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  1. Site URL: https://www.reelhires.com/app Hi! I essentially want a landing page for our app that is under the domain but apart from the rest of the website. The app is working successfully in the embed block but the block itself is in an odd position. I want to make it full-bleed or at least full page. I have tried CSS code to remove padding aimed at both the block and the section, but nothing happened, which makes me think part of the problem is targeting the embed block. Help!
  2. Hi, I'm trying to insert a Bandcamp embed and can't figure out why it won't stay centered: As you can see, the <center> tag doesn't seem to center the embed within the block. Any solutions for this? Thanks!
  3. Site URL: http://atlantiswatergardens.com A client in this same industry as the linked page above wants to implement a pricing too such as the one seen on at this link... https://atlantiswatergardens.com/pricing/ Is there any plugin, embed, or any sort of way to accomplish this? I realize the linked page is in WordPress but want to explore the ability to do something like this on squarespace. Thank you in advance for any advice or guidance.
  4. Hi, please take a look at this page: http://www.telefinans.no How would you solve the "dynamic form"? Its a loan calculator, and its the only thing that keeps the client away from using Squarespace. Any tips on good "form-builder tools"? Regards, Tor Martin
  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get my reviews from my Houzz website to appear on the home page of my Square Space website but I can't figure out how. I have tried adding an 'embed' block but that hasn't worked. I have seen a Word Press website with houzz reviews (and a link to them) on the home page, anyone know how to do this with a SS website? Many thank
  6. Site URL: https://adambright.me/lexus-is-vehicle-launch-1 Hi! I need help! Ive got autoplaying, looping videos with no controls on my portfolio. they look awesome, super cool. This is where i found out where to do it. https://www.justinwyne.com/thoughts/2018/5/15/how-to-embed-borderless-autoplaying-looping-videos-on-squarespace You basically use this bit of code and replace the URL with your video, then you paste it into the embed block. it works like a charm. This is the code <video style="width: 100%" loop autoplay playsinline muted src="URL_HERE">
  7. Site URL: http://www.giantrobot.club/fan-art-gallery Whenever I try to embed content from another site on page, it says "successfully located" but then the actual block just comes up "Null". I've tried this with facebook posts, deviantart links, a few other random sites, and it always gives me the same issue.
  8. Hi, Last week my embedded videos were working fine in desktop and mobile view. This morning, mobile view the videos are pushing all the content out of alignment. As if the embed block is suddenly too large for the page and the video is going into the right margin. Is anyone else having this problem. Nothing else on the site changed. I tried adding this code to target the videos in CSS but it has no effect on them. /* resize mobile video */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#block- yui_3_17_2_1_1620636019096_30 { width: 40%; margin: 0 auto;
  9. Site URL: http://algora.com.au Landing page for this website (password is just "algora") has a section background which links to: I set the playback speed to 0.5 but it doesn't change the speed at all. I note the <div> has the setting: However the inner iframe does not pass the playback speed through to the vimeo URL Is this a bug? How can I get it to pass the playback speed parameter of 0.5 through? -Brendan
  10. Site URL: http://algora.com.au Site URL: http://algora.com.au Landing page for this website (password is just "algora") has a section background which links to the following video. This loops after 17 seconds which is a bit jarring. How can I stop it looping and just pause at the last frame? Worst case I will have to edit the video so the last frame is extended for a long time... like an hour... hopefully there is a more natural way to do it.
  11. Site URL: http://www.linehouse.london/tsp Hi everyone, I've been trying to get two Vimeo videos on a page (www.linehouse.london/tsp) to autoplay on loop, but after trying 5 different things and checking every thread about it here on the forum, I am still unable to make it work. Sometimes it works once, and then 'breaks' (as in, stops autoplaying after I refresh the page). Or it autoplays on my machine but not on others. I've tried doing it as a video block with embedding code, or simply as a code block - same disappointing results... Here's the code I've been using: <if
  12. Hi all - I've seen this asked before but haven't really seen a good answer. I'm trying to figure out how to put an HTML file on a website I'm building (not live yet, so I can't share.) It's not an HTML file I built but I was able to get the HTML code to try a code block. Didn't work - I got the below error. It's required that we have this on our website once it's launched, so I have to find a solution. Anyone have ideas or ways you've been able to do this? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have this block of code that was inserted into my website: <div id="BambooHR" data-domain="rosanopartners.bamboohr.com" data-version="1.0.0" data-departmentId=""></div><script src="https://rosanopartners.bamboohr.com/js/embed.js" type="text/javascript" async defer></script> Looking to change the font color, size & typeface to match the existing content on my site. Can anyone help?
  14. Site URL: https://oautima.squarespace.com/admin-test Hello, I have a problem with embedding html5 partner ads. Some of the ads are 700px wide or more, so when the web is used on a mobile device the ads are too wide and web is not user friendly. On the other hand, when opened on pc, ads which are narrower, around 300px look to small for the screen. Is there any CSS or something else which could allow me to post both ads in my blogpost and than, according to the device on which the webpage is opened the appropriate ads are displayed. Link: https://oautima.squarespace.c
  15. Site URL: https://claritymediagroup.com/ Does anyone have experience in creating a Trust Pilot custom widget and importing it into Squarespace. My client has a site utilizing a PHP script to add in custom elements including the client's full name and their company’s name. Their client is first sent a form that is pre-populated with their respective information and when they offer their review, it is appends with the native TrustPilot data and the PHP form's unique data. You can see the result at the bottom of the homepage. I am porting this site from Word Press to SquareSpace for easier mana
  16. I am building a new website for my company - an international wine importer and distributor. We want to include a list of the wineries we work with and thought it would be cool to map each winery. I'd like to have a beautiful map of certain countries in Europe (more like an outline than something like google maps) and have each of the wineries mapped to their location. When you hover over each icon or whatever, I'd like to have something pop up and embed a link to their website in it. I was thinking maybe I could just find the type of map I want and include it as a photo then build the interac
  17. Site URL: https://elfsight.com/pricing-table-plugin/ I need help with a pricing table solution for my website. I want it to pop and be responsive but I don't want to pay a third party a monthly fee. I know enough about coding to edit something but not create it.
  18. Site URL: https://theoutsideleverage.com/pay-attention/flag-on-the-post-week-of-april-18th My page no longer formats for mobile correctly. The page's format is super weird as many of embedded or coded items aren't sized to fit the page anymore. You have to scroll to widen the page and see them. It makes for a bad mobile experience. And lots of my traffic comes from mobile users.
  19. Site URL: https://www.kimberlytownsend.com/music Thanks in advance for your help! I have 2 links (one smarturl, one hyperurl) that allow users to stream or download my music from their preferred platform. I'd like to embed them onto my Music page, but the site I used to create them doesn't offer an embed code. I tried out a few different embed code generators today, and one worked for one smarturl, but not the other. the one that worked looks ok for now in desktop view, though I'm having trouble centering it, but it doesn't format to fit the screen in mobile view. So grateful for any he
  20. Site URL: https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 I am trying to autoplay an embedded youtube video in my index gallery but it doesn't autoplay. It just shows up black with a line across it. I have all the correct embed code but it still doesn't work correctly. It works in a normal gallery block but not in a gallery index. https://www.marinocarrabs.com/new-index-1 Thanks.
  21. Site URL: http://www.pyllonultra.com/exposure-live Hi, I'm trying to use an iframe to present some live results from another site (there are no results to show at the moment). I added the code they gave me to an embed block using the manual code insert. It appears to work, but I really want to show an embed block with a greater height. At the moment you can only see half a logo, and I'd really want to show the whole page. Any suggestions? I'm a dumb-ass user FYI, so excuse the greenhorn language and over-simplified question. Cheers.
  22. Trying to add a custom font on Squarespace. By licence, it can be used on my website but it must be embedded. I have the option to manually add via Design- CSS Editor but I want to know if I followed this step (see link below), if it will be embedded on the site and therefore protected? https://squaremuse.com/blog/how-to-upload-custom-fonts-squarespace Other option is to follow the instruction the font provider sent to me as per below: 1. Upload your Kit Upload the contents of the Kit to your server. This is typically done using some type of FTP program — the same way
  23. My site uses v7.0. I was successful in blocking text selection for the whole site by injecting this code to "Code Injection": However, this did not work for the embedded Google Docs document and I was able to select the text inside both the code block and the embed block. I've also tried finding a solution from the Google Docs side, but there doesn't seem to be a way to stop this. Any suggestions?
  24. Site URL: https://www.wxvuoasis.com/episodes/n54hiqrk2r9tcon35gelx6dm4tyfdx For the longest time, I was able to embed a new episode from my MixCloud account into a post I made on my website simply by selecting the 'Embed' basic tool and giving it the URL of my episode, such as: https://www.mixcloud.com/wxvuoasis/lancaster-avenue-oasis-episode-lxxi-april-6-2021-891-wxvu-villanova-pa/ As of this week, I am no longer able to do this. I immediately get a message of 'Unable to locate content' when I try to embed the URL (through what looks like a newly designed widget on SquareSpace's end)
  25. Site URL: https://www.bioqtech.com/video I'm having issues with the video i embedded on this site to format correctly on mobile devices (see screenshots) When on mobile device, the video takes up the entire screen and doesn't auto-play. I would like help on how to resolve both issues, however, making the video format correctly on mobile device is the top priority. See below for the code used. Code Used: <center> <video autoplay="autoplay" loop="true" width="1100" controls> <source src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/601dbc1510894c548327654b
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