Checkout" page, but what about the cart page? See the default text that is showing up on the below page at the moment: https://www.atlantacoffeeshops.com/cart Thanks for your help!
  8. Site URL: http://www.jeffkrueger.net How do you change just the color of the background on the shopping cart page in 7.1 to white?
  9. Site URL: https://potato-sphere-g3k8.squarespace.com/config/ Hi! How do you change the color of the background and font on the shopping cart page? I'd like the "Shopping Cart" title to not be capitalized and match the font on the rest of my site. Also, how do you make "item," "QTY" and "Price" bigger and lowercase? Website: naonow.com Password: naonow @tuanphan
  10. Hi All, I have no idea where to start here...Im selling wood scrabble tiles What I would like to do is have customers fill out a simple form selecting how many tiles they need of each letter for example A - 1 B - 0 C - 3 Once the form is filled out id like to take the total number in this case 4 and apply it to the Qty field in the shopping cart. Thanks Lee
  11. I would like to add a select calandar to my shopping cart when purchasing a product. This particular product is a food product and has to be made. I need to block out 7 days in advance from time of booking how can this be done. Is there a way of adding the calendar to the shopping cart.
  12. Hi there! Can anybody help be out with getting the cart in the navigation to display as text vs. Icon? I simply want it to say '0' > '1' when someone adds something. thanks!
  13. Hello all, I am currently setting up my new site and I have run into a roadblock. I am a travel agent for Egypt Tours and my business model requires that I secure a non-refundable deposit of $400 per person, before the customers final purchase (the full or remaining purchase is charged at a later date). However, on the Squarespace format I have not found the option to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions, whether that be through Squarespace, PayPal, Stripe, or any other means. Thank you for the help.
  14. WLBA

    Cart Page Cut off

    Site URL: https://www.wlba.com.au/cart Hi there, I've put together an ecommerce page but the cart page is cut off. See image. I can't see where to edit this. There is just one product that links from this page. https://www.wlba.com.au/pressure-language-vs-freedom-language Thank you
  15. Site URL: https://www.smkw.com/ I am hoping for a way to add an ADD-TO-CART button to a STORE PAGE so that clients can quickly add products to their purchase list without having to navigate to each individual product. I have shared an example of an online store with this function - https://www.smkw.com/ - seems pretty common and yet I can't figure out how to do this with Square Space. Anyone know how to set this up?
  16. Hi, Could I apply these changes (see image) to the cart page? Regards
  17. Site URL: https://www.fluxbrews.ca/cart I would like to change the title font on my Shopping Cart page. For some reason it has forced my Heading style into all caps, which doesn't read well in a script font. I would like to either force the heading out of caps, or change the text to my Paragraph style on this page. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Site URL: https://www.woostersbakery.co.uk Hi Folks Does anyone know a working solution for Squarespace 7.1 to hide the shopping cart icon in the header when there's nothing in the cart? I've tried a few things suggested here in the forums and on the web but they all seem to only work with Squarespace 7.0. The template is Vance. Many thanks.
  19. Site URL: http://hyperspacepins.com Hi, I'm a newcomer to the Squarespace platform. Having a little issues customizing the Shopping Cart page on the Brine theme. Was able to customize the checkout button but I'm unsure about the tags and code for customizing the title and paragraph font. A) I'm looking to change the color on the title font ("Shopping Cart", currently in black) B) Also looking to change the font family of the following text ("The Child Pin", "Limited Edition") and the font family for the prices and text "Subtotal". Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking. 🙂
  20. Does anyone know how to increase the cart icon size in Brine? It is sitting in the header, I can see settings to increase the font size (number of items in the cart) but not the actual cart icon itself. Thanks in advance!
  21. Site URL: https://estatesalepros.online/shop Hi everyone. Our background: we are an Estate Sale company where we used to do in-person sales but since COVID19 we have been doing 3-day-sales online with our new Squarespace website. We have ~400-800 items available for each sale and typically only one quantity of each item. We have a large following of 12,000+ people that we email about each sale we have. Our issue: We are getting A LOT of complaints from our clients about having items "taken" from their cart during checkout. they would enter their information during checkout and then someone else would beat them to the punch on purchasing that item, only to be notified when clicking the "purchase" button. As a result, people are unsubscribing to our mailing list and we are loosing customers... and this time we DO NOT want to loose our valued customers... especially when they have been shopping with us for 20+ years! Our question: Im wondering if there is a way we can have a notification on items saying someone has this item in their cart (similar to what ETSY does) or better yet, freeze a product and prevent the item from being added to another's cart when another customer is in the checkout phase. At this point, we would rather the item be unavailable if someone has it in their cart.. and have the item be reintroduced to the store if someone changes their mind, then having upset people be able to add everything under the sun added to their cart and loose out on their favourite items. What we have done is be transparent with our customers in our emails, providing a "shopping advisory", letting them know how the store works and that no item is safe or guaranteed until you have your email receipt. A bit of a longwinded question, but I look forward to your feedback. Any other recommendations are welcome.
  22. Site URL: https://www.babyofmineshop.co.uk/cart Hi, Can anyone help me change my shopping cart background from black to white? https://www.babyofmineshop.co.uk/cart thanks laura
  23. Is there any way to create a button to send by email the items inside the cart before checking out? I currently have to ctrl+ print or screen capture, save and then attach to email. Thanks
  24. Site URL: https://www.blushingcook.com Hi All, I couldn't find anything on this on the forum so apologies if this has been covered before. We have gift message option on our form in our shop. We have a message saying that the maximum word count is 25 word but is any way of setting the box to be able to have a maximum amount of words? Any help would be much apprechated. Cheers Simon
  25. Hello, I am using the "products" collection to show a list of all the products for sale. When you click on the item it goes to the product block where you can add it to your cart, however I would like to show another "add to cart button" under each product in the "product page" for easy selection without navigating out of the page. I cannot figure out how to add the add to cart button anywhere else but the product block. Any advice? website is https://www.milkandsass.com/shop
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