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Found 114 results

  1. Hi, hope you are all having a nice sunday! :) I would love to ask for your help :) I would love to know how I can move images or text closer to the edge of the website, added an example below. I would love to have three images standing side by side and have them close to the edge or even finish with the side of the website (each image should later lead to another page if you click on them) In my example I am not able to move things (images/text ..) closer to the sides of the website hope anyone can help :)
  2. Hi there! Much help needed, I have been trying for days now to try and learn how to make this (see photo) . It doesnt need to have the button, I just want three columns of text i can have clickable/linked to the article page. And for it to match the width of the grid above it set to have a max-width: 1300px. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you all!
  3. Site URL: https://mwejps3lrkma.squarespace.com Currently on 7.1 the Gallery blocks with links have no hover/interaction on them, so it's quite hard for users to tell they're clickable links. (example: https://mwejps3lrkma.squarespace.com) How easy is it to customise it so that we get a basic hover effect? Even a token 10% opacity on hover? Or even better display the 'Alt' text in the centre to match the styling on the Portfolio gallery blocks (example: https://mwejps3lrkma.squarespace.com/) I thought something like the below would be a quick fix but it doesn't seem to work; .gallery-grid-item img:hover { opacity: 0.9 !important; }
  4. Hi there, I have very little knowledge of CSS and have done many searches for this but haven't come across anything that solves my problem. I want to round the corners of each thumbnail displayed in a grid gallery, I am using the "Wells" template. I have attached a screenshot demonstrating this as my site isn't public yet. Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂
  5. I have several gallery pages which I would like to display in Grid format. However, some galleries have just one or two images in them. How can I edit the gallery to center the images in the middle of the page, rather than having them left-aligned? I am using the York template.
  6. Site URL: http://www.michaelvanwegen.com Hi, I am working on my photography website, which is using the momentum template. I use gallery pages which apply autocolumns. I would like to increase the size of the thumbnails shown on the gallery page (and have less thumbnails per row). Any ideas / suggestions how to manipulate the size of thumbs / number of thumbs per row for a gallery page setup? The image below shows the current (default) setup of the grid. I have come across CSS to control / amend thumb size / number beyond the standard options for gallery blocks, but i really struggle to find a solution when it involves gallery pages. Many thanks. Michael
  7. Site URL: http://www.andreaariasart.com Hi, Im using the Ishimoto template for my artist website. On the mobile version, the only way to be able to see the text about an image in a grid gallery when you click on an image is tapping on a really really small barely visible gray circle on the bottom right corner of the cellphone. I was wondering if anyone could help me making it bigger and black? Thanks- Andrea PS know nothing about coding so need step by step instructions please!
  8. Site URL: http://www.batsevamakes.com/photography Hey there, Trying to get the Title on the images to show only when you hover over the images. Hatch's only hover effect in this situation is that of color. Can anyone help me try to do this only using CSS, because I'm not able to use Javascript rn. It would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Site URL: https://www.thecampbellagency.com/results/women-mainboard/women We are trying to create a page similar to this https://www.thecampbellagency.com/results/women-mainboard/women within our Squarespace site. The feature we are struggling with is finding a way to pull in the Instagram follower count at the bottom left of the gallery for each person. Ideally we'd do this for Instagram & YouTube for each person but are fine with just starting with Instagram. Any assistance would be greatly appreciate.
  10. Site URL: https://www.artistsandbeyond.com/wesleytaylor Hi forum! So, the gallery grid block image thumbnails on my site have stopped showing up and I cannot figure out why. They don't disappear in the Squarespace editor, but are completely absent from the site itself -- I've tried multiple browsers and multiple devices. My site has different profiles. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see where it says "PHOTOS" and you can click them, the lightbox will appear, but the thumbnails are completely blank. I do have a lot of custom code on the site, so I fear that something else may have triggered the thumbnails to disappear but I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Novice here. Any help with this please? artistsandbeyond.com/marytesta artistsandbeyond.com/wesleytaylor artistsandbeyond.com/dianadegarmo Thanks so much!!
  11. Site URL: http://www.yen-ng.com/editorials-index Hello, I'm currently working on this index page on York template (http://www.yen-ng.com/editorials-index) and the grid is different than the grid of a page I know use Flatiron template (http://www.sebastiankim.com/editorial-ii). Does anyone know if there's anything I can do or any code that will help me achieve this grid style on Flatiron index page? Thanks! Yen
  12. Site URL: https://smilodon-ocelot-my5f.squarespace.com/lost-america-prints/the-wall-frame-arizona Hi, How do I make my award logos appear in 3 columns instead of 2 in MOBILE VIEW?
  13. Im looking to change the position of the grid gallery titles any where within the image, possibly to place the title underneath the grid gallery image. Flatiron does not allow me to change the position as far as Im aware. Is there any script that could change this? Thanks 🙂
  14. Site URL: http://www.heyykristen.com Help! I am a newbie freelance full stack developer and am stuck on a clients request - She is an artist with a gallery page. Currently text links in description to etsy to purchase specific prints. She wants 1. Actual buttons instead of text links 2. nothing showing but the image - for the button to appear on click or hover. I have tried SQSthemes lightbox anything plugin but it does not work with gallery images. I have tried trying to find block ids to target them but only see a collection id for the whole gallery page (was able this way to add buttons - but it literally turned the nav bar and everything on the page to buttons) I have tried doing clickthrough URLS to new pages with the larger image and button - but WELLS template does not support this and she does not want to change templates. I have suggested just doing lightbox's for each image as the solution - but she really prefers to keep the gallery for the left and right arrows. Would absolutely love any help I can get. This is the first time I have gotten stuck on a project and I am stressing out a bit! thank you so much Paige
  15. Hello. I am using the Miller template and I have created a full bleed gallery grid block on one of the index pages. The website is: https://chinchilla-shallot.squarespace.com and the password is: Testing The top and bottom borders/spacing/padding are acceptable enough on a desktop: However, on a mobile there is too much border/spacing/padding above and below the gallery block: No matter what I try, I just can't seem to reduce it. I have tried lots of different things including all of the following gallery css variations, but nothing seems to work, or it just messes other regular image blocks up on the website. @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .sqs-gallery-design-grid-slide .sqs-block.gallery-block .sqs-block-gallery .sqs-block { padding: 0px !important; } } And also: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .sqs-block.gallery-block { padding-top: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-left: 0px !important; padding-right: 0px !important; } .sqs-layout .sqs-row .sqs-block:first-child { padding-top: 0px !important; } .sqs-layout .sqs-row .sqs-block:last-child { padding-bottom: 0px !important; } } This is getting really frustrating that I can't seem to fix it, so I would really appreciate any help to resolve this issue. I just want the gallery blocks to be full bleed on both desktop and mobile, with no unnecessary padding, without affecting any other blocks or image blocks elsewhere on the website or on other index pages. Thank you for your help.
  16. Site URL: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/living CSS Padding around masonry grid gallery help please: I'm used to being able to adjust the width of a section - the rest of the site's sections are set to "Medium" and line up with the outer edges of the logo and navigation bar as the red lines in the screen grab attached indicate. Is there a way to adjust the padding on this masonry gallery section to be medium width to match the rest of the site? I feel like it should be obvious but I can't seem to adjust the width of this gallery. https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/living Pass: 1234 Thanks so much!
  17. Site URL: https://www.houseofbliss.com/portals-gallery I'm using the "Avenue" template. On my page https://www.houseofbliss.com/portals-gallery, I have captions for each image in the grid. On the desktop, when I click on an image it opens a lightbox and the image captions are displayed. But on my phone, in the lightbox it shows each enlarged image, but where the captions should be there's a little white dot I have to click on to activate the caption. I didn't notice the dot for a while and I don't think a lot of other people would either. Is there a setting I can change to force the captions to always display in the mobile version?
  18. Hi I would like to do a Full-Width Grid on the Wells family v7.0. For some reason it s not possible. So I can do a clickthrough URL on each pictures Thanks
  19. I have a website that's gotten to a pretty good place but I'm struggling with keeping the design grid consistent on mobile or small windows. Basically I'd like to keep the e images per row in all versions. I had someone implement a line of code that fixes that for square images in galeries, but when I choose an option that allows me to post multiple sized images, the grid breaks in 2 images per row. I had someone implement a line of code that fixes one specific gallery but it doesn't affect the others. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
  20. Hello, I am trying to revamp my portfolio and am currently using Jasper template. Is there a way I can change the gallery/images grid size to 300 px? I could not find a section in settings to change it besides the grid columns, and spacing. I saw someone with a similar portfolio style and they were able to change the gallery size. I have attached images below.
  21. Site URL: https://vickyliszew.com/ When you zoom in or out on the homepage with a laptop, the grid gallery does not align with the text. I find it very difficult to keep them aligned, it is also very inflexible to play around with the design of the grid gallery. Anyone can let me know how I could keep the grid and text aligned? Thanks!
  22. Hi! Can someone help me with a code or instructions on how to make the mobile version of my shop as a grid or at least 2 columns, not an endless scrolling page?
  23. Site URL: http://www.scopephotonics.com TLDR: Want to enlarge description font under gallery images on desktop. So I'm trying to display 8 photos with descriptions underneath them. Ideally it'd be a 2x4 grid on desktop, 1x8 grid on mobile. Can't seem to get this working, so now trying Strip style and committing to 1x8 regardless. On mobile this looks great, but on desktop the text is incredibly small font compared to the giant images. I've tried messing around with settings, and even pasting in code to the Custom CSS box in Home>Design>Custom CSS, but the latter doesn't even do anything to the website. Any fixes, whether with css code (along with help on how to actually get custom css code working) or just settings/styles, would be amazing!! PS: Very new to squarespace, apologize if this is a simple fix
  24. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/sell-from-home/video-meeting-preparation In the custom editor, where I can select how much padding I want between my gridded images, I can only make the padding go up to 50px. However, I actually want the padding to be much bigger than this so the images are much smaller compared to their titles. How can I add more padding around my grid images to help significantly reduce the size of my images?
  25. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/presentation-creation I've added a grid of small images with titles underneath them. The problem is hen the title is too long, it goes into an ellipses and only shows part of it. I tried taking out the "overflow: hidden" rule, but then the titles just overlap onto one another. What I want is for the titles to go onto another line if they don't fit on one. Is that possible? The page is https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/presentation-creation
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