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  1. Site URL: https://tambourine-oarfish-c28h.squarespace.com/ Looking to center the navigation links between the logo and Add to Cart button without the links stacking or the logo shrinking. Currently using the code below to achieve something close to the desired look, but I'm having issues with the nav staying centered on all screen sizes and the logo not shrinking down to nothing on smaller screens. .header-title-nav-wrapper { flex: 1 0 82%; } .header-layout-nav-center .header-nav { width: 100% !important; flex: 0 1 auto; } .header-layout-nav-center .header-nav-list { justify-content: flex-end; flex-wrap: nowrap; } Desired effect attached. Thank you! https://tambourine-oarfish-c28h.squarespace.com/ password: Bestcannoli2021!
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to lock the header and logo to a certain position? At a certain media width, I have the logo and header aligned to the perfect position (see attached photo). However if it scales up or down, these shift and gaps scale proportionally. Is it possible to keep the "About Us" always aligned to the left edge of the photo below? And at the same time, to always keep the Logo the same distance from the "About Us". Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Lucca
  3. Site URL: https://justmeatsdeli.com/ Is it possible to remove the logo only on my homepage for mobile? Site: https://justmeatsdeli.com/ Password: hey
  4. Is there any way to change the colour of the logo so it matches the colour of the menu items in the site style? I have a site which has certain pages with a light background (because of the site style) where the logo is black. One page has a coloured background and so I would love the logo to be white. The menu items change colour because of the site style, can I change the logo if I upload another one>? @tuanphan
  5. Site URL: http://gabrielasilveira.squarespace.com Hi there, I'm trying to change the logo on my website when scrolling down, I've tried all css/javascript codes I could find around with no joy. If anyone has a workaround for that on 7.1 that would be much appreciated, password for the website is hello Thank you!
  6. I'm trying to remove the site logo from my homepage with custom CSS with the BRINE template. Tried this: body.homepage #logo { display: none } It's not working. Can anyone help please? 🙂 thanks!
  7. Some examples of the mobile navigation logo issue I am having. I initially used some css to invert the logo colour on the home/landing page, then I used some more css to invert the logo on the mobile navigation, but now I am having issues when going onto another page (not the home page) where the logo is black and then the mobile nav logo inverts to white. Is there a way to make sure whenever the mobile navigation bar is open that it stays black? I have attached some images for reference.
  8. Site URL: https://lyonbarberstudio.squarespace.com password: lyonbarberstudio Hi, I want to mirror my navigation. My logo to the right, and the nav links and button to the left. How do I achieve this? This option is not in stock squarespace feature. Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://www.magnusriise.no Hi, I'm trying to update my portfolio with my new logo, but no matter what I do, the logo looks fuzzy on my desktop. I've tried png and jpg in different sizes, but nothing seems to work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any advice is appreciated 🙂
  10. Site URL: https://5trainingbiotechandpharma.co.uk Hi I've set up a portfolio page as the landing page. How do I link the header logo on each project page to a different page (I don't want it to link back to my portfolio/landing page)? I have no background on CSS. But after reading posts and forums, I sort of have an idea to do this in Design - Custom CSS, then insert page ID. However, the codes I've seen are for ordinary pages and do not work for a project page. Many thanks for your help. password: 5TMain
  11. Hi All, I have a mostly white logo as a header throughout my entire website. As a result, on the blog post pages half of my logo blends into the white page background. I have an alternative logo I can use, does anyone know how to JUST insert an alternative logo for blog post pages? I've found other CSS for inverting, but that does not work on my logo since only part of it is white. I Here is an example of my logo blending into the background, along with an example of the alternative logo I wish to use. Thanks for you help!
  12. Site URL: https://www.plantologyflorist.co.uk Hi I've changed my logo colour to green to show on the white pages. When the 'Stories' page is first clicked on, it doesn't appear in green until the page is refreshed - is there a way to stop this happening? Then when I click away to another page the logo stays green instead of reverting back to white! Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Site URL: https://raspberry-ladybug-nhm8.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, I'm not an expert at building a website. I have been looking at ways to make my logo on the mobile version bigger as it looks tiny. I'm on the Brine, 7.0 version. is there a special CSS code I can use? I saw a few options but it didn't work. I'm also wondering if there is a way to resize some of the photos for the mobile version and tablet. My homepage looks terrible on these two versions. and the flower doesn't look so great either. Thank you.
  14. Site URL: https://5trainingbiotechandpharma.co.uk Hi I need to have different logos that links to different pages on each of the Project Page. I have no background on CSS. But after reading posts and forums, I sort of have an idea to do this in Design - Custom CSS, then insert page ID. However, I do not have a clue on how to point the logo to a different page. Many thanks for your help. password: 5TMain
  15. Site URL: http://www.pitchurethis.com Currently using Squarespace 7.1 and would like to upload my site logo as an svg. I know it can be done in 7.0 using certain templates but since the platform has changed, I can not seem to get any code to work to make this happen. Any one know a solution for this?
  16. Site URL: https://www.talyasanders.com Hi, I'm trying to change the logo I use on my homepage so it's different than the ones on all other header pages of my site -- for legibility, I need different colors in the logo. I can't figure out how to do that! I'm using Version 7.1 and I think this is my Template ID: 5c5a519771c10ba3470d8101. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://lobster-ray-g42d.squarespace.com/certification Hi there - I have another question if I may: I have substituted my regular logo for an alternate version on my 'Certification' page by inserting it in the advanced code of the page settings using the URL from my custom files. For my regular logo I made it larger in the Mobile header using this code: @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .header-title-logo img { max-height: 120px; transform: translateY(20%); } } How do I do the same for alternative logo? It has the same dimensions, but is a colour version instead of white. Thank you so much! PW: youcanenter
  18. Site URL: https://www.lyonbarberstudio.squarespace.com Hi, My website is lyonbarberstudio.squarespace.com password is: lyonbarberstudio I want to mirror my navigation. Basically, my logo on the right. Nav links and call to action button to the left. How do I make this possible with custom CSS?
  19. Site URL: https://sheep-badger-7tzn.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I've seen a variety of questions on this topic but was unable to find one that was specific to my issue. I like having a fixed navigation header at the top of the site, but it is so large that when I scroll down it blocks a lot of my images. Is there a code that I can use to shrink the entire header as I scroll down so that it becomes much thinner? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi there, I'm having trouble uploading my image file for the logo on my page. I've tried to upload several files and the error 'file processing failed' keeps returning. The logo files are .png and under 3MB Can anyone help? Thanks, MD
  21. hello! ive been desperately looking around for a solution on redirecting the logo on my site to the homepage rather than the cover page. I made the cover page my homepage but I want it to be a one time thing. i want to make sure that when you click on my logo it redirects you back to the home page, not cover page. ive tried many header/footer injections and it sill does not work. It either leads me to the cover page again or google.com for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated! im using the tremont template i would post my website however it is unfinished. i could make it public for the sake of this form, but because it is unfinished i do not want other people outside this form to stumble upon it, if that makes sense.
  22. Site URL: https://sawfish-strawberry-4hha.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, ---How do I ensure that the logo I have in my footer displays smaller when viewed on a mobile than it does when viewed on a laptop? ---Also, is there a really specific video explaining how to do this? Much thanks in advance 😊
  23. I found a couple similar questions on here, but the code in the answers didn't work at all for me. Is there any way for me to keep my logo displayed in the mobile version of the Five template? It kinda defeats the purpose of having a nice logo if everyone on mobile doesn't get to see it and instead just sees the page title text. Please help! And thank you!!
  24. Site URL: https://www.morrisseysofdoonbeg.ie/ Hi everyone, My logo is boxed with two lines coming out of either side. I need the lines to appear to stretch the complete width of the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Site URL: https://sealion-tetra-dsdy.squarespace.com SITE PASSWORD: easternskye Hi there, I used coding to get the navigation menu visible on all platforms, and also found a code to center the logo with that, however, even though it kind of appears centered it isn't. When I make the hamburger navigation not visibile, then the logo goes visible, so it seems the hamburger is pushing the the logo a little to the left. see coding that I am using: .header-title-logo { text-align: center; } /*hamburger*/ @media screen and (max-width: 5000px) { /* Display burger icon at all widths and align right */ .header .header-burger { display: flex; order: 2 !important; } /* Make burger menu visible at all widths */ .header--menu-open .header-menu { opacity: 1; visibility: visible; } /* Hide primary navigation menu */ .header .header-title-nav-wrapper .header-nav { display: none; } }
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