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  1. Hi, I have just set up a new site with a members area. We are using Donorfy to manage all our membership plans and donations (charity business). Is there any way we can link our donorfy records with our members area so that our members dont have to create a new account on SquareSpace, their details would be shared between the two systems. Someone suggested an API could be the best way to do this but I have no clue where to start.
  2. I want to use the Zoom API, i need to upload the sdk and haven't found the way. To clear the picture a little, the Zoom SDKs can be used via direct download, npm or CDN, using CDN has been flawless outside Squarespace, so loaded the code to mY site and didn't work properly, all I got was a video and audio, no UI, actually there was UI it didn't work, so I figured it was a problem of the CDN, the browser download, so I want to use the files directly instead of doing a in-site download. I already have the files I can't upload them. Any advice is highly appretiated
  3. I would like to add something to my site that shows a live ranking of how certain items are doing, for example if there is a "competition" between long-sleeve and short sleeve tees, can I use the commerce APIs to put a chart on the page that updates live? Thank you!
  4. Hi! I have an issue of not getting things to work the way I want it to. Sorry the language is n Norwegian in the webpage, but I´ll try to describe the issue nevertheless. On https://play.bilmc.no/ you will now see how the new site looks like. On the attached image I´ve shown an example of how I can make usage of the api with css customization, and the strings in the code will help me show what data to present to the vistor. On https://bergenbilogmcskole.tabs.no/kursoversikt you´ll see the data I want to present on play.bilmc.no. The creators of that page is the same company who produced the api. One of the attached images shows how to be able to use the api. On that "code-image" it says that "To use the JSON-endpoints it needs to register the IP adresss of the server used. I´ve told them to "open up" and approve 4 IP-adressess who is attached to Squarespaces servers. That means that the developers opens these four IP´s as whitelisted. https://www.nslookup.io/domains/play.bilmc.no/webservers/ Further on is says "Kurs" and "HTML" on the third attached image to this post. Both with <script> and <div code. My questions are to you; Where do I put the different codes? If I put this in the header: $client = new GuzzleHttp\Client(); $res = $client->request('GET', 'https://api.tabs.no/api/v2/course', [ 'headers' => ['ApiKey' => 'c4e844824823f69be8305a98696b96d5'], 'query' => ['officeId' => 304], ]); It will only appear as black text and white background all the way on top. I don´t understand how to add a Query-parameter... When I include this in code-block; <script>var officeId = {ID};</script> <script src="https://api.tabs.no/js/api.js?v2.0.0"></script> I will have a "No preview when logged in box" and nothing when published... How can I make the data appear on my page? Hopefully someone can make me understand!
  5. Site URL: http://thirstydice.com Hi, I posted this in the wrong forum earlier and it was deleted, so I respectfully request to ask this again (this time hopefully in the correct plact): How can I use the API to assign products to a category? I have/will have hundreds of items uploaded/removed at various times but I can only see how to assign tags using either the Products API or the Inventory API. Categories are crucial to any online store, and I would argue that if the API is to be useful at all then it should allow category assignations like it does tags. I'm perfectly fine with adding categories before or after, but the ability to associate them with a product is pretty important. Am I missing something here?
  6. Hi there, Is there a channel/forum/slack for developers to seek support or provide feedback on the Commerce APIs? A channel where we can interact with Squarespace developers?
  7. Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for your guidance, it's really appreciated. Firstly apologies if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find the answer through general searching. In a nutshell, my platform requirement is quite simple and the best equivalent model is Etsy. Business requirements are as follow: > Members are able to customise their owns Members Area with as much free rein as possible e.g. create public and private pages with group permission levels so certain user groups can only view pages by the creator. > The Platform will facilitate the selling of members' goods and services to other users through its own commerce payment processing checkout i.e. Stripe and others and charge relevant transactions fees etc. > Members can create and sell their own subscriptions to other members and maybe even subscriber price plans with recurring payments. > Member 'Wallet' section to manage their payment cards and view money in wallet. > Member community circles by Groups e.g. Group A members can only reach out to other Group A members - however - Group B members who wish to reach out to Group A members need to pay a fee. > Member sign up customisation and verification requirements - verify a members identity using a relevant API integration or a more manual operation e.g. member sends their driving licence to the Admin to verify identity, either at the sign up stage or within platform Member's Area. > Member Area 'Landing Page' - community news feed which shows recent news posted by Members in their spaces, which the Admin can feed/re-post into this landing page - possibly even a Twitter style feed. Questions: 1) Which SquareSpace price plan is right for my needs? (my initial thought is Commerce Basic) 2) Will I need additional APIs and other customisation e.g. the Commerce Advanced plan?
  8. Without paying for a service that does this, how can we add our Google reviews API to our Squarespace website? Without adding a screenshot of the reviews or using the Squarespace quotes. Does anybody know the code for this or how we can generate it? Thank you!
  9. I have made my own external APIS , can I use them to my website , for example I have countries API to add them in a drop down list , is this possible to be added here , if not what can I do to support my website?
  10. How do I allow access to my Analytics data for use in an external data dashboard?
  11. Does anybody have experience with the API's? Trying to get any response from the Inventory API and I keep getting 403 Forbidden response. I made the API key and using JS fetch(). See photo for code (ignore green as those are commented out trying different things.). "token" variable is defined above this photo with the API key.
  12. I talked to some agency about 7.0 vs 7.1 and that the API's available in 7.0 has been pulled for 7.1, meaning integrating with external API's are off the table as the Developer mode is gone. Now ... where does that leave the Developer portal? Is that only for 7.0 or are the resources up to date?
  13. We have a site that displays all our projects. We are now going to move over to Squarespace 7.1 and in that process I need to create a small webapp that will list all these projects on a map, so that clicking on each project will take you to the corresponding project page. I need to figure out a way of listing all the individual resources/pages created from Squarespace, along with any additional metadata. This is needed to link other resources to those pages. Is this possible with SS 7.1?
  14. Is there any way to work and test the website locally? I know there is an option to clone the template and work on the template code, but that applies mostly for styles. What if I want to work with the content, or in our case - make our own API? I find it very hard to write and test code in the small window of Header/Custom CSS in the Squarespace interface and I am wondering if there is something I am missing or not aware of.
  15. Hi, I need to retrieve the loggedin user email or id, I have read the following article and using it for now but the problem is, ID gets reset when customer removes cookies. Is there any way I can get a unique identifier which do not reset after deleting cookies. Thank you.
  16. I'm trying to upload images to my website through the commerce API with node.js. Here is my code so far. FormData and fetch have been imported. const form = new FormData(); form.append("file", fs.readFileSync("image.png")); const send_img = await fetch( "https://api.squarespace.com/1.0/commerce/products/" + image_id + "/images", { method: "POST", headers: { Authorization: "Bearer " + process.env.SQUARESPACE_API_KEY, "User-Agent": "MY-USER-AGENT", "Content-Type": "multipart/form-data", }, body: form, } ); I keep getting this error. { type: 'INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR', subtype: null, message: "Expected exactly one file part named 'file', but found none.", details: null, contextId: 'EPOYCREESOOSLEEWRAWX' } Can someone help me resolve this error ?
  17. Site URL: http://ludmillasart.com Are there any plans for Square space top enter the NFT market? Asking for myself. Ludmilla
  18. I need to integrate Claris FileMaker with Squarespace. I want to upload images converted to Base64 strings to products via API curl command, but can't find an example on the API documentation page. Is it possible? If not, how I can upload images using API. The API documentation isn't clear for me?
  19. I'm currently expanding a ticketing site in Squarespace, and we have a new ticketing partner with an API for their ticket sales, and was curious if there is anything coming down the Squarespace API pipeline that might allow users to create Events the same you are able to create and manage orders. Due to the number of ticketed events we will be adding, it would be great to only need to add them in one place!
  20. Site URL: https://www.criticalzoneobservatory.com/ I'm trying to find a way of embedding into my squarespace, live data from my personal weather station that is displayed on the Weather Underground site.
  21. Site URL: https://www.styledent.com/ Hello, I am trying to integrate UPS onto our Squarespace site so our clients can create a shipping label directly on our site through UPS and print it out. Has anyone had any experience with integrating UPS onto their site with the UPS developer kit/APIs?
  22. Hello, This question might've already been answered, however I will ask it again in plain English for those like myself who are starting in E-Commerce. I appreciate any help I can get. I work for a holding company with a few E-Commerce sites for its different companies. In order to promote efficiency and decrease confusion amongst various production managers, all sites have to be run through Magento. Unfortunately we are now indefinitely dependent on freelance Web Developers for the maintenance and modifications of the site. I would like to know if it's possible to use a SquaredSpace Front-end, which can be modified by any employee Whilst continuing to receive new orders through Magento's Back-end, to not disrupt the current system. In short I'd like to design and maintain my website through Squared Space, however continue to process orders through Magento's admin panel. Thank you.
  23. Hello, Does the Squarespace have any built in API to retrieve all the discount coupons from the merchant's site? I am from Constant Contact's software development team and here we are trying to integrate Squarespace with Constant Contact for our customers. We have a use case to extract the discount coupons from the Squarespace merchant site to Constant Contact. I was looking into the API documentation of Squarespace and couldn't find any API or webhook to extract the discount coupons. Can some one please help me on this?
  24. Hi, I am using the commerce API to upload products from multiple suppliers but am running into an issue when trying to upload multiple images per product. As the API requires that images are sent individually we are uploading them 1 at a time but it is failing when we attempt to upload the 2nd image for each product and returns the following error message. 'Error:Invalid resource type: resource (closed)' I have tried both manually closing the connection in between uploads and also adding a timeout of 5 seconds between the uploads but it is still failing. The application is in php and is using Guzzle 7 to create the connection. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you manage to resolve it? Thanks
  25. Site URL: http://www.iamchristiankasper.com Hello, I receive recently a lot of spam and random email addresses are being added to my newsletter list. Therefor I want to use a reCAPTCHA. But the integration is not working. In the edit mode it shows the reCAPTCHA and it doesn't mention any errors (e.g. "error for site owner: invalid site key" or domain errors) But when I go to my site, scroll down to the footer and add a email address inside of the newsletter form it didn't show the reCAPTCHA. Anyone knows what the issue is?
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