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  1. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk/discount-codes I'm wanting to create both a knowledge base and area for discount codes. Although completely different I vision the pages working in the same manner. Block of images / text filling the page with a search bar at the very head. Users can search for a topic / tag to filter results. An example is for our Discount Code page which features a lot of codes, to many to look through easily. If there was a search bar at the top where a user could enter 'car cleaning' it would filter results, only showing discounts relevent. What is the best way to achieve this? Loosely how the blog works but doesn't need to be as in depth.
  2. @Spark_plugin Thanks for the recommendation. I've updated the site so the About page is now the new homepage and I've disabled the old homepage. I think you're right, if the homepage is more engaging then people may stick around for longer.
  3. @iamdavehart You are awesome! I tried everything except that. I completely forgot about the embed feature and to be fair I'm surprised it worked (assumed it was mainly for videos). We'll keep it on the DL as Square Space support didn't even know this. When they find out they'll make the embed block premium plans only.. Would you mind testing the site for usability? https://rangerclub.uk
  4. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk We are looking to embed ideally a custom Google map with multiple pinned locations within a single layer. This is easily done but uses JavaScript / iframe which isn't in our Square Space plan. Are there any other viable options? Google Maps does allow exporting to KML/KMZ.
  5. Site URL: https://rangerclub.uk Would anyone spare a few minutes so test out our website (we are a UK based, members only truck club). It's been developing for over a year now and has a fair bit of content. Ideally it should be as easy to use as possible but due to my extensive use at this point I'm biased when judging the site's usability. I'm most worried about mobile use as desktop use is only 20-30% percent. To save money we have the basic Personal Plan and I've done everything in my power to avoid the limitations (mainly no JavaScript / iframe). I've made custom 'member's only areas' (before it was a Square Space option) by making password protected pages.
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