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  1. Website: https://badger-cricket-e7n2.squarespace.com/ Websitepassword: Arnoridesign2211 Dear members, I have embedded a form from Typeform in my homepage. The embed box takes more space than necessary. I have tried changing the height to 300px or 400px but that just makes the form shorter. When I put the height at 500px, the form looks good but the box itself takes more space than necessary and so the next section starts a little too far below. I tried dragging the embed box above but it won't shorten more than a certain point. Help is much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  2. Hi Circle Members, Hoping that someone may be able to help with this. We're creating a new site for a Real Estate Agent and we are looking to embed a Search/Filter function on their homepage that will open on a new Search Summary page where they can view their filter criteria or adjust them as needed. We are using currently Universal Filter from Squarewebsites as the filter plugin. The screnshoot below gives an idea of what we are trying to achieve: Site is: https://tuna-rectangle-t5s3.squarespace.com/ Pass: K34ne2022## Any help or guidance is most welcome!
  3. I've successfully added an embeded Google Sheets monthly calendar display on my Squarespace site. I want to be sure that an updated display of the page happens daily. At the moment Google Sheets is updating to conditionally highlight the current day on the spreadsheet calendar, but because my hosted web page is static visitors may see an older cached version of the page with an earlier date highlighted. I was thinking to add a blindly displayed date (white on white or something like that) representing TODAY on the web page above or below the calendar to introduce new web content so the page would be forced to refresh each day for folks with older cached content in their browsers. Can anyone recommend a code block value to do this? There are examples I've found of how to display current year that dynamically updates for copyright displays but not date. Any suggestions for this or other means to bust cache?
  4. I'm using a contact form code from my CRM and when I first set it up it worked fine and now suddenly it doesn't show up. However it shows up on mobile? I've tried deleting it and re entering it and reaching out to the CRM about the code. The code is fine so I don't know what to do from here. Edit Mode Live Mode
  5. Just renewed my website for another year, only to find that the Mobile version has a big space whenever I embed a Spotify playlist; this looks awful and so unprofessional. For a musician who depends on playlists, the majority of which are Spotify tunes, I need it to look good - at the moment, there is a huge empty space on my page under EVERY playlist (the yellow I added is the space I wish to remove): Can someone pls advise how to remove this blank space, and how to change the code so that the playlist is not minimised to a window that you have to scroll on. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hi everyone, Someone has asked me to share the embed code of a specific blog post on our website so that they can share it on their site (don't think it's a Squarespace site). Where would I find the embed code of a specific page or blog post? Appreciate any help on this!
  7. Site URL: http://algora.com.au Site URL: http://algora.com.au Landing page for this website (password is just "algora") has a section background which links to the following video. This loops after 17 seconds which is a bit jarring. How can I stop it looping and just pause at the last frame? Worst case I will have to edit the video so the last frame is extended for a long time... like an hour... hopefully there is a more natural way to do it.
  8. I have code that needs to appear on each subpage. But I don't want to have to modify the code for every page. Is there a way to use an include in Squarespace? eg a chunk of code that exists somewhere that is pulled into every page. When I need to edit the code, I only need to go into the code once to edit it.
  9. Hey all - wondered if there's a way to replicate the slow fade in animation that I currently have on my site for text and images for the embedded content (primarily Tweets) - as this appears pre-loaded whilst all the other content fades in around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Ben
  10. I want to embed two podcast sites on one page. I'm able to embed both in "edit" mode, but once I visit the site (https://www.crcfchurch.com/podcast-test) only one of the podcasts shows up. Help center cannot provide any assistance.
  11. I have a 32mb file that will not upload when I go to Custom CSS, Manage Custom Files, when I try to upload a 32mb mp4 file, it will not upload. The largest one I can upload is 12mb. I have to do it this way because I must autoplay and loop each video on my site. To accomplish this, I add an embed or code block, add the code snippet from what comes out of the Custom CSS and add other code to make it autoplay and loop. What is the largest file I can upload?
  12. Hi all, I am struggling to have my facebook embedded videos resize automatically with the size of the screen, so they look good in full desktop mode but end up overlapping each other any time the screen size changes. Would really love to find a way to have the size adjust automatically. Does anyone here know how to do that? I think it has to be a code solution as the size of the video is part of the embedding code. But when I change the size in the mobile version it applies automatically to the desktop version as well, what code can I add to avoid that? Please help
  13. Hi there I want to add some 'essential links' to my blog posts. So, on my travel blog pieces, this would be a block containing links to sites where you can book flights, accommodation, get travel insurance etc. That's easy enough, but further to this, I'd like a way to be able to easily update the list in the future so that if, let's say, I want to add a link to another accommodation provider or, say, a car hire site, I can do this in one place and the content will dynamically update everywhere it's used. I have several hundred blog posts and the number is growing, so from a time-management perspective, there's a good argument for coming up with a solution that uses some form of dynamic or linked content for this rather than just manually pasting the links into each blog. I have no idea how to do this or if it's even possible! My thought was that I could create my list of links as a separate .html file that I could upload as a file to Squarespace. I then tried experimenting with a code block using the HTML <embed> and <object> tags, but I couldn't get this method to work (it just downloaded my .html file rather than displaying the content of the file in my blog). Is there any way to achieve what I'm trying to do? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi everyone, I've recently finished a website for my client and everything was working just fine, until some 24 hours later all the videos stopped playing on mobile version. I have embedded videos from Vimeo and an uploaded background video. All of them just suddenly stopped playing on mobile. I must mention that I have them in autoplay and did come across some sources on the internet talking about it eating up bandwidth. Anyone else faced these issues? I also found some previous threads that just never got resolved. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I've seen some really cool sites lately that are literally Notion pages with a custom domain (here's one). Is it possible to embed a Notion page in a Squarespace site? I'd like to use Notion for one of my pages, but keep the Squarespace header and navigation so folks can still get around my full site. Is this possible? Thanks!
  16. Our shop is trying to embed our Dutchie online ordering page into our SquareSpace "Menu" page. Utilizing some code solution online + some width/height adjustments, the embed looks and functions flawlessly on Desktop (Win 10) & Android mobile devices. iPhones are missing buttons, images & button functionality that works as intended on non iPhone devices. Its particularly weird that the embed sizes proper on iPhones but the material inside the embed doesn't look or function proper. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Notes : 1. On iPhones, specifically the pre weight options are missing from selection 2. Oddly, the embedded "back" button causes actual ios browser to go "back" one page instead of just inside the embed and going back 1 page on the Dutchie site itself.
  17. Hello everyone, I'm working for a client that required some embed videos from Wistia platform. I'm getting some unwanted white space that becomes even worst on mobile version. I've tried everything I read here on the forums but nothing seems to be working for me. Nor this: .sqs-block.code-block.sqs-block-code { margin-top: 0px !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; } .sqs-block.code-block.sqs-block-code { padding-top: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; } or this one: .code-block { padding: 0px !important; } even both seems to be working for some users on the forum. I attach my embed code and some screens of the problem. Also a screen where you can see I can make it smaller in the editor. This is my testing site: https://mouse-crane-bnah.squarespace.com/ pass: MOTA Thanks in advance for your help
  18. Hi, please take a look at this page: http://www.telefinans.no How would you solve the "dynamic form"? Its a loan calculator, and its the only thing that keeps the client away from using Squarespace. Any tips on good "form-builder tools"? Regards, Tor Martin
  19. Hi all, I am struggling to have my facebook embedded videos resize automatically with the size of the screen, so they look good in full desktop mode but end up overlapping each other any time the screen size changes. Would really love to find a way to have the size adjust automatically. Does anyone here know how to do that? Please help
  20. Site URL: https://oautima.squarespace.com/admin-test Hello, I have a problem with embedding html5 partner ads. Some of the ads are 700px wide or more, so when the web is used on a mobile device the ads are too wide and web is not user friendly. On the other hand, when opened on pc, ads which are narrower, around 300px look to small for the screen. Is there any CSS or something else which could allow me to post both ads in my blogpost and than, according to the device on which the webpage is opened the appropriate ads are displayed. Link: https://oautima.squarespace.com/admin-test Pass: fanta123 So I would like first and the second ad to be on a PC, and third, fourth and fifth on mobile device. Thanks in advance!
  21. I am looking for a solution to remove of the generated message by "code" and "embeded code" blocks which are affecting the block size and position of my HTML Codes. I am unable to shrink the size vertically further more because of the message on top mentioning: "this block contains embeded scripts..." Any suggestions?
  22. Hi, I am trying to embed a professional certificate badge onto my website. A badge for Psychology Today already exists so I know that this is possible, but when I try to create an embed block and link the badge, there is a red exclamation mark and states "successfully located" but no badge shows up. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Liz
  23. Can you add a forum..........much like this one..... into SP?
  24. Hello, I have embedded multiple videos into my portfolio site, and none of the videos are displaying on mobile. Can you please help me figure out why? Embed code: <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="true" width=100%"> <source src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/634ef0e6992d00397b17f041/t/635afac74b4eb724d4e5bfed/1666906825131/mobilehome.webm"/> </video> sarahwooddesign.com PW: cleo Thank you!
  25. The problem at hand is to add a required phone number field to the "create account" pop-up in Squarespace. Squarespace, being a popular website building platform, allows users to create and customize their own websites easily. However, in some cases, users may need to add additional fields or elements to their website that are not natively supported by Squarespace. In this case, the requirement is to add a phone number field to the "create account" pop-up, which is a feature that is not natively supported by Squarespace. How can i do this with code?
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