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Found 75 results

  1. Hi, I've used the forum once before and it was extremely helpful! I'm using the York template and I am trying to change the background color of the footer. It doesn't seem to be a feature, could anyone help me with the CSS? This is the website link: https://clownfish-mauve-jds9.squarespace.com/ password: beatrice Thanks so much!
  2. Hello all, I´m working on a website for a company called Motosumo. We have stumbled upon some problems with our footer that I hope some of you guys might be able to help me with. The problem being that we have added links to other pages of our website, but the styling does not carry over for some of the pages. Our index site has a /reach and /gym sub-page (slugs) where there is a background color on the mainpage that I would like to carry over when pressing the link in the footer. Here is the main page with the background: and here it is sadly without: What I have tried so far is to customize the css for the block, but ofcourse the yui id changes whenever the site is refreshed and it doesnt seem to have a block id or any static id for that matter. It seems as the link generate a random pop-up. so the question is: Is there some way for me to either giving the link a static block id of make sure that the style carries over when pressing the link? I hope this is enough information, as I am not a keen coding expert or web developer. thx in advance /Dennis
  3. Hello everyone! I'm setting up a site for my photography and film making and I was looking for a template with just a background image, menu and name. I found the Miller template which is great but although I eliminated the footer blocks, there is still a back background instead of resizing the image and using that instead. I attached a screenshot to help you understand what I mean.
  4. Hello, My name is Joan. This is my first post and I would greatly appreciate help. I am using Beford template. For some reason when I add a link to the footer it puts an underline under the text that has the link. I would like to remove the underline. Thank you. https://crow-shark-d2c4.squarespace.com/config/ passcode- 4646
  5. Hey there, I have used squarespace before to make a site, however the group I was making the website for had already decided upon a template. They used the Bedford template and It did what I wanted it to do, but at times it just wasn't flexible enough. Now I am being given a specific design that looks very similar to Bedford but slightly different. I wondered if anyone here knew of a template that would be most conducive to me implementing the images that I am posting. Having proper headers, a menu bar above the menu bar, a sidebar, but only on specific pages, a footer and a pre-footer, divs with their own colors that you can put blocks in and images, etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there I am working on this page https://syntos.squarespace.com (pw: hello), template Harry and it love to change the footer to a darker color. tried to adjust the footer color in the CSS but it wont work. Any ideas how I can change the footer background and the banner of the quote section?
  7. I'm looking for a way to have the entire footer portion of the canvas have a different bg color. In the attached photo, the top is what I'm shooting for, bottom is what I currently have. I was able to get some of the blue color in there using the background property for #footer, but the canvas padding to the left and right stays the light color. Is there a workaround for this? I'm using the Om theme.
  8. Does anyone know where the code is floating around for the minimal audio player that's on the Jeff Bridges site? Designer Craig Blagg says on his site "Each custom component, from the embeddable media, social cards, custom audio player - were built as reusable functionality. So any Squarespace customer - could leverage each of the extensions created for the campaign." I assume this was done in the developer mode, but wondering if anyone has a similar plugin or something that they've done that works similarly. I'm trying to get the audio player (for a playlist) to be much more streamlined than what's in the template (Brine). Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a way to create a footer that has two columns on tablet and mobile view like this: and then two separate rows that are on the same line on desktop view: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
  10. Hello! I love the theme and how everything is done - the only thing I would like to change is that when my website is viewed on mobile the hamburger icon/3 dots/search are in the footer the bottom rather than being on top? Is there a way to change that? My website is www.wabi-sabii.com Many Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to remove both the header and footer from select (not all) pages? I have the personal account right now, and in order to use custom code I'd have to upgrade, but I don't want to do this unless this is possible. Thanks in advance!
  12. Every page in my website repeats the banner on top of the page and the text from the home page. Is there any way to remove these things from the footer, without removing them from their intended spots. Squarespace support isn't able to help out with this so appreciate any support that I can get from the community. My website is https://helix-apricots-pabf.squarespace.com
  13. I'm using the Harris template. I have my logo on the footer. It's fine on desktop and tablet but the logo becomes huge on mobile view. Can this be reduced for mobile view only?
  14. Hello, I need help putting code to resize an image on mobile to appear larger. The site is https://www.nyumbai.com/ and it's the image on the right on the footer. The format looks fine on desktop but once in mobile, the image appears small and not the full width to the mobile screen that'd I want. Thanks in advance!
  15. How can I remove a footer from one page on the Taylor template? Thanks!
  16. Hi! How do I change a button color in the footer? How do I identify the right button? I used the following but it is not working: #footer .sqs-system-button .sqs-editable-button { color: FFFFFF; border-color: FFFFFF; }
  17. Hiya, I'm trying to figure out how to repeat the images on my index page at the bottom of my project pages. Meaning, as you scroll to the bottom of each project page in my portfolio you will then see the same project images and links you will see when you are on the homepage of my site. Temporarily have text links in place now. Have tried a few methods and none have worked. Any chance someone here knows how to sort this out? Thx!Joe barbierijoseph.com
  18. Hi, How can I do this? (screen attached) https://imgur.com/jULJsAo website: https://marigold-onion-dm3a.squarespace.comPassword: Campcamp1 @tuanphan Regards
  19. Similarly to the logo on the coming soon cover page, is there a way to add it to the footer as well? Just a small centered logo below a rights reserved bit of text? Edit: I did it with spacers, but is there a better way?
  20. Using Ishimoto template and the footer text stays right justified in mobile view? In the template it should go centred in mobile view. Does anyone please please have a CS code to make this happen? Its really bugging me :( https://caper-sunflower-8dpc.squarespace.comPassword: incartists Site is missing videos at the moment which is why it may look weird :)
  21. Hi, I'm having some issues with my company's new website. I added a lot of custom code and now I'm troubleshooting. One of the main issues is that the header and footer are not showing up on any of the supporting pages. I don't want them to show up on the homepage/landing page at all, but I want them to show up on all of the other pages. Is there any custom CSS or anything that might help clear this issue?I've tried adding this snippet to make it work: header {display: block !important;} My website is www.themodernbrand.com Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks.
  22. Hi, How can I add some more content to the footer? (screen attached): https://imgur.com/v4jeVtR website: https://marigold-onion-dm3a.squarespace.com Regards
  23. Hi How can I decrease the padding on the footer? (screen is attached); https://ibb.co/Rp2YP99 url:https://marigold-onion-dm3a.squarespace.com/Password: Campcamp1 Regards
  24. I am working on creating a custom footer on the following page and have created custom code in CSS to accomplish this: https://www.mclean-design.com/work-1Is there an easy way to replicate this on the remainder of the site? I currently used this for the desktop css: //style for footer on work page page-footer-5d8835056314fc069b43a306 { background-color: #666666; position: relative; padding: 50px;} //social media links block-yui3172115692076859694810 { position: relative; float: left; bottom: 0; margin-top:60px; } block-yui3172115692075606876321 { float: right; text-align: right;// width: 10%;} // end style for work footer Also I am trying to get the awards in the footer to show up in the mobile area but have currently set the display to none. Any advise would be great.
  25. Hi, How can I remove the text from the footer on mobile so that only navigation stays? Also to remove slightly padding from the side and add padding after the text (only mobile as well)? Pictures attached:
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