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  1. I miss that feature too! As for now, I don't think there is a simple way of doing it with Squarespace email campaign.
  2. I agree. I definitely miss not having the possibility to run automatic campaign for member area… sadly.
  3. Same question here! I think every Squarespace site has this problem: the homepage URL is redirected to the domain URL www.example.com/homepage -> www.example.com It works well, but the homepage URL still stay in the sitemap. It seems that GSC manage it well (and redirect the page), but is there a way to fix this error? Has this an impact on SEO? Thanks in advance!
  4. Yeah, I just made the same «mistake» as you! The settings are NOT in the «image-block» section. You have to look in the «color» section, modify your theme, and then you'll find the image overlay color setting. Not quite easy to find! 🙂
  5. Yes! I finally found it! It's a new setting from 7.1 for background color for block images. You can't find it in the «image-block» style section, but in the «color» section. And then set transparency. I love Squarespace, but I think 7.1 is not so intuitive…
  6. Same here, using 7.1 and an image-card bock. The image is just a round png with transparency. The grey area is added by Squarespace. Any idea how to stop that? https://janvier.black/mag/greta-thunberg
  7. Interested here as well. 🙂 If somebody has any informations…
  8. Hi Drissa! I had the same problem. Simply create as many «index page» as you need (with as many full bleed banners you want), and let them in the not-linked section. Then, in your navigation, just create your folder and in place of adding your pages, add links that point to those index pages. It works well!
  9. Same question here… Any suggestion? Right now, I've managed to do it writing the whole URL with the anchor. But not very convenient, and it reload the whole page every time as well. Any advice will be appreciate…
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