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  1. Site URL: https://www.davinepilates.com/ Hello, I am trying to create a page where my client can add pilates videos to this page and people can buy them and only have access to them within max. a week. I know Squarespace lets you sell videos but the client has constant access to it even though the link expires every week since Squarespace provides a new working link every time it expires. Does anyone know how to this? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://radonsystemalarms.com All items in my store have a sale price. I would like to create a discount for certain clients where they would receive 50% off the retail price, not the sale price. Is this possible?
  3. This wasn't an issue for me until the last few weeks. I print Order Invoices to use as packing slips. All of a sudden, my logo is embarrassingly huge when I print them. I've tried editing the logo in global email styles for customer notifications and it does not effect the size of the logo on Order Invoices. Help! I've resorted to physically cutting my logo off with scissors after printing. A very annoying and time-consuming step.
  4. How do you add a logo to customer emails / invoice? Please explain in a way that a none coder will understand. Best Regards.
  5. Site URL: https://www.dylanwhite.me/ Are there any official plans for supporting NFT integration on squarespace ? There is a workaround on one of the forums with iframes / opensea but I couldn’t seem to get it to work with IPFS. As many visual artists increasingly look to sell NFTs either via marketplaces and / or free storefront hub services such as lynkfire, linktree etc I am increasingly wondering why I pay for 2 squarespace sites. Please let me know if you’ve any NFT integration plans soon or I will probably just transfer my url to a linktree that points to hen, fnd, objkt et al. thanks again Dylan
  6. Howdy. I want to see if there's a way to change how this Quantity selection works, from a number input field to a quantity dropdown selection. Ideally it would: 1. Allow the user to select a preset quantity of 1 to 5 units 2. Allow the user to select an "Other" or "More!" option at the bottom of that 1 to 5 selection, which would prompt the field to revert back to the original input field Any help would be appreciated, even if only part of it can be accomplished with css, javascript, or some combination thereof.
  7. Does anyone know if there are any plans, ability or plugin to allow to you utilise all of the commerce functions of Squarespace but when you sell B2B goods that are sold via Cash, Invoice or On Account methodologies? Or is it purely only payments via card transactions? Many thanks Scott
  8. Site URL: https://www.xystema.com/ I am struggling to find multiple currency for my website. I'd like that my service prices be displayed in the currency of my customers (detected via geolocation). I found this resources shared by paul2009 (https://sf.digital/squarespace-multicurrency) but it for squarespace 7.0. I am not sure if this will work with my 7.1. I will appreciate any advise here. Thank you and keep safe!
  9. Site URL: https://www.wordsbyhermes.com Hi there, I'm a freelancer and don't want my clients to have to go through a shop + product page + checkout to make a payment. Is there a way I can create an express checkout button for a product that I can put anywhere I want? Exactly like the button on a product page, but well... NOT on a product page. e.g. I want to have a 'book 30 mins' button on my homepage that takes them straight to the checkout for a 30-min consult product. They complete the checkout, I get paid and then it takes them into my calendar booking system. Note: i don't use the acuity scheduling module of Squarespace. Please and thank you! Edward
  10. Site URL: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/dear-mom Hello, Is it possible to have the categories show on a side bar in the product page? In this category page, the other categories show on the side: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/dear-mom I would like the categories to show on my product pages as well: https://www.dearfamilies.com/all-services/p/dear-mom-8-week Thank you! @tuanphan
  11. Site URL: https://www.monicamatagilliam.com/shop Hello! On the shop we use categories as naming the different laguanges, somehow the English one doesn't show up as first laguange. How can I fix this?
  12. After spending a lot of time setting up my online store in Squarespace, and finding solutions and work-arounds to the many problems and issues one is faced with, I have now reached a complete stop with a particular issue. When you sign up to use Squarespace (or indeed this forum) you are faced with checkboxes that require you to agree with Squarespace's Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc. No such action is available for me to put on my site. It makes me (and Squarespace) look 10 years behind everyone else. And it is certainly not compliant with any kind of contract law, no matter what territory you may be operating from. We are well past the old days when users of e-commerce sites "agreed" to the Terms and Conditions just by virtue of them using the site. Look at how we have to allow users to agree to the use of cookies. I am at a loss on a solution around this problem. These are the options that I have tried but are not viable: Use Squarespace's fields for Store Policies Terrible. The links to these pop-ups are just dropped, like a second thought, underneath "Review and Purchase". There isn't even a prompt to get customers to read them. I'm not sure what they were thinking by putting this here. At lease allow us to place some text above them like "by continuing you have read and agree to the store policies below" Custom Checkout Form This was almost a winner. But no. You can add a checkbox requiring customers to "agree to store Terms and Conditions". You CANNOT, however, add an HTML link to these "Terms and Conditions". Why? Because you cannot add HTML to forms in the checkout area like you can elsewhere. You cannot ask someone to agree to something they cannot read. The only way around this is to ask customers to copy and paste the URL to your Terms and Conditions. I don't think so. Add text to the Shopping Cart Page I found a way in this forum to add some text to the Shopping Cart Page to read: "By continuing to checkout you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions". However, this is not a very elegant solution. It really needs to be at checkout. It is also tricky to control where this appears on this page and on a mobile for example. And I have not been able to find away to stop showing when the cart is empty (I'm sure there is a way). Perhaps there is an elegant solution along this route. I have just not found it yet. Checkbox Form or Text on the product page I have also seen suggestions to get agreement to Terms and Conditions on the product page itself, before customers add to cart. This is not a great option as it is kind of off-putting and a few steps behind actually placing an order. Does anyone have any ideas about solutions to this problem? I'm so irritated with Squarespace's lack of of fulfilling this very basic requirement for e-commerce. And it is one they use themselves!! So annoying. I think I'm going to send this post to their CEO.
  13. Site URL: https://www.aradia.io/offerings/services Hello, there is a seriously wide space between each row of my products. Can someone help me with this? I posted a link to the issue. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I've seen a few people ask about how to integrate with platforms that use BCC fields to generate automated follow up emails for site & product reviews without response. I've use Trust Pilot previously to handle reviews as it's very well regarded and trusted by consumers, but without a BCC field in SquareSpace emails it seems impossible to use. Has anyone managed to find away around this lack of functionality? Many thanks in advance.
  15. squarespace 7.1 looking at the product detail page i see $xx.xx on one line at the top of the page. i'd like to change this so it reads "price $xx.xx" and i'd like to to be bold i also have "sold out " (when inventory is set to 0 ) i'd like to change this from "Sold Out" to "We're so sorry this item has been sold!" and i'd like to make that in bold and a much bigger font. finally i'd like to have the price NOT show if the inventory is 0 and i'd also like to hide the add to cart button Any thoughts on how i might do this would be really helpful. John
  16. Hi, I'm hoping to create a product that is made up of multiple options not variants. More like a combo of products, and you can choose the quantity of each product you want, then it's added up to one total and that is added to your cart. For example, if I have a wedding package form with bouquets, buttonholes, table vases etc. and I want the customer to be able to choose how many of each they want to make up the total bundle of products. Is there a way to modify a product template to do this? Or can I hack together a bundle of products somehow? I've attached a wireframe example to illustrate what I am hoping to achieve. Thanks!
  17. I'm trying to obtain/send the "order ID" from my site's shopping orders in the new "Customer Email Notifications" editor, but so far its impossible...i require said IDs to attach them in the notification email in order to use the Squarespace API to obtain each order's data (purchase information: article, price, customer-email, etc) and store them in our database. I used to be able to do it by simply adding a command <<{order.id}>> on the confirmation email code in the old editor: Is there a way to achieve this now that the editor is changing?
  18. How am I able to setup my Squarespace store to my Facebook catalogue that will include all my variant sizes, materials and prices for each product? So far I have gone through with setting up the data feeds with my store but it's only displaying a single price per product without the variants.
  19. Site URL: https://www.lionatpennard.co.uk/shop/p/vouchers Hi, I want to sell gift vouchers on my site and the closest way I can do it is by setting them up as gift card products. This all seems to work OK, but there seems to be some pre-populated details on the email notification when the gift card is purchased. I'm able to edit the look and feel of the email, but is there a way I can edit the pre-populated fields. I specifically want to edit/remove this line: To redeem your gift card, go to Site Title as well as replace any references to gift cards. Thanks for all your support on this great forum C
  20. Site URL: https://www.lionatpennard.co.uk/shop/p/vouchers Hi, I want to sell gift vouchers on my site and the closest way I can do it is by setting them up as gift card products. This all seems to work OK, but there seems to be some pre-populated details on the email notification when the gift card is purchased. I'm able to edit the look and feel of the email, but is there a way I can edit the pre-populated fields. I specifically want to edit/remove this line: To redeem your gift card, go to Site Title as well as replace any references to gift cards. Thanks for all your support on this great forum C
  21. I'm wondering if there is a way to sell products on a sliding scale while still tracking inventory. I tried creating variations for different prices, but that creates issues with inventory since it requires that inventory be set at the variation level and I need inventory to be set at the product level (for instance, I have a loaf of bread that I would like the customer to pay between $6 and $10 for, but I want to set the inventory at the "loaf of bread" level, not at the individual price levels). Thanks!
  22. I would like to decrease the space between the variant drop down boxes, quantity and add to cart button, so they're closer to each-other. Do I need custom CSS? @tuanphan @Agha_Waqas any ideas? Thanks in advance Pete
  23. Site URL: https://lytehorse.com/pre-order Hi there! We've activated payment test mode and someone placed an order. Instead of issuing a refund/cancelling the order, can we approve this transaction? Status is pending but we noticed there's a 'mark fulfilled' option. Should we choose this, the sale will go through right? Or we really need to cancel/issue a refund and ask the customer to order again? Thanks in advance!
  24. Site URL: https://www.maggiesmission.org/maggiegear Hi, finally getting up our commerce site for our Foundation - MaggiesMission.org so we can sell what we call "Maggie Gear". We will be adding loads more items to sell online. Question, why doesn't the banner image (it's crappy right now) show up when clicking on each Mask? It's just a blank black bar. I don't understand. Like stated previously, we will be adding lots of categories and items for sale. Thanks for any help you can provide, Maggie was my only daughter, she died three years at age 17 to a rare and aggressive cancer. I'm her mom. I miss her. Beyond. We've raised $1,000,000 to help fund research and support to others going through similar. And are aiming for much more. #morethan4
  25. Over the past 18 months we have been able to save our small business by having a beautiful online store with Squarespace. We had people buy gift cards through their and we now have people order from all over the country. It's been a lifesaver - and while we use a different POS for in-store purchases with the Commerce app we have been able to quickly update any in-store purchases and get easy notifications for any purchases coming in from the website so we can pull inventory before it sells in-store. We have also been able to redeem the online gift cards through the app, which has allowed us to "use them" in-store. It's been really good. However, now with the Commerce app being removed, we can no longer use the online gift cards in store and we cannot get notifications to our phones and iPad when orders come in. We can only see them in email. In addition, I have an Android phone which won't even allow we to do sales with the app in-person and even though I just downloaded the new app I cannot even update inventory through it, as it crashes immediately if I try to do anything with the inventory. Heading into the holiday season, with COVID back on the rise, I am really concerned that taking away the Commerce app is going to negatively impact our already small business. Why is such a change being made when the new app clearly doesn't have the features that the current one has? Why are you taking away options for businesses at this time? In talking to a rep they told me I should have a computer ready in case someone wants to use an online gift card in store and they should have to put their entire order in that way instead of me being able to redeem it how I have been. How does this seem like a reasonable workaround for this - when there already was a system that worked? If anyone knows someone who has figured out a workaround please let me know. We need to find a way to make this work and I'm really frustrated that Squarespace has been non-responsive.
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