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  1. I added this code to design > custom CSS, from a recommendation on another post on how to add background images to all blog posts. /* Site background image */ body[class*="collection-type-blog"] { .section-background, .page-section { background: transparent !important; opacity: 80% } & { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/600a59513babe51392084795/t/63dd7683ab977736bbd31344/1675458179121/unsplash-image-WsEbnsnKbUE.jpg); background-size: 100% 100%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; background-color: transparent !important; }} If I don't add the line that specifies opacity, I don't see my background image, but when I do, even the pictures I add inside the post are now opaque. I just want my background image to be opaque, not the foreground images. Here is my website with some examples. Any one who can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you! https://www.electricwellness.com/science/emf-mechanisms-of-action
  2. Hey Squarespacers -- I'm a bit stuck. I have a site that the client has maxed out the gallery section (250+ images). They want to continue to add images over time so I need to split the images into separate galleries. As you can see on the current page there is a filter plugin that allows the user to filer the images. I'm thinking of setting it up with buttons to hide and show sections with the different galleries in place. Similar feel but would fix my maxed out image issue. Problem is, I'm stuck on the code! Anyone have experience doing this sort of thing that can share?
  3. Site URL: imdanielduncan.com Hi, I was wondering if there is any way I can create a "Slide up button on hover" effect in Squarespace like the one on https://www.mous.co/. A drop shadow on hover along with the slide up animation would be nice, but is not necessary. I am on version 7.1 and have the Personal Plan. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.lacreme.ae/ I've just found out (from Squarespace live chat) that it is NOT possible to customize the JOIN form for member areas. I want to capture additional information about users when they register to join my member area. This seems like a pretty basic and obvious functionality. Surely every business requires this. Am I missing something? Functionality I'm trying to achieve: 1 member page (yes, only 1 page!) in my site is only available to registered users (members) if a non-signed-in user tries to go there they go to an access denied page and are challenged to JOIN or SIGN IN - once done successfully they can go to the member page if a signed-in user tries to go there they get to the member page without challenge This is all working fine BUT ... the Squarespace JOIN form only asks for firstname, lastname, email, create password, re-type password. I want to ask for additional information: mobile number, date of birth, nationality, which part of the country they live in, interests (tags) ... this will allow me to send more relevant comms to them. This seems pretty straightforward to me but I just can't figure it out. I've asked Squarespace live chat and they tell me I need to use their regular member area JOIN form and then ask members to fill in another separate form! This would really suck. I love Squarespace and I just cannot believe something so simple isn't possible! Would really appreciate any ideas, examples or help please.
  5. Hello Squarespace community! I tried everywhere to find an answer to my dilemma: how to build a pattern tester on Squarespace. Maybe someone could help me figure out how to build such a pattern tester landing page. Below i am including 2 examples, one colleague made it in Wordpress, and another on Squarespace: https://bardotbrush.com/repeat/ https://majafaber.com/patterntester I'm trying to build the same tester for my website but I search the web through, and no answer hmm. It is a tester for testing pattern tiles for surface pattern design. You drop your pattern tile, and the tester multiplies the tile, so that you can see better what your pattern will look like when repeated. This tester also includes a handle that allows to change the scale of your pattern preview: you can make it smaller or bigger, and this helps you testing if it is a well-balanced pattern. I'm including one screenshot of what it looks like when you drop a pattern tile into it. I'd love to buy you a virtual coffee if you help me figure this out! :)
  6. Why every time when I open a page from the navbar or when I open the site for the first time, I get the scroll to top button that appears first in the middle of the screen in full, can anyone help? This site: https://black-media.squarespace.com/ Password: demo
  7. Site URL: http://brownleepress.com I'd like to add a pricing grid to my website, where I list quantities and prices for things, sorted by size. I like the situation on https://www.stickermule.com/products/die-cut-stickers ... is this possible? Maybe it's a thing already but I just don't know what to call it? I don't need it to be hooked to my shop or anything. I just want to create something for reference.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to add a second line to my site title? I'd like to put the text CINEMATOGRAPHER below my name in the header, but can't seem to find a way to do it. Many thanks in advance for any advice or assistance! Regards, David
  9. Hey guys - is there anyway to make the lines thicker on the hamburger menu icon on https://mandolin-spinach-fnj6.squarespace.com/ pword: 1234 Current code: //menu for web// .header .header-burger{display:flex} .header-nav, .header-actions {display:none} .header--menu-open .header-menu { opacity: 1; visibility: visible;} Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://robin-khaki-7l6n.squarespace.com/test-styles-page I've been trying to add a Google font (that is not available on the list of available SquareSpace fonts) using the following CSS: @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Barlow:wght@100&display=swap'); @font-face {font-family: 'Barlow', sans-serif;} p {font-family:'Barlow'; font-weight: 100;} While I'm in the midst of editing the custom CSS, the fonts on the page display properly. However, after I save the CSS and navigate to a different page, all the fonts change to a random font (and not even a sans-serif font!). Furthermore, when I inspect the code, it says that the font displayed is Barlow (see screen shot) Then the weirdest thing: when I navigate back to the Custom CSS area, the fonts change back to the "Barlow" font specified in the CSS. Without me making any changes! Just by navigating to that screen. Can anyone help?
  11. Hello! Is there a way to have only one section of text fade in? I see that you can set a global setting for a site (design-->site styles) but I would like only the text on this page to fade in when the page loads: leantopictures.com/about Thank you! David
  12. pw:hausofibe I am wanting to achieve something like this. I can add the border using ( .sqs-lightbox-padder img ) as a CSS selector. Is there an attr I could select for this to append a button element to this?
  13. Site URL: https://steve-lewis-7h8y.squarespace.com/pantry Hi, I'm wondering if I'm able add a text box above the category nav of a product page? This is for a food business that wants to stipulate pickup hours and procedures for COVID-19 curbside pickup. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, Is there a way to change the background image for each of the pages on my site? Ideally, I'd like a different image for each page. "About" would have a specific image, "Fiction" would have its own image, and so on. I've done some digging, but haven't had much luck. Thank you! site: www.catlynladd.com template: Aviator
  15. I was wondering if there is a simple way to add a zoom in / slide up on hover effect to a Gallery Grid: Strips section in Squarespace 7.1 (personal plan.) Thanks!
  16. Hi, I would like to add individual category descriptions on the category pages in the store. Any idea how to go about it? it´s the same text that´s showing across the entire store. hope someone is able to help. thanks a lot!
  17. I just redid my website using the IMPACT template on version 7. My website background is black and the header and body text is white. Everything looks great except I have one page that is text heavy and I believe a little hard to read with the black background. Is there custom CSS I can do to allow me to change the background on just one page to white and make the heading and body text black? I want to keep the overall aesthetic of the black but just this one page white so it's easier for clients to read. Thanks
  18. Hi everyone! I've been trying to find how to add a toggle/accordion on my products page as my ingredient list is a little long & not very appealing on the eye. There doesn't seem to be much flexibility when it comes to adding various features to the product pages so I will need to learn how to code properly at some point. For now, I've attached an image below of what I'm looking for, hopefully someone can help:) Thank you!
  19. Hello everyone! I am attempting to create a zoom effect on an image when the cursor hovers over it. I have actually implemented this in another website, but the same code is not working for the website I am currently customizing. This is the code I am trying to use (for one image block): #block-023806cef06d554ac6aa {img:hover {transform: scale(1.1); transition: .4s;}} Site url: www.lexiezookphotoandfilm.com Site PW: lexiezook Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Site URL: https://hexahedron-mandarin-ksp4.squarespace.com/ My client is asking if I can have her navigation & logo overlaid over an image carousel (exactly like this site). I know it's possible with a static image or with a video using the "dynamic" header style–– but I haven't been able to find a built-in solution to mimic the example site. Anyone have thoughts? Pass for site is: redacted
  21. Site URL: https://miguelmateas.com/daily-picks Good morning! Does anyone know how to edit the placeholder text in the search box from "Search" to something else? Thank you in advance of your help! Miguel
  22. I am trying to add the following code to have my vet widget on my website and nothing I do works. I have gone into the advanced area and added this code to the footer of the code injection area and it is not working. <script> (function (v, e, t, s) { e.televet = e.televet || { id: v }; var o = t.createElement('script'); o.async = true; o.src = 'https://connect.televet.com/shim.js'; var r = t.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(o, r); })('ckgzwmmxp05sj0711dbfpnlcg', window, document); </script>
  23. Hey folks! Planning a site right now. I'm finding myself really drawn to this multipage product customization flow that appears on: https://mybillie.com/pages/get-started I'm hoping to brainstorm ways to bring this to the site I'm building. It's e-commerce for consumable products and I'd love to allow users to select subscription frequency (or a one-off purchase) in a similar way to the example website. I think one of the issues that may arise logistically is AFAIK Squarespace doesn't allow subscription and non-subscription products in the same cart. I do not know if this information is current, but if so, this could pose an issue. In that case, would their be an alternative/plugin that could be used as a workaround to manage subscriptions. Really appreciate input here! Thanks.
  24. Hi! I am looking to change my portfolio image to a video instead. Below I have attached an example of the image. Does anyone how to customize the code so that a video appears instead of image on the portfolio landing page?
  25. What is the shortest path to reliably making BOTH the header and foot sticky (position: fixed)? I've built a barebones site that uses a sticky header + footer. On window.innerWidth / innerHeight changes, I adjust the position of the footer, and poof, done. However, Squarespace appears to make this basic layout task a serious chore. The header disappears while scrolling, and there is a mountain of CSS / JS getting in the way of me understanding how to make a fixed footer. Can someone tell me what the magic JS is to stop the header from disappearing while scrolling, as well as making both the footer + header sticky? Or maybe there's some option buried in a menu I can click for these options? I'm an oldschool C guy who built modern sites with C# / PHP / etc. Answer any way you like, I'll take suggestions. jQuery dependencies will only slow down UX, but I'm willing to use it if someone has a quality suggestion. Thanks!
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