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  1. Site URL: https://graymalin.com hello, my cover page https://wrasse-sheep-tdpw.squarespace.com/config/pages which is not visible to the public has a carousel but the fonts are either all white or all dark, is there a way to customized this so that it goes dark on light images and light on dark images so it shows up better? please any advice is appreciated
  2. Site URL: https://tangerine-raccoon-5lw5.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi everyone, thank you so much for taking some time to read this. I would like to create a carousel with images, with a title and a brief. Currently there are going to be 6 slides, and I was wondering if someone could help me code to do the following: As someone hovers over it, a pop up window will appear on the screen to show a short description. This is on the Home page.
  3. Site URL: https://www.cleanplate.co.nz/home Hi There, What I would like to achieve is something like the following images - adding a background colour to the UI card, and adjusting the padding so that the text sits inside the card on the Blog Carousel and the Blog Landing Page, but I am not sure how to achieve it as I can't see the classes to target. Any suggestions welcome. a) Blog Carousel on the home page https://www.cleanplate.co.nz/home b) Blog Landing Page https://www.cleanplate.co.nz/blog
  4. Site URL: https://monroe-dems.squarespace.com When I add an image to a list item, I don't see a way to add a URL and make the image clickable. Am I missing something, or is there a workaround? I'm using the carousel view but I assume it would apply to the other views as well.
  5. Site URL: https://kale-penguin-3t5z.squarespace.com/ Hi all, I'm designing a new website using the new Auto-Layout section in a carousel layout as a testimonial slider. However, I don't like how the mobile arrows are so far down, on the very bottom of the section (and therefore underneath the testimonial). I've tried to move them up with CSS, but the actual container itself won't seem to budge. Would love to get these towards the top, on either side of the photos. Any help would be appreciated! Website: https://kale-penguin-3t5z.squarespace.com/ Password: danacoaching Section in question: testimonials on homepage towards the bottom of the page Thank you! Best, -Scott
  6. I'm trying to add something similar to what's in the attached image to my site but I'm not sure if it's a Carousel block, a Summary block, or something else. I don't know much about CSS or how to customize it so I'm not sure where to start. Anyone have any idea how to achieve this?
  7. Site URL: https://lobster-ray-g42d.squarespace.com/who-we-are Hello! I am trying, without success, to change the title font (which is the names of the people) in the carousel. Does anyone have any code to help me with this? This is what I tried: .user-items-list-title { font-family: 'BreweryProLight' !important; font-size: 25px !important; letter-spacing: 4px; } Thank you!
  8. Site URL: http://www.kgpc969.org/ I am attempting to create a list carousel or program grid. This is a list that I can update daily, weekly, etc. , for the daily radio broadcast. Every day will have a new program "grid". A clean grid looks like this, see attachment. I am trying to model the following example: https://www.kalw.org/on-air-schedule
  9. Site URL: https://www.ornamental-studio.com/list Hi ! How to add custom font to the headlines on the new carousel list ? Thank You! Iza
  10. Squarespace NEW auto List Sections... So ive been using the new list section feature for header carousels , and testimonials, however on mobile it gets a split screen effect, which through CSS I havent been able to get a work around with... Anyone out there resolved the glitch? TIA!
  11. Site URL: https://tiffanyhoshihuerta.com/ On the mobile version of my portfolio website, specifically where I utilize a slideshow for my images, there is a large block of white space before and after (as shown in the attached images). Does anyone know what the cause of this is, and how to fix it? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hiya, I am currently building my new website and I'd like to put some quotes/testimonials on there. On my old website I had a page with testimonials but I feel like it's too much scrolling. I'd love to have some sort of carousel where people can just click through the quotes. Someone from squarespace on the chat told me to ask here as apparently is only possible with custom made code. Can anyone help me? 🙂
  13. Site URL: https://www.real-identity.ch/ Hi there I created a logo carousel on the service page of my new website: https://www.real-identity.ch/service Password: birdhouse I was wandering if it is possible to align the width to the content of the page? I tried some codes, but nothing works. For example the headline Signaletik above is much more on the left. Many thanks and kind regards Sibylle
  14. I cant seem to make the gallery shown in the attachment ive marked up be the same width as the image blocks below it. The 4 blocks below the gallery appear to be full container width at any scale. However, whenever you scale the browser up, the gallery block (in red) looks like it has about a 20px margin on both sides and I cannot figure out which style is controlling that. I want the gallery to be the same width as the 4 blocks below it any browser window size. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  15. I used custom code to create arrows on my testimonials summary carousel. Here is the code I used: @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-block-setting-design-carousel .summary-carousel-pager { bottom: -18% !important;}}.sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-block-setting-design-carousel .summary-carousel-pager { float: none; width: auto; position: absolute; bottom: -5%;} .sqs-gallery-design-carousel .sqs-gallery-controls .next::before { background-color: #3c9; color: #fff; padding: 3px;} .sqs-gallery-design-carousel .sqs-gallery-controls .previous::before { background-color: #3c9; color: #fff; padding: 3px;} In the mobile view of the website the arrows move down very far, is there any way to fix this? I attached photos you can see what I mean. thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://cello-opossum-2bsn.squarespace.com Hi there, password: 123 - on homepage I finally found a testimonial slider carousel that worked... but not it is re-formatting my entire page. I am trying to find the part within the code, either the css or html, that is making this happen. I would really appreciate some help! Thank you I have attached pictures of the slider and what the code is doing to the entire page.
  17. Hi there, My site is not yet published, currently making it for the first time. I am using the 'store' feature which has example items for sale from the base template. However, I am not selling products on my site, instead, I am recommending products that are on amazon using an affiliate marketing model. Is there a way to somehow link a product within the store to Amazon? For instance, instead of the 'add to cart' option, can I replace it with a button to link to Amazon? The reason I am using the store/products page is because I want to create a carousel summary block that features the items i recommend. However, it can only recommend 1) blogs and 2) products. Therefore, I am trying to solve this problem by using the products/store page to add affiliate items. Please let me know if this makes sense. Thank you
  18. Site URL: https://eatwanderexplore.com/europe I am trying to round out all 4 corners of my summary grids, but only the top 2 corners of my carousels. The images themselves are rectangular and vertical, not square. This code has worked somewhat, but it changes ALL of the corners for all types of summaries. .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-thumbnail { border-radius: 15px 15px 0px 0px !important; moz-border-radius: 15px 15px 0px 0px !important;} see images. page url: https://eatwanderexplore.com/europe
  19. Site URL: https://labelvisuals.com I want to make a slider out of image cards for my "Process" section on my homepage. I made a mock version for now but on mobile it doesn't split the image from the text so it won't work as is. I need code for all five of my image cards to be made into a slider that auto-plays and can be toggled through using arrows, please pretty please--any advice? Squarespace has this on their site:
  20. Hi there, I’m using a summary carousel block to display testimonials (actually blog posts). I click the right arrow to scroll through the testimonials. When I reach the last one, it stops and does this fast rewind left back to the first one. Is it possible to add code so you can keep clicking the right arrow and it will keep cycling through in a continuous loop? I don’t want it to scroll automatically, I just want the right arrow (or left arrow) to keep cycling through instead of stopping at the end and then fast-rewinding back to the first one. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/collection/formless Hi there – I'm looking for a code snippet that will enable my summary blocks to reveal a second image on hover (exactly like the product page does). Page that I would like this to display on: https://www.shopuhhuh.com/shop Any help you could provide would be most appreciated!
  22. Hi there, I’m building a new 7.1 website and would like to add a summary block that does not stack and that allows for swiping when in mobile. I’d prefer not to have arrows, but rather the first image and some of the next one so that the viewer knows to swipe left and right. As an example, this page on the Nike site does the exact thing I’m looking for…. https://www.nike.com/ntc-app The equinox site also has this. (I’ve included a video of the site with the functionality I’m looking for)… Is there a plug-in or some css code that I can add to make this a possibility for my site? Thanks in advance, JP FullSizeRender.mov
  23. Hello, I am using Squarespace 7.0 and trying to get my image meta title visible on hover for my carousel gallery. Each one has a different title, and I want it to be visible when hovering each image. Could you help me with it ? Thank you very much ! Julie
  24. Site URL: https://capybera-lanternfish-26f4.squarespace.com/ Hello there! I have got a little situation with my client's work in progress SquareSpace website. I want to make sort of a skills slideshow like my client have in his current website : https://www.ocso.fr/nos-solutions To do that, I would like to use te summary carousel block which seems perfect in term of layout. But the problem is that I don't want to use it as a blog or event summary, but just as a simple image/text slideshow. I just would like to insert the image I want with the text I want… Have you got any solution to do that ? Many thanks, Have a nice day everybody!
  25. Site URL: https://www.cedarbuiltgreenhouses.com/arrow-test-page Hello anyone or TuanPhan (hopefully 🙂 ), Having some issues with these gallery options. Need a bit of code to fix Carousal: Need darker grey backdrop behind white arrows Slideshow: Can’t see thumbnails as the top photo is too large. Tried adding spacers as above but it didn’t work. Can I reduce the height of the image on top of the slideshow so that the thumbnails are more accessible? (Also would like the darker grey backdrop behind white arrows on this too )
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