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  1. Site URL: https://www.thefriendsofACE.org Hi, Is there a way to customize the pop-up message that displays when the stock of a service is at 0? Currently, it shows the attached image but I'd like it to read "THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT - To add your name to the wait list, please email info@thefriendsoface.org" Is that possible? An example is when you click "add to cart" on this page: https://www.thefriendsoface.org/master-calendar/art-exploration-for-kids-wednesdays-85rel-xwezr-myggg-2hxaz-kj7gy
  2. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, I've created my first ever website and taken the plunge to create a small business. I've contacted Squarespace to see if it's possible to change the shop bar to improve navigation, and i'm looking to see if I can help with SEOs. However, I feel like my website is missing something - or I'm being too critical - and would appreciate any feedback (good and bad) to help me decide. Website: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Thanks for reading, Ellie
  3. I knew I should use another platform to build a store but I like building with SS so much that I risked...(( Is there an option to display product thumbnails on the Search result page with some custom code? I'm using Brine
  4. I have the categories set to top bar navigation. I would like the category navigation (all the categories) to remain in view on each category page (not product pages), with a highlight on the current category the viewer has clicked. Currently on my site when you click a specific category, the entire listing of categories disappears leaving only "all pieces /"* and the category you are on. *Further, I don't understand where the slash mark is coming from either as it is not part of my naming and I would like to remove the slash.
  5. I'm currently using Printful as my print-on-demand source for clothing, connected to my Squarespace website. I'm relatively dissatisfied with Printful, primarily due to their lack of communication when products are out of stock, and small printing issues that I've found inadequate. Squarespace, I'm very happy with. But I would like to know if there's other print-on-demand options for me, that integrate with Squarespace. Printify looks great, and their selection of products is really nice as well. The issue is that you can't connect to Squarespace, as far as I can see, and I don't really
  6. I want to set the maximum number of add-ons for a given product from a list of options. Here is an example of what I mean: I have a product that is 1 box of cookies (20) that you can order. I have a list of flavors (11) for those cookies that you can choose from but I only want to allow the customer the ability to choose only 4 flavors. If the customer tries to choose a 5th flavor for that one box of cookies, it won't be allowed. Is this possible?
  7. How do you add a logo to customer emails / invoice? Please explain in a way that a none coder will understand. Best Regards.
  8. Ive looked and came up empty handed. Is there a way to add thresholds pricing to quantities on items? For example, if you buy 1-10 of product A, its $15.99, but if you buy 10-20 of product A, they are 12.99. etc etc. I need a way to set the thresholds, and then hope that it also calculates it. TIA
  9. My client wants to add a separate line item/non-taxable deposit to certain products. Is there a way to do this? Client sells charcuterie boards and the deposit is for the board. If the customer returns the board they will be refunded the deposit, if not they are changed for it. So if the charcuterie board is $105 they want to create a $40 deposit fee on top of the $105 but it can’t be taxed and they don’t want to just add the fee to the base price - they want it separate. Any developers able to help?
  10. Hello, I've built this website in one language and duplicated every page to a 2nd language. However, to keep it simple, the shop page is the same for both languages to avoid creating 2 different inventory for the same product. Unfortunately this is not working because when someone choose to use the English menu (secondary) > goes to Shop > and return to the menu, the menu is back to Portuguese. This happens because in the secondary (English) menu, the shop link is just an hyperlink to the Shop in Portuguese (primary). * See bellow how my both language menus are div
  11. Site URL: http://www.nuestramesabk.com/menu Hello, I am trying to add an "Add to Cart" button to the products I'm displaying on a summary block. I found the following code below from a similar issue and it creates the button for each item with the correct appearance. When clicked, it just redirects to the page for the product. Website is nuestramesabk.com/menu <style> .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-block-setting-design-list .summary-item, .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item.positioned { padding-bottom: 50px !important; } .summary-content { position:relative; }
  12. I'm in Canada - and we use Moneris within our shop. We want our site for our customers to reserve cakes. We have a limited amount of cakes a week and commerce is the only option that allows us to put a cap on orders. We want our customers to pay in store, Is there a way we can remove the payment method at checkout? We still require their name and contact info, however we do not require them to pay online. Initially we set up a form for our customers to fill out, but there wasn't a cap amount. When I reached out to the Squarespace support team, they suggested we go the form method and ema
  13. Site URL: http://whizkidsbasketball.com Hello all, I run a website for a small basketball camp. Typically, we weren't as strict about registration levels as the staff figured out how to accommodate the extra athletes. This year with COVID, we need to be more strict about it for social distancing and precautionary reasons. The issue I have is that in my inventory, if a parent has two kids they register for Week 1 of basketball camp, it only takes one out of my inventory, not two. I thought about doing quantity, but we offer a discount for two athletes and I'm on the "business" plan
  14. I am on squarespace 7.1 I am hiding the product title on the product detail page with the following code h1.ProductItem-details-title { display: none !important; } because the breadcrumb already contains the title so this was redundant. I want to swap the product detail page and the additional info sections (elements i am not sure of the terminology here) so the additional info section lines up with the top right of the picture while the description is below in linging up with the bottom left. I attempted to solve this with the following code <s
  15. We're at the end stages with a client, with a fully built e-commerce store and just at the stage of populating it with products - everything else is complete. At the beginning they were happy with using Stripe and PayPal via Squarespace so we went ahead and built the website. A few months down the line, the company has been taken over mid-website and the new owner now wants to use WorldPay, which was not discussed at the beginning of the project. Has anyone got any success with integrating Squarespace with WorldPay / is it even possible? We have done research from our side and i
  16. Is there a way to customize the confirmation emails for each specific product you sell? I am selling registrations and have unique links / information I want to include for each service. There doesn't seem to be an option to do this. Any ideas?
  17. Square3space version 7.1 the product detail page breadcrumb contains only two links a link back to the storepage (first) and a link to its own page (last) .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:first or .ProductItem-nav-breadcrumb-link:last is there a way to insert a link before the first link ( I.E prepend ) to the breadcrumb menu? to see what i'm going you can go here : https://dove-capybera-nn4w.squarespace.com/oil pw: Fr9Db9%wN0*qwO3_rCY you can see the store page shows Gallery > Oils with one item under it. if you click on that item, the
  18. Site URL: https://www.gesamtkunstwerkshop.com/astro-ranch-list/z4md0ikgjrul6sfyz1glw6v3o88ia8 Hi! I'm wondering how to customize the "Back to" text on an individual product page. I'm using the Wells template. I've set up my web store as a summary because I like the layout better. However, if you click into a product it goes back to the list page it belongs to, and not the product page. My product page and where I would like the "back to" text to redirect is https://www.gesamtkunstwerkshop.com/astro-ranch Thanks in advance for your help!
  19. I have a client on the Basic Commerce package for their website. I am on the setting up shipping options step and preferably I want to offer real-time shipping rates with UPS and USPS as the options, based upon the weight of the product. What is the best and easiest way to set this up? Does my client need the Advanced Commerce plan to achieve this? Any advice would be great!
  20. Site URL: https://www.sundogbread.com/preorder Hi! Is it possible to turn off ordering for all products within a category at a specific time? We are a market bakery that turn off online orders at 10am twice a week, Wednesday (category) and Friday (category). Right now I am manually changing the inventory to 0 for those items, so anything that will be less time consuming will be helpful.
  21. Hi. I'm looking to build a directory. Checking into CommunityBox. However, this is a project that will become ecommerce in the future for some of the products. Hm.... Ecommerce already has search, categories, tags, images, custom content. Could I just use eCommerce and not sell anything? Thanks!
  22. Site URL: https://bison-apricot-b8el.squarespace.com/ Having trouble getting my store categories to stack on mobile, the last category "By Creator" is currently getting cut off— see screenshot. Help with appropriate code solution appreciated.
  23. Hi All, I actually posted for help in the commerce section, but figured while on, I would go ahead and submit a client site for feedback and overall impressions. In advance, I do know I have to change her favicon, hah. Relevant, or not relevant info, the client is a women's clothing boutique with a desired color scheme that was largely just black and white with tinges of color. Main purpose of course was e-commerce functionality and ability to sell via instagram as well. Would love to get feedback on the design for both pros and cons and areas to potential
  24. Site URL: https://www.swingsandwings.com/summer-camps-2021 We offer summer camps for kids as service items from our Commerce platform. Each camp sign-up requires parents to complete an intake form (kids name, age, parent's contact info, etc). We do not want parents to add multiple summer camps simply by changing the quantity from 1 to 2 in the cart nor checkout; if they want to enroll multiple kids into the same camp, they have to add the camp to the cart multiple times, each time filling out the intake form. We offer a promo for multiple camps booked on the same order, so the Express Che
  25. Hi, I am building up a site in which customers can order free samples of the product (carpet). We have done this though commerce which is working great. Only problem I now have is that the client wants to limit the number of samples a customer can order to 4... can this be done?
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