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  1. Squarespace has too big a gap between contributor/managers and admin. ie Contributors can't add new pages (for example); they need full admin access, which includes billing privileges. Which is bad. Essentially, if I'm to give a client the ability to add their own content pages, I need to hand over ownership so my credit card is not wearing their purchasing decisions. This suggests a cynical approach by Squarespace to increase purchases or leapfrog the reseller for a direct relationship with the end client. This exposure – and lack of clarity on costs incurred and time to recoup from the end client – is the biggest impediment to us developing Squarespace websites for clients. It makes Squarespace not fit for its core purpose: reselling a product (the website).
  2. Hi folks! We have a little trouble in finding a way, so I can change the design of the website without being able to change the subscriptions, etc. As a Contributor you aren't able to change the website design/settings As a Administrator you are able to add subscriptions plans, etc. So is there a way round, that I am able to change the design of the website of a colleague without being able to "f*** up" the subscription plans, etc. Thanks for the answer. Sue
  3. I've got a customer (local PTA) who would like to sell spirit wear items in-person. I sent them the link for SS's instructions and videos for doing that - they downloaded the SS and Square apps, got the card reader, but I had to connect their Square account to their site for them. The particular person I was speaking to had "Store Manager" permissions. We soon discovered that "Store Manager" does not actually include the ability to create a transaction on the SS app; she had to have full admin privileges to do that. This seems counter-intuitive and frankly dangerous. I don't think it's a good idea for a random parent volunteer to have full admin access to their website - that's just asking for trouble. Am I missing something?
  4. I have been added as a Collaborator by the very non-tech-savvy owner of a Festival website, which he previously set up with the help of his daughter, who is no longer available to help. This is the first time I've used Squarespace, so although I'm a technophile, it's a bit like the blind leading the blind. (It took me a while to convince him that he could add me as a Collaborator, and not have to share his own login and password, but he did eventually manage to follow the instructions of the Squarespace help page that I sent him to do that.) My permissions are such that I am able to add new Pages, and can access Orders, Inventory and Customers in Commerce, including the ability to add new Products, but on the main Commerce menu page, it says "You do not have access to this section", which is a bit weird, as I certainly do have access to the above sections (and possibly others that I haven't explored) within Commerce. More specifically, I would like to modify the email message that customers receive when they order tickets, but I'm getting a very unfriendly 403 Access Denied error, complete with the html source for the error page, rather than an actual error page, when I even try to look at any of the Customer Notifications (see screenshot). Having looked at the permissions for Collaborators, it would seem that I must have Admin permission to be able to do what I can already do, so why would I be getting this error? Could it be a bug? Or if it's possible that I have a bunch of other permissions, but not Admin permission, what permission is actually required to modify the email messages, so that I can ask him to grant it? Thanks
  5. Site URL: https://green-duck-kelr.squarespace.com/ In the "Design" menu I don't have the option to edit site styles or change the template. I talked to the site owner, and I apparently have all the available permissions assigned to me. Any idea what is going on? I can barely edit anything style-wise. I am a contributor with the following permissions: admin, reporting, editor, moderator, commentor, store manager, scheduling
  6. Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to create a second account for users that is only permitted to make content like blog posts on the site, and not edit anything.. I haven't been able to figure out permissions to make this possible. I don't want the account to be able to edit everything on the site, main texts etc... Just make/edit blog posts. - Maybe where i can go in and accept them if i think they are ready.
  7. Site URL: http://www.CGHFoundation.org Hi everyone! I'm stuck in a weird situation and wondering if anyone has run into this or seen/heard of this before: I designed a squarespace site for a client's foundation, after completion I transferred ownership to them and every once in a while I get a call from them asking me to update or add something but for the most part I don't actively monitor this site. I get a call on Jan 4th that there are some squarespace charges showing up on their credit card statement and when I got to the site to figure out what is going on I see that someone has purchased several domains. Upon discovering this I immediately reached out to customer service to report the issue, get it fix and reverse the charges made to my client. They "locked" the account making the purchases but because I'm no longer the "owner" they couldn't tell me which account was the issue (which didn't seem to be a problem), they forced a password reset, we cancelled the domains and problem solved.... Except it wasn't. Two days later it happens again, and this time I get a call from the client telling me that they foundation was contacted by someone claiming they received a $8000+ charge on their credit card. When I log into the site the domain issue is happening again. I again contact customer service and we investigate. They tell me that the forced password reset was initiated and COMPLETED... meaning someone has access to my client's email. They have changed the passwords and now my client and owner of the site can no longer access the site. This is also when I look at the "invoices" tab to find that this is bigger than I originally thought. It's been going on every single day since December 10th. The person(s) doing this purchase 1-3 domain names each day, cancelling them the next day. Overall, the charges hit my clients card then are refunded a few days later. There doesn't seem to be a gain here? They can't see his card info (at least I don't think) and he's not really out any money.. yet? We've tried the "forgot password" to access my clients account BUT he doesn't get an email from squarespace which leads me to believe that they may have also changed the email associated with his account and we're stuck. I again contact customer service who doesn't seem to be taking this for the issue that it is told me that we need to fill out the form they sent to me to try to recover the account. I'm still waiting and trying to convince someone via email now that we are having a serious issue and that this needs to be stopped... but all I keep hearing is "the domains were purchased and refunded" and they don't seem to see the issue that someone else has access and essentially control of my clients site. If they were to say, decide to delete MY permissions we will lose control completely. MY BIG QUESTION... why? What is the game here? Why would someone do this and what are they gaining by doing so? They are repeatedly purchasing domains then the next day cancelling them on their own, meaning they are refunding the money. This seems weird and I don't understand what someone is gaining my doing this? ANY ideas/thoughts?
  8. Site URL: https://www.creamhairassociates.co.uk/ Hi, I'm carrying out some SEO work for my client who has added me as a site administrator two days ago. However, I am not able to access the code injection facility in the advanced options when editing the home page, see attached image. Also, I get the following error when trying to access the email campaign marketing option. Not sure if this is related: {"timestamp":1636722490883,"status":403,"error":"Access denied","message":"Access is denied","path":"/config/marketing/campaigns","errorId":"2dae835b-e30c-44f1-9a72-c50aa5daae68"} I've attempted this in a chrome incognito window so there shouldn't be anything cached Man thanks in advance Nick
  9. Hi I'm trying to build a site for a small county and have a few specific requirements and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on if it would be possible to custom build a site like this through SquareSpace with maybe SquareSpace Developer? The county wants a page where they can put new county information and news up but also has a focus on commerce, they would like to grant county business owners to a page on the site, without having access to the rest of the site. The business owners are not super tech savvy so they are looking for a solution in which the business owners may just have to fill out a form with their business information to automate edits to their page, as well as pull information from their Yelp profile or their personal websites.
  10. Hi All, So we created the www.cinema3stpeters.com website and in the next month or so will be selling memberships. We need to be able to assign new members a unique 'membership number' they can then use to purchase discounted tickets via eventcube. I love the idea of Memberspace as they want to have members forums etc in the future. At the moment I am linking memberspace purchases with Google Sheets via Zapier to create a new member number everytime someone is added to the spreadsheet and then using zapier to email the member number to the new purchase. While it works, it feels like a long process and something that could potentially cause problems. Has anyone set anything like this up before? Or have any suggestions/software for a simpler and more efficient process? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Chris.
  11. Site URL: https://breathelondon.org Hi All, I want to have contributorA to be able to add blogs to 'Page A Blog'. And I want contributorB to be able to add blogs to 'Page B Blog'. It looks like it's possible to create a Collection on a page which shows only blogs which have a certain category tag. So in theory I could set up 'Page A Blog' with a Collection on it that pulls in only blog posts that are tagged 'contributorA'. And I could set up a 'Page B Blog' with a collection on it that pulls in only blog posts that are tagged 'contributorB'. BUT... As I understand it, currently, in Squarespace, if I invite contributorA and contributorB, each of them can not only view and edit each other's pages, they could also view and edit all of the other pages in my site - which I don't want! (obviously). Unless I've missed something, and it's not possible to restrict contributors to only be able to view/edit certain pages... is there another solution I could use? Could I, for example, use something like Contentful, use that to give the contributors their logins, and use some sort of plugin or custom code on each page to bring in content from Contenftul. So 'Page A Blog' pulls in blogs from Contentful from contributorA and 'Page B Blog' pulls in blogs from Contentful from contributorB? Any thoughts welcome! Thanks, Andy
  12. Site URL: https://www.whitmanptsa.org/ I'm an admin on a local PTSA website, and my client is having issues managing orders on the site. One user in particular cannot edit order details when using a web browser - clicking on an individual order does nothing. I suggested she restart her browser, flush her cookies, restart her computer, use a different browser, but nothing seems to work. I even tried logging in to her account and trying myself, but that didn't work either. I can edit the orders if I'm on the site using my own admin account, so it's not a site-wide issue. The curious thing is that this user can, however, edit order details when using the Squarespace app (using her same login credentials). Any ideas what I can do here?
  13. I am trying to add a contributor to my site. I have used settings > permission > invite contributor. When the contributor tries to accept the email, they receive an error - "You already have permissions on this site" However, when the contributor logs into Squarespace our site is not available to them. It simply doesn't show up. Further, when I refresh the settings>permissions page, their name is only ever under 'invites sent'. They are never able to receive access as a contributor. We have tried: Refreshing cache, logging in via incognito window, and copy/pasting the invitation link instead of clicking the invitation email. Nothing works. Please help!
  14. Need blog writers to only see the blog they are assigned too. Can this be done? Is there something in the works? This is very limiting to growth in this platform.
  15. Site URL: http://www.pwestdayever.com Is there anyway to prevent photos from being taken without permission?
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