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  1. hello! ive been desperately looking around for a solution on redirecting the logo on my site to the homepage rather than the cover page. I made the cover page my homepage but I want it to be a one time thing. i want to make sure that when you click on my logo it redirects you back to the home page, not cover page. ive tried many header/footer injections and it sill does not work. It either leads me to the cover page again or google.com for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated! im using the tremont template i would post my website however it is unfinished.
  2. Site URL: https://elephant-crane-cc3x.squarespace.com/ Hi, When I check my homepage on Mobile it looks like this, which is fine: But when I want to enlarge these main images on the homepage they become pixelated (see image below). However I added them in high quality. And when I want to zoom out. The logo looks really weird (see image). How can i solve this? Many thanks!!
  3. Site URL: http://www.greensalon.co.uk The logo on the website I am designing has been aligned to the centre. However, the right hand side of the logo is aligned to the centre of the page, rather than the centre of the logo being aligned to the centre of the page. This results in the logo being off-centre. Can anyone help? Thank you so much!
  4. Why exactly are logos so important? Logos help set the tone for your business, as they are often your brand’s first impression on potential customers. As we know, our brains can process images more quickly than text, so having a logo helps users identify and remember your brand. Think of it as your company’s ID in your customers’ minds, it’s how you stand out among your competitors. How did you decide on your logo? What do you like most about it? What core message or feeling did you want your logo to convey? Tell us all about your logo in the comments below
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of creating a website (I'm still in the trial phase so can't share the link). Theme: Clarkson 7.1 My Problem: The logo we are using for our website is white. This works really well as it sits on an edge to edge banner on each page throughout the site (see attached for an example). However, when creating individual blog pages there is no option to choose a header image (Squarespace Support also confirmed that this can't be done on blog pages). As our logo is white, you can't see it (see attached for an example). Potential Solution 1: I found CSS
  6. Site URL: https://www.randvisuals.com/portfolio Hey , I'm fairly new to squarespace so I appreciate any help that I can get. I've been trying to figure this out this past weekend, but no luck 😞. I want to resize the hover text to make it a little bit larger and easier to see. Also, I'm trying to add my logo the left side of the footer. Every time I post the logo, I can't seem to resize it. I even tried resizing it in photoshop and re-uploading, but no luck :(. https://www.randvisuals.com/portfolio
  7. Site URL: https://caper-badger-3s6d.squarespace.com Password: home I wish to move site logo (only on home page) to center of page (not in header, but in page center). Underneath the text ''welcome...''. Can anyone help me?
  8. Site URL: https://trombone-spinach-4dc6.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hi there:) I'm using Passero template and would like to align my logo to the left. As I increase the size the logo shifted in the center, even in the mobile version. Is there a way to keep it on the left? Many thanks! Sarana
  9. Hi there, I'm having trouble uploading my image file for the logo on my page. I've tried to upload several files and the error 'file processing failed' keeps returning. The logo files are .png and under 3MB Can anyone help? Thanks, MD
  10. Site URL: https://www.lucymorton.studio/ Hi, I am making adjustments to the website https://www.lucymorton.studio/ and I am trying to change the logo colour on some of the pages (FAQ's for example, where the background is lighter) Can anyone help? Website password is lucymorton TIA
  11. Site URL: https://clover-grouper-ndjg.squarespace.com/homepage I cannot seem to reduce the size of the logo in my footer beyond its current size. When I reduce the size it makes it off centre. Please help!
  12. Hi, I'd like to learn how code or advice for how to lower my navigation bar to be in line with the company name text in the logo. I would like your help please in seeing if it is possible to format this for a version 7.1 desktop. Please see reference attached of how it displays now, and where I would like for it to display in line with red bar as a guide in the second reference image. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
  13. Site URL: https://tunny-purple-2bdn.squarespace.com/ I'm currently putting together a basic site for someone. They want the header links and logo to be up against the same background image (banner image) as the intro. But when the site loads on the screen, the logo and header nav items overlap the top blocks like so: After refreshing the page, it looks fine. Just when you first go onto it. I have already tried turning ajax loading off and tried it with ajax loading on too. Can anyone help with this please :)
  14. Site URL: https://www.turcoassociates.com.au/houses Hi guys, Hoping to get some assistance making a few tweaks to the mobile view/menu. Item 1 When you click 'menu' in the mobile view. It does not drop down correctly and is quite clunky. It pushes the page content down when it opens. It also doesn't seem to drop down properly until you scroll the page a little. I would like the menu to drop down and overlap the page content (instead of push downwards). I have attached an image of what it is currently like (top image) and what I want it to be like (bottom image)
  15. Hi everyone, I bought a plugin from Squarestud.io and it appears that they dont respond to anyone's emails/facebook/instagram - I assume they have gone bust. Anyway, I need to tweak the plugin and I am not very good at .js and would appreciate some help. The plugin is a logo loading screen using the site's logo. I am wanting to replace the image source (the existing site logo) with a gif that is stored in the site's CSS stored files - URL below. Any help is really really really appreciated. Thank you, Rob working site: https://pepper-clarinet-ctnt.squarespace.com/ GI
  16. Site URL: http://www.shopmaisaguam.com Anyone have a code to change the color of the logo on the shopping cart page? Our homepage logo is white so that it stands out against the header photo, so we're using a code to change the color of the logo on the other pages to the brown. Don't know why this isn't carrying thru to the shopping cart...
  17. How do you add a logo to customer emails / invoice? Please explain in a way that a none coder will understand. Best Regards.
  18. Site URL: https://www.joshyeoh.com/ Hi, i'm looking to invert the logo colour of a single page on my site from black (Currently) to white: https://www.joshyeoh.com/connect Is there a way that i can do that without changing the colour of the logo for the rest of the pages? Regards, Sherman
  19. Site URL: https://caper-badger-3s6d.squarespace.com/news Password: home 1. Make Logo bigger on mobile, from edge to edge. 2. Move hamburger (menu) icon to below/under the site logo. Can anyone help me?
  20. Hi everyone, I've been sent in this direction by Squarespace support after they told me it's not currently something they do but might be achievable with code? I wondered if anyone could help me? I've just changed template to Nueva (which has a main homepage with a photo as the whole page) and have a logo that I want to be in the top centre in the header so I've made the logo transparent with white writing so that it can be seen through the whole page photograph with the navigation links/buttons across the top header.. However on all the other navigation pages of the website, I plan
  21. Site URL: https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/collection-3w5d7 Hello, is it possible to switch around my brand logo and icons in my header on mobile only? Currently my brand logo appears first but I would like it in the middle as image mobile-menu-2, for mobile only. Please help. Page = https://bluebird-porcupine-yzdg.squarespace.com/collection-3w5d7 Pword = bluebird Many thanks, Bets, Faiz
  22. Site URL: https://okra-icosahedron-kp4z.squarespace.com Hi I am building my site (still private and not linked to URL) and went through web tutorial but I want to have a different logo left and right on my footer area with text in the middle. I can not figure how to do this and tried everything. Any suggestions?
  23. Site URL: https://www.jimisaband.com/ Hello! I have placed a logo in my footer and it looks fine on desktop but is HUGE on mobile. It takes up the entire mobile screen. Any ideas on how I can fix this? website is jimisaband.com The template I used it Kitui, a 7.1 template
  24. Site URL: http://www.lostlaboratory.com The header logo image on my website looks correct, but in mobile it shrinks down impossibly tiny. I'm using the Jasper template. Can anyone help me with custom CSS to paste in to fix this? Thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://tulip-circle-whn5.squarespace.com I am trying to show a different logo on some sub pages in the Ventura template. I've been trying to use some semblance of the following code injections and I keep playing around with the class ID but nothing seems to work. <style>.Header-branding-logo, .Mobile-bar-branding-logo {content: url("LINK");}</style>
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