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  1. Hi SS, Does anyone know if/how Squarespace can integrate with the Toast Point-of-Sale (POS) system for restaurants?
  2. Custom Merch makes it easy to start selling products without having to worry about the logistics of production, inventory, or shipping. Letting your audience rep your brand can build brand loyalty and even be a means of advertising. No matter what you want to sell on Squarespace - t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags, art prints - Custom Merch by Printful simplifies the process from start-to-finish. Check out Commerce > Custom Merch to see your options to create printed, embroidered, and engraved products. The panel will generate some mockups using your site logo for some initial inspiration to get you started, but you can take the reins from there. Printful will print, pack, and ship your orders for you so you can focus on letting your creativity go wild while designing and merchandising your merch. Let us know if you’ve been interested in creating custom merch! If you’ve already created custom merch using Printful and wanna show-off, let us see. We’d love to hear from you. 😀
  3. Hello, I am looking for a print-on-demand service for printed books that I can integrate into my Squarespace store. I can't seem to find any online and apparently the Lulu API doesn't work with Squarespace. One workaround would be to get a Shopify store and then integrate that, but ideally I don't want to add an additional store just for this one service. Does anyone know of any other options? (Also I checked and Printful doesn't print books) Thanks!
  4. I have an art portfolio in the works. The website will also include a shop for small items like stickers and postcards which will be handled by printful. Here’s the thing: I also want to sell quality giclee prints using theprintspace. Can I implement both POD services on my website at the same time? Or will this cause issues when customers put items of both services in their shopping cart? Thank you so much in advance for answering 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://developers.lulu.com/home Im looking for help integration of Lulu print API with Squarespace..As Lulu API have their own Api...We would like to automate the print order process thru Lulu api.. if any one could help would be great!
  6. Hello! We're dipping our toes in the water of selling some merch and I'm running into some kinda brain melting, illogical choices made by the SS dev team and was wondering if anyone had any "workarounds" for a few things. What we're mostly struggling with is designating shipping. It seems like it would be standard function to just calculate shipping, but that is locked behind the BIG commerce plan (which is fine) but there doesn't seem to be a way to assign different shipping costs to different items. I asked SS about this and their answer was to add several options and if the customer picked one that didn't cover the shipping costs then just cancel the order (lol). If anyone could provide me with better info than is found in the help files, it would be greatly appreciated. I have secondary concerns about integrations/payment processors but the shipping thing is the big hurdle for now.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm struggling with the integration of the shopify buy button into squarespace. I finally figured out how to remove the add to cart button & quantity, but now I only want to change the location of the buy button from where it is now to right underneath the price. Can someone write a code for this? Or if you have other solutions please let me know! link: https://www.globalsleepawareness.com/producten/p/studenten-routine
  8. Does anyone have any experience with integrating the Discord app with a subscription membership within Squarespace? Im setting up a member workshop and would like to give each member automatic access to a private Discord server room since some of the workshop will require this type of community interaction provided by Discord. Thank you
  9. Can you add a forum..........much like this one..... into SP?
  10. Long story short, set up my site, added a store, made products on Printify, connected and integrated, but for some strange reason Squarespace is trying to do the order fulfillment through the home site vs the print on demand like it’s supposed to (requiring payment stuff, shipping) and that doesn’t work because product/shipping supposed to be handled automatically on Printify. Confused bc this hasn’t happened to me before. Usually it’s setup, plug and play.
  11. Hi All, First time posting for support, usually a lot of questions I have have already been answered but I can't find anything specific on this. I've built out a client's e-commerce site for her boutique, Calico Jane Boutique (feel free to leave feedback, and I know I still have to change her favicon). While the product listings have all been built out, in connecting her store with Facebook for selling there and on Instagram, I noticed none of my size or color variants, and the inventory count with them, are translating over. That is to say the first thumbnail and image will appear, the catalog will register that they're in stock--but without a quantity--and none of the variants show up in terms of size or color. Has anyone found a way to resolve this other than manually exporting the csv and formatting it? Of course, it could be done, but in the interest of time in regular maintenance I'm hoping someone found a way to communicate size and color variants with their respective quantity count. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello - I'm wondering what 3rd party integrations anyone has used for providing the option for donors to cover the processing/transaction fees? Squarespace doesn't provide this feature so I'm wondering how you have worked around this? Just looking for a button that gives supporters the option to cover the % that we pay in processing fees. I attached a sample of what this looks like. Thank you! Brittany
  13. I have a squarespace website which currently interacts with zapier and airtable to create a new record in my airtable base every time I submit a form on my website. That same form submission also causes an acknowledgement email, containing form data, to be sent to an email address inputted by the website user into the form. In general I am trying to find a database solution which will work with my squarespace website, and airtable is one of the candidates. I need my squarespace website java script code (which I am well versed in) to be able to do the following: 1. Search the airtable base for a record; 2. perform an atomic read/update function on the record so that only one website instance at a time can read/update and no other website instance can access the record in between the read and update. I need to find out if this is possible by integrating squarespace and airtable, and if so I need to be pointed in the right direction concerning implementation. I am not certain, but if there is a solution I suspect the java script on my squarespace site would somehow have to gain access to the airtable API for my airtable base. Thanks.
  14. Hey Circle A client of mine would like the option to have files on their page such as layered .psd files ready to download for others. What would be the ideal solution for this? Anyone who have done something similar with integrations of Google Drive, Dropbox or something else?
  15. Is there a code or a way to integrate Clio grow's intake form and payment form on a website? My client is a law firm and they would like the intake form integrated through Clio into their website as well as a payment form integrated from Clio. They would like to have this so there are as less steps as possible in getting to these forms. Thank you in advance
  16. just can't find which code it is. covertkit is saying " To setup the Squarespace Commerce integration enter your Squarespace API Key. This can be found inside your Squarespace account settings. but when i copy what i thought was it it is not working. thanks for help1
  17. I have integrated a greenhouse job board to the bottom of a page (7.1 fluid). When I click on a job listing it opens said listing within the iframe but refreshes the page to the top, then you have to scroll back down to see the opened listing. Greenhouse provide no other information other than "your website's code may be conflicting with with the embedded Greenhouse iFrame". Anyone had or solved this issue?
  18. Hi, I have a client looking to integrate their OpenSea collection on their Squarespace website. The OpenSea docs have a simple iframe embed option that was easy enough to add, but the actual "Buy" or Make Offer buttons don't work. The page simply refreshes each time we click on the button. ANyone know what I am missing? I installed the Metamask browser extension and tried, but it still didn't work. Thanks, Amrita
  19. Hello. When I integrate Printly on demand printing, I want to have my originals, and options for different prints of the original on the same product page. Is that possible?
  20. My website uses the Brine template (not sure if that's relevant) and I want to include a promotional pop-up for my newsletter. My company also uses Salesforce for our email campaigns, and I want to store entries from the pop-up to our Salesforce account. Is there any way to accomplish this? I know that Salesforce can be integrated into form blocks on the website, but can it be integrated into a pop-up?
  21. Hey there! We recently brought on a batting cage facility (baseball) as a client, and we're trying to figure out how to limit the number of appointments someone can make – using Acuity Scheduling if possible. For instance, the daily rental option is pretty straightforward. Someone can schedule a 4-hour block and pay for it. However, we're having issues navigating the weekly (8 hours) and monthly (48 hours) options. Is it possible for a user to pay for a larger block of hours (e.g. 8 hours) and schedule appointments (e.g. 2) up to that capped amount? Thanks in advance for your help! Here's the client website for reference: https://www.bluecollarbattingcage.com Password: baseball
  22. Hi - Can anyone steer me to a webinar or class on creating Squarespace real estate sites with IDX integration?
  23. Squarespace Scheduling importing my google calendar 2x and also importing the same event multiple time in different time zones; customer support not responding promptly and live chat button is not showing anywhere - can anyone help?
  24. Site URL: https://www.fathersheartministries.church I am working with a client with an existing MailChimp list. Expert help is needed to connect their Mailchimp to Squarespace. All of the backend stuff is done like connecting the domain, cname records, etc. There's a glitch and I need help to fix it.
  25. Hello, I have created an age limit in html css js and I would like to know where to put it so that it works. Thanks for all answer 😃
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