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  1. Site URL: https://www.meatballamericano.com/ Hi there, So I love the look of the first picture: the pink up above with the black for the masonry blog posts. But when I make the change, it also ends up turning the blog posts themselves into a black background with pink lettering. How do I change just the homepage coloring of that single section without the change also affecting other parts of my site? My goal: make ONLY make a change to my homepage and not other pages throughout the site. Appreciate all your help. Thank you.
  2. Site URL: http://www.trystinsinnott.com/ Hi, Just trying to change the color of the text in the field input after it's been filled out, would like it to be white or grey to stand out against the dark background. Can't seem to figure out how to. Find this form in the contact us page If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated! Also is it possible to change the background of the input box once its clicked so it doesn't turn to white? Would like to turn it to a slightly brighter grey. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.somewheresoul.com/ Hi there, I'm desperately trying to change the header background colour on the shop page black to match the other pages so that you can see the logo. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hello, I made a custom shopping cart logo which works great. But I decided to change the navigation setting style from "Theme" to "Dynamic" and it inverts the text on the home page but my custom cart stays the same color. Images attached. Is there custom CSS to invert the cart on the home page only like the rest of the navigation?
  5. Hi all ! So I am creating blast email templates to send to my contact lists, where I choose a specific color for my section background (let's say, green). It looks great and all, but when someone receives it on their phone or tablet, and their dark mode is turned on, then the background color inverts and it looks really bad. Is there a way to force the background color on any devices? Thank you so much for the help!
  6. Hello. On my site, I have my header navigation background set to transparent on all of my pages, I have a blue background behind my headers so the navigation logo and nav items just overlay the blue background. For example, see here https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog or https://www.graphitefinancial.com/ However, for my blog posts I cannot add a blue background behind the header with the theme I'm using. See here: https://www.graphitefinancial.com/blog/title-growth-at-all-cost-strategies-arent-working-for-startups-heres-what-is-and-always-has. So my logo doesn't show since it is white. Is there a way for me to set just the blog posts to have a specific background. I DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THE HEADER NAV BACKGROUND COLOR ON ANY OTHER PAGE BUT A BLOG POST. Thanks :)
  7. Hello, How can I change my custom shopping cart icon's color on the home page to be white and the rest of the pages on website, the custom cart will be black. Do I need to add code to the code header injection? Thanks.
  8. Site URL: https://www.yourgendereuphoria.com/cart Hi there. I'm trying to change my cart button but the code I've seen does not work. My button is currently black so people don't know how to check out. I'd like to change it's background to #18DEE0.
  9. Site URL: https://www.holmcollection.com Hi, please help me. My product page header color doesn't fit well with the white background but I want to keep the color for the other pages. How can I change just the product page header color?
  10. Site URL: http://capybera-point-sp57.squarespace.com Hey there! I was wondering if there's a way to have a transparent fixed header that switches the font color when scrolling. I'm not sure if that makes sense. So right now my header is in dynamic mode and I have the font color as a white because I like the way it looks on the colors of the moving background. However, I want to add a fixed scrolling header and an issue comes into play when I scroll down. Lower down the background of my site is white, so you aren't able to see the text in the header. Is there a way to have the text be white while at the top of the page, and then change to black or another more visible color when you scroll down?
  11. Site URL: https://hexahedron-point-47ee.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'm looking to create a block of transparent color over an image, as a background for a text heading. In my demo site, the color block is just on the image file, but the idea would be to create it in CSS (or otherwise), so it doesn't change height as the image stretches. Any ideas?
  12. Site URL: https://www.kimbalbumstead.com/projects Hello, I would like to change the text colour of portfolio items from black to white for mobile viewing. I have tried this code in Design>Custom CSS but it doesn't work. @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .portfolio-text { color: #000000 !important; } } What would be the correct code? Many thanks
  13. Site URL: https://maroon-iris-8gg6.squarespace.com/ I created a burger menu in CSS, but I want to change the background color of the menu that pops up to a beige/sand color. How do I do that? Also I would like to add a link to my LinkedIn and Instagram account at the buttom of the menu - is that possible? The first screenshot shows how the menu looks now. The second shows which colour I want the background to be and where I want to place the social media links
  14. Site URL: https://www.usmexicofoundation.org Hi everyone! I'm stuck in how to change the color of the scrolling text! I've looked everywhere and followed directions I've found and still I can't figure out how to change the text from black to red... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Site URL: https://www.madebycow.com.au/ Hey Team! Can someone please help me out with some code to change our heading 'introducing the worlds first..." to black? Thanks so much!
  16. Site URL: https://waamoz.eu/ Good morning, My shopping-cart is completely black. I’ve not found any solutions searching on the color profile editor, neither on the commerce settings. Hope someone can help me 🙏 Best
  17. Site URL: http://salhomestudio.com URL: http://salhomestudio.com Hey guys, just having trouble to change the header text navigation color on homepage only. I tried this CSS but it doesn't change color: .homepage .Header-nav-inner * { color: red !important; } I also tried this one but it changes only the menu color and the login color. Social media icons, cart icon and site title didn’t change: 2 Author Posted January 26, 2021 I have managed to test some options out and found a working solution: /*Change homepage nav-item color*/ .homepage .header-nav-item a { color: white !important; } .homepage .header-nav-item:hover a { color: white !important; } /* folder */ .homepage .header-nav-folder-item:hover a { color: white !important; } Anyone who can help please? Cheers. Alberto
  18. Site URL: https://www.faunusdream.com/cart Hi there, How could I change the header colour on my cart page to be black (#000000)? My logo in transparent white and can't be seen in this page.
  19. Site URL: https://www.cheesierpasta.net/thor-home I am wanting to remove the section[data-section-id="6273f7fff7a2200fbdd3ec88"] 's white background so that the page will have the gradient and I dont need to worry about scaling issues. I am unsure how to do this.
  20. Site URL: https://www.vitalhub.com Hi, so my site is vitalhub.com. On the home page when you scroll down a bit, there's a gallery block that says Patient Flow & Operational Visibility and the other block says EHR, Case Management, Care Coordination, and Optimization. When viewed on Safari, the color is light blue, when viewed on Google Chrome, the color is red. I've noticed that for some reason the code that I have in the Custom CSS, is only turning the border of the text blue on hover, while filling the background red. I want the background fill to be blue like it is on Safari. Any ideas? This is the code that I have for that section: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-color: #fff; @gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-size: 2rem; @gallery-overlay-images-grid-sub-title-color: #ddd; @gallery-overlay-images-grid-subtitle-size: 1rem; @gallery-overlay-line-color: #fffff; @gallery-overlay-line-thickness: 5px; @gallery-overlay-images-grid-button-accent-color:#71CDE1; @gallery-overlay-images-grid-hover-overlay: rgba(0,0,0,.6); @gallery-overlay-images-border-radius: 10px; @gallery-overlay-text-position: 0%; body{.margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper .custom-images-gallery-desc .inner-cust-wrapper h3:after{background-color: @gallery-overlay-line-color!important;height: @gallery-overlay-line-thickness !important;}.margin-wrapper.custom-gallery-images-wrapper{border-radius: @gallery-overlay-images-border-radius;&:after{background-color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-hover-overlay;}.custom-images-gallery-desc{.inner-cust-wrapper{h3{color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-color;font-size:@gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-size;padding-top: @gallery-overlay-text-position;@media only screen and (max-width: 800px){font-size: 1.3rem;}&:after{background-color:@gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-color;}}p{color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-sub-title-color;font-size: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-subtitle-size;@media only screen and (max-width: 800px){font-size: .9rem;}a{border: 1px solid @gallery-overlay-images-grid-button-accent-color;color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-button-accent-color;}}}}&:hover{.custom-images-gallery-desc{p{a{background-color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-button-accent-color;color: @gallery-overlay-images-grid-title-color;}}}}}}
  21. Site URL: https://www.nickwaldinger.com/ Hello, I'm trying to change the color of text entered in a contact form field. Screenshot 1 shows how it looks when I highlight the box and enter text. Screenshot 2 shows how it looks when I click off the box. I'd like the text entered to be white, and I'd like the box not to become white when highlighted. So it would be a black background with white text at all times. My website is www.nickwaldinger.com, and the password is "create". Could anyone help me with this?
  22. My home page image is a photo that has a logo and type overplayed on top. The logo and type are pure white. When I import this image into Squarespace, the logo and type appear light gray. I've tried saving the image as a JPG and PNG – same result. Any ideas?
  23. Site URL: http://www.rhodestostrength.com/newsletter-sign-up How do I change the font color from white to black on this page? I tried changing the Color Site Styles and it doesn't work. Thanks! www.rhodestostrength.com/newsletter-sign-up
  24. Site URL: https://www.sensibar.se/kostnadsfritt-mte Hello! I have been successful with this before, but I think by theme is old and it doesn't work in the same way anymore. I am trying to invert the logo color from black to white. I am using the Basil template. Anyone who knows the code for that? Thank you very much 🙂 https://www.sensibar.se/kostnadsfritt-mte
  25. Site URL: https://fennel-porpoise-ttfg.squarespace.com Hi guys, I am absolutely new to building websites and I have absolutely no idea about coding but since Squarespace support sent me here, you guys are my last hope. To get to the website here is the password: slhkAB2021 The problem is: The desktop view of the start page is great. The group photo with the white gradient on the left, so that the headline can be there, fits perfectly. Unfortunately, when I open the mobile view, the blue headline jumps to the group photo and so of course is no longer readable. Is there a way that the heading color is adjusted only for the mobile view? So is there a code that specifies that the color adjusts depending on the pixel size? So that it is not blue in the mobile version, but white? Then you could see the group picture and the headline. I really hope there is a solution to this. Thanks in advance!
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