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  1. Hi Friends, I'm trying to import my privacy policy onto my site. I've created it in a Word Document and wonder if it's possible to import it as a PDF - so I don't lose the formatting. Sorry to be so daft -
  2. 932402157_ScreenShot2021-05-28at11_27_40AM.thumb.png.4a1b568d8c095d08b89b45a4dc5a292c.png

    1. sallygregg


      This is my client's site. And you can see the footnote number at the end of the sentence. 

  3. Tuan, I am still on the footnote question. I got your reply, I just don't understand how to add a markdown at the end of a sentence of text...where the footnote numeral needs to go. Do I make the entire text block a Markdown block?

  4. Tuan, is it possible to talk to you on the phone or only email? Also- I can't find out how to manage my Circle settings so I am notified via email when someone (like you) responds to a question. I hate to have to keep checking this site - would love to have an alert pop into my email to know there's a reply here.
  5. Thanks so much for helping with this, just a number only - also in 7.1 can I import a font? I can't find that info anywhere! You are such a great help!
  6. Kerstin, 

    Because you are my guru - I am reaching out to ask a question!! I posted a question today and I have no idea if my post goes out to everyone in the forum. Does that depend on the tags you choose? I just want to be sure I am posting correctly in the Circle space. Is there a guide out there on how to navigate Circle?

    By the way, not only are you amazing - but I have to say I am loving your artwork posted via Instagram!

    Sally Gregg

    1. kerstinmartin


      Hi Sally! To post in the Circle go to one of the topics from the Circle homepage (e.g. Squarespace Products, whatever is most appropriate) and then select "New Post" - that will post it in that section. If you don't get any replies you might have to comment on it to bump it up. And yes, adding tags is always a good idea, then it's more likely to pop up if someone searches for something. 

      Good question about a user guide for the Circle, I am not aware of one. I would say make sure your profile is complete and that you have the kind of notification settings you wants, that's all in your account settings. And make sure you add a signature to your profile with your web address, that appears under all your posts. 

      Also, thanks regarding my fledgling art practice, I am having a lot of fun with it 🙂 xo

  7. Hi Friends, I am working with a client whose website on 7.0 has a blog. She needs to know how to insert little footnote numbers in her blog to reference or cite information. I would love to know how to make this happen if anyone knows how to do it!
  8. Hi Sophia, will you be hosting any masterclasses this year?


    1. sophiaojha


      Hi Sally,

      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, indeed.

      There's one free training I am doing for the Squarespace Circle this Thursday on Squarespace Scheduling. 

      You can sign up for it here:


      What kind of topics are you interested in for a masterclass, Sally?


  9. I just sent you the link to my site. Sorry for the slow reply - I have been without internet for a few days. Now babysitting a grandchild so I've been juggling!
  10. Wow - You are my hero! So I want the header to be transparent on the home page - after that I would just like the same colored background on the header from the custom colors I'm using for the section themes. Does that make sense??? Thank you, thank you, thank you for any help you can offer!!!
  11. Site URL: https://opossum-magenta-r4dw.squarespace.com/config/ Hey friends, This is my first SS forum post. I am new to web design and have run into a difficulty on my second website. Is it possible to have a different header after the home or landing page header. I understand the header is a global element but I am wondering if there's a work around.
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