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  1. That's a bit more complex. You could hire somebody through the marketplace: https://www.squarespace.com/designer/home
  2. PS: apply it site-wide: DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS apply it only to this page > PAGE SETTINGS (gear wheel icon) and ADVANCED > HEADER CODE INJECTION and then you'd need to add <style> CSS </style>
  3. you could share the site link here so people can take a look
  4. Hi, that can be done with a little CSS what's the direct link to your product page you're referring to?
  5. I'm afraid that involves some scripts but this addresses a quite similar issue:
  6. Writing a a little CSS depends on the template. It would help sharing a link to that site or at least please share some more details In Version 7.0 you can also directly adjust that in the DESIGN > SITE STYLES
  7. Hi, you could add a CODE BLOCK to the footer and use the Browser Web Inspector to identify the ID of that block
  8. Sure thing! that's something like H1 {letter-spacing: 0em} Added to DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS for applying a rule to all H1 cases
  9. Dear @sisunaturals looks like you figured it out? well done!
  10. Try decreasing the "Title Padding" of this block. it's set to be very small (see screenshot > max size of the container is around 500px Are you a bit familiar with CSS? Something like .meta-inside {max-width: 1000px !important) but probably more to fine-tune it on all devices
  11. I'd recommend designing a separate section specifically for mobile where you can even use a different image and use CSS to Hide the Desktop Version on mobile Hide the Mobile Version on desktop something like: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { [data-section-id="5e57aca14e2df00530a6382d"] {display:none}} @media only screen and (min-width: 640px) { [data-section-id="5e57aca14e2df00530a6382d"] {display:none}} You need the find the section ID with the Browser Site Inspector
  12. hey, there's a useful site that might solve your issue: https://fontawesome.com (after adding a piece of code, you can just copy/paste those icons the social brands are mostly for free.) for instance use this as the link title <i class="fab fa-xing-square"></i> and the code will replace it with the related icon (screenshot) The good thing: Squarespaces treats it as header text so those icons will have the same color as the navigation. PS: doesn't work with regular "p" text but with Buttons as well
  13. this should work: DESIGN > CUSTOM CSS so it only affects the mobile version @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { #block-b5274f1f6f1aad5a15fd {top: -30px !important }} feel free to change the number "-30" if not, try margin-top: -30px
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