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Starting your own business is an exciting and momentous endeavor that should be celebrated every chance you get. We invite you to introduce your business to the community and find out what others are up to in the comments below! Feel free to include interesting business origin stories, noteworthy milestones, or anything else you’d like to share. We’d love to hear it!

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My name is Paul, and my business is as a cat behavior consultant. Initially growing up, I didn't care for cats, and have horrible allergies. However, I was at a housewarming party for a friend of mine, and his tiny kitten crawled into my lap and started purring. All of the sudden, these animals didn't seem so bad.

Fast forward one year later, and I finally visited a cat shelter. I briefly played with a kitten in the kitten area, and then left to talk to the staff. The kitten I played with managed to sneak out several times to come and see me. 

Once we got home, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Fortunately "My Cat from Hell" was having a marathon. I actually sat and took notes. Years later, I went to Animal Behavior College, and got certified as a cat trainer. 

Please feel free to visit catology.org, and let me know what you all think. I appreciate any advice.

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I offer digital marketing and web design services for small business owners.  Stepping out and working on my own rather than agency or in house positions has been a great new adventure. 

You can learn more at tinycoastdigital.com

Looking forward to learning about everyone's businesses 😊 


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I'm making Spark Plugin for Squarespace.

I got the idea earlier this year when I was searching around for css/plugins for a site I was making. "Why can’t I have simple toggles inside squrespace to achieve the same thing?", I thought. So I started experimenting with it, and made Spark.

Spark offers 100+ stunning presets so that anyone can have a beautiful design in Squarespace. Instead of copying and pasting code, any preset can be added instantly in one click. Also, all presets are updated live which means they will not break like other plugins/code.

I recently released the first version (early access) of Spark, you can try it out here:



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- Rasmus Myhrberg, Founder of Spark Plugin

Spark Plugin – The Ultimate Design Toolkit for Squarespace

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I'm an artist and interface designer. I love creating whimsical, surreal art pieces. I can do whatever I want to do without having a client looking over my shoulder. I'm moving my art work here on Squarespace but in the meantime you can visit my Etsy shop. more art you buy less I will have to move 🙂 . Have a lovely day. Onward!



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My name is Joel A. Shepard-Hawke and I’m doing a personal project that has to do with special education. As a special educator, I want to bring inclusive, gentle, and revolutionary teachings to the classrooms - and while “revolutionary” may sound scary, it isn’t at all! I’m also offering insights on the education system itself and opinions on hot-button topics that stir conversation. I am also offering services to parents of autistic children as I have years of experience in community engagement services and school programs.


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Hi. I am a mixed media artist in NC. I'm in the process of moving my Shopify website which i closed here. And I will be moving my art only website here too. 

I would love to see other artists (or photographer's) websites to get ideas. 

While my site here isn't up yet (it was because I don't get a lot of traffic), I took it down. But you can see my other website at https://tbmcdonellart.com. My site here will be leapforartnc.com. 

I look forward to hearing from anyone 

Tommy B. McDonell, Pinehurst, NC

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My name is Lindy and I'm the founder of Up in a Day out of Miami, Fl. For small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and side hustlers, we take the frustration out of getting your website up by building a beautiful high-converting informational or e-commerce Squarespace site in a day. https://upinaday.co

We're always looking for talented Squarespace designers who love working from the comfort of their own homes 🙂 https://upinaday.co/careers

I also want to offer my personal help/advice to any individuals who need a quick site audit or answer any Squarespace questions they might have. Just reach out! 

Thank you  @Jo_SQSP  for hosting this forum!

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Hi, I'm Regan. I'm a life coach helping passionate, creative professionals feeling stuck at a turning point find their path to a life that works for them now.

I'm not much of a tecchie so I'm also feeling stuck myself as I'm trying to integrate the Paperbell coach business support platform into my Squarespace website. It should be super-simple, but each time I try it comes up "null" , and Squarespace and Paperbell keep referring me to one another.


I don't know where to post questions on this forum, so I'm reaching out here and saying that any help with this would be most welcome.

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1 hour ago, Parismiss said:

I'm trying to integrate the Paperbell coach business support platform into my Squarespace website. It should be super-simple, but Squarespace and Paperbell keep referring me to one another. I don't know where to post questions on this forum

Integrating another platform will require code, so it's best to go to the Coding and Customization section and ask a question there. As a shortcut, you can click this - Ask a Question. When you post your question, please ensure you provide:

  • a working link to the site. If your site isn't live yet, please set a public password and tell us what it is too.
  • details of the other platform, including full details of the code they asked you to add and links to any technical documentation that they provided.

  We like to know if our posts help. If it has, please click a 'Like' or 'Thanks' icon below  ⬇️

About me: I'm Paul. A SQSP User for 18 yrs, I joined Circle when it launched in 2016 and have been a Circle Leader since 2017. I value honesty, transparency, diversity and good design ♥.
Work: Founder of SF.DIGITAL, providing expertise and extensions to supercharge your Squarespace website. 
Content: Views and opinions are my own. Links in my posts may refer to my own SF.DIGITAL products or may be affiliate links.
Forum advice is free. You can thank me by clicking one of the feedback emojis below. Coffee fuels my work.

Book paid help with a Squarespace Domain

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My name is Lewis and I am one of the admins of Ranger Club UK. We are a national private members club and community for Ford Ranger owners in the UK. We hold various meets around the UK varying in price, location and activity as well as having a massive collection on free to use discount codes (which brings traffic to our site). We use our Squarespace website for everything from merch + ticket store to event calendar and soon coming, Members Areas.




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My name is Nick and I’m the founder of SquareKicker.com. SquareKicker is an intuitive, no-code Squarespace design and animation extension which allows you to bring your Squarespace websites to the next level.

SquareKicker started as an idea while I was working as a freelance web designer. As my business Frontier Media grew I began hiring more staff to help me develop custom websites.

When COVID hit New Zealand in March 2020, we went into lockdown and spent all of our time working on the idea I had for SquareKicker.

After proof of concept took shape, my wife and I took out a second mortgage and scaled our team and released SquareKicker to the world in October 2020. It’s grown ALOT since then with over 3500 websites in the last 12 months.

We are continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with no-code web design so anyone can create their unique design without any complex technical barriers. 

We are currently a team of 6. You can read and watch more about our company on our website here: https://squarekicker.com/company


SquareKickerHi, I'm Nick, CEO & Co-Founder at squarekicker.com.  Take your Squarespace sites to the next level with SquareKicker's No-Code Design & Animation Extension. Break free from templates & complex code and start building unique websites that you are proud to show your clients without ever having to write a single line of code. 

Squarespace Extension  ●  Templates  ●  News  ●  Inspiration  ●  Tutorials  ●  Resources


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My name is Alexandra and I have been working with website design and development since 1996 and visual design since 2008. 
I’m located in Portugal and I offer services nationally and internationally, fully remote but keen to network with local or international English-spoken talent. 
Feel free to visit https://www.alexandramendesguerra.com, I appreciate all the feedback.
The services I include are complete and custom website design and development, website redesigns or rebuilds, and active website maintenance or management for existing websites.
I love simple design approaches, usability, and good typography. I value the way design and photography improve communication, change perceptions, and trigger emotions.
Squarespace has been my favorite website builder platform as it provides beautifully designed themes, has very good capabilities on themes customization, capable support and it provides websites easy to maintain, which is a powerful feature for those clients who wish to keep the website updated for themselves.
So, I’ve been investing in my specialization on Squarespace to take advantage of all its features and learn all about it, to achieve each website specially designed for each of my clients.
Recently, I founded BeOn, (https://www.beonstudio.com) a website design studio that follows an agile and user-centered approach that adapts to users' needs and customer expectations, and where I can collaborate in a structured way with partners specialized in Copywriting, SEO, Programming, among others.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Thank you!

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Hi, my name is Shereese and I am currently starting a safe haven for those who feel unheard, discarded, and unaccepted. Based on my own experience and the trials I had to face mentally, my goal is to inspire, encourage, and help boost the confidence in those that feel like they are the "underdogs" of society.

I would like to do this by sharing what I've learned and how making the change mentally has finally given me a sense of happiness without the outside additives. I want to show those that have given up on themselves and the world that by going within and naming their truth they will be able to purge, heal, and discover their most truest them or "their most unicorn selves."

It's not a perfect formula but we are human and there is no such thing as human perfection, we are all perfectly, imperfect.  

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Hey everyone 👋🏽

I'm the guy behind SqspThemes.com, the largest directory of 3rd party Squarespace templates.

I launched the site back in 2015 as a marketing case study. I'd been been struggling as a freelancer and decided I needed to niche down and build something that could ultimately liberate me from client work.

Since then we've empowered tens of thousands of Squarespace users and advised plenty of fellow entrepreneurs on the same path.

Happy to be here and a part of this helpful community. 


Founder - SQSPThemes.com


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Hello, I am Ellie and I am the founder of Cobbled Streets which is an online marketplace dedicated to support small businesses and creators found in Norfolk, UK. I launched this business a year ago as I've always wanted to challenge myself and support locally where possible. With lockdown taking place, I thought it was the most amount of free time to figure out what I wanted to do with myself and I'm amazed my business is still going - (I know I shouldn't say this but you never really know how a business would go).

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Hi, my name is Dori and I have just transitioned from being a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago to offering website design to counselors, coaches and mindfulness teachers. My passion is to help counselors remove the stigma of mental health by helping them have a beautiful professional website that highlights how counseling is more than helping people manage their symptoms. Counseling, coaching, and mindfulness change people's lives. Along with website design, I include some branding help and a Teachable tutorial to help them then have control over their website when they want to make edits. You can find me here.

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Hello my name is Patrick and just joined Squarespace Circle today as I reached the goal of doing 3 websites for clients.  I am from England originally ,but now living in Thailand. I have been a Squarespace designer for the last 6 months now. I love creating websites as it gives me the creativity and challenge to create the quality websites clients expect from me and it's lot of fun doing it at the same time.

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Hi - I'm Andrew from Dorset in the UK. 

I love supporting small business owners, which I do through helping them learn how make better use of social media and other digital marketing tools.

I run free, live online courses along with paid and custom training.

My website was built for me on Squarespace and I'm now learning now to manage it.

Great to be part of this community!


Free online training for small business owners

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Hi, I’m Ewa and I’m selling the happiness through my website I build with SQSP. Actually I’m selling my natural pastries but it’s quite the same thing, don’t you think so ?

THIS is my own website but I’ve been building SQSP websites for clients for last 6 years and ain’t going anywhere else !

Whenever you’re on holidays or business on French Riviera and fancy some super cakes, you know how to reach me !

Have a fabulous 2022 !









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My name is Florian, and I discovered SQSP back in 2014. I never really introduced myself, and as I just moved from my job to work on my own, now is the perfect time to really introduce myself! 

I manage three different projects, with the same teaching and helping approach: 

  • Influenz is all about creativity: helping entrepreneurs and creative people grow their businesses online. 
  • Janvier is all about ecology: sharing my own path to a more ecological way of life, and how I can help this world survive. 
  • Noir Animal is all about self-development: sharing everything I learned in my life that helped me become someone perfectly happy and at peace with himself. 

Oh, and by the way, everything is in French! 🙂

Have a nice day! 

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Hi All,

I'm Sally Gregg and fairly new to Squarespace! In the last six months, I've launched a website offering my web design services to small business owners, non-profits and inidividuals. I'm a former marketing and communications professional with many years of copywriting experience. Thanks to the help of two amazing leaders in this community - Kerstin Martin and Christy Price - I am gaining traction with this new endeavor and loving the journey. 

I would be thrilled for any of you to take a look at my website and offer up your constructive criticism. 

In the meantime, thanks for the warm welcome to this Circle!

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