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  1. Hi @SteelCraft, I think you may be making things harder than they should. be. There are a few bit of custom code you may need for this, but you can accomplish a lot of these without code any you make just be coding things you can already to in Squarespace. For a few extras, you might be able to use SquareKicker's no-code design extension. These below tips and screenshots might say you a few hours trying to hand code something that should just be simple. Set Mobile Menu Colors: Set colors for Overlay Menu for a Specific Page with SquareKicker , even make logo white or black for specific page. Set Header Colors Theme or Adaptive to 1st section theme: Set Header Colors for Theme:
  2. Hi @qiqi, An easy way to customise your Scrolling Block without needing code is using SquareKicker. You can customise the text and color of your block with only a couple clicks. You can also adjust the hover color of this block. Here is a little sample of this in a SquareKicker Instagram Reel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CybcNt6CkpM/?igsh=MWpnanB3bXZzZXJuNA==
  3. @camerondaft & @KatherineS,you don’t need to use custom code if you have SquareKicker. You can use SquareKicker’s Scrolling Effects to do this by setting up a “Shape Block” as your custom background color and then “on scroll, fade-in the new Shape Block Color. You can see that here in a Instagram post but also watch the Scrolling Effects Tutorials to learn more.
  4. If you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to use custom code a solution to add custom mouse cursors to your Squarespace site try this no-code option using SquareKicker. With a couple clicks you can change your mouse cursor to an Emoji, Text or Shape. You can even target different mouse cursors for the Whole Site or Specific Page, Section or Block and even change when you hover on a link. Check out the video tutorial here:
  5. You can add a Sticky Footer // Fixed Footer with SquareKicker with just one click. I think this is what you are after and you can even navigate to other size screens and turn this on or off for specific devices. This is a premium SquareKicker Feature Footer Reveal __ Fixed Footer.mp4
  6. You can add a Sticky Footer // Fixed Footer with SquareKicker with just one click. This is a premium SquareKicker Feature Footer Reveal __ Fixed Footer.mp4
  7. That would do it. It's a common mistake to add an overflow-x hidden to the body and html in attempt to stop overflow as it has other consequences. You'll want to use overflow-x: clip to just the body which has a better outcome. body { overflow-x: clip !important; } SquareKicker automatically includes this with the SquareKicker build when you use specific features that might cause overflow such as; block position, scrolling effects, etc. Read more about this overflow css and understanding overflow on Squarespace in a blog post here: https://squarekicker.com/blog/overcoming-css-challenges-how-squarekicker-handles-sticky-situations
  8. @moonlitdesign, When your horizontal scrolling sections appear that have a 1 second delay like there is a transition speed attached to these. I think this is caused by the below custom CSS which will affect how the page scrolls in. Is this your issue? @keyframes SlideIn { 0% { transform: translatex(100%) } 100% { transform: translatex(0) } } #page { animation: 1s ease-out SlideIn !important }
  9. Hi @moonlitdesign, You can Enable Horizontal Scroll on mobile with SquareKicker using the Toggle in the tool settings "Mobile Devices" See Screenshot below. It's not on by default because normally there is too much content in the section to all fit on a mobile device and content gets cut off on smaller devices so you may want to reduce the content if you want to enable horizontal scrolling on mobile. It looks like the space you are describing is caused by extra rows in the Fluid Engine Grid. You can use Squarespace's Mobile Edit mode to reduce these rows. The rows of a section is one of the only section settings that is unique to mobile and desktop. If you need further help you can reach out to support@squarekicker.com
  10. Just happy to help. I've been there more times then I can count. Writing code in Squarespace can be so nice and easy, but when things don't work, debugging them can be a pain and you just loose hours of productivity in the end. It's where the idea of SquareKicker came from, because I was sure I wasn't the only one who wished there was and easier way to build custom websites that would free me from technical issues and allow me to stay focused on the design and creativity.
  11. Hi @goosbumps, I've got your DM asking for some help. I've had a look at your site and it just looks like you are missing a closing </style> tag at the end of your CSS in your Footer. Without this, your SQSP code is breaking the SVG's on your site. You could move your CSS to your Custom CSS area so you don't need opening and closing style tags and just leave your Scripts in your Footer. FYI - To reduce your code, you could do most of what your custom code is doing with SquareKicker then you won't have to worry about broken code messing up your site: ie SquareKicker can hide your Social Icons in you overlay menu per screen size, has a built in Back to Top Button, hover animations, etc.
  12. Hi @baileyrl48, SquareKicker only works for Squarespace 7.1 but works on both Classic and Fluid Engine. Now that there is a 7.0 -> 7.1 migration tool, you can migrate your site to 7.1 and install SquareKicker! Check out this helpful video here:
  13. Hi @CliftonRhoad, Have you tried SquareKicker Sticky Blocks? https://www.squarekicker.com/letsmakethis/no-code-sticky-blocks
  14. Hi @REARCH, I've had a look at your site and all of SquareKicker has been removed. Also, it looks like there is some weird styling on your H2 and H4 text with 1200px Margin Left (See Screenshot). If this is removed, it fixes this issue. This is not SquareKicker code, but would happy to help have a look at what is causing this for you, but would need admin access to your site sent to support@squarekicker.com.
  15. Hi @freshlypressed, you can use SquareKicker for this. Great when you want to keep your background banner images or videos with background image effects etc and then overlap a block over another section. See instructions below. In Fluid Engine: 1.) Make the Section Content align to the bottom with Fluid Engine first so you do not have to move it past the Section padding or remove the Section "Fill Screen" to remove the section padding. 2.) Next use the SquareKicker Section Tool to adjust the "Layer Level" to 1. You will need this to adjust the z-index of the section to make sure the image does not get cropped when you move it down. 3.) Lastly move the image block to the bottom of the section and use the SquareKicker position tool to move the image block down. SquareKicker > Position > Vertical. Note: this is automatically set to 0 on mobile devices so you don't need to set a device specific code, but you can micro manage this per devices with SquareKicker. Once you are done, if you don't need to make anymore changes you can cancel SquareKicker and all your saved custom code changes will save forever without an on going subscription. Here is a video showing the Position tool in use.
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