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  1. Hi all, is there a way I can get the product tally / count to show up on my store page? To be next to the title category and/or next to the individual categories in the cat bar.... Thanks in advance. Lana
  2. I'm wondering if there is a way to sell products on a sliding scale while still tracking inventory. I tried creating variations for different prices, but that creates issues with inventory since it requires that inventory be set at the variation level and I need inventory to be set at the product level (for instance, I have a loaf of bread that I would like the customer to pay between $6 and $10 for, but I want to set the inventory at the "loaf of bread" level, not at the individual price levels). Thanks!
  3. Hi fam! I'm creating an affiliate blog/store. I won't be fulfilling any products of my own. I'd like to use the standard shop setup, but all products will link out to external e-commerce sites and Amazon affiliate product pages/links. I want to show the products on my site as a typical store. However, I don't want a cart feature. I've hidden ALL sizing, variant, etc. information so that just the price and description show. (See image attached.) Now, I'd like to show a button in the description that says BUY, with a link to the external URL. How can I do this? I'm unable to add any blocks. I can add a button under the "Additional Info" tab when I try to edit the product. But this button shows up under the image and looks weird. How do I do this? Please see image. Thank you all!
  4. Site URL: https://nicnacmakes.ca/shop Unable to add a background image to my store page in CSS. I've tried everything that I've read on this forum and still cant seem to make it work 😞
  5. I have a client wanting the store intro section to change to the title of a the category selected when each category is selected. Is this possible? TIA.
  6. Site URL: https://www.houseofflow.co/shop/cityflows-keithpartington Hi All. I have a quick question and hopefully it's an easy fix - but I can't for the the life of me figure out how to expand the description for items in my store. For some reason it's just left-aligned, but I want all of the wording to cover the width of the item's image. Please see attached photo and link to one of the items. Thanks as always for your help!
  7. Site URL: https://sponge-falcon-c4ef.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there, I'm trying to find some code that will help me have two headings for my product listings in the catalogue page. See image below, I would like the range name "From Merino with Love" to be in bold and then the product name "Romance Long Sleeve" sitting on the line below in normal font. Does anyone know how I can easily do this? Thanks in advance
  8. Site URL: https://www.stigfloberghagen.com/store/p/slow-autumn I have searched but not found the answer Is there a way to add lightbox to store items photos?
  9. Site URL: https://adrianrydzluxuryprints.com I have been struggling to display my landscape and portrait orientation pictures in original orientations on Store Page and Product Detail Pages. As everyone knows, squarespace lets you to display photos only in one orientation that makes all others pictures cropped. That is insane and I reported it to them, but they dont do anything with it for years. Long time ago I fixed it with some css codes but I never been really happy with the result because my picture orientations are displayed in very small size compared to landscape orientations pictures. I would like to have my portrait orientation pictures in the bigger size like here... https://shop.jimmychin.com/collections/favorites I tried to hire some people to fix it but no one ever replied to me haha. Does anyone know if it is possible to change?
  10. Site URL: https://falcon-avocado-k4w3.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm working on setting up a photography print shop site. Currently using the Palmera template. I want to be able to add a second line of text (subtitle with artist name) under each item, both in the grid and the product detail pages if possible. It should look like the attached images. Ideally should also be able to lightly style this line of text, so it's smaller and a different color/opacity than the title. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Site URL: https://www.whitmanptsa.org/ I'm an admin on a local PTSA website, and my client is having issues managing orders on the site. One user in particular cannot edit order details when using a web browser - clicking on an individual order does nothing. I suggested she restart her browser, flush her cookies, restart her computer, use a different browser, but nothing seems to work. I even tried logging in to her account and trying myself, but that didn't work either. I can edit the orders if I'm on the site using my own admin account, so it's not a site-wide issue. The curious thing is that this user can, however, edit order details when using the Squarespace app (using her same login credentials). Any ideas what I can do here?
  12. Site URL: https://crytime.art/ Hi there! This is just a small thing, but I am interested in adjusting the distance between one of my graphics and my shop navigation. This is just a mobile problem. Attached is what my site looks like on mobile, and an example of what I would like the spacing to look like. If this is a simple fix, I would appreciate the help! Thanks, Sophia
  13. Site URL: https://squid-poodle-dnew.squarespace.com/events I have been using some custom code to add filters to a site I am working on (the code is for the plugin 'universal filters'). The filter on the store page was working fine for the last 3-4 weeks whilst I was building the site until yesterday, but suddenly it stopped working. I have another filter on the home page of the site using effectively the same code, just with different options selected, and that is still working fine. I presume this is related, but I have also started to see errors in the store page. The store has changed to be a blog according to the menus, although it sometimes appears as a store still and sometimes as a blog. I also can't save the menu that appears when you click on the cog for the store page. Obviously my first thought was to remove the code to see if it made any difference, but I cannot remove the code as I cannot save anything in that window. I click the save link but nothing happens. I spoke to squareSpace support and they said to take all the custom code out and see if that fixed it. They seemed to be able to remove the code, as it was removed when I was on the live chat, but as part of testing I added it back in and now I can't remove it again. I am not sure if this is actually related to the code though to be honest, as even when customer support removed the code the issues persisted. I have noticed that there seems to be an updated version of the product pages in my account and I am wondering if it is some kind of bug related to this. Is anyone else seeing anything similar or does anyone know how I can resolve it? The site is here https://squid-poodle-dnew.squarespace.com/ and the store page is here https://squid-poodle-dnew.squarespace.com/events
  14. Site URL: https://tgtfresh.squarespace.com/ password: 0815 (it's in mandarin) Since learning that my country and its currency (Taiwan) are not supported by Squarespace Commerce, I've tried, and partially successfully changed some portions of my store into using the Shopify Buy Button system. However, since I'm quite bad at these things, I've found Shopify's interface, and the embedding system particularly confusing, and haven't been able to recreate many of the key elements that previously existed in my Squarespace shop. I was wondering if anyone has experiences with, or examples of, successful/functioning implementations of this on their Squarespace shop. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Some of the key issues that I encountered: Needing bigger product pop-ups after clicking "open product details" No zooming when hovering over product pictures with cursor No way of organizing the store (like how it's automatically done with tabs and breadcrumbs with Squarespace) (If some products overlap in their categories, would I have to just do duplicates?) Can't customize the cart at all / Is there a way to replace the original cart on the top right with the Shopify one? Or at least move / change the appearance of it (I have hidden the original cart, and hidden the footer add to cart so the Shopify cart appears universally) (Is there a way of sorting with a drop down menu?) (Is there a way of having more than one product per row on mobile, and more than 3 per row on desktop?) (If the pop ups cannot be enlarged / covering the page, and I'd have to use shortcuts to new pages to mimic a shop, which format would be best as a replacement store as a hub to redirect to each product?
  15. We’d like to use the Squarespace store area as a more sophisticated way to display our product than the gallery areas offer. But we don’t want to show pricing or offer for immediate sale, so the price add to cart and quantity fields are not wanted. How do we remove them?
  16. I'm looking at setting up a "Member's Area" (as in https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050832771) and as far as I understand it they purchase the membership when they try to access the Member's Area. Is it possible instead to sell that membership in the store? In our use-case a membership provides you with a number of offline perks/features (which is what users are used to) as well as the member's area (which will be new to them). Knowing our clientele it will be much easier if the membership they buy in the store would also allow access to the Member's Area. Or failing that, is it possible to require us to approve the Member's Area membership before they are able to log in, so we could confirm they have paid their annual membership? Hopefully that explanation is clear enough.
  17. Site URL: https://www.greta-sisu.com/market Greetings! How might I remove the gray line on the store page? What is the best way to add some spacing between the product image and the descriptive text below? Thanks for any advice you may offer! Hummingbird
  18. Site URL: https://www.thewiltshirescentcompany.co.uk/ Hi, I am currently in the middle of revamping our site and I have set up multiple store pages according to the product type, these are candles, reed diffusers and wax melts plus others in the nav. I prefer this layout as it allows me to customise the individual sections for each of my product types, I use headline 1 with a text section below it followed by the products. If there is a way you can have an individual page for each category then that would resolve my issue as I could move everything into a single store and used categories to manage my products. Ideally there are a couple of things I am trying to achieve; - I want to create another store page i.e 'New In' which displays products from already created store pages. I couldn't see a way that allows you have to have product in your inventory across multiple store pages. - Have products displayed in the related products section using a tag across the multiple store pages. It appears tags only display within the 1 store page. I hope I have provided enough information by please let me know if any points need clarifying further? Thanks, Alex ps. the temp password for the site is !Wiltscentco2021#
  19. Site URL: https://lime-koala-f88e.squarespace.com/ Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to place a background image behind my products on my store page (or store collection). If possible, I would also like to be able to place images in the background of my product details as well, but this is my second priority. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Site is : https://lime-koala-f88e.squarespace.com/ Pass: doggydog
  20. Site URL: https://bigkidbakesale.squarespace.com/ Hi There, I'd like the "Shop By Bakery" sub-categories to always be visible. It is only visible when you actively click on the Shop by Bakery link. Is it also possible to make this actively bold without it being clicked on? site password: bigkidbakesale Thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://www.stellaronline.com Hi everyone, about to possibly drop all of my Wordpress sites and move over to Squarespace. I currently use Barn2Media’s password protected categories plugin for our client’s online stores. Wondered if anyone else has been able to create a work around with Squarespace in regards to having Password Protected Private Online Stores for their clients? thanks in advance
  22. Site URL: https://www.cisgroup.co.nz/shop/h9xztvjggdqp3ok5b9ngfnhfygh7nd Hi, I am having some trouble trying to change the look of the product variant dropdown selection, see image. is there a way to do this in the menus or with css?
  23. Not something I can explain too easily. I sell photography prints where I only offer a small number os sizes and that it. I also offer the same image in a fine art museum print but I only want to offer that Fine Art Print in two of the four sizes. is there a way to do this with either CSS or HTML? I dont want to create an entire new item if at all possible.
  24. Site URL: https://www.aescend.com.au Hi brains trust Looking for some help with my product categories on the main store page please! I found some code on this forum to help with scaling the categories on my store page when in mobile view as they were on a single line and off the screen. The same code (which I now can't find) also I thought was to help with deleting the category bullets however mine are still present. I think it may be a problem with code I included to change the standard round bullet to a dash (see screen shot), however when I delete this the bullets throughout the rest of the site disappear too 😞 Ideally the categories would be vertically aligned on a desktop screen and squarespace then seems to automatically horizontally align them on mobile view (which is fine). I just need to get rid of the bullets when they are horizontally aligned Thanks in advance!
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