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  1. Hi @moniebird, While we can't guarantee that this feature will be implemented neither provide info on a timeframe for potential implementation, I am happy to suggest this as an addition to our development team on your behalf. Customer feedback is an important part of how we continue to improve our platform, so we appreciate your input! For any feature requests that you would like to be logged, contacting our Customer Support team would be the best approach. As per point 6 of the forum guidelines we don't track feature requests in this forum. Thanks!
  2. Hi @Fenmann, I am not sure about what the setup you have in mind neither what you mean by "different sections os a site". However, I can say that at the moment all domains connected to a site will point to the homepage and resolve to the domain set as the primary one. It's not possible to connect a domain o a specific page on a site. This is outlined in the help guide that I am linking below: Connecting a domain to your Squarespace site - Before you begin For any further questions you might have, please reach out to Squarespace Customer Support for personalized assistance.
  3. Hi @Del, Considering the behavior you're describing, please reach out to Squarespace Customer Support for personalized troubleshooting and assistance.
  4. Hi @griff48, I am really sorry to hear about the messages you've been receiving through the Form Block on your site! While for privacy reasons Squarespace wouldn't be able to give out IP addresses even if this would be information that would be collected, and that this situation is something out of our control, one thing you can try is creating email filters that block or delete these kind of messages. For example, here are Gmail’s instructions for creating email filters. For more help with setting up email filters, I'd recommend reaching out to your email provider. You can also add Google reCAPTCHA to your form, but keep in mind this helps protect from spambots. For instructions on adding reCAPTCHA to your form, check out this help article.
  5. Hi @Webby, Sharing buttons is currently not supported in Squarespace 7.1 as outlined in this help guide here: Share buttons In what regards new features release in general, Squarespace regularly emails customers with product updates, so I'd recommend watching your email inbox for new features announcements. Additionally, Squarespace also share product-related information and updates on our MAKING IT blog.
  6. Hey @caddyshackproject, This is indeed something that might be possible to get removed with code. I personally don't know of any code to get that hidden.
  7. Hi @caddyshackproject, If you don't want to charge for products in your store, you might want to consider setting their price to 0.00 or creating a discount. Check out this Squarespace help article for more specifics: Offering a free product
  8. Hey @Danyil, You can have less space between your paragraphs of text, if you use a soft return (hold shift when you press return or enter). This is outlined in our help guide here: Fixing text formatting - Fix line spacing
  9. Hi everyone, I'd like to start by clarifying that when you transfer a domain to be hosted by Squarespace, this doesn’t automatically transfer your email hosting to Squarespace as well. Domain and email hosting are two different services. If you already have a custom email address setup for your domain, you can keep it with the company through which you set this service up if you would like. While transferring your domain to Squarespace you were given the option to transfer your email account’s MX records (the records responsible for handling your email), which allow you to keep using the email service. However, you will need to make sure that you keep the email service active with your provider, so you can be able to keep using it. As a note, if you keep the email service with them, you’ll still manage your email account with your original provider. Before transferring your domain to Squarespace, we always recommend contacting your current email provider to ensure that there won’t be any restrictions or issues by moving to Squarespace. We also recommend backing up any essential emails, contacts, or settings you may need. There might be some downtime on your email during the transfer. Check this FAQ on our help center more specifics. To stop using your email provider and move your email account to Squarespace, you can create a Google Workspace account that’s managed through your Squarespace site. This allows you to keep the same email address, but creates an entirely new account with new inboxes and billing managed by Squarespace. There are more details on this setup in this help article. For any further questions you might have about this, feel free to reach to Squarespace Customer Support for personalized assistance.
  10. Hey Amy, Squarespace has a great help article on adding links to your site that might be a good starting point for what you would like to achieve. For any further questions you might have with the setup, please feel free to reach out to Squarespace Customer Support for personalized assistance.
  11. Hi @Hanz, If you haven't heard back from Customer Support yet, you should be soon. Response times depend on the number of incoming requests. If you would like real time support, I'd recommend starting a live chat. Squarespace offers live chat support in English on most weekdays, typically from 4am or 8am to 6pm ET. Hours may occasionally change based on demand as we work to help as many customers as we can. Check this help article for more specifics. The option to start a chat is at the bottom of every page in the Help Center. After you select a topic that best fits your question, click Live Chat. You can start the process directly at this link.
  12. Hi @echo, At the moment there isn't a list of features you can upvote, so if you would like to get your feedback to be logged the best approach is indeed to contact Squarespace Customer Support for that. I've gone ahead and submitted that feedback for you. 😉
  13. Hi @Darlene_B, All the Squarespace templates available are listed either in the 7.1 or 7.0 template stores, depending on the Squarespace version that's associated to the template. While it's not possible to find the template that a site is using through browser's inspector tool, Squarespace Customer Support will be more than happy to have a look into the example site in question and point you in the right direction in terms of the template choice to achieve a similar layout. Additionally, there's a great help guide about choosing the right template with helpful tips on that.
  14. Hi @nassleon, Thank you for flagging this issue. This was a known issue the Squarespace Engineering team has now resolved. For now, I am closing this post; for any further questions regarding this issue, please reach out to the Customer Support team.
  15. Hey @dev_, I believe you should have heard back from our Customer Support team in the meantime, but just wanted to highlight here that this indeed possible. You can submit an app for review by sending an email to partnerships@squarespace.com. As a note, bear in mind that to build a Squarespace Extension, there is need to first acquire OAuth credentials for commercial development. You can initiate that process by completing the form linked in our developer documentation. For any further questions you might, please reach out o Squarespace Customer Support.
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