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  1. Site URL: https://www.marcelchenier.com After all day searching through the forums, I never found an answer for this. I'm using 7.1 and in my navigation bar (header), I have two anchor links, one to the bio on the home page, one to the footer with the contact info. The other navigation elements which go to different pages (home, gallery, shop) get underlined when active, but these two do not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Anchor links or page jumps are a vital component to any website, but specifically important for those websites that are text-heavy or have a lot of content on a single page. In essence, an anchor link is a special URL that takes you to a specific place on a page. They’re useful for letting your visitors skip to the parts of your content that interest them, and they’re a great organizational device that aids readability. As an added bonus, they help with SEO too. In Squarespace, there are two types of anchor links you can use, depending on the version of our platform you’re using. For example, if your site is on the Squarespace 7.0 platform, you can create anchor links on Index Pages using the steps in the guide Adding index page anchor links. If your site is on the 7.1 version, you can add a small custom code snippet and create an anchor link on Layout Pages. Check out our guide Creating anchor links. Before stuffing your Main Navigation with anchor links, there are some considerations you need to take into account. For example, too many items in your navigation can be aesthetically overwhelming and become a hindrance to readers. Links that are too close together can be a problem on mobile, specifically for visitors with limited hand mobility. How do you use anchor links on your website? Do you have any special practices or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!
  3. Site URL: http://www.studiofurks.com I want to make the "Case Studies" link in the navigation bar an anchor link so it auto-scrolls the user to the white section when clicked on (portfolio grid items).
  4. I've been working on a website and am trying to figure out how to put anchor links in the header. I know this has to be possible because it was done with two other header links on the website I'm working on before it was passed on to me, but the person who did that is currently unreachable and I'm not sure how to do that. The website has links along the top to other pages, but one of them is a dropdown that needs to have links to specific parts of one of the pages. This has been done twice and the anchor link has been created for the third, but if I put my mouse over the header in edit mode, all that comes up is "Edit Site Header", which doesn't seem to have any options for adding anchor links.
  5. Site URL: https://turtle-broccoli-z9zz.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css I have multiple buttons in my header, and I did this by using the code pasted below. In order for the code below to work, the buttons have to be linking to other pages. That works for one of my buttons/pages, but my other button needs to link to an anchor tag in the footer instead of a separate page. Could someone (@tuanphan—I'm always grateful for your responses) help me with some code that would allow me to have two buttons in the header to the left of my social media links where one button links to the anchor tag in the footer ("Contact" in attached screenshot) and one button links to a page ("Login" in attached screenshot) with this also working on mobile? Thank you so much! — — — // 2 Navigation Buttons // .header-nav-item:nth-child(4) a, .header-nav-item:nth-child(5) a { background: #ffb549 !important; color: #FFFFFF !important; width: 80px; border-radius: 0px; text-align: center !important; } // Navigation Padding // .header-nav-item a { padding: 8px !important; } // Active Navigation Line // .header-nav-item--active a { background-image: none !important; }
  6. Site URL: https://www.communitycatalliance.org I have an faqs page that I want to create anchor tags for. At the top would be a list of the topics which would, when clicked, jump to the appropriate text on the page. I tried using the code block option but nothing worked. <a href="#q1">Question 1</a> <a name="q1"></a> Answer 1 Any advice is welcome. Thanks, Connie
  7. Hi, I would like to know how should I do to create a link to a section, but then when I click that link it stays align with the bottom of the page. In other words, is it possible to create a link to when I click the section #2 remains there? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://www.wyzedge.com/solar-states Hi, I'm having issues with the my website is loading one of my pages towards the middle/bottom, like if some had automatically clicked an anchor link. As seen here: https://www.wyzedge.com/solar-states I do have code injections to show the Google Slides, I'm not sure what is causing this. Would anyone have any ideas on how have it not shoot down towards the bottom? @tuanphan
  9. Hello, I've added an anchor link to my nav bar and it's fine on desktop but it does nothing on mobile. Can someone let me know how I can make the anchor link work on mobile too? Thanks
  10. Site URL: https://www.thebeautyparlournashville.com/ Hi, I am trying to anchor link all the headers in the navigation but I am only making one page for this website and I cannot figure out how to anchor link from the navigation. I created "links" for the navigation bar and made code at the link (portfolio) to link to our work - just trying one as an example using a code snipper and then #our-work on the URL for that header link but its not working. @tuanphan Any ideas? Pw: TBP2021
  11. Site URL: https://edu.ifixit.com/fast-fix-project-faq#two I added anchor links to my accordion menu using the markdown block and some CSS and jQuery, but I would like the question to expand automatically when the anchor links are used. The rest of the page functions just how I would like—users that end up on the page organically can toggle through each question—but when I send a specific anchor link to a user, I'd like the question to automatically expand. I'd ideally like to find a way to do this that also doesn't mess with the spacing or the hover color. I'm using Squarespace 7.0 with the Bedford template.
  12. Site URL: https://www.vandaixie.com/ Hi, I have two anchors on my website and for some reason the first time you click the links of the anchors it does not scroll all the way to the designated ssection. After stopping at the wrong section it would fix itself once you click the same link again. Sorry my website is in chinese but I will upload a photo of the two anchor links.
  13. Site URL: https://thefutur.com/brand-strategy-fundamentals#scroll-text1 Wondering if anyone knows how to pick this apart and create something similar in Squarespace. What is needed? Javascript, CSS, HTML Combination? Not even sure where to start, any thoughts would be helpful to get me started. I believe they built this in Webflow.1 Thank you, https://thefutur.com/brand-strategy-fundamentals#scroll-text1
  14. Site URL: https://www.savourycity.com/events/plated Hello, I have a page that uses the built-in Menu block feature with multiple menus. I'm wondering if there is a way to navigate to this page but indicate which menu to display? Is there anything that can be added to the URL to make this happen? Or perhaps adding a variable that some javascript could handle? I'm just not really sure how the Menu block is implemented, but it's frustrating that Squarespace hasn't exposed some easy way to do this. Thanks in advance!
  15. Site URL: https://qsolutionsgroup.squarespace.com/ Hi I was wondering if it was possible to link an anchor link to a different page, I would like 3 seperate links next to eachother on the home page linking to different locations on one different page (About). Ive tried putting the anchor link in like normal but it didnt work. Im using the bedford template and the password to the site is "squarespace"
  16. Hello, I am building a single page website where I have added a custom navigation to the top with anchor links that make the page scroll to their specific section. Everything works fine except the third and last link, supposed to send you to the contact form, last section before the footer. When clicked it scrolls to the wrong place, on a section before the correct one. It goes to the right spot just on the second click. I have tried with 3 different coding solutions, all involving jQuery and they all behave the same way. Any idea why this could be happening? Thanks 🙂
  17. Site URL: https://www.methodistpreschools.org Hey guys, I'm having an anchor link problem on my client's website. I can click on the link and it scrolls down, but when I try to scroll back up, it stops at the yellow section. Also, the Reaching out in Love section, when I click on the anchor link in the nav, the header text is cut off (image attached). When I scroll down without clicking on the anchor link, it looks fine. I'm stumped. 1 answer Like Answer 1 comment
  18. Site URL: https://www.bookdumplingtutors.com/ Hi SS forum, The main navigation of the site needs a drop down. They were created using folder with links as the child items. These child items are actually anchor links in a hidden index, and not separate pages. It's a one page scroll with anchors. You can see the URL when you hover over the "Services" menu item - the Academic Tutoring URL is /services/#academic-tutoring. This is fine. The issue is when you click on parent menu item "Services" the URL is /services-2. This is the issue. I created the "clean" slugs on the index and had to resort to -2 on the main navigation folder. The result is untidy and it's bugging me. The reverse isn't an option because I do not want /services-2/#academic-tutoring as the URL either because this would apply to all anchors in the index. So I'm "living" with the main folder URLs as a -2. As a possible work around, I tried a permanent redirect (ugh) on the /services-2 to /services: /services-2 -> /services 301 but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have another suggestion here? This seems like such a weird work around. Best. Tamara
  19. Site URL: https://weightlosswithcoachmelanie.squarespace.com/ Hey peeps. I'm trying to use anchor links in my clients navigation to jump to a section of a page... password is: melanie the "Weight Loss Philosophy" and "Favorite Clients" are both on the same page. I've tried numerous methods and nothing seems to be working. Currently I'm using a code block on each section, with a unique id (weight loss philosophy is #approach, favorite clients is #clients) On another note, I've noticed that another clients anchor links that have been working beautifully up until now have also stopped working (About dropdown on https://livevitae.com) - is anyone else having issues? Or am I just doing something wrong?
  20. Site URL: https://danedits.co.uk/ Hello Everyone, The navigation menu / header appears different on pages when compared to my homepage - despite telling the squarespace edit tool otherwise. HOMEPAGE https://danedits.co.uk/ OTHER PAGE https://danedits.co.uk/my-work. By default, according to Squarespace edit tool, my header should be transparent until scroll then it turns black. This works on my homepage but the colour are different on other pages. Does anyone know why this is happening? Should I target the header on that specific page and style in using CSS? If so, does anyone know the code? Dan
  21. Site URL: https://bisourouen.fr (password: lachose) Hi, I'm using anchor links on all my pages, but due to the header/nav bar being fixed, the top part of any page (from where anchor link jumps to) is hidden beneath the header/nav bar. So I would like any anchor links to point to the top of any page. I'm using anchor links like this: url with # to the slug url of any page. Any suggestions for how to change this please? Website isn't public yet and using the Version 7.0- famille Brine (template Basilic). Thanks
  22. Site URL: https://someguystop1000albums.com So I have a site that is thumbnail gallery display pages where each thumbnail links to its own post. I have 1000 of these broken into 10 display pages that are accessed from the navigation. Recently I switched from Avenue to Brine theme to have more control over the post, like being able to shut off dates and name. With Avenue you were able to click on a thumbnail then hit the BACK ARROW on computer or BACK BUTTON on smartphone and it would bring you back to where you were on the scroll (where ever the album cover thumbnail is). Now, with Brine, it brings you to the top of the page. This is a problem, especially with smartphones, given there are a 100 thumbnails per page arranged two per row. Is there a code fix that would make Brine behave like Avenue on this point. Below are captures from a desktop and smartphone
  23. I installed an anchor link on my homepage in Squarespace 7.1 and when i click the link it jumps to the section instead of scrolling down to it. I'm using a CODE block with a DIV ID in the section I want to scroll to. see code below: <div id="pp"></div> and for the text link I put: /homepage/#pp It doesn't scroll, it just loads the section that has the Code Block with ID. Any help is appreciated. Thx
  24. Hi! Is there any CSS to create an anchor link to a specific block within a section? Not to a section in that page; I have a lot of blocks in one sections and wanted to create an index that can link to the specific block it refers to rather than a different section. Thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://www.sanchiafernandes.com/opal-2 Hi Everyone, I'm looking to create a sticky sidebar with Anchor links that jump to relevant content on the page. Could someone please guide me? I'm not looking for a sidebar that navigates to other pages on the website. Any advice or suggestions most welcome. I feel I really need it to improve the usability on my site so people don't have to scroll through all that content. So if you visit the url https://www.sanchiafernandes.com/opal-2 you'll notice a few headings on the left hand side of the page 'Overview' 'Research' 'Ideation' and so on. I'd like to convert that into a sticky sidebar if possible. Any magicians who can help? Cheers 🙂
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