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  1. Is there a way to move the navigation links vertically so they line up exactly with my site logo in the header? davidjcavallo.com See attached screenshot. Thank you! David
  2. Hello, I am needing some assistance in changing the logo color on all pages besides the homepage. I have attached the logo. The 'milk' colour is for the homepage only. The 'olive' colour is for rest of the pages. Here is the link to the site: clover-glockenspiel-bhed.squarespace.com Many thanks, Liberty
  3. Site URL: https://www.weacceptcryptocurrency.com/ Squarespace defaults to showing either the site title or the site logo, but I want to show both in my Header. Is there a way to add this functionality with CSS? I have searched the forums and various other online tutorials and I can't seem to find anyone who's successfully done this on a Squarespace site.
  4. Hi there, I've found other threads like this but unsure at which one is the solution and don't want to risk now that the site is live. This is a bilingual site (two separate squarespace sites). We originally had it on 7.0 and used the Cover page feature as the landing page to choose between English and Spanish. We would like to have a cover page again but the option is no longer available. The workaround seems to be to set the logo to go to our homepage (which we don't want on the main navigation) and to set the hompage on the english site as the cover page. Then, we can change the logo on desktop and mobile to link to the homepage that we want. How can I achieve this? I see it's been done with CSS but I saw different issues with codes. Thank you!
  5. Hey all, I need your assistance with CSS. I've successfully made code to add a custom logo that I've uploaded to custom files, the problem is the main site logo I want to replace (on this page only) is still visible. How can I hide the main site-wide logo on one page, but keep the new one I've added? The page I want to do this on is /photo The photo page should have the dark logo. The main logo is light. Code I used to successfully add new logo: #collection-63d1a5abb1fbe8770971fe49 { .header-title-logo img { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f8f8579bd28b521edb70235/t/63db65ded0085b54d15159f7/1675322846377/thelandofdustin_logo_photo_dark.png); } } It's important that I can achieve this with CSS as I can't add page specific code via code injection. Personal plan is what I have. www.dustin.land/photo Site password is: SQtemp123 Your help is always appreciated! Thank you! 😊
  6. Hi. How to I get the logo further to the left...it's weirdly more centered than the button on the right.
  7. Is there css that I can use to change the link that the logo leads to on desktop and mobile? this is for http://plenitudpr.org I would like the logo to lead to http://plenitudpr.org/welcome
  8. Hello, I am having trouble with my logo size on mobile, it is tiny! Any help is greatly appreciated. Website is still a work in progress, link here https://www.franklyinteriordesign.com.au/ Thanks
  9. I have a question I have maxed out the logo height in my header and it is still pretty small how can I make it bigger? I am using 7.1 Thanks for the help in advance. the site address is propedsvip.com
  10. I am looking for code to inject in my header on all pages so that it makes the logo right justified on the page. Can anyone help with that? Thank you
  11. Hello! Is there a way to have the heading logo change based on the dynamic background for the page? It seems silly that there is a dynamic header design option without the ability to implement at least a light and dark logo version. Thanks for the help!
  12. I was able to force the text navigation to show in tablet view (with help from another post) but it left the logo off centre. Any advice on how to centre the logo in tablet view? My attempts end up moving the logo off-centre in regular desktop and mobile views. It must be to do with margins or padding coming from the navigation links but I can't seem to make it work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  13. Site URL: http://www.deriss.com/film Hi! I want to change the logo color for a specific page (www.deriss.com/film) and change logo color again when tapping the mobile navigation on that page. Right now I successfully managed to change the logo color by uploading new logos in css and referring the urls (the logos looks all the same just color change) Step by step; 1. Replaced logo in a page 2. called another logo on that same page when using mobile nav 3. problem is the replaced logo (1) on the page is still there so now I have two logos overlapping each other. How do I remove the replaced logo (1) when tapping mobile nav Here's the code; thankful for any help or direction, thanks! <style> .header--menu-open .header-title-logo { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5fd88f5e481f942658c4d703/t/5ff7b048ce30f23f0e4351d5/1610068040963/Deriss_Black_Logo.png); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; } div.header-title-logo a { content:url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5fd88f5e481f942658c4d703/t/5ff7a6a0c4aca21082659737/1610065568794/Deriss_blue_Logo.png") !important; max-width: 290px; /* if logo needs to be centered */ margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } </style>
  14. Site URL: https://stephenhendler.com/ Hi there, on my site: https://stephenhendler.com/ I want to add white logos to specific pages. The white logo is here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/6105c4f34935a22f98b4647d/t/629d81a4c133451012dc1f83/1654489508097/Artboard+12%404x.png How could I add this white logo to this specific page: https://stephenhendler.com/home/knicks-newyorkforever Any thoughts @tuanphan Thank you
  15. Site URL: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/config Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone could help me to change the color of my logo on certain pages. I would like my logo to be in white on most pages, except some where the background is white, I would like the logo to be black. Here's an example of a page where it needs to be inverted: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/cover My website link is: https://piano-dandelion-r2gb.squarespace.com/. The password is: Bookofgeorge Is there a code I can inject to simply invert it on select pages? Or is there a way to override the logo to a different images on those pages? Thanks so much!
  16. I am somewhat of a novice in Squarespace and am attempting to make substantial changes to my site. We are a realty company with two companies in our one office: Lake Dog Realty, LLC for lake properties and Realty Experts of Alabama, LLC for our off-lake properties. I need to be able to put both companies on one site for several reasons (our agents overlap between the companies; our homes overlap, etc.). The site was created with the URL www.lakedogrealty.com. I have other URLS, such as www.realtyexpertsal.com, directed to the homepage of www.lakedogrealty.com. I would like to have Lake Dog's logo on the left as it already is and add the Realty Experts of Alabama on the right. The logos look the same (colors, oval, size, etc.), except the dog mascot has a life preserver on the lake company and a business suit and tie for the realty experts one. Can someone please help?! I am willing to pay. I am also open to suggestions for other ways to do this. I considered two "landing" pages depending on the URL but then I think I still need the header to have both company logos with the naviation tabs all the same for all the pages. I am in the predicament of not knowing what I don't know. Plus, I don't know how the changes will affect viewing on mobile devices. Thank you!
  17. Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the logo on different pages? I've got a white logo at the moment, which works for all the other pages, except the Product pages. I don't want to change the logo to a white box behind a black logo, it would ruin the look of the site! Does anyone know? Thank you! My client's website is https://www.raindropon26.com.au/ Password: raindrop2023
  18. Site URL: https://coconut-grasshopper-b736.squarespace.com/config/pages/632491ecd2457c0d3e60fa0e?p site password : gingerkev Hi Re tablet - i want to reduce space between logo/burger and text section below - see first pic attached. If i enter following code.... : /* header on tablet only */ @media screen and (max-width:991px) and (min-width:768px) { .header-title-nav-wrapper { margin-bottom: -30px; } } ..the logo comes down successfully but burger icon stays where it is...see second pic. Any ideas how i can get burger down level with logo would be most appreciated! Thanks Kev
  19. Site URL: https://swflgolf.org Is it possible to add an additional logo to the right side of the header? CSS? Similar to the attached screenshot...
  20. Site URL: https://coconut-grasshopper-b736.squarespace.com/config/pages/632491ecd2457c0d3e60fa0e?p site password : gingerkev Hi all with regards specifically desktop I've added the following CSS code to get the nav page menu to sit level with base /bottom of logo: /*align nav desktop */ .header-title-nav-wrapper { -webkit-box-align: end; -ms-flex-align: end; align-items: flex-end; } It does a good job but the menu to the right sits just above the base level of the logo- though the line underneath 'case studies' is level , but not text itself. NB: note my uploaded logo is cropped tightly to bottom of 'kevin moran'. I know I can effectively move that menu text down that little bit extra if i play around with 'line height' setting in site styles - but then i end up with the line being too low... I'm a bit of a perfectionist so any ideas re custom CSS would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance Kevin
  21. Hey there, I have been playing around with my site logo and trying to get it to invert on particular pages. I used this code: <style> .header-title-logo img { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); } </style> Which works fine whoever I have a mega menu which it conflicts with. When you hover over the product option in the navigation you will notice the logo blends in with the background. I am wondering if there is a work around? Thanks in advance. URL; https://dory-semicircle-nycr.squarespace.com/products pass: richmond
  22. Hello everyone! I am using a code block for having a different logo on the home page than on the rest of my site. This is working fine on desktop. However, on the mobile nav menu I need the original logo to show because the background is white. Can anyone help with overriding the code on the mobile home nav menu only? The code I'm using is: <style> header#header img { content: url(https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/636d0f73e540cf158d3b612a/55792a1c-89a6-4167-bc31-a08815d9f128/AAC_logo_neg.png ); } </style> Also attaching screenshots of the logo on both the home menu and one of the other pages. Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Marte
  23. Hi, a strange error showing in Bing webmaster tools after running a site scan. Any ideas? The cart page is not active because I don't have products yet but the homepage threw me. Doesn't it automatically have an <H1> tag? I have a logo with alt-text in place of the site title but I'm sure that shouldn't make a difference. www.mybeautyangel.com
  24. Hello I couldn't find any solution that woks for my site… or is it me making a thinking error? I need a black logo on the homepage while on the project pages the white one (#f5f6f5) is needed. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards. D* P.S.: the password is: dga2023
  25. Hello everyone, We are looking to hire someone to create custom CCS for us. We want to create custom dynamic movement with our logo and navigation bar when scrolling to make the website look more attractive and modern. Please let us know if you are interested. This is a small project, but we plan to continue developing and modernising the site's appearance over the next few months. Please let me know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to reply. Best wishes, Jon
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