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  1. You can also try contacting them via Slack or email.
  2. Hi @diana204 , Unfortunately, there's no default setting to add different layouts for the filter and sorter (i.e. add the filter as inline links while sorter is a dropdown). You'll have to use custom CSS coding to change the layout of the filter from dropdown to inline links.
  3. Hi WebShark, After you installed the Tag filter you want, add multipleLogic: 'and', after the multiple: true, code. That'll change the logic of multiple selection from OR to AND.
  4. Hi @MaxNZ, Did you reached out to the support team or joined the Slack channel for help?
  5. Hi Tonwa, Hopefully, you've already sorted this out. But just in case, have you checked out Universal Filter? It works on Events pages and Summary blocks.
  6. Hi Cornoddity, Were you able to solve this? You'll need some CSS coding to do the layout you described. But better start by changing the layout to dropdown first by changing view: 'buttons-pill', to view: 'dropdowns', in your filter code. Its easier to start there than turning the buttons to dropdowns.
  7. I agree with @JayVanDyke, the extra space only happens when using the fluid engine (the grid layout system) and that can be reduced by removing/decreasing the grid rows near the bottom of the section but you still have the default padding of the section to deal with. You can adjust the padding or margin with CSS but the most convenient and non technical way to do it is what Jay suggested.
  8. Here's another variation of Tuan's code though the code he gave should work. hooks: { afterFilter: function (f){ if (f.requestComplete){ openBundleLinksInLightbox_(); pluginLightbox({"closeExisting":"true"}); } } },
  9. Piggybacking on Tuan Phan's answer, you can use CSS code to hide the icon, prices and other shop related buttons and links. The cons with using the shop page over the portfolio is that there are some blocks available on Portfolio pages that are not in store pages. Alternatively, you can use a filter plugin that's already working and compatible with portfolio pages.
  10. Have you checked this filter plugin? It's compatible on blog pages and video pages, and filters tags and categories.
  11. There's a plugin called Lazy Summary block that lets you raise the summary block's 30-item limit to 250 and has an option to display an infinite scroll or a lazy scroll.
  12. Hi Regoods, Hope you've already fixed this issue but to add answers on these questions: 1. You can hide/disable the Availability filter by simply removing that code section from the filter code settings or by adding hidden: true, under name: 'Availability', 2. If you add hidden: true, under the name of the dropdown you want to remove, that'll hide/disable that dropdown from displaying. However, the filter's category dropdown uses the same data as Squarespace default category filter, it's practically works the same but with more flexibility, so not sure what you mean. 3. Are you using the the universal filter's sticky option and the mobilePanel? Your position: sticky might be getting overwritten so maybe try using an @media{} query or !important on your CSS code.
  13. Hi Matt, This isn't a direct solution rather a workaround, if you add a "On Sale" on the items you want to highlight, you can then filter them in the summary block to only display items with the "On Sale" tags.
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