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  1. Hey, this might help if there's no padding option in the style editor change the numbers to see what is working best for you .index-section-wrapper .content:not(.gallery-content) {padding: 28px 34px;}
  2. Hey, I had a quick look and this CSS should work you can play with the numbers to see what works for you best .tweak-products-width-inset .products.collection-content-wrapper { max-width: 1800px; padding-left: 8vw; padding-right: 8vw; margin: 0 auto; } PS: this might affect mobile as well, so you can exclude the effect below a specific browser size: @media only screen and (min-width: 640px) {.tweak-products-width-inset .products.collection-content-wrapper { max-width: 1800px; padding-left: 8vw; padding-right: 8vw; margin: 0 auto; }} I hope that helps. Armin
  3. I'll take a further look but you might need to hire someone
  4. Hey, I'd say it's something like: (add to DESIGN > CSS) @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .header-nav {display: none !important}} and go to the style editor (Design > style editor) and set the "Mobile Breakpoint" to 0 If your template doesn't have this option it might require more custom CSS Best regards Armin
  5. without having seen the site, you might check if "dynamic font scaling" is active? this might be the reason... (site styles)
  6. in that case you're right. you'd need some css rules. First you got to use the web console of your browser to identify the unique ID of this block e.g. the one in the middle is block-d6511eb45f871f50e348 then it goes like this: #block-d6511eb45f871f50e348 { your CSS rule here }
  7. Hey @TangoZap some basic settings do not require custom CSS but it might not show up at first click. go to DESIGN > STYLE EDITOR and look for IMAGE BLOCK: POSTER
  8. Hey, A) open the editing mode B) move your mouse over the button and you should see "EDIT" C) click it to open the little button configuration D) then you should be able to enter a URL (link)
  9. This normally works for 7.0 sites > add it to the CSS editor but you need a the browser inspection tool to find out the ID of that section you want to disable the overlay color [data-parallax-id="ID_OF_YOUR_SECTION"] .Index-page-image:before { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); }
  10. Dear @paul2009 Thanks for this info. So it sounds I'm kind of stuck in a situation on 7.0 with e.g. the Google PageSpeed tool that recommends a heavier file compression?
  11. Hey, I just got a message from a client ( a photographer) "....I thought was odd because I limited EVERY file to less tham 740kb at 3000px..This file was showing as 2500px and was saying it was 1.5mb So then I recompressed it and made it 2500px sent it through tiny JPG and got it to 442kb..I uploaded it to Squarespace and now its showing as 666kb…SO squarespace in resizing my images has made them ALL larger which is making the site fail speed test which is certainly going to effect my performance. " That sounded strange so I ran another test myself (screenshot attached) 1) example File I received 2500x2500 with 1.5MB and after compression 442KB 2) Double-checking the compression on tinyjpg.com and Photoshop Webexport 3) I uploaded the file to Squarespace and right-click downloaded it agin and the file was 666kb Seeme the difference can be even bigger. I'm very concerned. thanks for yor help. PS: What do you think @paul2009 or @tuanphan I know Google Page Speed and Squarespace are not best friends but what't the best pratice here?
  12. Hey @ErinMurphy .sqs-block-archive .archive-block-setting-layout-dropdown.archive-block-wrapper {background-color: red}
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