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  1. @QuickBrwnFox I just updated my v7.0 code. Give me several days to see what might be done for a v7.1 site. If I don't get back with some code soon, please bump this thread.
  2. @carly.pearlman The reason your code is adding lines to two menus is the code for restricting the effect to a particular top level nav item is missing. My original code first targeted the navigation folder then the page within the folder. You're in luck as I've updated my code. It addresses issues I hadn't noticed in the original code, that the line itself was changing when the nav item is hovered over. Among some other tweaks. Replace your code with the following. /* begin drop-down navigation menu dividers Version : 0.2d0 SS Version : 7.0 v7.0 Templates : Brine ( Aria, Blend, Burke, Cacao, Clay, Fairfield, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Impact, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Kin, Lincoln, Maple, Margot, Marta, Mentor, Mercer, Miller, Mojave, Moksha, Motto, Nueva, Pedro, Pursuit, Rally, Rover, Royce, Sofia, Sonora, Stella, Thorne, Vow, Wav, West ) your template is not listed? then it is not currently supported Dependancies : LESS Notes : need to add more than one menu divider? just replicate the lines that have nth-child in them. for desktop make the nth-child numbers match the positions of the drop-down navigation menus and drop-down menu items for mobile the position system is different. you count only the navigation menus. first navigation menu, second, and etc. to get the position number. the menu item position sytem is the same as for desktop, keeping in mind SS adds a back item automatically to your mobile menus By : Thomas Creedon < http://www.tomsWeb.consulting/ > */ @border-top : 1px solid; // desktop .Header-nav--primary { .Header-nav-item--folder:nth-child( 2 ), // our work { .Header-nav-folder-item:nth-child( 6 ), // haiti earthquake { .divider ( 1em, white ); // margin-bottom, color } } } // mobile .Mobile-overlay-folder:nth-child( 1 ), // our work { .Mobile-overlay-folder-item:nth-child( 7 ), // haiti earthquake { .divider ( 0.75em, black ); // margin-bottom, color } } // divider .divider ( @margin-bottom, @color ) { &:before { border-top : @border-top @color; content : ''; display : block; margin-bottom : @margin-bottom; } } // end drop-down navigation menu dividers Let us know how it goes.
  3. Please see Cart Prices Sqs-Money-Native Add. I basically had the core of the cart problem solved with my other code. I just had to rejigger the code and package it up. Let us know how it goes.
  4. @SRLB Please post the URL for your store/product page on your site. If your site is not public please set up a site-wide password, if you've not already done so. Post the password here. Adding a site-wide password is not a security breach. Please read the documentation at the link provided to understand how it works. We can then take a look at your issue.
  5. @Fenmann Although SS doesn't do domain name to URL forwarding I seem to recall that GoDaddy does. You need to read up on just exactly how theirs works to see if it would meet your needs. Other domain name registrars beside GD may also provide similar services.
  6. @Jeremyn For the title please see the following. That is one way it might be done. IIRC forms on pages don't get a title but forms attached to product items do expose the title by default. The fields all having their label inside the field is using the form input placeholder attribute and would require Javascript to accomplish. I'm not aware of any Javascript that does this in a more general fashion. For the background I assume you are wanting to replicate the background behind the whole form and not put a background in the form itself. If the former then that is standard SS stuff. Put a background on a page section and add your form to the page section. I think that would get close to the look if the cited form.
  7. I'm starting a new thread here so as not to conflate two different issues.
  8. Excellent! To clarify my code won't do the small buttons you desire. It was only designed to replicate the SS built-in CTA ( call to action ) button. I'm not aware of any code that will do the small buttons as you cited in your examples. That doesn't mean that it hasn't been done. Or, that somebody couldn't do it. I suggest giving it a few days to see if someone can pitch in with some code.
  9. With my code you can certainly get extra buttons on the desktop header. As to the effect you want on mobile. I'm not aware of code that does that. It looks a little tight to be fitting two icons up there. It may be a bit of a challenge to get them in there as SS didn't provide an area there for icons to go. So this would require some restructuring with some Javascript, if it could be achieved. You will want to do is identify some suitable icons. Svg icons would be the most flexible as that can be sized up and down and maintain nice clarity for a range of sizes. You will may want to hide the default buttons SS provides for CTA on mobile if you are going to use your own. SS does have a mobile information bar. Please see Adding a mobile information bar.
  10. The first thing you will want to check is to make sure that the currency setting is set properly for the site. Please see Changing your store's currency. If you use product variants your code will break. Please see the following for a little more detail on why. Now to possible solutions. Please see Store Product Detail Price Add Sqs-Money-Native for Variants. This code should maintain your CSS effect when a variant is selected. The Store Price Change mentioned in the above code can be used to manipulate prices, it's documentation shows several examples. I'm not aware of Javascript code that manipulates the prices on the cart page. I don't think it would be all that hard. I don't think CSS alone can get the job done. Let us know how it goes.
  11. Your site is private. Please set up a site-wide password. Post the password here. Adding a site-wide password is not a security breach. Please read the documentation at the link provided to understand how it works. We can then take a look at your issues. Please see the following. I'm not aware of any code to do this. Normally the CTA button is located at the bottom of the mobile menu.
  12. By the way folks sf.digital has an upcoming extension to implement prev/next navigation on products. Please see Product UX extension.
  13. Also on TLDs there are a number of generic top-level domains which may help in building an online presence.
  14. @dhobman I don't see a way to get that done at least not without a fair amount of work. The two SS versions are building those tables in different ways. SS v7.0 is taking a more dynamic approach and building the CSS for the product grid on the fly. I'm not seeing a way to intervene once SS has picked up the number of columns set in the SS interface.
  15. Add the following to Design > Custom CSS. /* begin navigation menu items mobile bold some Version : 0.1d0 SS Version : 7.1 Dependancies : LESS By : Thomas Creedon < http://www.tomsWeb.consulting/ > */ [data-folder="/treatments"] { .header-menu-nav-item { &:nth-child( 2 ), /* ipl skin rejuv */ &:nth-child( 5 ) /* ipl acne */ { font-weight : bold; } } } /* end navigation menu items mobile bold some */ Let us know how it goes.
  16. @dhobman Go to Design > Site Styles > Products: Layout > Item Per Row. Let us know how it goes.
  17. Please see Delete your site. If the v7.1 site has been paid for then you'll need to contact Customer Support to work out some form of credit/refund. I can't comment on that part as I've not been through that process. You'll probably want to note the SS built-in site name so you can communicate that to SS if needed. As long as you don't delete the v7.0 site and it is paid up then it should keep going. Follow the link in my previous post to create a new v7.0 site. Let us know how it goes.
  18. Not really. You can create a page with elements and duplicate the page. But there is no way to save elements of a page or copy and paste elements between pages. You can of course copy text based content between pages. The text itself not the blocks or sections.
  19. Please see Adding a site title. Let us know how it goes.
  20. Your site is private. Please set up a site-wide password. Post the password here. Adding a site-wide password is not a security breach. Please read the documentation at the link provided to understand how it works. We can then take a look at your issue.
  21. Site URL: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ The title pretty much says it all. I'd like to have several reputable reference sources for SEO research. Is SEJ a good one? Do you have recommendations for other reference sources? TIA!
  22. It is a v7.0 site using the Avenue template. You can check which version and template a site is by going to Home > Help and scrolling to the bottom. There are only two methods. One you could use Javascript to restructure the page. That may not be useful as it would depend on if the search engine is scanning the rendered page or the page source. The second and I strongly urge not to do this unless you are prepared and willing to commit, is to use Developer Mode. Even turning it on or off can destroy a site if you don't know what you are doing.
  23. My guess is that the table-of-contents CSS is not wrapped in a style tag and it is in a code injection header somewhere. Since it is page specific I'd check the Page Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection for the that particular page first. Then code blocks on the page, etc. <style> [insert your CSS here] </style> Let us know how it goes.
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