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  1. Site URL: https://www.cowardspace.com/opheads Hello! So I run a website for a podcast, there's about ten episodes and each one requires its own 'episode page' (for research notes and so on) which I have been adding as I go. After fiddling around trying to find a way to format the main 'podcast page' so that the episodes are easy to navigate, it occurred to me that it would have been a much more simple move to add each 'episode page' to a Blog format, as the navigation options are a lot more easy to work with. I could create them all again from scratch, but I'm thinking their mus
  2. Site URL: https://cbwebb.squarespace.com/blanco Password for page is "test" Hello! I'm wondering if I can add additional pagination items to the blog navigation. I would like to add a "first" (which would link to whatever my static first blog post would be) and "last" (which could just link to the blog's landing page) pagination so users could easily jump to the first and last page, along with the already existing previous and next. I was also wondering if the order of the pagination could be reversed, so previous was on the left, and next was on the right. Ideally, I'd like i
  3. How to add the background image of all my blog pages in Squarespace 7.1?
  4. Site URL: https://www.rendyreviews.com/movie-reviews/mortal-kombat-review Hi, I wanted to know if there's a way I can inject CSS to put like an excerpt under the blog post title before it proceeds my reviews in order to make it look professional. Make it look like similar to this in some way.
  5. I'd like to remove the post title section from the blog post page, because I want my title to be displayed on the image. Thanks!
  6. Just looking to hide the blog post pagination / navigation that displays at the bottom of individual posts where it says "newer post" and "older post" with links.
  7. Site URL: https://www.fullingmgmt.com/blog I'm looking for a way to move our current blog in 7.0 to our new 7.1 site. Squarespace Support said there is no automatic way to do so, unfortunately, and you can only move them over manually.... We have hundreds of existing blog articles on our current 7.0 site and would hate to lose all of them. Any ideas?????? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm using the Pacific and Horizon templates. I would like the text on the title and blog post text to take up the full width instead of just the center portion. I attached an example screenshot. The green rectangles show the empty area that I would like the text to expand out to so there is no longer empty areas on the left and right. Would it be possible to provide the following for both Pacific and Horizon templates: 1) Custom CSS with both title and blog text taking up the full width 2) Custom CSS with title still centered and blog text taking up the full width Any help
  9. Site URL: https://www.paulswilliams.me.uk/blog-1 I'm trying to present a series of square crop images from a recent workshop and use one of these images as the thumbnail image for the blog post. However, the default blog page crops the image, and also provides significant wasted whitespace above the blog post's title. Am I doing something silly? Can I adjust this with simple style parameters, or do I need to reset to custom CSS for what I'd have thought would be default behaviour? Cheers!
  10. Site URL: https://www.jeremiahlam.com Is it possible to change the width of a blog post on Rally 7.0?
  11. Site URL: https://www.cleanplate.co.nz/blog/mussel-egg-foo-yung Hi, I am working on a Version 7 site, and the client has asked me if there is away to imbed recipe card in her blog pages. At the moment she adds the recipe into her page, then has to create and format a pdf with the recipe that she then adds to the site, with a 'print' button. She finds this annoying she needs to do formatting twice: once on the site, and then again for the pdf. Seems like fairly reasonable request, but I can't see a way of doing it. Is there a better way to do this using a native template
  12. Site URL: https://thewanderertraveljournal.co.uk/destinations Help any one? Wanting to change the older and newer blog list paginations to custom text for a client. Also, any one know how I can increase the spacing between the bottom blog list posts and the older/newer wording? Thanks in advance.
  13. Site URL: http://revelucent.com Hi, I want to match the Date Format with the Blog list page and the Blog page. Blog list page has the date with MM/DD/YY. But on the blog page, the date is showing as April DD. Is there any Custom Code for matching the date format as MM/DD/YY for both pages? Thank you so much!
  14. Site URL: https://www.martinfrank.blog Hi guys, I am trying to make my blog post design nicer. I like the style that Vishen uses in his blog. Is it possible to do this design in Squarespace? I am adding the screenshot of his and mine into the files. I don't like the default design that much and this would be the great desing upgrade. Thank you
  15. Site URL: https://rosalindbrookman.com/blog I'd like to apply different colours to my links in blog post summaries depending on what category the post is in. So for example if a post has the category of 'Business' then the blog post title and read more link would be green on the summary, if the category is 'Writing' then it's red etc. Many thanks for any help you can offer.
  16. Site URL: https://icosahedron-seabass-6k8a.squarespace.com/newsroom password : 1212 Hi. My site can be viewed masonry blog layout by 3 columns on desktop mode. but it can't be viewed on mobile mode. I hope it will be viewed 3 or 2 columns blog layout on mobile mode. How can I do?
  17. Site URL: https://www.celery-dogfish-3p95.squarespace.com I'd like to display blogs on the blog page without thumbnail images. All I want to show is the text elements. This theme doesn't have the blog section under site design, therefore I can't toggle it off. Any ideas please? celery-dogfish-3p95.squarespace.com Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.dualstarinnovation.com/ I have a site with multiple 'blog' collection pages (one for projects, insights, and press releases). I want a grid layout for the projects and insights page, but a stacked layout for the press release/news page. I know I can change the blog layout in the style editor, but that changes it site-wide. Is there a way to individually change the blog layout for each page? I think I'm just using the default template.
  19. Site URL: https://www.thefuturefounder.com/ How can I remove white space - between header and blog content and also between blog content and footer? Pictures in the attachment.
  20. Site URL: https://octahedron-grasshopper-6yly.squarespace.com Hii. I'm in need of some help. I'm attempting to adjust the positioning of the metadata for all blog posts on this site, and can only seem to get the category to move using this code: //blog metadata format .tweak-blog-item-text-alignment-center .blog-item-wrapper .blog-meta-item {text-align: left !important;} I can't get the date to move without also moving the blog title. I've also tried moving the next and back buttons with no luck. I've attached photos of what I'm trying to do. Any help would be greatly appreci
  21. Site URL: https://camilokoch.com/blog Currently the blog page can display twenty articles per page, I need it to display infinite blog posts. Is it possible?
  22. Site URL: https://www.guesthouselit.com Hi everyone! First-time poster here. Long-time Squarespace user. I'm interested in knowing how to change the logo on the top of the left sidebar on my blog pages only. The site is www.guesthouselit.com. I want the blog logo to be an inversion of the regular site logo, attached here. Can anyone recommend a solution? I assume I use the "Page header code injection" and "Post blog item code injection" features, but I can't determine what to paste in there. (I'm a newbie to CSS and HTML, so simplicity is appreciated.) Many, many thanks,
  23. Site URL: https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive Hi, Having some issues adding a colour to the background header of my blog post pages. The blog page is fine (https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive) but when you go to a post: (https://www.likemindedproductions.co.uk/podcast/archive/season2/grief-holiblobs-clown-episode-10) there is no background. Any help greatly appreciated. All the best, Andrew
  24. Site URL: https://www.deoracatherine.com/ Is there a way to code an automatic newsletter/blog sign up button to the bottom of all my blog posts? Additionally, I would love for the sign up button to be *below* the comments section? Is this possible: Here is how it looks now, when I'm manually adding the sign up button at the end of each blog post. Thanks in advance for any help!
  25. Site URL: https://www.familjeterapeuterna.com/personal-1 Hi, I'm using a blog page combined with a summary block to organize the staff on my page. This means that I'm not using the main page of the blog, I only pull the "posts" (which is a bio page for each staff) in to summary blocks, like this: https://www.familjeterapeuterna.com/personal. The problem is that google is pushing the main blog page (pasted in this forum-post: /personal-1) instead of my other staff-page where I have the summary-blocks. If I hide the blog main-page from google I presumably hide all subpages under this blo
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