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  1. A client just mentioned the same problem. What browser are you using? (he's having the issue on Chrome)
  2. Hi @tuanphan do you know/have a script for this vertical text animation: https://www.liveatlinden.ca/ that would be awesome (the text within the top banner) Thank you!
  3. That's a tricky one. The problem is that Squarespace arranges all buttons below each other on smartphone and as far as I know that can't be bypassed. It's possible to arrange them with CSS but this needs to be customized for each case you're using it. How about you use one text block and use ASCII arrows (icons) They will get treated like text and you just have to apply three links (previous, back, next) ❮ BACK TO 3D ❯
  4. Hi, Yes, that's possible. You'd just need a little bit CSS coding for that (DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS) For instance #block-f826ed063469d27ebb98 p {font-family: Arial !important} applies a certain font ONLY to this specific block (see the screenshot > green)
  5. Hi, I had a quick look. I think you have 2 options: (DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS) A) move the whole content down e.g. .page-section.vertical-alignment--middle:not(.content-collection):not(.gallery-section):not(.user-items-list-section) { align-items: center; margin-top: 130px; B) or only this individual image [data-section-id="61479941d692124298d8f9b1"] {margin-top: 130px !important}} Hope that helps! Besides that you might have another photo with more spacing on all sides.
  6. That's very intersting to know that the dark mode is not a "nice-to-have" any more. That's quite drastic move to e.g. invert the logo automatically. Have you reached out to Squarespace?
  7. There is a new setting for that: COMMERCE > CHECKOUT
  8. is there another way to set the default color theme? Thanks!
  9. You can also check out the Squarespace Marketplace and hire somebody for that task: https://www.squarespace.com/designer/home
  10. @sarahcreates @tuanphan (in case this is still an issue) This can be solved by changing the DEFAULT TEMPLATE COLOR THEME. For some reason, this is currently only possibe by using the Squarespace App. With most websites the default theme is set to a dark one. Hope that helps!
  11. Hi! When you click the settings of the landing page (gearwheel icon) you'll find an option for password-protect the specific page.
  12. The usual Squarespace procedure for buttons is one-per-row. so i'd consider having regular text (2 words - each one linked an representing a button) and using CSS to turn it into a button PS: regarding your question: usually it's best to target the block ID or CSS class (like e.g. one example for each: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1607458165875_6808 {max-width: 60px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 50%;} .light-bold .sqs-block-button-element {background-color: red !important }
  13. Hello, unfortunaltely, you're not sending any CSS information with the newsletter. If you want to have a specific font for the headline, you could consider using photoshop: write it there and save it as a .png file (without background)
  14. Hi. You'd have to change the site from private to password-protected (Settings > permissions) so we can see it
  15. It might be a good approach to restructure your shop You can add CATEGORIES and TAGS to your products. if you consider TAGS to filter men & women, you could use the CATEGORIES for the product categories Once that is set up, you can basically show your products anywhere using a "summary block" This site might provide inspiration: https://www.leaders-lodge.com/
  16. Without having seen the site (your site is set private), I'd say you could try the following steps: a) make a new page b) add a SUMMARY BLOCK c) click the filtering button and select a (already existing) category so you could build multiple pages that only show certain products (for instance this example: 2 product categories at different spots of the page, while using the same shop module https://www.bloomtheory.com/atelier-shop
  17. Hi, try .ProductList-overlay and (only - without nav etc... line 15 in your screenshot) .Header-nav this should work
  18. Hi, on your screenshot you'll find the pen icon (edit the section) and keep scrolling down and you'll find an option for this. Make sure the "Category Title" is turned off
  19. This is a bit too complex for a small fix but if you don't want to invest in an expert from the e.g. Squarespace Marketplace, you could try making a new section and use one image block per icon instead (e.g. 4 in a row) then you just have find the block ID for each image and use a code like this: (for applying a max-size to the images #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1607458165875_6808 {max-width: 200px; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;} then you would get a result like this: (keep scrolling down to the 4 icons) https://expeditionevans.com I hope that helps!
  20. Hi, you got to modify your iFrame embedding code and change the height. e.g. 2000px was looking good a first look but you might need a second version for mobile I hope that helps!
  21. Hi, First you got to find way to separate between regular and this specific words. You could make them BOLD/STRONG Then It should be (add to Design > Custom CSS) #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1624213308747_3371 strong {font-weight: 400 !important} But I noticed that the whole text block is already at 400 so you probably won't see any change. It depends on the font family itself what options you have in terms of font weight.
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