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  1. Dear experts, I have three main navigation links – overview (hidden on the homepage), projects (with a submenu) and info. Depending from where I open the submenu this one looks different – which I don’t want. It looks like all links/pages from the folder projects are considered active at the same time. Please check this short video: https://www.loom.com/share/8f42364921a54f53a99005eafb0f66e1, where I switched several times between the two dropdown menu versions, so that it’s clear what I mean. Please check also the png attached for better comprehension. URL is: www.dg-artwork.de or https://aqua-fox-hw4m.squarespace.com Password: dga2023 Thank you very much in advance for your help Best regards. D*
  2. Hello, the dropdown view on desktop is great. I cannot replicate it in the mobile nav. This is what I have set up: .Header-nav-folder a {border-bottom:1px solid #ffffff} .Header-nav-folder{box-shadow: 5px 5px 15px rgba(0,0,0,0.25)} .Header-nav-folder a {padding-bottom:.5rem!important; } .Header-nav-folder{background:linear-gradient(to bottom, #fccb90,#f6854e) } /* dropdown items color */ .header-nav-item:hover a { color: #b0ddc9 !important; } .header-nav-folder-item a { font-color: #b0ddc9 !important; } #mobileNav .main-nav.mobile-nav a { background:linear-gradient(to bottom, #fccb90,#f6854e) } /* mobile dropdown items color */ .main-nav.mobile-nav hover a { color: #b0ddc9 !important; }
  3. Hello squarespace community, I've always disliked the way that squarespace shows it's menu options in the mobile view, but I've never been able to get the code right to fix it. Instead of showing the nested view after clicking a folder, I would like for the available pages to smoothly display underneath that folder as a drop down menu with the appropriate arrow directions too. This means hiding the 'back' link which I think have the right code for: .header-menu-controls-control[data-action="back"] { display: none; } I've attached a rough example of what I would like for the menu to do. HUGE thanks if you can also help with the CSS for the arrows to display on folders in the desktop view too!!
  4. Hi all, I'm starting a new website and one of the elements the client is asking for is a small section above the navigation bar for an image and some text (please see the attached). Seems simple to do, but I haven't been able to land a solution yet. Has anyone achieved something similar? Thanks, -Scott
  5. Hi there, I would love some help with adding breadcrumbs to this page: https://www.fitforlife.foundation/laureates2022 It's a level 2 page that can't be accessed from the main menu. I would like to add breadcrumbs at the top of the page to make it easier for the viewer to understand the page hierarchy. How it this possible? Does it require code-injection?
  6. Hi! I just added the 'Bulletins' button to the heading navigation here: https://www.saintandrewpasadena.org/. I can't get it formatted to match the other heading links in the smaller white font. Any tips?
  7. The account Icon I have used is not Clickable on desktop for some reason. Even when it was text it wasn't clickable. Does anyone know why? https://daisy-chiton-7gh8.squarespace.com Thanks so much for the help! Seriously appreciated!
  8. Hi. How to I get the logo further to the left...it's weirdly more centered than the button on the right.
  9. I have no idea how I've messed this up. On clients page, pages > main nav > links are not working to jump to page for editing? I changed two linked categories on main nav and now when I click on any of the links to view / edit a page using the side menu it just stays on the homepage? I need to scroll down to not linked and click on shop all to view the products. Clicking on the links in the nav on the preview side works fine (except for special occasions which comes up blank, but was working fine yesterday) What have I done? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I'm praying someone can help, hehe, as I've come up against the limit of my CSS knowledge! I've used the following custom CSS to center my mobile menu, for my Squarespace 7.0 Brine site, and it looks great: /* center mobile navigation menu*/ .Mobile-overlay-nav-item, .Mobile-overlay-folder-item { text-align: center; } .Mobile-overlay-menu { width: 100%; z-index: 1; } /*end code*/ This is the result: However, as you can see the secondary nav is a button (as I specified in my Site Styles) and it is for some reason still justified left. I've tried a number of things, inspecting the page elements and trying to force it with code like: .Mobile-overlay-nav-Mobile-overlay-nav--secondary {justify: center; text-align: center;} but that doesn't change it and I'm sure I'm making a basic error in the CSS. Can you point me right? Thank you so much! Ryan x
  11. Site URL: https://caper-harpsichord-tasl.squarespace.com/ I'd like to make a few updates to the mobile navigation slideout menu. I was able to change the font size of the regular navigation items but not able to change the size of the Login menu item. I'd also like to remove the blank space between the first menu item and the header. Thank you! url: https://caper-harpsichord-tasl.squarespace.com/ pw: art
  12. Hi there. I've opted for a single page website, and so far it's going great. https://www.bighandman.co.uk/ I'm looking to add navigation at the top of the site, and then have visitors jump to the exact part of the section (ie contact, about, etc). How would I go about doing this? Many thanks.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to find code to add the Ecwid Shopping Cart to the navigation panel / header panel of the Squarespace site. https://distriktbymia.ie/store I have the code for the Ecwid Store widget (<div class='ec-cart-widget'></div>) but don't know if it is possible to add / replace the Squarespace shopping cart with the Ecwid code in the navigation. I would like the cart to be visible on all page on the website so the customer can check-out easily from any page. Is there code to do this and where do I add it? Grateful for any insights on this
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I would like to move my search icon on my navigation to the opposite side (right side) next to the account icon. Is there a way to do this? Also, is it possible to get both of these icons in the navigation on mobile view to the right of the logo? i have attached pictures with where i would like these to be. Thank you in advance for any help!
  15. Hi. I have my header set as "dynamic" so it's transparent with the image below. However, when you scroll there is a brief "white background" that pops up for the header. How do I eliminate this so it stays transparent?
  16. Hello! I want to add a 'Contact' button on the mobile navigation bar on my website. How do I do this? Using Five template on Squarespace 7.0.
  17. My website is for my company, and one of our pages is a blog that displays a webcomic (we also have another blog page that's just for news). I would like that page (foreignpresscomics.com/fishstronaut) to have buttons on the bottom, either by adding new ones or by adjusting the blog navigation buttons that are already there, for first post, previous post, next post, and latest post, similar to the photo below.
  18. I've tried changing styles for the section...and I can't figure out why it's just a white box. How do I fix it?
  19. My navigation titles jump slightly. Stays fixed on title, FAQs and contact but jumps slightly when clicking between those 3 and work and about. Anybody else experience this kind of thing? Can't seem to find a fix.
  20. Hi there. I'm trying to put my cart (styled as text) in the same position as the navigation but I can't seem to do it. I can put it all in the same line if I set the Center Layour a as horizontal instead of stacked, which is of course something I don't want to do. The site is live: https://www.lostreseditores.org Thanks in advance!
  21. Hey all, I'm trying to achieve this effect and thought to ask here if you know the way https://ghostpluginssuper.squarespace.com/huey-page-sections/?password=ghost Thank you
  22. Hey folks. I was editing my SquareSpace page a few hours ago, and must've accidentally edited something. Because now clicking the Hamburger icon on my webpage no longer reveals its menu unless I'm the page size is about half the screen-size. As you can see in the image below, if I minimize the screen while in config mode, the Hamburger's menu appears as it should. But once I expand the page, the hamburger menu disappears and cant be re-opened. If I click on the hamburger icon, it does turns into an "X", but the hamburger menu does does not reveal itself. It seems like it has something do with screen size? In any case, is someone willing to help out? This is bit time-sensitive for me so a fast response would be greatly appreciated.,
  23. Hey! I'm using the new Squarespace 7.1 and am having some troubles finding any info on making the nav break at a certain point to enable the mobile hamburger icon for desktop. I don't want their typical nav for desktop, just wanting to have the hamburger icon across all devices. Thanks for any help! https://chameleon-porcupine-c7jc.squarespace.com/ password: 1234
  24. Site URL: https://www.templeglowwellness.com Hi! My header has suddenly disappeared. It was there yesterday and I've made modifications to the site in the last several weeks. Has anyone had this issue? Would greatly appreciate any insight! When I click "edit" in the top left corner, the header/n navigation bar reappears in it's original format, but if I click "done" it disappears again...version 7.1. Thank you, Astrid
  25. Hello, The phone version does not look the same than the computer version. On some pages, the text is not going on the same place than it should be Same question regarding the logo, on the phone version the logo is bigger than it should be How can I fix these issues please ? Thank you so much ! Céline
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