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  1. Hello, Do the new auto layouts in version 7.1 effect SEO? Since it's not a regular text block. You can't copy the text either (when in design mode). I've raised the question on the support chat but they don't know. Best, Piebie
  2. Hello Tuanphan, I never share my website. Hope you do want to help me. Best, Piebie
  3. Hello, I'd like to add an image on my embedded block (video). Is this possible? I can't find the way how to do this myself. Best, PieBie
  4. Thank you @tuanphan Personally I don't like sharing my details. Is this the only way you can help me? 🐵
  5. Hello, I just found the new Auto Layouts in version 7.1 They are perfect! Is there a way to get a border and shadow around the boxes? Is this something that can work with CSS?
  6. Hello @tuanphan thank you for your reply. I found the solution. You gave it in another topic. It works. Merci!!
  7. @tuanphan Can you share the solution? I have the same issue. 😀
  8. Hi, does anyone else has this issue? SP says they are working on it for almost a week now. They tested it just once. It looks bad.
  9. @tuanphan thank you! Not sure why you need access to my website 🙂 I'd just like the space between the two lines be smaller. It's made in a Markdown box. 🙂 Much thanks!
  10. Good day, Need some help. I'd like to get less space between the subtext and H1 text on my website. I'm using a Markdown box. I'm trying to figure out how this works. Been searching but can't find the solution. See screenshot. Piebie
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