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  1. On the mobile version of my site I have used some code to reduce the size of my images. However the following content hasn't moved up the screen into the new space. I would also like the image centred on mobile. https://apricots-lute-e75n.squarespace.com/packages Password: albert
  2. Is there a way of doing this for tablet too? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a gallery block on this page and I would like the titles to also be clickable, is there code I can use to do this? https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: abibdevelopment
  4. I have created a gallery page and then on the linked page added in a summary block linked to the gallery page. Is there a way to make the images not be cropped and to show the full image? And is there a way to make the image titles bold on hover? https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: abibdevelopment
  5. This sounds like what I'm looking for! Any advice would be appreciated. https://oval-green-mdps.squarespace.com/ Password: abibdevelopment
  6. Is there any way to have the header behave like the one on this site? https://www.weareelements.io/case-study/ Like have the line appear on scroll
  7. Hi would you be able to tell me how to do the same on my website please? I would like a line underneath my banner video https://chinchilla-chinchilla-b49j.squarespace.com/ password:insight
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