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  1. Site URL: https://cello-cheetah-stpl.squarespace.com/ Hello, I've been trying for a while to reproduce this template (image linked) in my squarespace website. The site is not online yet, so I don't know how to show you anything (nothing to see really, but...). My main problem is that I can't write over an image. I mean, I can, but using the provided option, and so the text is only centered, as you may know. So, could you help me with this ? The goal is to have a full background image instead of the white, so I can't use the section banner and pray for the best (which is probably the worst to do, obviously). So I meant to have like the Orange image with the 3 stripes on one "box" and write over it, and another "box" with the blue and white image. If it is not possible to have that overlap of the cyan "box", it's not a problem, we'll move it down. Does all of this make sense ? Pardon me for my english, as you may have noticed in the attached image, I'm french 😄 Thanks for your help ! Oh, by the way, I'm using Brine on SquareSpace 7.0.
  2. Site URL: https://bronze-drum-d4gw.squarespace.com Hi there! I currently have a Carousel (2nd section from top) that is created using cards. Is it possible for the color of the card or section background to change with each content? Basically if I tap the arrow, can the whole background color change? I want to use different colors for each product "flavor". Site password is "hello" Thank you in advance!
  3. I cant seem to find coding for having a background stick while the website scrolls though. Like having a transparent section with a background image behind it
  4. Site URL: https://www.aligma.io Password: aliGMA2022! The background image on my client's home page has now disappeared. It says it is loaded on my end, but shows a blank white slate both in the backend and on the live site. Now on the live site, I can see the correct image hidden behind when I scroll down above the header! I also have a colourful blue/green footer (same as the header) which is no longer showing. I have not made any additional changes, these have happened automatically. Help! (FYI I have SquareKicker if necessary)
  5. Hi, I've used the forum once before and it was extremely helpful! I'm using the York template and I am trying to change the background color of the footer. It doesn't seem to be a feature, could anyone help me with the CSS? This is the website link: https://clownfish-mauve-jds9.squarespace.com/ password: beatrice Thanks so much!
  6. Site URL: https://www.ukrainiandanceworld.com/dance-groups-test1234 Hi there, I would like to change the background colour of my blog page. If I do this via the themes it also cahnges the background colour of each individaul blog which I do not want to happen. Looking for a darker grey colour background for the blog page and then each blog post to remain with a white background. Any help would be appreciated
  7. Site URL: https://www.triquetraconstruction.co.uk/home I used the following code to create a background image across the whole of my site, but all of sudden it has disappeared. I have tried redoing the code but I cannot seem to see the image at all no matter what I try. Can you please help? #page{background-image:url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/620da2f49826c21ef10a1687/t/62d2f34b35b4b06b6034bfa5/1657992015451/Untitled+design+%288%29.png"); background-size: fixed } #page .page-section { background:transparent!important; } #page .page-section .section-background { background: transparent!important; }
  8. Site URL: https://rabbit-minnow-8knw.squarespace.com/ We are trying to set up a continuous background gradient across multiple sections. We are currently using this code, but the gradient does not continue across the sections: #collection-60b9dadbc8f89f0d0d502b31{ .page,.section-background { background: transparent; background: linear-gradient(145deg, #3366ff, #00ff66) } } You can see the website here: https://rabbit-minnow-8knw.squarespace.com/ You can see how the gradient is intended to work here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220919052414/https://www.ayac.org.au/
  9. Site URL: https://www.trblsht.com/ Hi everyone, On my homepage, I have a background image that I use by selecting it in the background image part of the page section. I have had this for years with no problems. I recently realised that on most of my devices, mobile and desktop, I can see the background image however when I use another laptop, the background image does not show and the page defaults to just block colour. For months this other laptop would show the image and was acting fine but now it doesn't display it. The first screenshot is what I normally have. The second screenshot is what is happening on my other laptop. Does anyone know why this might be happening and if there is a fix? Thanks in advance, Jon
  10. Hi I recognized that the image effects (background images) aren't available anymore. There aren't any options to choose. I tried it with 7.0, 7.1 (with and without fluid engine)... Any idea?
  11. Site URL: http://machiya.com.au Hey team, I'm using this code <style> .Main {background-color: #f7eee9 !important; } .Header--top {background-color: #f7eee9 !important; } </style> to change the header and background colour of just my shop page but the intro section is still the same colour as the other pages. Is there a code to make the colour the entire page, including content? And also, it seems to only be yellow for the desktop, do I need a different code for mobile? Using the The Autotunes template. Thanks so much!!!
  12. Site URL: http://www.theroyalcodes.com Hi fam, I have been scouring the internet and the forums to figure out how to change the Shopping Cart page color theme to match the rest of my website. Everything else on my site is 'White Minimal' theme, but I can't seem to change the theme of the shopping cart page. Am I missing something? I have figured out how to change the background of the Shopping Cart page through custom CSS, but it looks like it will also require me to custom color all of the elements to get it to look the same as the white minimal theme. before I take the time to do all of that, I wanted to see if there is a faster way to do it. Any secrets I don't know about? 🙂 Thank you for your time, Ryan ps: custom css I started doing was: .cart { background-color: white; a, h1, h2, h3, p { color: black; } }
  13. Site URL: https://snail-saxophone-k3pk.squarespace.com Hello, I would like to use a background image underneath several sections in a row. Would someone please help with with CSS code to do this? I am able to identify data-section-id, so all I need is the formula that will allow me to do this. Kind regards. PS I would like to start with the three sections in a row with white backgrounds on the main page.
  14. I want to change the background color of just the section with the image of the available tickets. Here is a link to the website: www.speakeasyunconferences.com
  15. Site URL: https://tropicalratchet.com password: g I have a rather "hacky" setup using the on-hover displays that Index pages offer to give an illusion of interactivity. I understand it won't quite work as well on mobile but I'm targeting Desktop users for this site anyway. Regardless, I have hit a wall.. I'm attempting to accomplish two tasks, one being rather easy yet somehow it isn't quite clicking, while another possibly being a bit more difficult: 1: Change the background on the Blank Pages that are listed within the index. I've tried various code inserts in CSS and Code blocks but for some reason they have yet to click.. Right now the backgrounds of the pages when clicked via the homescreen/Index are white. Would like them to be the image I have uploaded into my Custom CSS file directory Currently: This is the ideal end setup: Base Background: With images on top: 2. Accomplish this specific look and be sure it translates between Mobile and Desktop. I used code to force a specific width based off of screen size but that too hasn't worked. What I have currently: What I'm aiming to achieve: On-Hover: I understand this is rather hacky and am entirely open to other suggestions. However I do think it is possible within the current Squarespace framework + without using Fluid Engine. Check out what I have currently: https://tropicalratchet.com password: g Any tips greatly appreciated! Thank you
  16. Hello, I am using 7.1 and am having a heck of a time figuring out how to remove the grey background on my photo card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. I have a YouTube background video that doesn't look great on mobile. Can I use a completely different YouTube video as the background video on mobile?
  18. Site URL: https://crocodile-bison-fng9.squarespace.com/welcome I want the bg image of the forest to show through more so I'm trying to make the white behind the text much more transparent (although not completely transparent) only on this single page of the site. Is that possible using CSS or header code injection?
  19. Site URL: https://mabonstudio.squarespace.com Password: mabon I am using Squarespace's new feature to directly import a video as a backgrounf from my computer, but something is off on mobile devices. The video is loading properly on the Squarespae viewer, but on devices looks as a video itself and not a background... I attached a screenshot from a mobile device and the way it should look (and how it actually looks on Squarespace's editor).
  20. Site URL: https://fiddle-calliope-dcmk.squarespace.com Hey everyone - I'm working on my website that typically uses a white logo and white text over an image background. However, when I go to make a blog post, it switches to black text for the header over a white background, which makes the logo invisible. What I'm looking to do is either: Invert my logo (or use a different image for it) on blog posts ONLY, not the blog landing page Allow for blog posts ONLY, not the blog landing page, to use a header with a background image or solid colored background with white text. https://fiddle-calliope-dcmk.squarespace.com/insights Password is ThemeParks12345 I really want to avoid doing this with code injection because I would need to upgrade my plan. EDIT: I was successfully able to get it to work with the following custom CSS, but unfortunately it also inverts the logo on my blog's landing page: I'd still like to know how to get the blog post headers to have a background image like the other pages of my site, or a solid color on the blog posts only. I'm on 7.1. Thanks!
  21. Im using poppins font. I would like to add a highlighter color behind the text on a Title. How do i accomplish this in the format bar? I have version 7.1 squarespace. I've attached photos of examples on two separate websites that have it. https://www.blushtan.com/ and https://chalene.com/
  22. Site URL: https://www.walkmehome.co/ Hey everyone, I'm new to squarespace and i've spent the last week setting up my website. I used the 'art' option for my background in one section, but i don't like the look of the transition between the sections. I've been trying to find a way to make an opacity gradient to avoid the harsh lines between the sections, but i can't find anything useful. Can anyone help? pw: Helppls420;)
  23. Site URL: https://www.nicolebrancato.com/ Hi, When some of the pages on my website load, the background and content seem to quickly jump into place. There is a flickering or jumpiness with the content that is happening for just a moment right when the page first loads, then the page will function normally. Not all the pages are doing this. Is there any way to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you! N
  24. Site URL: https://www.lrics.ca Hey hey! Looking to resize a background image for mobile. The green line is currently passing through the title, hoping to reduce the size for mobile so it fits were it should. Also hoping to move 7. & 8. to the center on desktop screen. Thanks PW: LRICS
  25. Site URL: https://www.v6ranch.com/ Hi all, I'd like to have an alternative image for mobile and desktop on my homepage. I found the code below it and it worked for a few months but now it seems to be affecting the navigation bar both on desktop and mobile. They're working normally on all other pages. (Photos attached) Does anyone have alternative code that will do the trick, or see an issue in this code that would affect the navigation bar? Thanks in advance! Lauren <Style>@media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ #page .page-section:nth-child(1) .section-background img {opacity:0 } #page .page-section:nth-child(1) .section-background { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/620d8cf94e84c814ed5d31ca/t/62f7ff00d583b67a0a57dcc9/1660419842949/Mobile+Home+Page+White+Small.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; } }
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