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  1. Why Squarespace does not have support for this feature built in is confusing to me.
  2. This continues to be the best solution for me. Both tracking organic form submissions or adding additional tracking scrips for adwords or other paid advertising. I have no clue why the answer above has been marked as best answer. It does not work for me.
  3. Hey Squarespace. Is this really the best solution? I continue to get emails of people asking abou this. My solution below works, and got 10 upvotes vs the 3 on this "best answer" Its really a bit confusing to me why this is not prioritized as a feature. Tracking goals should be at the top of the feature list for any webmaster or company with a website big or small.
  4. Guys, I'm going to test this implementation again now. Squarespace support might as well be a bot that says "Oh sorry your in developer mode, we can't support that"
  5. Yea..its old school. But it works. And easier to add other conversion tracking code for Twitter, and other marketing platforms easily.
  6. The easiest method I have found, also has some benefits by using a /Thank-you page. Create a new /Thank-You page in Squarespace Edit your Form on your /Contact page. Under advanced add this simple script to the Post Submit HTML window.location.replace("/thank-you"); (note: add the script beg and end tags) <script> window.location.replace("/thank-you"); </script> Create a Google Analytics Goal for the /Thank-you pageThis method also lets you track the /thank-you page in page views, to help troubleshoot issues. We also added a redirect to the homepage. You can do all sorts of thing with your /thank-you page pushing your users to other content etc. Update: I have confirmed this still works, with standard "stock" squarespace GA implementation. Not tested with Universal via code injection.
  7. THIS IS FOR ADWORDS, NOT ANALYTICSYou can simply paste the Google Adwords code into the Post-Submit HTML box under Edit Form -> Advanced. e.g: This script will be fired only on successful submission of the form. See My new Answer Related to a simple method related to creating a /Thank-You page.
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