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  1. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, I've asked for opinions a few months ago and was just wondering if people could review our website again as we are coming up the first 6 months milestone (only small but something!) and wondered if anything needs updating. Also, if anyone knows how to create a table for information like cookies, privacy notice etc. that would be great 🙂 Thanks!
  2. Hello, I like the navigation on your website. 1. I definitely agree with adding short text on your first page as it's not clear who you are, why you draw, etc. It's hard to connect to you and make us want to buy your artwork (even though I am v. much enjoying it). 2. On the 'Prints' page, I would definitely appreciate to know the sizing at first glance rather than having to click into the print. 3. If you can, it might be worth adding more commission work examples. 4. Lastly, I'm not a massive fan of the loading logo. I really like it as the opening scene to your website and I love the concept, but as it happens on every click, it can be a bit tedious after a while. Good luck and best wishes selling your artwork.
  3. Hello, For starters, I love your logo and colour way throughout. Also, all your social media links work. 1. On the home page, I'm a bit confused why you have your first image as a photograph of nature when you are website for accounting. If it's to suggest peace of mind, business growth, etc. that might get lost on someone. I like the layout of the 'Our Core Values' and it fits nicely on my laptop screen. I feel like to tie your website together, you should include another section for your 'services' and maybe even 'reviews' with buttons to go to the relevant pages. 2. I feel like with the 'services' page, each subheading needs a price description, price range and what to expect or why this would be beneficial for their business, especially when compared to your competitors. 3. Lastly, I feel like your 'Contact' page could just have a couple of sentences next to the form to suggest why they might contact you e.g. for a quote, to have advice on what to do next, etc. It also makes that page a lot more friendly and welcoming. Good luck and you can take all of this board or none of it.
  4. The website looks great. Maybe think about placing 'Sell to us' under 'Contact' as your header as there are too many options and it falls onto another line - nothing major though.
  5. Hello, just had a quick look - overall it's a good website. 'About' section, you should add a bit more of a background story, e.g. how you got into baking, why you love it, etc so your customers can relate. Make sure to check with alignment, idk if it is just my screen but where 'Why choose Onxy Lab?' is, all the text is not aligned with each other. Definitely recommend adding a block on your home page that is linked to your instagram so people can keep update with your most recent stock and see how your cakes appear, esp. if people have special requests (and it means you wouldn't need to constantly be updating your website to fit in with the endless possibilities) Checked your social media, links work well but definitely start thinking about building up your social media before launching the website. Totally off topic, how did you add a username to your fb business page? It keeps saying I'm not eligible? I can't figure out if it's a glitch or I haven't fulfilled a certain criteria. Good luck with everything 🙂
  6. @monocle.jasmin - thanks for your advice and opinion. Totally understand where you are coming from and have updated my site based on this. Who / what would you advise as a good 'above the fold' example to be? and where did you discover the orphan words so I can correct them please? Was it throughout or with products, etc? Also, I just had a look @ your website (based on your post). I viewed it via my computer and you might find the advice I was given earlier,"on my large monitor the images gets too big because of the full width", useful - up to you. I imagine it looks great on a mobile but could be too much on laptop/computer uses.
  7. @Spark_plugin Thank you for your feedback and i've taken it on board - definitely agree with the images being too big!
  8. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hello, I've created my first ever website and taken the plunge to create a small business. I've contacted Squarespace to see if it's possible to change the shop bar to improve navigation, and i'm looking to see if I can help with SEOs. However, I feel like my website is missing something - or I'm being too critical - and would appreciate any feedback (good and bad) to help me decide. Website: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Thanks for reading, Ellie
  9. Site URL: http://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hi, I've been having issues where my promotional pop up is being inconsistent. I don't know if it's just because i'm testing it out on my laptop, etc. but I would appreciate it if someone could test it from their end esp. as i've just upgraded the website and wondered if it was worth it? I'd appreciate any responses! Thank you for your time 🙂
  10. Site URL: https://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk I've created a e-commerce website. I'm currently the middle man between customer and seller. How do I set up my website that the customer buys and pays directly through the seller rather than going through me first please? and how can I track the orders?
  11. Site URL: http://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hi, when I review my site, sometimes the products come up blank on the overview but fine when you click into them. Is this an issue with my website or is it influenced by wifi?
  12. Site URL: http://www.cobbledstreetshop.co.uk Hi, my website is based on individuals sending me their work to publish my commerce that people can then buy their work. When customers purchase their items, how do I send a purchase order to the relevant sellers when their work gets purchased e.g. a customer could buy a candle and print but both products are supplied by different sellers? Thanks
  13. I've followed your instructions and this happened, please advise what to do next 🙂
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