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  1. Hey, Omari- can I get a quote for custom code?


  2. If those methods don't work you can always try the lightbox anything plugin - check out the reviews. A lot of designers have used this for bio pages.
  3. @savvy This solution doesn't let you tag at the variant level. The first thing that comes to mind in that scenario is to use Acuity since it's made for booking.
  4. I currently use Convertkit (aff) for this. They have a built in integration that syncs with the commerce API allowing you to tag customers based on the product they purchased and automate the follow up. Here's what it looks like.
  5. Just (re)launched my youtube channel. I'll be sharing new videos weekly on marketing, fatherhood and of course Squarespace. 

  6. Hey, ya'll!

    1. emmageorge


      Hey Ras - so this is different huh?  Still trying to get my head around it. 

    2. Omari


      Yea, lot's of potential I guess. 

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