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  1. It worked great. Thank you so much! Ludmilla
  2. Thank you so much, @tuanphan. Worked like a charm. This I hope should be my last request. I notice the shopping cart page is a bit out of wack. https://www.ludmillasart.com/cart See screenshot. Any ideas how to magically fix it? I truly appreciate your help! Ludmilla
  3. I replaced it in the Custom CSS- it worked. Thanks. Unfortunately it created a new issue: on the page with the thumbnails display https://www.ludmillasart.com/art/art-new-work all the thumbnails on the left slightly overlap with the navigation. See image attached. The product page is fine now. https://www.ludmillasart.com/art/p/painting-poetry-house-hills-landscape see image attached. Thank you in advance. Ludmilla
  4. Where do I replace the code? I'm drawing black on how to get to the css page. Thank you!
  5. Gotcha. I sure missed the ">". I'll give it a try. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your reply. It looks to me your suggested code is the same as the original. I will wait for @Tuanphan reply since he helped enormously and all his css tweaks worked. Thank you again. Cheers, Ludmilla
  7. A new issue came up. Suddenly there is a big gap between the nav and the image display. It's perfectly fine in mobile viewing (of course) but on the desktop it's seems kind of large. And the images display rather small. Is there a way to close the gap and have the product image be a bit larger?Just a bit, not huge. It also seems that the product description text is too narrow. Like everything got squeeze to the left. Sorry to bug you! https://www.ludmillasart.com/art/p/meadow-surreal-painting Thank you in advance. Ludmilla
  8. Again, thank you so much. I was able to figure out the id section by looking at the Element Inspector in Safari. I couldn't believe my brain was able to find the id sections in that css jungle and correctly place it in the custom css 🙂 Have a great day and sincere THANKS! Ludmilla
  9. Here I'm again with another question. On this page https://www.ludmillasart.com/gallery1 I inserted sections called "text boxes" to title the different galleries, Out On the Farm, City Life, etc. However editing the appearance of the text box section is very limited. It's too high right now, there is enormous amount room above and below the actual text creating a lot of useless space especially on mobile devices. The text box section has "rows", which I'm able to increase but the minimum is set to 4 which makes it too high when there is only one line of text. I looked into the source code hoping to find the style for this particular section but I'm way too rusty. 😞 There must be a way to override it and change the minimum to 1 or 2. I opened the page in mobile view and now I see 13 rows for that text section. I tried to change the number of row but it's not letting me. See attached screen shot. Thanks in advance for your help, if possible. Ludmilla
  10. Thank you so much. I had no clue one can insert style sheet code into a specific page . Again, it works like a charm. Thanks! Ludmilla
  11. Hi tuanphan Surprisingly I have another request. I have created a new page. And a Blank Page > Gallery. Links is AI Gallery: https://www.ludmillasart.com/gallery1 The issue with the page is that it is way to wide and left side runs into the left navigation. Is there a way to make the block displaying the images not as wide? There is no way to control it from the edit page. Just the gallery page (and any other gallery pages I will be creating). The products pages look great. Thank you so much~! Ludmilla
  12. Thank you so much for your help. Works like a charm. Love it! Ludmilla
  13. Does Square have something like Linkpop at Shopify??? It allows to link your products directly from the Shopify store in one social media link. User can purchase and check out without going to the website. Very simple and nifty. Ludmilla
  14. Actually I'm fine with the navigation being a bit lower. It looks really good on the secondary pages. So no worries there. The only thing I would much appreciate if you can help me to move the icons Especially the Shopping Cart at the top right. Many thanks. Ludmilla
  15. I noticed that those little icons (insta, twitter, shopping cart) got moved to the bottom of the page. is there a way to bring them back up to the top right corner of the page. It seems they get lost at the bottom. See screen shot. Also can you bring the nav up a bit. sort of aligned with the text? See screen shot. Many thanks. Ludmilla
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