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Found 221 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone happen to know if there is CSS code to change the aspect ratio of the images on the Single Column Blog page? I'd like my images to be 4:3. Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://pdplondon.com On the blog pieces I have uploaded to the website I have built, I have entered a set of spacers on either width of my content to centralise my content on the blog posts. The title I choose each time however is not on the editable part of the page and each time this expands the widths I would like it to. Is there a way or code to restrict the blog titles to a smaller maximum width each time. The picture I have attached explains how the title expands the region I want it to. For reference the link to this blog piece is: https://pdplondon.com/blog/live-next-door-to-buckingham-palace Thanks! Connor
  3. Site URL: https://www.capitalmatters.co.uk/posts Using the 7.0 Five Template. Want to change the look of the Blog List page using custom CSS so it looks more like the SquareSpace 7.1 page on another blog below: https://www.clancandle.co.uk/blog If that's not possible, would like to remove the line, comment, like and share elements and importantly, change the size of the thumbnail so I can see the entire image (it's currently cut to square). Any help appreciated.
  4. Site URL: https://www.hempconnect.co.nz/recipes-1/2020/4/12/hemp-connect-vegan-hemp-cheese We are having trouble figuring out how to adjust our Blog, Recipe and Article images so that they are fitting on mobile devices. Desktop is fine but see in the attached photos that shows how all of the photos are cut short with the grey block. Any help/advice in rectifying would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Site URL: https://www.weregenerates.com/regenerates-thoughts Hi there - We have a blog on our site that has image & text side-by-side on desktop. However, on mobile this auto styles to have each image above the text. We'd prefer to keep the side by side look and just have a small thumbnail on mobile but can't figure out how to make it happen. Attached is an image of our site on mobile as well as the look we're trying to achieve - visible on Medium. Can anyone help us with the custom CSS to try? our blog is https://www.weregenerates.com/regenerates-thoughts for reference Thanks so much!
  6. Site URL: http://www.GetRealJC.com Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I am using the Forte template, and created a summary page for a listing of my blog posts. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to add a link to older posts so people can see things that don't show up on the first page. No doubt I am overlooking something obvious, but can you help a brother out? :)
  7. Site URL: https://www.julierileyart.com Hello, I posted my first blog on my website. The title shows up fine but no portion of the body can be seen until I click on the title. How do I get at least the first portion of the body of my blog to appear on the blog page? Thank you! Julie
  8. Hello, i am using a summary grid for my blog post in 7.1 , but i would like to go back to the original blog grid page with the blog page settings, how can i do that? When I delete the summary, the page is empty, where do I see my blog posts? thanks for your help 😉 Best, dake
  9. Hello. On my site, I have my header navigation background set to transparent on all of my pages, I have a blue background behind my headers so the navigation logo and nav items just overlay the blue background. For example, see here https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog or https://www.graphitefinancial.com/ However, for my blog posts I cannot add a blue background behind the header with the theme I'm using. See here: https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog/title-growth-at-all-cost-strategies-arent-working-for-startups-heres-what-is-and-always-has. So my logo doesn't show since it is white. Is there a way for me to set just the blog posts to have a specific background. I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE HEADER NAV BACKGROUND COLOR ON ANY OTHER PAGE BUT A BLOG POST. Thanks :)
  10. I am going to use the blog on my website for a small business not related to the main website. Is there a way to delete the website name and logo from the header just in blog? I am using the Miller template. 7.0
  11. Hello, Squarespace support suggested I ask for help in this forum. I currently use Flatiron as my template (and I don't want to change it). I DO want to REMOVE / HIDE dates from Blog Posts. Squarespace said that certain templates do not allow for that and Flatiron is one of them. They suggested I ask for help on here regarding coding to REMOVE DATES from my Blog on Flatiron. Any help? Side bar- Coding is very, very new to me. I haven't a clue where to start. So, I decided to start here. Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer a newbie to coding
  12. Hello, I need to add audio to a blog landing page or the blog article list page so that visitors can listen to a short audio excerpt from the landing page, without having to go to the full blog post. Ideally, adding an audio block into the blog excerpt or something like that. Thank you!
  13. Site URL: https://mwilliams.photo Hi, I'd like to remove the date from specific blog pages, but not all blog posts - I've been able to do the latter, but that's not what I want. Specifically, I am changing my homepage to a summary list, which then has a date on it. I want to remove the date from the main summary list post, but not all the posts. I also want to remove it from https://mwilliams.photo/my-gear-list. Basically, trying to figure out how to target specific blog pages and not just a global on/off code. Thank you, Matt
  14. Hi there! I am new to Squarespace and hoping someone can help with the following issue. I posted a blog post on the blog page I created, but the title is overlapping with itself, making it impossible to read (see picture). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you for any suggestions!!!
  15. Hello! Trying to build a blog but I'm having tons of issues with alignment & formatting. I'm trying to make the blog feed look like the actual blogs themselves alignmnet wise (center alignment but justified left); see the first picture as attached. However the feed will only do center alignment + center justified. (see picture 2) The paragraphing is also gone and messed up and I can't seem to change it from the available settings. I'm not sure what code to put & where exactly (because I only want the formatting to be on my blog page) Please let me know, thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://www.surfbetternow.com Hi, I am wondering if there is an easy way to duplicate a blog post from one blog page to another within the same site. We have a members blog page and public blog page which has similar content but with some omissions. I would like to not have to re-create each blog individually if possible. Thanks for your help!
  17. Site URL: https://www.101waystohealthatshit.com/episodes Hi folks - I need to display my blog posts from oldest-first on either the main blog list page or in a summary block. The default is newest-first and while I would have thought reversing the order would be an obvious feature to have I'm not seeing that option anywhere. I've seen a recommendation to edit each post's publication date to be incorrect but to force them to display as I wish - but that is a very clunky solution that I really can't accept. Is there a code injection that might work? Or better yet, a built in feature that I'm too dumb to have found?! Thanks for your help!
  18. I'd like to be able to add the Blog post title and date, both of which are available as metadata overlayed on the top of my image. But am unable to do so. The only 2 options for v7.1 are Top (above image) and Bottom (below image). Would appreciate any help here. Example image is attached.
  19. Site URL: https://www.jeremiahlam.com Is it possible to change the width of a blog post on Rally 7.0?
  20. Site URL: http://lckdn20.com/ Hi there, For the project I'm working on, as it's progressed, there have been various articles written by 3rd parties. I'd like to have an "article hub" that can house all those articles, with a click through link directing the user to the 3rd party site (this is to save time as it is expected that more articles will follow). Could somebody please advise as to how they would go about setting this up? (Originally, a blog page was created, but this didn;t work as when the user clicks the article image in the hub, it opens a new page as the article). Please help, many thanks Dave
  21. Hi! I'm using the Five template and want to add content under my blog on the same page. Any help is much appreciated!!
  22. Site URL: https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ My primary meta, which is set to Author, isn't linking anywhere on my blog's home page. The secondary meta, category, is a working link. Did I miss a setting somewhere? https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/
  23. Site URL: https://spinach-tarantula-nbae.squarespace.com/ When I filter blog posts by author or category in 7.1, there's no visual indication of what page I'm on. 7.0 used to include text indicating what filtered results you're looking at. Something like "Posts by Author X." Is there any way to add that back in?
  24. Site URL: https://deedsgetoutandvote.squarespace.com/art Hi Circle folks, Does anyone know why my attempt to replicate the on hover caption style for masonry galleries as on the homepage of this site: https://deedsgetoutandvote.squarespace.com/ Pwd: PACDeeds on this page: https://deedsgetoutandvote.squarespace.com/art isn't quite working? Here's the CSS which is basically just a clone of what I used for the gallery captions: // Gallery: Masonry block captions on hover .blog-masonry .blog-item-summary { position: absolute !important; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); width: 100%; text-align: center; opacity: 0; transition: all .3s ease; height: 100%; } .blog-masonry .masonry-ready .entry.is-loaded:hover .blog-masonry .blog-item-summary { cursor: pointer; opacity: 1; transition: all .3s ease; } .blog-masonry .masonry-ready .entry.is-loaded:hover img {opacity: .4;} .blog-masonry .blog-item-summary { display: flex; place-items: center; justify-content: center; } .blog-title {background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.8);} I'm using the entire .blog-item-summary in case I decide to show meta info as well, but for now I just want the titles to appear on hover as on the homepage gallery. In the Chrome inspector it looks like the .blog-item-summary is appearing where it's supposed to, however it and the blog-title are not visible. I suspect it's the order or some other aspect of flex I'm missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks! Martin
  25. Site URL: https://pandemicproofbody.com The only way to currently access my blog is through the upper menu. I would like for my blog posts to show up on my website's Home page, similar to how the last 4 feeds of my Instagram posts do. Is there a way to do this?
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