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  1. I've seen this questions asked a few times but with no answer, or none that work for me. There is no tab option for background image when I am editing my store. Attached is the screen shot of my options.
  2. Site URL: https://silver-plane-8any.squarespace.com/config/pages/5fec789d508897782dacf081/categories/5fec9135130d9f72176a9104 Hi I'm setting up a new website in order to upgrade and transition from version 7.0 website. I'm learning as I go along so bear with me please. I've managed to resolve the variants which is a helpful set up. However it is also restrictive unless I'm missing something. I'm trying to allow customers to do a gift box and with that they get a base item (wax burner in this instance) but they can choose which scented wax melt they want. So the stock is actually 1, the
  3. With the squarespace store, is there a way to create a table with 7 products and each product has the ability to have different quantities using one add to cart button? This is an example of a similar site using this functionality (see below). This screen grab has red dots where the variable quantity input actually appears.
  4. Site URL: https://www.fabmo.org/fabric-1 Is there a way to add a block below the product list (but above the footer) on a store page? We want to repeat the navigation in the store "intro block" below the product listings, so visitors remember our products are spread across more than 1 page (because of the Squarespace 7.0 200 product limit).
  5. Site URL: https://www.forloveanddessert.com.au/ Hello, I would like to create a drop down menu in my header for the categories in my store but I am unsure how to do this.
  6. I was wondering if I could set up an online store that accepts e-transfers and cheques without customers necessarily needing to pay with a credit card. I would basically want a customer to checkout of the store without having paid, assuming that they will pay me in person upon delivery. Thanks!
  7. Site URL: http://www.electricalaudio.com We are creating a list of equipment, and have separated the categories into different stores. For one store, where the items are typically vertical, 2:3 aspect ratio is ideal, for another ultra-widescreen would be best, but for another two or three standard 4:3 would be ideal. If I change the image aspect ratio on one store, it changes across all stores. I think I can do this with some html injection on the store's pages, and I think the class I need to operate on is "ProductItem-gallery-slides, I'm just not sure what property/ value to
  8. Site URL: https://www.honeycuttboutique.com/ Hi, So recently I added the shopify lite buy button to my products because squarespace doesn't automatically calculate sales tax for me. On my online store I have a section (store page) called new arrivals, and each product on that page is linked to the other individual pages (folders) in my store. The only way i was able to add the shopify buy button on that specific page was by adding a completely new section. So Now the page has duplicate items. Is there a way to delete the original items without having to delete the whole store page and its fo
  9. Site URL: https://www.caminodelvino.co.uk/wine Hi Squarespace Forum, I'm trying to incorporate the stacking design option for my product images. However, when I use this option and move my cursor over the image, the 'zoom' element for the 'Hover action' goes all funny and essentially zooms in on the corner of the image - not ideal... This is almost likely to be a bug in Squarespace at the moment and I have made them aware. In the meantime whilst the issue gets fixed, is there a CSS solution I can use to this problem?? Thank you!
  10. Site URL: https://impala-nectarine-4s9h.squarespace.com/config/design Hi, I have created multiple stores within my site for different styles of product and then put categories within each store. When I go onto the main page of my store, there is a menu linking to all the different categories of products, but when you go onto the page of a category, the navigation to all the other categories dissappears, is it possible to keep this navigation on all category pages and not just the main store page?
  11. Hello all, I have a client who wants to sell some items in units and others by the pound. Is there CSS to display the text "per lb." in the store page after SOME of the products, but not all? Also is there CSS that could change the text "QTY." on the shopping cart to "QTY/LBS" Thank you!
  12. Hi there, My site is not yet published, currently making it for the first time. I am using the 'store' feature which has example items for sale from the base template. However, I am not selling products on my site, instead, I am recommending products that are on amazon using an affiliate marketing model. Is there a way to somehow link a product within the store to Amazon? For instance, instead of the 'add to cart' option, can I replace it with a button to link to Amazon? The reason I am using the store/products page is because I want to create a carousel summary bloc
  13. Site URL: https://www.japachomes.co.nz/house-and-land-for-sale Squarespace has a price limit for products set to $1M. I'm looking to remove this price limit from my website. I have set up a website for my clients' realty listings, but some of the listings are more than 1 million dollars. My client wants the house prices to be displayed in the main store, but Squarespace limits the price amount to anything under 1 million. At the moment I have the price set to “POA” and the price written in the description. Is there a code to have prices over $1M display in the main store?
  14. Site URL: https://ordinarypeople.info/ Hello 😀 Can I change the cart page color theme? Since my shop page(https://ordinarypeople.info/shop) has white background, I want to change the current cart page (https://ordinarypeople.info/cart) with black background to white, as same as the shop page color theme. Thank you!
  15. Site URL: http://www.terroir-imports.com Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to make multiple promotional pop-ups that open on different pages? Currently I have the promotional pop-up enabled so that when a new client goes to my website it prompts the client to choose to visit the French or English site. However, I would like to add another promotional pop-up that would only appear in both of my online stores (English and French). Any idea on how to do this? Thanks 🙂 English Online store French Online Store
  16. Site URL: https://falcon-avocado-k4w3.squarespace.com/ Hello! I'm working on setting up a photography print shop site. Currently using the Palmera template. I want to be able to add a second line of text (subtitle with artist name) under each item, both in the grid and the product detail pages if possible. It should look like the attached images. Ideally should also be able to lightly style this line of text, so it's smaller and a different color/opacity than the title. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance!
  17. Hi there, Wondering if there is a way to change the styles for the shop category links in Brine to match my main header navigation? I've made my main nav so the active page in the header is the site accent color and the links have a strikethrough effect on hover. Is there a way to also add these effects for my shop navigation? The site is not live yet, but I'll attach a screenshot. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://oddthing.co.nz/ Hi there, I'm looking for some help with the number of product thumbnails displayed per row on my store. I have created a product page which has three thumbnails per row. Currently the three thumbnails reduce to two thumbnails per row when viewed on mobile. When viewing on mobile, I would like this to change to one thumbnail per row & ideally two thumbnails per row for tablet. Is this achievable with custom css? Thanks for your help in advance! 🙂
  19. Site URL: https://www.anchoredsouldesigns.com/ Hi, I have a client that would like to transfer her Etsy store products to her website, however she already has her wholesale store setup with a password so only her wholesale clients can access that store. How do I set up a separate store for her retail clients?
  20. Hi, I have a v7.1 website that has a store with 6 categories. On the store page, I only want to display the products (ie thumbnails) for two of the categories. I still want the products in the other categories to be searchable but I just don't want them to display on the shopfront. Any advice on how to do this please?
  21. Site URL: https://www.thesproutcreative.com I have a quick question, is there a way to provide early access to my Patrons when products get updated? Short of making duplicate listings and putting them on a password protected page, I can't figure it out. Is there an easier way to give access a few days ahead of it going live for everyone else? I apologize in advance if this is not the right place for this question, this is my first tie using the forums.
  22. Site URL: https://www.ailierobertson.com/harp-music-shop Hi I wondered if anyone could give me some help. As you can see on my site shop (https://www.ailierobertson.com/harp-music-shop) I have digital and physical product variants, plus some bundles. The overall effect looks really messy. Is there a better way to created just one listing for each item, with e.g. a dropdown menu for the different variant options? Many thanks for any advice!
  23. Site URL: https://jackiarchibald.squarespace.com/ My client thinks there is too much white space between the navigation bar and her store heading. I can't find any built in way of reducing this. Is there a code so I can reduce this gap on the shop page and product pages? Pass: jackiearchibald
  24. Site URL: https://www.rivalarchery.com/ Hello! What code could I use to make my Rival Limitless product show up on the top of the screen on the home page, only on the mobile view, and leave the desktop view unaffected? Thanks! Skyler
  25. Site URL: https://www.coverartmarket.com/shop-pre-made-covers Hello I have a page in my website with over 50 seperate shop pages linked via carousel and I am trying to make it so it has pagination so the initial page doesn't take so long to load as it currently takes quite some time. I have linked the page above.
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