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Found 292 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.amandajamesbridal.com/ Any ideas on workarounds or custom code for selling and accepting deposits toward a purchase? I have a bridal collection and sell made-to-order gowns. I'll be launching e-commerce soon and was hoping to have it totally replace my current invoicing system. I currently use Square and email invoices to my clients. - The 1st invoice I send is to receive a deposit. - The 2nd invoice I send it to receive the remaining balance. In launching e-commerce, I was hoping to: - Have customers purchase a deposit through my site. Deposits are a set amount. Ideally the process would be similar to how a gift card works- a digital code is generated and emailed to clients once they make the purchase. - I was hoping they could then apply that credit towards the final purchase by entering the digital code. Currently Squarespace does not allow you to change the wording in the order confirmations of gift cards, otherwise I would just create a gift card product and call it a Deposit. I also tried creating a discount code labeled Deposit, but this doesn't work because when entered, it changes the taxable amount of the product. I need the original taxable amount to stay the same. Any suggestions?
  2. I am trying to insert company logo on all my customer mails, such as order confirmation. I found an example here in Forum of how to do it, but I cannot seem to get the sizing to work. No matter which number I use for size - the logo stays the same size. I am using V7.1 and the solution was for 7.0. Anyone knows if it works differently in the new version? Below is link to original solution:
  3. Do I need a business account when all I need to do is list the products I am selling and interested customers will contact me. I don't need the payment options just the dynamic listing options.
  4. I have had a Squarespace site for a while now and just switched over to ecommerce to sell products. Everything is going good except for the fact that I cannot upload any products, period. I've tried deleting the product pages, re-making them, restarting my computer, suspending 'pop-up blockers,' bought a program (kasparskey) to clean the innards of my compy. I've cleared cookies, changed where I sit in my apartment to be closer to the internet (any closer and I'd be sitting on top of it). I've had squarespace look at it from their end. Squarespace can upload product pages but on my end it's blocked. Can someone tell me what the heck is going on? I'm supposed to be launching in August but I cannot do anything. I'm stuck and nobody knows what to do. HALP
  5. Hi, I'm looking to send QR codes as a sort of receipt with orders on my site, so it can be used to later verify the purchase by scanning it. Is anyone aware of any integrations or plugins that would give me this functionality? Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Jack
  6. I have a potential client who is looking for a site that will allow their customers to rent their kayaks. They have 10 boats available each day, all day, seven days a week. At first I considered using the new Scheduling feature, but I'm unable to create a limited number of products on a daily basis. So perhaps the physical product or service product option in Commerce would be better? I can quite easily create the products, but I would need to somehow set the inventory to only allow 10 rentals in a 24-hour period, and the customers would need to request a date / see product availability on given dates. My client would also like the reservations to sync across internal and external calendars. Is this a possibility inside of Squarespace, or will we be forced to integrate a 3rd party website into their Squarespace site?
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to remove "From" in product prices when you have a few variants with higher prices? I would only like the lowest price to display without "from" and am struggling to find a solution. Any help would be much appreciated!Thanks
  8. Site URL: https://www.asiawest.net/ I created a website for a furniture store, and we have over 500 product listings on our site. Some products are available for online purchase through our "Shop" page, and others are not, and are listed in our "Product Gallery" page. My "Shop" is set up with normal product pages. My "Product Gallery" is also set up with product pages, but I set inventory to 0 and changed the text of the Add to Cart button to say "Not Available for Online Purchase". I chose to separate these two pages to make it clear to the customer what is and is not available for online purchase, but I don't know if this is the best way to lay it out. I am concerned that customers will be confused by the difference between the Shop and Product Gallery pages. I wouldn't want somebody navigating to the shop page, thinking that it shows all of our products, and neglecting to view other products on the Product Gallery page, or vice versa. I had an idea for how to reorganize this: Get rid of the "Product Gallery" page and list all products under the "Shop" page, even though some are not technically able to be "shopped". Customers would only find out upon navigating to a specific product's page whether or not that item is available to buy online, as it would either display the "Add to Cart" button or "Not Available for Online Purchase" button. With this idea, I would probably add a popup that would display when you navigate to a shop page. This popup would explain that not all items are available for online purchase. Does this alternate idea seem easier for customers to understand? I would love advice on this from anybody else who has a mixture of products that are/aren't available online. Is there a way to use tags to show what is and is not available for online purchase when you're scrolling on a product page? Thank you for any ideas or advice!!
  9. I need to import my inventory from etsy, and i know how to, but i have a business account and don't really have the money right now to upgrade to a commerce account, is there any way to import inventory and setup the shop without a commerce account?
  10. Site URL: http://www.shapelyevents.com/shop Hello, please help! again. I am to switch my site from squarespace 7.0 to 7.1. In that I realize that I have to start from scratch. I'm starting with my store and i'm trying to get my inventory from one site to another using the csv sheet as recommended. I exported it from my current live squarespace store. I HAVE NOT EDITED IT. LEFT IT AS IS! When i try to import it on the new platform, 7.1, i'm getting an error message and nothing is changing. I would hat to have to manually add all these items. I dont understand why there's an error if I havent changed anything. Things to note: - I am still in my trial period. I haven't made the site live as yet being that I wanted to build it then launch it when I can swap it out with the current one. Is this a factor? because I'm also getting a pop up telling me that certain features are only available in a commerce plan but I would think I could be able to build out my store using the imported csv before I launch it. I've attached photos of my process and what I'm getting. Someone...anyone...please help.
  11. So I got the importing worked out and I want to add a ton more products to a store. I exported a CSV, added another product as a test, and imported the new CSV and got the following error: "Missing column Add PRODUCT ID column" So I go to check the CSV and it's right there as the first column. I'm baffled by this one. How can I solve this? I have a ton more to add to my store.
  12. I'd like customers to be able to upload and/or modify an image on my squarespace ecommerce site (on the "commerce" premium plan). It's important that it be a customer-friendly experience, and that I be able to make this look like the rest of the site in terms of look and feel (fonts, colors, design, etc.). Ideally I'd like the customer to be able to do the following: Upload an image Preview an image Toggle between several different options of images before selecting one (so, probably a single-select or radio button) Indicate what text is going to go with the image (so, probably a text field) I have been looking in the forums, which are always so helpful, for some kind of squarespace integration that would help with this, and so far I haven't found much, but I'm hoping that some of you might have ideas I haven't located yet. I did find this, which is old but might still be relevant? https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/52755/is-it-possible-to-have-our-customers-upload-images.html It references wufoo, but I don't know if I can use that for what I'm describing above - and I also don't know if what I'm describing above is realistic with squarespace right now. more about wufoo integration here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544887 Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer!
  13. Site URL: https://www.intheboxx.co.uk/shop/1kg-pick-amp-mix-c76ht Hi Does anyone know if there is any code to split these checkboxes in my Customer Form in to 2 or 3 Columns - I have 40 selections and it very long to scroll pw:hello Thank you
  14. Ive looked and came up empty handed. Is there a way to add thresholds pricing to quantities on items? For example, if you buy 1-10 of product A, its $15.99, but if you buy 10-20 of product A, they are 12.99. etc etc. I need a way to set the thresholds, and then hope that it also calculates it. TIA
  15. When you select an item to buy in the store, there's an Add to Cart button. When you click it, the button text changes momentarily to Adding... and the changes to Added. But at that point, in order for the user to Checkout, they have to (know to) scroll back to the top of the page to find the Cart(1) link. I'd like there to be two buttons near the Added button that say Continue Shopping and Go To Cart. Can anybody help me with how to add these buttons? Thank you.
  16. Site URL: https://www.heroesandco.com.au/ Hi All, Can you help me find a solution to allow minimum order quantities or $ values at checkout on squarespace..... even something tat is close to a solution? Please help, in urgent need of a solution, even if it means customers can change at checkout manually, which I've read about, at least initally we will hopefully be able to contact customers who don't meet the minimums. Site is: https://www.heroesandco.com.au/ password: squarespace123 The home page and store explains it. Basically due to our license we cant sell under 6 bottles at a time. So wanted to eith limit products to 6 bottle minimums or, a work around minimum order $ amount, that would be set at the cheapest $ amount avaiable to make 6 bottles. Thanks guys, appreciate your time on this
  17. Hi, I'm hoping to create a product that is made up of multiple options not variants. More like a combo of products, and you can choose the quantity of each product you want, then it's added up to one total and that is added to your cart. For example, if I have a wedding package form with bouquets, buttonholes, table vases etc. and I want the customer to be able to choose how many of each they want to make up the total bundle of products. Is there a way to modify a product template to do this? Or can I hack together a bundle of products somehow? I've attached a wireframe example to illustrate what I am hoping to achieve. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://turbot-armadillo-ja5c.squarespace.com/ Hi Guys and Gals, The site p/w: SandraCB (the page I am using to test this is wine shop UK products, and the product is 'Heloise'. I am trying to work with the limitations on the product page. I am trying to get the following to work: 1. The Additional Info text to align with the excerpt and text above (or vice versa) (image 13) 2. The Additional Info box to run directly underneath the excerpt box so it looks as though the text continues and to lose the huge amount of dead space where the image of the wine bottle ends and the additional info text begins (all images) I have successfully used CSS to change the order of the top items, but struggling with the rest. Any ideas? Thank you!
  19. Hi All, I am selling prints, and would like to disable the auto-zoom on each individual product so the buyer can see a bigger scale rendition of the print they are buying. My template does not have an option to disable autozoom on images. I am using Lange. I was able to make this happen on the main products page using the code below: .ProductList-outerImageWrapper { position: static; padding-bottom: 0px !important; } .ProductList-innerImageWrapper { position: static; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } .ProductList-image { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; top: 0px !important; position: static !important; Unfortunately I'm not savvy enough to get that to apply to the individual product. Here is a link to a good example of an image that is being cropped: https://www.fantasiummedia.com/prints/stars-over-lake-atitlan Offering a print of your choice at cost for anyone that can help!
  20. Simple question, but can't find an answer in the support documents. If I want to issue a partial refund on a product purchased from our Squarespace Commerce online store, does the partial refund also reduce the total amount of sales tax collected? For example - a customer forgot to use a discount code, so we'd like to simply issue them a partial refund, for the same amount of that discount, rather than canceling/refunding the entire order and making them re-purchase the item. We also are trying to avoid a full refund, since Stripe does NOT refund their transaction fees for refunded purchases, so I don't want to pay them twice for the same item.
  21. Site URL: https://www.handscom.com/re-set/re-set-leading-through-change Hard to explain, but if you go to the page you can see. Module 1, for example, is only available on 7, 8, 9, or 10 July, and the product is set up that way with variants. Yet when I choose Module 1 with the first dropdown, every date for all the modules is shown. It should show only the options for Module 1. Clearly it's not dynamically updating - is there any way to make it do this? Time is not a problem with this program because every webinar is available twice a day at the same times, but in future we may have different times and I'll need that to dynamically update as well. There must be a better way to sell a service like this on SquareSpace. I would also like to offer users the option of buying more than one module at a time. If they buy all 4 modules, they get a discount, but I'm going to have to make "buy all four modules" a totally separate product since there's obviously no way for them to choose their dates/times with this form. Can anyone help? Thanks for reading! (edit: updated URL) (edit again: I just separated the modules, and had to hide the product used in this example. Thanks anyway.)
  22. Hi guys, I'm trying to make my product / commerce page 5 columns wide, as we sell all of our products in 5 different varieties and it will look much neater! Unfortunately it seems that I can only set to a maximum of 4 columns in the store format settings - does anyone know how I can adjust this to get 5 columns? Thanks in advance!
  23. Site URL: https://careerimprovement.club Hi there, My website receives a lot of global traffic, but from what I can see Squarespace only allows you to select one currency to display. I also have an Etsy shop and on there it displays the price of listings in the native currency of the visitor. This works a treat and my conversion rates from Etsy far exceed that for my Squarespace shop. If possible I'd like to replicate this within Squarespace. Does anyone know how to alter things so my shop can display the prices in the native currencies? Any help here would be amazing! Thanks :)
  24. Site URL: https://julesmarius.com/ Hello everyone, Well, we have an issue with Stripe, they won't accept our website because they say we have a high risk of disputes on payment. -Which is not true at all- I want to precise our website is in french and i highly doubt the american staff from Stripe understood what we really do. Already have more than 20 clients via paypal and still no disputes, we know everyone of them physically, if there's a problem, they will call us. Anyways, my question is : Can we connect another payment system than Stripe to accept VISA / MasterCards / AMEX etc... On our website ?? If so, how to do it ? Thanks for your help
  25. Site URL: http://www.sheswanderful.com Hi everyone, we just enabled a few subscription products with our commerce level membership. It looks like it automatically created a "login" function in the top navigation bar. Is there any way we can disable, move, or at least change the wording of this login feature? We already have a login function for another product so now there are two login buttons on our top navbar and it's very confusing! Thank you!
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