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  1. Site URL: https://friendlysonssd.org Is there a way to change the text of my login box from "Join Members" to my own text? I'd like it to say "Welcome" or something similar. I can't find any options to do this in Settings.
  2. Site URL: http://www.russellkellygordon.com I have created a download button on my "About + Resume" page, and I have uploaded a pdf to be downloaded when clicked. However, when the button in clicked, nothing is downloaded. It just looks like the page reloads. How do I make it so the PDF I uploaded is downloaded when this button is clicked? Thank you so much
  3. Site URL: https://www.evaprokop.de/terminbuchen I want to change the text "Deine Daten" to "Ihre Daten" – is this possible?
  4. Site URL: https://nectarine-oboe-kme5.squarespace.com/trial-or-never Hi there Can anyone please help me with the integration of a Youtube video in Squarespace (autoplay and loop must work individually for each video). Our client is a photographer and she does NOT want that anyone can see that the video is embed from YouTube on her website. No headline, play button, sharing icon ecc..... It should look like in version 1 - but would be much easier if it works with YouTube. https://nectarine-oboe-kme5.squarespace.com/trial-or-never password: nowornever Many thanks and kind regards Sibylle
  5. Site URL: https://www.vietmybui.com/work/liminal-magazine Hello, On this page, I have several sets of artworks, each under a different heading. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap between the heading and the images. I am using the Grid: Strips gallery for the images. I would really like to remove the gap between my heading and the images! I found the below code on this forum and have inserted it into my Custom CSS. Unfortunately, it seems to have made no difference. [data-section-id="611373ef3546460e7449a373"] { min-height: 0 !important; } [data-section-id="611373ef3546460e7449a373"] .content-wrapper { padding-top: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; } I have attached a few images below to indicate the gap I'm referring to, and also how each section is organised. I would really appreciate your assistance! Cheers.
  6. Site URL: https://liampietraszewski.squarespace.com Hey all! I made a new cursor (image attached) and I'm quite happy with how it looks. The problem is the point of interactivity is in the pinky; I'd like it to be at the tip of the pencil. I'm just wondering how to shift or select the part of the cursor that interacts with the website. ALSO not to ask for too much, but I was considering having the cursor change ever so slightly upon hovering over a site link (ie. hand tilts slightly counter clockwise and the pinky tucks in to mimic a hand ready to write) and I'm wondering if this will change the answer to my first question. Thanks! P.S. To access my website, my password is: grandpashoes44
  7. Site URL: https://fiddle-reed-4bh7.squarespace.com I don't know how easy this is but I couldn't find anywhere that allows me to adjust the point of my cursor. Here's what I mean by that: So the attached image is my new cursor. As of now, the "interactive" part of the cursor is in the pinky. I want it to be at the tip of the pencil. Is there anything I can do to make the "point" of my cursor down about 10 px or so?
  8. Site URL: https://www.realstatusmasters.com/ Is there a way to upload .wav files instead of mp3 or mp4 files to the Audio Box? I am a mastering engineer so to be able to playback the high quality audio format is imperative for showcasing my work. I am not looking to have others download the file since I am not a distributor and that would cross the line of what my services are. Granted if there is any way to customize the audio block to playback a .wav, or other lossless audio files, what is the process of doing so?
  9. Site URL: https://steve-lewis-7h8y.squarespace.com/pantry Hi, I'm wondering if I'm able add a text box above the category nav of a product page? This is for a food business that wants to stipulate pickup hours and procedures for COVID-19 curbside pickup. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi Community, I wanted to know if someone could guide me a little bit. I am looking to create a website that highlights products by choosing a specific tag. Similar to this: https://not-amazon-to.pory.app/ Also, I would like to know if it's possible to add a plugin that allows people to submit a product? Ideally it would a 3 step process. Person submits the product (With specific guidelines), we review product, we approve product. are there plugins capable of doing this?😄 Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone! I've been trying to apply the attached code (using the .grid-item class) to an image/link that's inside of a Portfolio Grid for the past hour. 😑 Is this possible? .gallery-grid-item img:hover {height:100%!important; width:100%!important; transform:Scale(1.2); overflow:hidden!important; transition-duration:1s} .gallery-grid-item {overflow:hidden!important}
  12. Site URL: https://www.bassiabassia.com/ Hi, I've uploaded a custom fonts to my site and I'm struggling to apply them to mobile. Help is appreciated!! Thank you! Here's what I have... /* FOR CUSTOM FONTS */ @font-face { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Reg'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f71fe4f95c52a189fa6074b/t/6151e8e64475614ab6aa1561/1632757990865/CabinetGrotesk-Regular.woff)} @font-face { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Medium'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f71fe4f95c52a189fa6074b/t/6151e91dc59ffa6574e736aa/1632758045254/CabinetGrotesk-Medium.woff);} @font-face { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Bold'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f71fe4f95c52a189fa6074b/t/6151e907d448400716e87379/1632758023093/CabinetGrotesk-Bold.woff)} @font-face { font-family: 'Neue Haas Unica Reg'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f71fe4f95c52a189fa6074b/t/6151e67321057516694ccac0/1632757364390/NeueHaasUnica-Regular.woff);} @font-face { font-family: 'Neue Haas Unica Bold'; src: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f71fe4f95c52a189fa6074b/t/6151e6850d9cbb50828d9732/1632757381265/NeueHaasUnica-Bold.woff);} h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Bold'; } p, p2 { font-family: 'Neue Haas Unica Reg'; } .sqs-block-button-element { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Medium'!important; } .header-actions-action .btn { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk' !important; } .header-nav { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Medium'!important; } .header-nav-folder-content { font-family: 'Cabinet Grotesk Medium' !important; }
  13. I'm trying to get several horizontal lines on my site to be full width, not all of them. I am using #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1631810515381_17071 { width: 100% !important; } to target a specific one, but it only extends to the right and not the left I tried targeting hr as well and it didn't work Ideally I'd like to have two lines in some places a few pixels apart, I've attached a screen shot I've tried using #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1631812436781_3916 {width: 100% !important; padding-top: -100px !important;} as well and I'm not seeing any movement. How do you target the specific lines to be full bleed? site is https://flugelhorn-seahorse-lzrb.squarespace.com/ pw: design123
  14. Site URL: https://vakgraun.com Hi there all! Im finally trying the commerce functions on Squarespace (used SS mostly for portfolios until now). I would like to have page, lets call it “Product Detail Extra Info”. This page will have IMG blocks and Text Blocks. And what i wanna do is insert that page at the end of every product page, is this possible?? I only could find 1 solution but isn’t rendering the IMGs from some reason that excepts me (My background is more Graphic Design related) Password site: Akumi1793
  15. Just discovered the new auto-layout option in headlines to create a rotating banner with text - yay!! From what I can tell right now - it has to be clicked to change...hoping someone can help me have it auto-play/auto-scroll/loop? Maybe it's a an option but I'm just not seeing it? Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://crocodile-triangle-2k6t.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've managed to follow some lock screen code injection to add my brand fonts & increase the size of my logo, plus add space between the logo and the body text, however I can't figure out the coding to move the Headline text down so it does not overlap the logo. Screen snip attached. I tried: <style> .sqs-slice-headline { margin-top: 250px !important; } </style> But it doesn't work. Any pointers? Cheers Belinda
  17. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to customize language in the section of the e-mail where I see the Order summary, I need to translate all words that are in english like quantity, price, placed on *** etc. Can I do it in CSS? Is there a way around it? I see it's possible to switch it automatically for the supported languages but my language is not one of them yet. Thank you!
  18. Site URL: https://miguelmateas.com/daily-science-picks Hi there! I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could help me edit the text of the "View Event" button and the "Back to All Events" link. I'd like to replace this text with something. Thank you so much in advance to any customisation gurus out there! 🙂 Miguel
  19. QUESTION: How do you create a thin frame around gallery thumbnails for the Beaumont and Nevins template? Having trouble. The techniques described in this forum are not working. Help will be greatly appreciated. See visual reference attached. Thanks for reading.
  20. Hi I have a tour operator site with activities in mutliple, quite different, locations. When people log into the site I would like them to be able to choose which location they are interested, similar to how one might choose a language. A few more details: Ideally I would use as little coding as possible Some of the pages (eg. about, contact) will be the same regardless of the location you choose, but once you choose the location the top menu bar should display the different pages eg. Home, Events, Activities, About ... The customer should be able to switch between sites easily through a dropdown on the menubar I have had a look and found this: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205809778-Creating-a-multilingual-site-in-Squarespace (example multilingual site here: https://bedford-multilingual.squarespace.com/) The problem with this is that the menu bar will only ever display the names of the different locations, so it will be clumbersome to navigate. Another suggestion is to create multiple sites and have a cover page linking to both, which seems overkill as I would need to pay twice for a simple website. It would also be clumbersome as I think the user would need to go all the way back to home to switch to the other site. I can't think of an example for other tour operators, but the same principle work on the Intuit site (https://www.intuit.com/): you can select an Indian, American, or Canadian version of the site, which are all similar but tailored to different locations. If you want to change at any point there is country dropdown in the top right hand corner. Would love to know if such a thing is possible. Ideally without html but am open to suggestions. This is something I see a lot with online stores and is going to be really important to a lot of people managing international websites. Perhaps there is a plugin that would help? Though I have been unable to find one. Cheers
  21. Site URL: http://www.glowing.org/playing4theplanet/ Hi we were trying to do a "Scrollytelling" element in our Brine 7.0 site -- I tried to enable parallax but it doesn't show up where it's meant to in Site Styles so we tried to get creative with code injection but it isn't working. Any advice? <div class="scrolly"> <div class="floaty">It's not all ocean out there, <br><em>but it's close!</em></div> <div class="scrolly-section"> <div class="scrolly-figure"> <img src="https://source.unsplash.com/tWWCqIMiUmg/500x380" alt="Beach Water Scene"> </div> <div class="scrolly-article"> <p>Covering more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface, our Ocean - which is one body of water across the entire globe- supports the livelihoods and nutritional needs of billions of people and is home to millions of species.</p> <p>Marine ecosystem services comprise more than 60 percent of the economic value of all life on Earth, with one in ten people relying on marine fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihood.</p> </div> </div> <div class="floaty"><br><br>Oceans keep you cool.<br><br></div> <div class="scrolly-section"> <div class="scrolly-figure"> <img src="https://source.unsplash.com/kf4GQEmaIOs/500x380" alt="Beach Water Scene"> </div> <div class="scrolly-article"> <p>The Ocean makes life on earth habitable, regulating weather and temperature patterns while serving as a critically important carbon sink, through ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses, and chemical processes.</p> <p>Some estimates say that the Ocean absorbing as much as 90% of the additional heat that carbon emission have trapped in our atmosphere, which has slowed the impacts of a warming planet.</p> </div> </div> <div class="floaty"><br><br>But this is un-cool:<br><br></div> <div class="scrolly-section"> <div class="scrolly-figure"> <img src="https://source.unsplash.com/RUqoVelx59I/500x380" alt="Beach Water Scene"> </div> <div class="scrolly-article"> <p>However, 2/3 of the Ocean has been negatively impacted by human activity from pollution to unsustainable and overfishing to climate change, which is jeopardizing its ability to deliver the services that are vital to maintaining human well-being and healthy biodiversity.</p> <p> Coral reefs that support 25 percent of all marine life are at risk of disappearing if our planet warms above 1.5 degrees Celcius over pre-industrial levels. <strong>Right now we are at 1.2.</strong> </p> </div> </div> <div class="floaty"><br><br>The time to act is now!<br><br></div> <div class="scrolly-section"> <div class="scrolly-figure"> <img src="https://source.unsplash.com/I9y_6J-HhY8/500x380" alt="Beach Water Scene"> </div> <div class="scrolly-article"> <p>At least 33 percent of fish stocks are currently overfished with 33 to 50 percent of critical marine habitats lost.</p> <p>Reversing this trend requires immediate intervention by governments and innovation by the private sector to transform from business as usual.</p> <strong><p><br>World Leaders will meet several times in 2021 and we want to show them we are paying attention and that we care!</p></strong> </div> </div> </div>
  22. Site URL: https://www.welovecmcs.org/ Hi! This is my first time to come here and also use SquareSpace product so I might ask something that it's already asked in the past but please bare with me. I was asked to modify and make it look better on my son's school website but I have no idea where to go and modify the css. The version of this template is: Squarespace Version 7.0– Brine family (Mentor template) I searched around and found out that it seems like I need to go to Design section and modify however, I don't see anything like that after I log in. This is all I have in the menu. Basically, what I want to change are: - To add background color on the main navigation on the top (it's very hard to see) - To change the photo on the top to much simple image - To change the structure of layout of the top page (where it says "Welcome Families & Friends of Community! along with 2 buttons and the Youtube video) - The width of contents from full width to 880px I see Edit buttons when I log in but it doesn't let me change anything, just asking me to add a new element. Is there any way to make these happens in the widget or do I need to add custom css for these? If anyone can guide me through, I'd much appreciate it. And please let me know if there is any info is missing in order to answer my questions. Thanks in advance, Yuko
  23. Site URL: http://www.cherrytreeinteriordesign.com I'm wondering if there is a way to make a simple list with cards and make the cards themselves clickable to another page (I use 7.1). I'm aware you can add buttons, but I don't like the way they look. I want it to look more or less like the attached picture. Thanks!
  24. Site URL: https://flamingo-goby-tkw6.squarespace.com/modular-homes Site password: greenfield Hello, I have just started making a website for housing center and I would love to utilize the portfolio feature to showcase the homes rather than the blogs to feature homes. I have added one home/project on the linked page. I am hoping to be able to add some css to be able to add a subtitle such as "Beds: 3 | Baths: 2 | 2280 Sq Ft" I have added a screenshot showing where I am hoping to place this text. *I also want to add a jump link for view homes button to go to those homes.* Thank you in advance for any help or consideration shot this way. ~ Patterson
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