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  1. Site URL: http://www.robin-lyons.com Hello, I am wanting to remove the underlined effect just from the hyperlink of 'Robin Lyons' that happens on my homepage www.robin-lyons.com Can someone tell me if this is possible to remove and how? Cheers, Robin.
  2. I just need some advice about a site I am working on that sells seafood to the public... They sell prepackaged seafood as well as 'loose'. The prepackaged seafood has a variant but is there an option to add a variant for weight of a product - where the customer types in the amount they want to purchase? 1kg or 200gms for instance?
  3. Site URL: https://www.cawoodscientific.uk.com/ Hey All, Just wondering if anything like the hexagonal hover over is possible on SS? I absolutely love it for some reason. Cheers!
  4. Site URL: https://beyondspace-showcase.squarespace.com/shop-demo/p/sphereviewer/?password=1234&utm_source=squarespace_forum&utm_medium=topic&utm_campaign=promo Hello fellows, I am about to launch my latest Squarespace Plugin - Sphere Viewer Block. It provides an easy-to-use interface to integrate your 360 spritesheets images into Squarespace site, I wrote it so you can create it from Block Editor. I will give 5 single-site license for first 5 builders/designers who is interested in adding this feature for their site, I am welcome the feedbacks to make it work well before launc
  5. Site URL: https://jordan-iverson.squarespace.com/ I have created an index page that outlines the different "design build" services I am offering. My goal is under the navigation title "services" to create linked text that takes customers to the specific service within the "design and build" index page. I have tried to explain this visually below.
  6. Site URL: https://www.rushofitall.com/ I used this code (from @Andrius, in another question) to hide tag display at the bottom of blog posts: .blog-meta-item--tags { display: none; } This works, but I wonder how I might take it a step further and only hide certain tags. Even better if this could work with a wildcard, so only tags with a certain prefix would be hidden (like the "#private" tags available in Ghost). What I'm really looking for is a way to make a set of administrative tags that never show, while also still being able to use topical tags the way they're intended.
  7. We need a way for customers to pay invoiced amounts on a SquareSpace site. Essentially a service with a "filled in" dollar value. We were originally told we could use the Donation Block for this but the "Donation" and "Contribution" labels cannot be modified. Process we need: customer receives invoice goes to website enters form information enters payment amount payment processed customer received email receipt client receives email notice. The donation block actually has the function we need we just can't modify the current labels in SS.
  8. Site URL: http://www.mistoa.mx/accesorios/p/posavasos-duna http://www.mistoa.mx/accesorios/p/posavasos-duna password: 1234 Hi! I am trying to increase the size of the thumbnails that appear beneath the main product image. They are really small and would love to make them more visible. Is there any way of doing this with CSS? Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://robin-khaki-7l6n.squarespace.com/test-styles-page I've been trying to add a Google font (that is not available on the list of available SquareSpace fonts) using the following CSS: @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Barlow:wght@100&display=swap'); @font-face {font-family: 'Barlow', sans-serif;} p {font-family:'Barlow'; font-weight: 100;} While I'm in the midst of editing the custom CSS, the fonts on the page display properly. However, after I save the CSS and navigate to a different page, all the fonts change to a random font (and not even a s
  10. I am developing a website for a public library, and would love any suggestions/ideas to format the navigation menu(s) to look like books on a shelf. In addition (or instead), are there any ways of creating clickable sections within a single image? I am interested in uploading a floorplan of the library that would allow people to click on various sections (e.g. where the "history" section lives in the physical building), which would then open a page with online resources or information related to that particular section of the library. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!
  11. Site URL: https://www.lessisbetter.co.uk Hi all, I was wondering if it's possible to add some kind of call to action button under each store item, that takes you straight through to the checkout page? It seems like it'd be a bonus to be able to click straight through, and make buying an item more immediate.. Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Henry
  12. Hey Guys, I have a juice company, and we are trying to create an advanced checkout option. Right now all of our packages will be a 3-day juice cleanse which includes 6 different bottles. You can either pick from our premade options (with our recipes), or there will be a customized option, where you can select between 30 different ingredients and make your own flavor. Is there anyway to make a drop down for each of the 6 bottles, but only have a custom checkbox section pop up if they select customized product in the dropdown menu? We only need the checkbox to appear when they want to do a
  13. Site URL: http://goodwellandbetter.com Hello, I have the custom code I would like to display, its the landing page of the website that I only want to view my p5 sketch, so I embedded it as an iframe. The only issue now is getting the iframe to resize to the height of the screen, so my sketch can be fully visible on different screen sizes without having to scroll. Please help me solve this issue! I entered the following code in Page-->Settings-->Advanced-->Header-->>>> <style> #site-title {display:none!important;} #page.container {di
  14. Site URL: http://scunci.com/ Hi everyone, How I can add custom text on checkout page for each product ?
  15. Site URL: https://www.heartoflivingyoga.com/shop/sutra-practice-cards Hello! I'm doing some admin work for a friends website and they have request that for just one of their products in the shop, they would like the 'add to cart' button to be customised so it takes anyone who clicks on it to an external site where the the customer can then complete the purchase through the external site. I can't see any simple options for doing this and imagine I have to edit some code, which I'm not confident at doing. Could someone please help me by providing an easy to understand guide for this
  16. Site URL: https://www.drinkingwithbeers.com/ I'm looking for a web designer that can make a few tweaks to the Member Area on my site. I just want to change some of the built-in wording if that's even possible? I've been searching the designers via SquareSpace but I don't need a full service design solution...just someone who can make a few simple adjustments. Anyone out there willing to do this or have any recommendations? Thank you!
  17. Site URL: http://mrsnancygallardo.com šŸ‘‹ I've been trying to add custom shapes to this specific section on my website but I'm having a hard time right the correct code, this is the DIV ID for the page section <div class="content page-content" id="about-page" data-url-id="about"> <div class="content-inner has-content" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1617112262537_679"> At first I thought it was easy enough to create a html code of an image to place in the Advanced section for the page but this didn't seem to work at all <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/st
  18. Site URL: https://nectarine-oboe-kme5.squarespace.com/trial-or-never Hi there Can anyone please help me with the integration of a Youtube video in Squarespace (autoplay and loop must work individually for each video). Our client is a photographer and she does NOT want that anyone can see that the video is embed from YouTube on her website. No headline, play button, sharing icon ecc..... It should look like in version 1 - but would be much easier if it works with YouTube. https://nectarine-oboe-kme5.squarespace.com/trial-or-never password: nowornever Many thanks and
  19. I'm hoping someone can tell me how to add a vertical line beside an H2 heading like what's shown in the photo. I feel like there is an easy solution to this I just can't figure it out...I want it to be a global change so hopefully there's just a way to target all h2 headings and add some custom css in? Thanks in advance!
  20. Site URL: https://www.scunci.com/ HI everyone, I add custom form for my product and I want show that form under title, but that form loading in lightbox after click on "add to cart" button. How can I load that form after title ?
  21. Site URL: https://salmonsamurai.com I've tried to provide my customers with the ability to customize their orders as much as possible, but it'd be great if they could directly customize their orders on the product page itself. With Squarespace's default variant features, it's impossible as this creates 100s of variant combinations which just crashes the page entirely. Is there a code to provide multiple product variations with its respective pricing attached? E.g. Product X + Variant A + Variant B = $5 Product X + Variant B + Variant C = $7
  22. Site URL: https://steve-lewis-7h8y.squarespace.com/pantry Hi, I'm wondering if I'm able add a text box above the category nav of a product page? This is for a food business that wants to stipulate pickup hours and procedures for COVID-19 curbside pickup. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Site URL: https://mayellre.squarespace.com/rentals Howdy SQSP forum! I'm looking for a way to redirect or change the link of my products on my products page from the automatic product pages they link to, to other individual pages I have already created. I'm using products for the rentals because I will be using them with the "Advanced Map Block" plugin & "Universal Filter" from Michael at squarewebsites. These are not totally integrated yet though. I've done a lot of reading on the forum and I think it will require javascript?? šŸ˜… Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
  24. Site URL: https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1 I am trying to figure out how to show 2 items per row for my online store on mobile device. I tried the codes from other posts but they didn't work and they broke my mega menu plugin (CSS code). Is someone able to help? https://www.edxulondon.com/shop-1 Many thanks in advance!
  25. Site URL: https://www.desexquis.me/ I need assistance on how to add the universal filter on my website. I recently purchased it, but Iā€™m having a hard time adding it
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