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  1. I use a shipping extension (currently deciding between Shippo and Pirate Ship, formerly used Shipstation). When I'm in the external shipping platform site, I can print labels to my label printer, but want to avoid printing packing slips on 4x6 labels. Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to print multiple packing slips to page with these shipping platforms - they will only print packing slips along with each label. So I'm wondering - is there any integration I can use to print multiple packing slips to a page (on my regular printer) directly from Squarespace? I don't want a full-page invoice with every order - a packing slip without prices would be ideal.
  2. Hello - I am working on a site for a client and I need to send a specific link based on what a user purchases. The workaround I've done for this in the past was to make these digital products, and have a download with the link, but that is pretty hack-y and I would prefer to just be able to say "if user purchases x product, send them x URL" Has anyone done anything similar?
  3. Hi, when exporting the orders information as a csv in Squarespace > Commerce> Orders, there is no option to include or exclude certain product information in the csv, such as weight. Can we customise the exported data that is included in the csv? We need to be able to modify the csv for our logistics partner. Thanks for your help.
  4. I sell services to schools in the UK and its extremely rare that a school will pay for a service with a credit card or PayPal. I like the products page and Squarespace but the inability to automate bookings is holding my business back. Most UK schools request an invoice before making a BACS payment. How can I take orders/bookings for my services without charging or by bypassing checkout? I have seen the work around for charging services for free but this will cause confusion and I certainly don't want schools receiving invoices suggesting they don't have to pay. Any solutions? Anything being worked on? I'd love to be able to process payments like a shop but that's just not the way the education sector does things and that won't be changing anytime soon. Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Antony
  5. Site URL: https://www.foodwithvarinder.com/en/reservations I'm trying to build a page for customers ordering takeaways to be able to choose from a selection of dishes, obtain a price summary, and forward this price/order summary to me as an email. This way I can check and confirm with a reply/acknowledgement email. I don't need to take any payments online since people typically collect from the restaurant. I find it hard to believe that this simple page can't be created - according to my Squarespace expert - without moving my entire site to wordpress!!! Any suggestions anyone?
  6. Site URL: https://octopus-glockenspiel-8yae.squarespace.com/ Site URL: https://octopus-glockenspiel-8yae.squarespace.com/ Hey folks - Huge thanks in advance to anyone who can steer me in the right direction here. I'm working on a site for a restaurant - they have code from their online ordering platform that opens a kind of like a lightbox-widget that allows users to order without leaving the page. I have the functionality working, but I'm trying to launch this via a navigation link. I think it's just syntax I'm having trouble with. Below is what I'm working with. That main script is in a code block in the footer, launches totally fine with that full button class in the body, but if I'm trying to get it to work in the navigation would it be a link with '#upserve-olo-opener' or...how do I fire that same action from the nav? code to order online: <script src='https://app.upserve.com/platform/olo-widget.js?kokeshi-restaurant-salem' type='text/javascript' id='upserve-olo-script'></script> button code: (provided by service) <button class='upserve-olo-button upserve-olo-opener'>Order Online</button> Site URL: https://octopus-glockenspiel-8yae.squarespace.com/ Password: thanksforthehelp Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://www.matzkedesigns.com My website uses the SUPPLY template and I have all my color settings for the font to be black. I have used this same template for over a year. Recently I was printing invoices and not only is the font super light on screen, but it prints just as light. It's almost illegible. Is there a setting I'm missing? I've looked everywhere and can't figure out how to change the font to be darker. Sending these out as receipts to clients look like I need to change my ink, but I don't - they don't look professional. Thank you
  8. version: squarespace 7.1 in Gallery section, trying to drag and reorder the images, then after the move, a bunch surrounding images shuffle around automatically for no reason. say at first I have images 01, 02, 03... to 98, 97, 99, 100 the 97 and 98 are in a reverse order, so I drag 97 to the place before 98, then after I release the mouse, suddenly the images move again on their own, then a bunch of adjacent numbers shuffle around and become like 92, 96, 97, 94, 98, 93, 95, 99, 100... Why does this happen? Seems more frequent when there's a large quantity of images.
  9. Site URL: https://www.barboxsports.com Hello, I am trying to create a system where when a customer checks out, a google sheet is automatically updated. I have created a dedicated server that simply needs to be called with an order number parameter which I have set up to occur at checkout, however the supplied orderId variable (supplied by Squarespace) is usually incorrect. I will check the console and see that the URL is being provided with an ID that is roughly 50 orders behind, however when I check the source the number seems to be correct (see my screenshot for an example of an orderId which should be 153 but orderId 107 was called). Occasionally the correct ID will be used and everything will work as intended. What's even stranger is the incorrect/old IDs are counting up. I'm not sure where I would post this to support so I figured I would ask here first. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Site URL: https://www.tuurfransvermeiren.com/ Hello Team Squarespace! A simple request of which I'm sure you can help me out. I first tried some of the codes I found on the forum, but they don't seem the work for 7.1 update. Basically, I want the order of these images to be changed on mobile view. On pc-view they are perfectly assembled, so I can't meddle with that order (as I know that would be the first solution). So it might need some css-coding 🙂 I added an image with the numbers showing how the order should be on mobile view. Hope someone can help me out? Password is "Michelangelo". Many thanks in advance, guys! Have a lovely day, T
  11. Is there a way to edit the order invoice print out? I would like to change the font size of items/title and the logo size.
  12. I am currently using Printique print to order services for my artwork, but I have some items that don't fit their default sizes and Printique tries to crop them. I have emailed them about this with no response yet. Are there any other PTO services that integrate with Squarespace ( other than Printful ) where you can define a custom print size of the item for sale? Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://foreverincrystal.com/customize-your-order I am working on a custom checkout process for a customer that allows their products to be customized with either a message or image on any selected product. After significant research and testing, I've determined that the best solution is to create a custom form (using getform) that the customer is redirected to after completing their checkout. I use the following script to redirect the user to the customize order form: <script> window.location.replace("/customize-your-order"); </script> Everything works great, the redirect happens correctly, and the form submissions appears and works when the fields are completed. The issue is that the user experience is not ideal. As a customer, I need to know my order number and other detailed to manually input them in the form. I'd like to pass the orderId to the customize-your-order form so that I can preload the fields for the user. Does anyone know if there is a way for me to pass the orderId to the custom squarespace page on redirect so that I can get the order details and preload them for the user? Side note, if anyone has any suggestions for a better way to add either a message or image a product, I am open to suggestions. The requirement is that if an image can be upload when selecting the product to add to the cart, that image must also be able to be changed in the shopping cart. I found that this is not possible leading me to my current approach.
  14. Looking at this Squarespace article about Code Injection there is a way to edit your "Order Confirmation" page under Setting --> Advanced --> Code Injection https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205815908#toc-step-2---add-html-code Once at the code injection page, Sqaurespace says you can reference the order id by using the variable {orderId} How do I use this tag in the Code Injection area to suppress the display of the order number on the "Order Confirmation" page?
  15. Hello, I have started to receive some orders to the store that I just opened (for the first time), but is there any way to display the quantity of order in the list of orders? Currently there are only order number, customer name, email, total amount, payment and status. I could not find anywhere to add a quantity column.
  16. Hello, an urgent question here. I have opened the site with a product on the store. I did not know that I had to turn off the Test mode when the site is published! Some orders already came in, and it says "TEST" on the confirmation emails I received. Does this mean the orders are not through, or are they still processed, but just the confirmation emails say "TEST"? The credit card number in the confirmation emails I received all end with 4242, but if I click on "View in Stripe", it does say "Succeeded". What is the status of these orders and how do I fix if there is any problem? I already turned off the "TEST" mode, so the confirmation emails do not say "TEST" anymore, but I need to know what to do for all the previous orders before turning off the mode.
  17. Hi, I would like to reduce the letter spacing of my shopping cart and change the font size. I would also like to change the font sizes of my order confirmation and shopping cart "continue shopping" page. thank you, https://wolverine-polygon-atzy.squarespace.com/cart?p password: jewellery21
  18. I'm trying to obtain/send the "order ID" from my site's shopping orders in the new "Customer Email Notifications" editor, but so far its impossible...i require said IDs to attach them in the notification email in order to use the Squarespace API to obtain each order's data (purchase information: article, price, customer-email, etc) and store them in our database. I used to be able to do it by simply adding a command <<{order.id}>> on the confirmation email code in the old editor: Is there a way to achieve this now that the editor is changing?
  19. Site URL: https://sandra-grossman.squarespace.com/config/ Hey all, I will be on unable to ship orders for two weeks. What is the best way to let customers know? Is it easiest to just add a note on the order page that orders will not ship or disable the page and redirect? thanks
  20. Site URL: https://www.romivanderlinden.nl I have been trying to change the order on the mobile version, on desktop version everything is fine. On phone the order is : 01. beautyboosters 03. rpd the vertical line 02. butterfly 04. material research More work button - But I would like to have: 01. beautyboosters 02. butterfly 03. rpd 04. material research the vertical line More work button Is there a way to fix this? I also have this issue on the following pages: https://www.romivanderlinden.nl/photography https://www.romivanderlinden.nl/graphic-design As in on desktop it is from 1, 2, 3, 4... etc.. and on mobile it is 1, 4, 7, 10 etc.. Thanks in advance!
  21. Site URL: https://www.maksymrewko.com/pageme Hi there - I need to re-organise my page for mobile so it better matches by desktop version. I've already hidden the smaller logos for of the companies as they dont need to appear on mobile, but the text and images don't follow the hierachy of: Tile > image > text Any help would be appreciated
  22. Site URL: https://www.crusetdecouvertes.fr Hello, i'm setting up an eshop for natural wine in France. As we are proposing very special wine from small producers with small production , we want to limit the quantity that one client can order, to avoid someone to take all the bottles in one command, and allow more customers to experience this wine. I check in eshop options and can just lowered the stock amount which doesn't reach my needs. Do you have any solution for that ? thanks in advance
  23. Site URL: https://www.sewingwithnikki.com.au/ Hi I'm editing my order confirmation email and there is an option to "Add an optional custom message based on product type" which is great. Can I change the font colour for this? Its showing as black when all my other font is white. Thanks in advance
  24. Site URL: https://aradia.io Hello! My order confirmation page is clearly not designed well as the the spacing is much to closer to the header. I don't need to customize it too much, but I would like it to at least appear functional. Can someone help me with this? Is there a code I can inject? Thank you.
  25. How can I limit customers to only purchasing 1 or 2 of a product for a limited supply of items? Order limit - 1 per customer or Order limit - 2 per customer Thanks
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