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  1. hey, there's a useful site that might solve your issue: https://fontawesome.com (after adding a piece of code, you can just copy/paste those icons the social brands are mostly for free.) for instance use this as the link title <i class="fab fa-xing-square"></i> and the code will replace it with the related icon (screenshot) The good thing: Squarespaces treats it as header text so those icons will have the same color as the navigation. PS: doesn't work with regular "p" text but with Buttons as well
  2. this should work: DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS so it only affects the mobile version @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-b5274f1f6f1aad5a15fd {top: -30px !important }} feel free to change the number "-30" if not, try margin-top: -30px
  3. I'm afraid the shopping basket can't be modified in that way
  4. if I get it right, you'd just need to mark the text, use the link editor (link icon) and choose FILE (open in a new window) Or am I missing something here?
  5. Hey, A summary block might be a good choice without any custom coding 1) go to your initial shop module and apply categories to your products ( e.g. square and vertical) 2) make a new page or section 3) use a Summary block and choose the shop as source 4) apply a certain aspect ration (1:1, 16:9.... vertical...) 5) use the advanced settings of the summary block to ONLY SHOW CATEGORY 1 so you can optimize the layout for your 2 categories! Hope that helps!
  6. what I learned from doing this a couple of times: there are a lot of different classes you need to address like (buttons, contact form, image block text, footer navigation etc.. ....). Depending on how detailed you want to switch the fonts, it's a good start using a system font that is as close as possible and focus on the main text classes with CSS
  7. the code is looking good. Maybe the Source Url has a mistake. CSS like this normally doesn't interfere with the site code. maybe you can share site and/or the piece of CSS you used?
  8. Hello. While - especially in Europe - the requirements increase and laws are turning more strictly in regards of consens and tracking, what's your best practice tools and sources? > Can Squarespace cover the legal requirements? > For instance, if your client is selling in Europe as well, it also has to be aligned to the European law ... > it probably won't be suffient by next year to say "by using our website you agree to our ..." I'm looking forward to responses and a discussion What do you think: @colin.irwin @kerstinmartin @paul2009 @Maddie
  9. Great idea! Thank you! you're right - easier to totally get rid of the iFrame
  10. sure! yes, I'm also making better experiences with Vimeo. All the best!
  11. I like your idea but It's definitely not loading faster (I'd even say slower than average) on my end. So I'd still go with the built-in solution. Hope that helps!
  12. have you tried to simply add the video as "background video" to the page? like here: https://www.taliscapital.com
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