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  1. I know nothing about css. I got to to this point by copying and pasting codes i found on this forum. my line will not move up, even when I add codes to remove padding. I'd appreciate any help. thank you.
  2. Site URL: https://parrot-apricot-rfb9.squarespace.com/missionupdate Hello everyone, Please can you help me with a code to add a custom BG image to my Squarespace 7.1 blog page: Page (still under construction): https://parrot-apricot-rfb9.squarespace.com/missionupdate Thanks so much!
  3. Hello! Is it possible to move the order of the blogposts without deleting them and creating a new one? As in the picture, I suddently want the "YouTube" one on the bottom, to be on the top. As it gets to the far left on the blogpage. Is there a way or do I have to delete it and create a new one?
  4. I'm working on a blog for a client and they'd like to have the blog post date displayed in a certain format on the blog page and blog post page. Unless I'm blind, I don't see any format/display options for dates. On the blog page itself, dates are showing up like this: 03/04/20, and on the actual blog post, the date shows up like this: Mar 4. I'd love to see ability to control date formatting (numbers, month names, hide year, show year, change the delimiters, etc). At the very least, be consistent across pages!
  5. Site URL: https://sellwoodmoreland.com/businesses Hi! I am trying to find a way to show the read more link on specific blog posts. It will be for a business directory that will only link to the full profile (blog post) if they are a paid member. I've used CSS to turn off the image and title from linking to the blog post. Should I create links in the excerpt and use code to style them as buttons? If so, any help on what the code should look like? Or can I use the Source URL to link the blog post for those who should show a read more link and then create code to target that? Currently, the Read More button is showing for each post. Here is the webpage and password: https://sellwoodmoreland.com/businesses SMBA2021
  6. Site URL: https://www.jeremiahlam.com Is it possible to change the width of a blog post on Rally 7.0?
  7. hi— im working in 7.0 / brine template for an artist collective. documentation shows that there is a limit of 20 posts that can show on a blog page, but im wondering if some code can either increase that limit or allow infinite scrolling? there are 25 artists, and it wont look great to have some on the first page and others on a second. any ideas?
  8. Site URL: https://besttanklessguide.com/gas-tankless-water-heater/ HI i am an affiliate with amazon and have my website which is BTG
  9. Site URL: https://marigold-wolf-xzky.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I was wondering how to change the arrows that are on the bottom of the blog articles from the titles of the other articles to "next" / "previous". I assume it is some sort of custom coding as I could not find that option in the design popup when I am in the style editor. I attached a screenshot of what I would like to change for refrence and the site info is below. Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information! Thank you very much in advance! Being that the site is in development it is password protected. The url is: https://www.bellehumeurco.com/articles/fuel-your-productivity-with-the-power-of-documentation The password is: "documentation"
  10. Hi All, I have a mostly white logo as a header throughout my entire website. As a result, on the blog post pages half of my logo blends into the white page background. I have an alternative logo I can use, does anyone know how to JUST insert an alternative logo for blog post pages? I've found other CSS for inverting, but that does not work on my logo since only part of it is white. I Here is an example of my logo blending into the background, along with an example of the alternative logo I wish to use. Thanks for you help!
  11. Is it possible to add photos to a blog post? More specifically, to the Bergen template? I click on Blog, but the only option it provides me is text. Does anyone know of a blog template that allows you to add photos in there and that the main background of the template is white?
  12. Site URL: https://bossedit.squarespace.com/ Hi, hope someone can help. I would like to add a second thumbnail above the excerpt and bellow the blog post title. Does anyone know a css code or a way to do it (like the Lois Jean example https://loisjeanstore.com/journal/). The red image is from my blog. Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://www.ashlane.com.au/ I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to get my blog thumbnail image out of the header of the individual blog page. The title also is in the banner and you can see overlaps some words as well. I have searched for the past hour and I'm having no luck at all. The image of what I am seeing is attached. Apologies in advance if this is obvious, I have just started playing with blogs today. I'm on version 7.0 and this is the Bedford Template if that helps.
  14. Hi, the text of my blog titles are getting cutoff in the blog homepage (https://www.thesecretsaucelab.com/blog). Would anyone know why this is happening?
  15. Site URL: https://www.alicedealmiddleschool.org/ Hi All, I am struggling to find a way to show a directory of teachers at a large school who is revamping their website (already using SS). Ideally, I'd love to have something like Squarespace has on their own template main page (https://www.squarespace.com/templates) where you can select your category and the info appears. I tweeted them and they said they build that using custom code (which I would suggest is cheating!). They suggested using the blog and archive block feature but as a relative newby I'm struggling with how many clicks it takes to get the info needed. I simply want to show Name and email address for each teacher, but with the archive block you first have to select the category, then click on the name THEN it goes to a separate page with the name and email. I also will have to organize these by date and not alphabetically, which would be the preference. Surely there is another way? Thanks!
  16. Site URL: https://marigold-wolf-xzky.squarespace.com/ I was looking to bump up the size of the type for the excerpt and read more on the article landing page. I couldn't seem to find it in the styler, so assumed it must be a custom CSS. Please let me know if you need any more info! Thank you in advance! Being that the site is in development it is password protected. The url is:https://marigold-wolf-xzky.squarespace.com/articles The password is: "documentation"
  17. Site URL: https://www.yungrealestate.com/availabilities I added code for a loading animation to the Page Header Code Injection in Blog Settings. It works great but it loads on all the blog pages as well as the main blog list page. How can I stop the animation from loading on all of the individual blog pages? I would prefer for it to only load on the main blog list page. Thanks!
  18. Site URL: https://www.thedesignemotive.com Hi everyone, I came across a website and love the layout of their homepage and wanting to replicate it of sorts for my own site, www.thedesignemotive.com. The website I'm referring to is https://minimalissimo.com/ What I love about it is the three-column layout but with differing aspect ratios of the thumbnail, but then they are lined up through an invisible centreline for each row. I know this is a long stretch but would it be possible to achieve something similar using code?
  19. Site URL: https://camilokoch.com/blog Currently the blog page can display twenty articles per page, I need it to display infinite blog posts. Is it possible?
  20. I'm in the process of setting up a family website to feature old photos and home movies (images from 1900 on). A blog format would seem to be ideal for this, so that on an index page I could add summary blocks that would sort by date, or by who's in each photo, etc. But I'm running into trouble as I'm trying to date these posts, as Squarespace's scroll-through calendar (to "schedule" or "publish" posts) doesn't allow for any dates earlier than January 1, 1970. Is there some kind of work-around for this? I guess I could date each post using a "tag" or some other data, but ideally it'd be great for the post itself to have a date that corresponds with the content of the old family photos. Thanks for any advice you can offer!
  21. Site URL: https://lexiramos.com/comic Hello, I am trying to decrease the spacing between the page navigation and where the image starts.
  22. Site URL: https://rolling-pictures.squarespace.com/documentary Hi, I would like the Blog pages: Animation Documentary Feature etc to show more than one image on smaller devices. Currently, the mobile view shows one project/image at a time. See images attached for reference on what it the mobile version looks like. vs the desktop. I wouldn't mind if the mobile shows two images at a time. Another screenshot showcases the about us gallery images which shows 2 images at a time on mobile, but for some reason it's getting cut off and expanding the page horizontally which is causing a horizontal scroll (which I don't want). How do I fix these issues?
  23. Site URL: https://www.vecteurdecroissance.com/blog/les-4-profils-clients-methode-disc Hey community, I've been trying to hide tags at the end of my blog articles. Unfortunately what i ve found as css code did not work like : .meta-below-title { display: none; } I was in DESIGN > CSS where i have a previous code for something else. When I select a tag and want to inspect I m not able to understand which CSS to generate. More information : || Version 7.0- famille Bedford (template Bedford) || example site URL : https://www.vecteurdecroissance.com/blog/les-4-profils-clients-methode-disc Anyone out there have any experience in this? because it's urgent as some lawyers contest some tags on my website. THX Romain ___
  24. Hello, On all sections of a site, you are able to choose "section width", however in a section with the Blog column of blog posts, there is no such choice. My Single Column Blog takes up the whole width of the page, where I would like it very narrow on the site. I already googled my issue and copy pasted multiple different codes into the custom CSS, but I can get nothing to work. My site isn't live yet. I added a screenshot
  25. Site URL: https://vorago.com Is it possible to continue to use my Wordpress Blog, but as a page under my SquareSpace site. I've already required my Wordpress domain and placed it under my SquareSpace site? The reason is, the Wordspace site will have not just have audio but video being displayed on the site as well. It will also bring my podcast listeners to my SquareSpace site. Everything under one basket. Thanks
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