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Hi All,

I'm Sally Gregg and fairly new to Squarespace! In the last six months, I've launched a website offering my web design services to small business owners, non-profits and inidividuals. I'm a former marketing and communications professional with many years of copywriting experience. Thanks to the help of two amazing leaders in this community - Kerstin Martin and Christy Price - I am gaining traction with this new endeavor and loving the journey. 

I would be thrilled for any of you to take a look at my website and offer up your constructive criticism. 

In the meantime, thanks for the warm welcome to this Circle!

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Hi everyone,
Very excited to be here! 

I'm a danish, self employed, allround creative director and photographer. I've spend the past 7-ish years exploring different industries, helping businesses build their brands and grow. 

About a year ago I decided to focus my time on working with clients that share my values and interests; outdoor, food and folk. 

Hands down the best decision I've ever made.

I currently divide my time between Copenhagen and traveling across the Nordic countries, working with hunting, sailing, fishing and a lot of other brilliant things. 

Squarespace has become my go-to platform for clients. Although I sometimes miss having more freedom to create and customize, I keep returning as this tool is just super simple, always ends with a beautiful result, and most importantly: is so easy-to-use for my clients ones I've handed it over to them.

Please feel free to check out my work:
And follow along: @mariebrandt

All the best,


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Hey all! 

I'm Danielle, Brand Designer & Photographer! I build beautiful, authentic brands and websites for creatives that feel like home.

I took the self employed plunge late last year and whilst it's been a struggle at times, I am loving this new lease of life and purpose it's given me. 

If you'd like to connect or check out my work, my website is: www.moonlitdesign.uk or you can follow me on instagram: @moonlit.design

Love & Light xxxlh-coaching-socialmock2.thumb.png.c7570e4b05503baa26eb48cda58f3938.png



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Hi all!

Interesting community here! I’m a small biz, just like many of you and we focus on marketing that gets serious results. 

We help businesses clarify their messaging so they can stand out in the market place so they can start growing again.

We exclusively use Squarespace for all our web development!



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Hi everyone!

I run a brand design studio, and I recently launched my second business, where I offer design templates and resources to help small businesses thrive and grow.

We currently offer website templates, but have a whole host of business plan and strategy workbooks, plugins, and stock photos on the way!

After working with 500+ businesses in the last few years and starting several businesses of my own, I know how hard starting a business can be, and I wanted to create a resource to make sure other business owners don't have to struggle on their own.

I am looking for designers and developers to help us build product collections—if this is you, feel free to reach out 🙂 


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Just rebranded our Psychotherapy Practice in NYC to LSP - https://lsp.nyc.  Squarespace made it easy to move to 7.1, but still not seeing a big improvement in load times, unfortunately.  Provided them that feedback and hope they continue to make improvements.  Great to see so many others learning how to use the platform effectively!

Dominic Gadoury (He, Him)
Director of Development and Operations
Lincoln Square Psychotherapy, PLLC
330 West 58th Street, Suite 314
New York, NY 10019
Fax: 917-456-0339
Office: 646-370-4571
Mobile: 347-933-0313

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Hi Everyone 🙂,

I'm a copywriter and marketing consultant. I've had my Squarespace site since I think version 6. The consultant part of what I do is primarily website audits for SEO and UX and building new sites on 7.1. 

My freelance business is my part-time hobby / side project that helps me stay fresh. I'm a full time marketing manager. 

Check out my site www.pocketwriter.biz 

Totally feel free to hit me up there or here if you think I can help in any way. 

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hello my name is daaave

I'm an artist putting together my works for an online gallery/shop under my business,

The Underground Snob

I'm new to this and still putting it together...it is a bit rough but I could use some constructive critiques from some of the professionals out there in the forum. Thank you!


The Prayers of Mother Earth.jpg

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Posted (edited)

I'm a partner at Levie, an independent branding and design agency based in Miami which I co-founded and run with my wife since 2013.

Our agency's ethos is to build authentic connection between brands and people through strategic design.

We specialize in branding, packaging design, visual communications, positioning strategy, and web design.

From local to global brands, our team has consistently designed identities and positioned businesses that have become market leaders in their respective industries.

We design for clients in a variety of sectors, including retail, consumer goods, hospitality, real estate, international development, large-scale conferences, and the spirits industry.

Check us out: levie.co


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Hi, I'm Anna...

My business, Anna Spencer Creative Media & Design offers affordable website design, maintenance and support for churches, non-profits and small businesses.  I am also a social media consultant, graphic designer and blogger.  I became passionate about working with churches, non-profits and small businesses in 2018 while I was helping my own church with a website redesign project.  It was obvious that organizations with little to no money needed a budget-friendly option to create their own digital presence in order to be competitive in today's business climate.  That's where I come in.  I show clients how to get the most for their money through Squarespace websites AND I train their staff on how to maintain their websites in house OR offer an hourly rate to maintain the website for them.  In addition, I contract services for various social media products.  While my business is less than five years old, I'm excited about what I do and love all the opportunities technology makes available to organizations of all sizes.  

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Posted (edited)

Hello ! 

It's cool to read about everyone and their business here- thanks for sharing. 

The pandemic had me reevaluate my life, and what i wanted to do- so I wrote a business plan, made a mock website, found an investor,  sold most of my belongings in Atlantic Canada, and moved to Thailand to start a yacht charter company. 


We currently own a 38ft sailing catamaran here which we bought in Indonesia and I sailed back to Phuket, and i also have access to another 40ft catamaran. 

Right now I am just about finished with the regulatory hoops, and insurance and all that jazz and I am just waiting for rainy season to pass us by in hopes of a strong start later this year.

If anyone is coming out this way, lets link up!





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Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Bethany and I'm an artist, illustrator, designer based in Calgary, Canada. I love Squarespace for it's mobile-friendly platform, e-commerce, awesome customer service and other great features. I have three businesses: I provide original artwork and illustration services, graphic design services and also am a singer/songwriter. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate! More info can be found on my Web portal: bethanyvanderputten.com 

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Greetings! My name is Dawn. 

Sibling to Sibling is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting siblings affected by the loss of a sibling to suicide.

Siblings often feel left out - we send custom grief boxes to siblings with messages of hope and comfort. It is our mission to let siblings know they are not alone. 

Currently, several of us Moms who have lost children to suicide are helping to get the organization started. My son, Krys, was 30 when he died by suicide in 2018. 


PW: 1221Sss2s!

Thank you all for your support,


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My name is Mini and I'm the owner + principal web designer at Purple Lotus Web Design based in Boston area. I provide website solutions to women owned - small businesses, women entrepreneurs and side hustlers by building thoughtfully designed and strategic informational or e-commerce Squarespace sites. 

My design philosophy is - Keep it Simple, but Significant. I have worked with several platforms, but Squarespace is my favorite as it allows me to build Simple + Significant websites but also, allows my clients to update and maintain their websites on their own with ease after launch. 

Visit my website - https://www.purplelotuswebdesign.com to check out my work. 

Happy to be here and be part of this great community!

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Hi there!


My name is Lexi - Co-Founder of Dynamo Ultima. I wanted to introduce myself!

I am a brand strategist, web designer & sales page expert! My fiance and I run our design studio together and have been for 8 years. We live in Portland, Oregon!

Right now our design studio offers two ways to work with us..

VIP Design Days: we create full brand + websites in Squarespace during these days for our clients!
Sales Page Lab: My newest program I am launching next month to help my clients and our audience learn to design converting, strategic and aesthetically beautiful sales pages for their launches!

I am really excited about the new Fluid Engine, I have been designing in Squarespace since 2013 - so this update is definitely going to change the game, I have had so many people ask me to design in ShowIt - but i've always loved Squarespace and have experience with code and am able to create completely custom sites in Squarespace. This update will help with a lot of the clients asking about Showit, now I can tell them Squarespace is able to do mostly the same thing!

Anyway, I have been on circle for a long time, but never introduced myself properly. :)



Co-Founder of Dynamo Ultima 
Follow along on insta

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Greetings! I am a photographer, graphic designer and brand consultant based in North Carolina. My business focuses on helping clients build their brands visually and I use a holistic approach to this. My company's vision revolves around these three things, style, creativity, soul.

Feel free to checkout my website here:


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My name is Audrey Saint-Clair and I am the owner of Signature Web Design.

A Circle Member, creating SquareSpace websites since 2014. 

I strive to build eye catchy websites, be on Q with current web trends, matching the client‘s needs & personality. Functionality and ease of use is key.

I am well versed in:


E-COMMERCE (Selling online - all kinds of commerce)

RESTAURANTS (branding + menus + offers and more)

MEMBERSHIPS (managing course access)

RECURRING PAYMENT METHODS ((initial fee + recurring payments)

TRAINING COURSE CONTENT  (Text + video + podcasts + other visuals photography).

ORGANIZING WEBSITE CONTENT into comprehensive information through blogs and indexes).

and much more. 

My skill set is : 

Business needs


Marketing and Advertising (traditional + digital)

Social Networks 

Photography + Videos

In a nutshell... I like my clients to cast a unique pertinent vibe on Internet and SELL!. 💗 

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