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  1. I was wondering if it's at all possible to adjust the SEO for individual categories within a shop. Since it's all different URLs I was hoping to have control over the SEO for every category. Instead, I could only find the SEO options for the store as a whole. If anybody could tell me whether this is possible or not I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been unable to find a solution to this ongoing issue and am looking for any possible help. My question is in regards to the category drop-down menu at the top of the product page. I was looking for a way to change the "CATEGORY" to "CATÉGORIE"? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi! I'm building my portfolio and I'm looking to add a categories filter into them. I've built the page and added each project as a single image block so it works with my layout, but I'd like for them to filter with set categories by type of project. Any suggestions/css that can help with this? Thanks!
  4. Hello, We have two categories on our inventory page "New Inventory" and "Pre-Owned Inventory". Under each category we have 5-10 subcategories. I'd like the subcategories of both categories to automatically show when someone goes to our inventory page. I've tried a few custom ccs code sequences and can't get one to work. I'd like to keep the menu on the left side as well. Any help is appreciated! 🙂
  5. Hello Squarespace code pros. I am working on a website for a non-profit organization. They have about 100 members and they want me to create text directory that only members can access. They don't actually have a member area thing setup, and don't really need that. I know that I can password protect a new page, but I'm wondering if there's a code that I can use to organize the members by first name, last name, phone, email, social links (see attached image) and also to allow an option to sort the information by first name, last name, or area of expertise, with a search bar that they can type into. The website url is creworangecounty.org. Thank you so much for your time!
  6. In version 7.1, from the main store page I can see a list of my categories. Is there any way to see the list of subcategories as well without having to click on the category?
  7. Hello. Could somebody please help me stack the video categories on mobile, just like I have done for our shop page? (grabbed code off web - cannot find for video page). Many thanks in advance. Pics of code used for shop page, and what page looks like now.
  8. Hello Squarespace team! It appears that for a few of my shopping page links, categories from the original website template (i.e. for the sample products) remain ("bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings" - things I do not sell!). They do not appear in my "categories" list under my store settings. Might anyone know how to remove these? Lydia
  9. I was having trouble orgainzing my categories. I decided to re-create the categories, move the inventory and delete the old categories. I moved all the inventory to the new categories and i'm unable to delete one categorie with 2 subcategories. The subcategories show 2 & 3 items in each but no inventory items actually appear. Any issues with this from others recently. How did you fix?
  10. I'm trying to use Ezoic for my ads, and one of the obstacles I'm running into is adding categories to my blog posts. I have them set up in Squarespace, but Ezoic is looking for them as meta data. Specifically, they are looking for the data is this format: <meta name="category" content="Food"> I would prefer not to manually add this line to every page, so I was wondering if it is possible (and how) to use a JS script to generate this meta data based on the Squarespace category. To add a little more complexity, I use multiple categories, but only one is relevant for this, so I'd also like to be able to add a conditional statement to return only the correct category. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
  11. Site URL: http://mattretzlaff.com Is there a way to re-order the product categories on the Shop page? I need them to be: All / Large Scale / Tabletop and Wall / Garden right now my site is password protected because it's not yet live pw: retzlaff
  12. trying to turn off image rotations when you get each category or story with products. the thumbnail image, once i hove my mouse over it starts playing the images in thumbnail size. can someone help me turn that off please? see RC Car Racing page as perfect example since this has been posted since they have multiple shirt examples and youll notice once you click on rc car racing page and hover over the images they will start rotating. thats what i need to turn off, i have version 7.1+, my friend with a lesser version tried to help me and his is different. thanks in advance!! D
  13. I know you can target blog categories in the code for additional styling, but can you stop a specific category from showing up on the main blog (list) page? I'd like to add a collection of posts, to be accessible only from it's category page url, and not with all the others. I know I could create a second blog and style that to match, but excluding a category sounds like it would be easier to manage and open up other potentials. Anyone know if this is possible or anything I could look into to try?
  14. Site URL: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com Hello, I have created a website with multiple individual pages that are each using a summary block to pull in graduates by category (this website is for a college graduation exhibit). Each graduates category is their major and the season they graduated. I would like to use the individual pages as the category pages because currently the link .../[blog name]/category/[category name] is uncontrollable visually. I want to use the individual pages so that for each major it says the major at the top of the page. Also the summary block I'm using has Lazy Summaries which allows me to view up to 100 grads. See an category page here: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com/graduates/category/Animation You can see that it says nothing at the top. I could add "Graduates" but if someone clicked on a major under one of the students names, it might be confusing if it doesn't say the major. See the individual page I made here: https://mcad-grad-exhibit.squarespace.com/animation You can see that it says "Animation" at the top. Ideally I would like to redirect the category slug to the simple slug I've created, the pages using the summary blocks. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. PW: grad2020
  15. Site URL: https://accountingheart.com.au Client has a blog which doesn't currently have categories. Trying to set up a category master list so that they can go into each post and select categories to assign to. When I go into blog settings and Advanced, Manage Categories, it says To manage categories, add them to posts in this blog first. So I go into a post, then add in all categories, save, but then can still not add to master list per above. In some posts cannot save categories at all to individual posts. Feels like a bug somewhere?
  16. Site URL: https://www.giftandcrate.com.au/shop I have my site set up with the product categories enabled as a sidebar. It was working perfectly before the weekend but now the category links have disappeared. They should be in black on the left hand side of the products. I does not matter whether I enable them in sidebar or at the top I see nothing, not even evidence that the link is there but just the same colour as the background. How do I get them back?
  17. Hi, I would like to add individual category descriptions on the category pages in the store. Any idea how to go about it? it´s the same text that´s showing across the entire store. hope someone is able to help. thanks a lot!
  18. Hi friends, So I have the category titles activated on my commerce pages, and I'm wondering if anyone has code for styling them. It's not an option in Site Styles. Seems like the default is however it's typed in the site header, just in H1. I tried replicating code I have for overriding the text styling on other areas of my site, but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas? Thx!
  19. Site URL: https://hampseshop.com Hi, How to add sub-categories in Squarespace 7.0. hampseshop.com Thank You
  20. Site URL: https://www.drstephaniemoody.com/health-wellness Hi, I I'm struggling to find out how to create a set of visible sub-category buttons within a summary block page, and I found the exact example --> https://www.drstephaniemoody.com/health-wellness This website is also created by using Squarespace, and I'm curious how they added the category buttons that filters out the blocks. I have tried this by adding a text-section like this, linking each text-button : But the problem here is that when I click one of the linked buttons, the page refreshes.. Should I have to add a customized CSS to create this using Isotope? At first this seemed like a pretty easy problem to solve, but surprisingly I couldn't find a single solution to this til now.. Please Help! Thank you so much in advance. I'm hearing a lot about the Universal Filter, but I can't afford the price, would be appreciated if you could refrain from suggesting the item! Thanks.
  21. Hi, Im using categories in my shop to separate different articles of clothing (tees, hoodies, caps, etc). For example "https://www.duhvoli.com/shop/hoodies" is a category page for all my hoodies. Google is ignoring these urls and suggests I "Alternate pages with proper canonical tag" (it choses the first product page under said category instead) How can I add canonical tag to category page? If it's not possible, what would be best solution to fix this? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://www.compas.org/artists Hello, We're an arts education provider and use our web store as a catalog of hirable artists. We use an archive block at the top of the page to allow users to sort the "products" by category, but in the last 24 hours, we've had some weird issues with the archive block. On the backend editor, the block will sometimes show up as completely empty (see attached image), and on the front end, it will disappear completely. I was unable to get a screen capture of what the page looks like when the archive block is missing, but I've attached an image of what it should look like. Is this a known issue? Anything we can do about this? Thank you!
  23. HI I am a non technical user But all I want to do is tidy up our small parts store so I can put all the parts for a pump into a category and the page just gives people a series of categories to find the spare parts for their product So Pumps would container, power supply/Impellors etc. I have spent time reading and following the steps and created a couple of categories but cant see how the products are nested in them. Any help for a newbie thanks
  24. Dear Squarespace family :) I'm planning to edit images on my website https://www.swav.ie/ .. by editing I mean, either way add it or not into specific categories and tags. Is there a way to do it in one bulk session? manually entering each image takes a lot of time.. is there a panel of which I can see/edit/all images at once? and then click/unclick category/tag ..hmmm.. I will appreciate your reply big time! Cheers from Ireland, Swav.
  25. In the member area, I'd like to provide a list of categories. This addition of categories on the left is already built into the sqsp builder: Next, when a member enters a category, I'd like them to find subcategories, each of which contains a bundle of videos. However, in the builder, once I enter into a category (say, for example, the Yoga category), the only option is to upload videos. I could not find a native method of producing a subcategory at this stage: I would really appreciate any help on solving this issue! How should one go about using code to circumvent this limitation - or am I missing something elementary here? Thank you! Babuji
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