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  1. Same here @Skylab, can't see it. My guess you have an incorrect DNS setting. Since it is a Squarespace-domain, the easiest thing to do is to chat with the Squarespace support. They'll fix it for you 😊
  2. For anyone looking for a more advanced solution, you can try Spark Plugin. Below are some examples, click here to see the animations.
  3. For anyone using Spark Plugin, you can do this in a click:
  4. There are different ways to do this with code, but anyone looking for a no-code way, you can do this very simple in Spark Plugin:
  5. I made a simple guide on how to do this for free: https://www.sparkplugin.com/blog/how-to-add-an-accordion-to-squarespace Hope you like it! 😊
  6. I'm making Spark Plugin for Squarespace. I got the idea earlier this year when I was searching around for css/plugins for a site I was making. "Why can’t I have simple toggles inside squrespace to achieve the same thing?", I thought. So I started experimenting with it, and made Spark. Spark offers 100+ stunning presets so that anyone can have a beautiful design in Squarespace. Instead of copying and pasting code, any preset can be added instantly in one click. Also, all presets are updated live which means they will not break like other plugins/code. I recently released the first version (early access) of Spark, you can try it out here: https://sparkplugin.com
  7. Thanks a lot for the feedback Janette! That's a great idea 😊
  8. Nice website @Leaf! 🌟 Love the unique font, and how you used the ”leaf” to form three different icons. The colors are also superb. The content and structure is straightforward. I don’t have many improvements as I think the website is great. The only thing I would change is the font on the ”objects” page. Change to your main font, and your main color. Good luck!
  9. Great work @squarepaste ! It both looks and feels clean and simple - just as it should✨ Don't have much feedback for improvements, more than to change the "Aliquam erat ..." etc to English. It would be easier to understand if it were English.
  10. Thanks @IXStudio! πŸ‘ The pink-white-pink-white-etc sections is to make variation and less boring. But I agree it can be a bit much, so I'll try to find a better approach.
  11. Site URL: https://www.sparkplugin.com/presets Hey everyone! I recently launched my new "preset"-page. The purpose of it is to show all presets that Spark plugin offers. Please let me know if the page can be improved in any way 😊 Thanks, Rasmus Page: https://www.sparkplugin.com/presets
  12. Very nice looking site @Polly-Vickery, gives a professional impression πŸ‘ Colors work well together and creates a good contrast. The square-look is appears throughout the whole site, which makes the whole design consistent. I don't think it needs to be improved, but if you want to polish it a bit further, here are some things you can do: Logo and header links are a bit big, reduce them in size. Generally slightly reduce all text sizes. The photo here on the bottom are blurry.
  13. Good job, @derricksrandomviews ! I've seen you comment a lot around here, so I'll be glad to give you some feedback 😊 Since you have many photos, it's good that you mainly have black/white as colors. Have you thought about having a more unique logo? Looks more professional to have one. You can try googling "logo maker" or use Squarespace logo maker. The post are very wide and can be hard to read. I would reduce the width to increase readability. On the pictures page, the shadows takes away some of the energy from the photos. Best thing would be to remove the shadows, or reduce them.
  14. Nice work @LewisC πŸ‘ I think the site is easy to use. Easy to find content from the menu, and looks nice with all the photos you’ve added. One thing you can improve is the homepage. Instead of just saying Welcome, add some content here from the about page and the homepage will feel more relevant.
  15. @Zakkary Try posting it here instead, I think you'll easier get an answer there 😊
  16. Good job @KateBatson!πŸ˜€ Here are some feedback: The homepage heading is great. I think dog owners resonate well with it. Make the overlay less transprent for the homepage background image. The text is hard to read right now. The images in the shop look very nice and inviting. Good luck with the business!
  17. Very nice website @Barbora! I think it looks professional - colors, margins and sizing are very good 🌟 In my opinion it don't require any more work. However, if you want to polish it the last per cent, here are two improvements you can make: Change the background overlay color to a darker one on block "My Services". Make the links smooth scroll instead of hard jump.
  18. My main goal: Have 1000 recurring customers In my early days I thought starting the business itself was the hard part, but now recently starting my third company I know that's not the case. What's the real hard part: Selling and getting customers. Having 1000 recurring customers involves both of that. To keep motivation, I have split my main goal into smaller ones and there are currently two milestones I have reached that I'm proud of to have executed: Making the product itself (it was hard). I recently started to get my first recurring customers (I made something that people like).
  19. Nice website, you did a good job with most of the design! Really like the combination with beige/black colors and the photos😊 Here are a few improvements: The text "Trouver le courtier qu’il vous faut !" seems to have too much space between the lines. Make the header links a bit bigger. The photos don't have the authentic feeling, like the one "Zoom de la semaine" seems a bit too extreme. I would switch some of them to more authentic ones.
  20. Most of the design looks good @mariadelamo 😊 Here are a few improvements: Decrease the height of the image slider. Add a heading where the image slider is now, and explain shortly what the school do. Decrease the height of the header. Make the icons a lot smaller. I don't know about your computer skills, but one way to make the icons smaller is to add transparent sides (in e.g. photoshop). Good luck!
  21. It's hard to say what is causing the drop-down issue. @PoppyB A guess would be the cursor effect causing it. Try to disable it. If it's not that, I would disable one feature at a time (in custom css and code injection), and you'll eventually find the issue this way. Nice work with the website, and good luck!
  22. Two complications where I see people get stuck: Planning their business too much (then realizing it takes too much effort to continue). Losing motivation. Having too high expectations. Losing motivation. My advice: Start small Start small with someting you love, as a complement to your current job or school. This way you will not have as high expectations, and view every small success as a win (= motivation). What I did: I'm sure other peoples have other views to this which is great, but I started small and it worked perfectly for me. I started my first company when I was 18. Only earned $200 the first year, but as I continued growing I eventually dropped out of college to run my business full time. Wish everyone good luck with their business ideas!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Š
  23. Congrats on your 5th site @cbieri!πŸŽ‰ I think you did a good job, and with a few tweaks it'll be even better: The navigation seems a bit confusing to me. Some of the links go to pages and some scrolls down on the homepage. It would be better if they did only one of those two things. For your site, I would remove the scrolling-links. The site is very wide on my large monitor. Change the max-width of the site to something like 1300px.
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