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  1. I would expect this from the PROFILES section - that's still very limited. I hope they'll make it easier to move contacts between mailing lists but it probably involves legal aspects as well, like you only "opt-in" for a specific list
  2. Used Photoshop real quick > the Font is "EFFRA Light" or so. You can also find some free fronts here: www.dafont.com
  3. Have you tried, setting the height of the iFrame block to a number (e.g. 3000px) that he scrolling bar doesn't show up?
  4. Use the white one below the black (not visible here because white on white)
  5. I'd simply do that in a graphic program like Illustrator, Photoshop etc... and upload it as a regular logo as .png
  6. It would be something like <style> p {font-family: courier} h1 {font-family: courier} </style> Apply this to the indiviudal page settings > Advanced > Header Code Injection other classes are .entry-info etc... You can use the web inspector to find them I hope that helps!
  7. great solution - probably worth mentioning that it also works with the commerce modules
  8. The regular "Background Video" What option? sounds interesting
  9. As many of you probably noticed, Background videos are blocked by a lot of mobile browsers (like on iPhone) recently. I was wondering if there's an outlook? trend? or even a workaround? Mobile fallback images became even more important.
  10. I'd recommend using a video editing software and building the loop 10 times there and use this video for better performance and less stream reloads. PS: unfortunately most mobile browser block video background loops now
  11. That's a bit more complex. You could hire somebody through the marketplace: https://www.squarespace.com/designer/home
  12. PS: apply it site-wide: DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS apply it only to this page > PAGE SETTINGS (gear wheel icon) and ADVANCED > HEADER CODE INJECTION and then you'd need to add <style> CSS </style>
  13. you could share the site link here so people can take a look
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