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  1. Site URL: https://sapphire-snail-bcjw.squarespace.com/foxlea-manor-buckinghamshire Is there anyway to make the folder dropdown box wider so that the page names are on one line each? Password: silverstein Thanks in advance, Abi
  2. Site URL: https://fiddle-opossum-gmx4.squarespace.com/ Hi all Ive been adding custom fonts to a squarespace site, and I have to say its really annoying when you find areas (lots of areas) where for some reason styles don't carry through. I have an issue with the folder structure in my navigation, it reverts to the old font. Can someone tell me how to target it in CSS and change it? Many thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.truumed.com/ I have tried every trick provided in this forum to make my folder clickable in Squarespace 7.1 and nothing works. Example - I want to be able to link to the All Services page when I click on Services on this site since it's a landing page, but I can't get it to work https://www.truumed.com/
  4. Site URL: https://www.gallerymilmar.com/ I am trying to make folder dropdown menu where on hover item changes background to black and, therefore, text color to white. I have almost managed to achieve that, except whenever I am located within "Artists" which is a folder with 2 portfolio in it, if I hover over painting or sculptures, the text color turns grey. If im located in "home" and hover over the painting or sculptures, it works fine. The same thing happens if I remove all my css code, the dropdown links are highlighted grey only if I am currently within that folder. Basically, I am tryi
  5. Hey, I'm building my site in 7.1 (mainly to get to grips with using it) and I've come across one problem I can't seem to fix. The dropdown navigation has white text & a white background(image attached) My header colour palette is yellow, whereas the main website has a white background, I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can find any workaround for me. Site is here: https://hexaflexagon-star-bh8p.squarespace.comPasword: 123123
  6. Site URL: https://sunfish-bobcat-m5pn.squarespace.com/ My client wants a folder structure where Events features Weddings, Social, and Corporate. But she also wants a sub-folder under Weddings for Real Wedding. So it would go: Events > Weddings > Real Wedding Is this possible??? Thanks!
  7. I want to keep my header right-aligned but have the folder links left-aligned.
  8. Site URL: https://rhmnvfx.com/ Hi everyone, i noticed my navigation text "height-line" is to small on ipad and it gives this squeezy feeling i would like to have a gap between the top and bottom texts. And also i couldn't able to make the folder backdrop transparent. My inspect element/css skills aint good =(
  9. Site URL: https://crocodile-octopus-xs5a.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi all - first post I couldn't find the solution anywhere else. I've created a pretty huge folder for my website with a lot of pages within it. I'd like to have a search bar that only searches this folder. Is this possible?
  10. Hi team! I am trying to customise my header on Squarespace 7.1: I have 2 folders item (parent) and a few children item for each in a Dropdown Menu (folder content). I have used a code to create an animated underline effect when I hover only the parent folder (not the folder content), but I would like that effect to stay active only on the parent folder when I hover the folder content. When I hover the folder content, I'd like the folder parent animation to stay on hover too. Does that make sense? Here is the custom CSS that I used for that section /*Nav Item A
  11. Hi there, I've used the code below to set up a transparent mobile header for my site which uses the Brine template. The mobile nav header now sits nicely over each index page banner image: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { .Mobile-bar--top { background: hsla(0,0,0,0) !important; position: relative; z-index: 1 !important; } .Index-page--has-image:first-of-type { margin-top: -100px !important; position: relative; z-index: 0 !important; } .sqs-block-content:first-of-type { margin-top: 50px !important; position: relative; z-index: 0 !important;
  12. Site URL: https://pigeon-harpsichord-afjm.squarespace.com Hi everyone, I'm trying to get the top drop-down option in my navigation folder to align with the folder title itself (this is as a workaround for the folder title not being clickable in 7.1). I'm currently using this: /* Nav folder */ .header-nav-folder-content { top: 0px !Important; width: auto !important; } But they are very slightly out of alignment. Has anyone got any ideas? I use a personal plan, so I'm trying to do it with CSS Many thanks! Password: HelloWorld1964
  13. Howdy I used to be able to do this on other Squarespace templates so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong in 7.1. I've got a folder with two pages in it, and I want the folder itself to be a link to the first page in the folder. I've tried adding <a href="website/about">About</a> into the navigation title but that's not working. Any tips?
  14. Site URL: http://www.wearethirdspace.org Hiya, I'm trying to stop the folders in my navigation menu linking to the first item on their list. I've tried using code from this thread and this thread in my CSS, and even adapting the header code injection from this blog - but none of that has worked! Can anyone help? I'm using Bedford. Thanks! 😅
  15. Site URL: https://ferret-banjo-gtpm.squarespace.com/ Hi, I would like to create another section with a different background colour on a page within a folder. As you can do in index pages by creating multiple pages. Howeve I can't add an index page to a folder so will have to find another way of creating this effect. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  16. Looking for more styling options for folders on version 7.1. I think centering the links and reducing some of that extra padding would be more ideal.
  17. Hi, in navigation menu I have Folder with pages in it, normally Folder wasn't clickable only submenu so few years ago I have added this code in to the folder title to make it clickable: <a href="/indoor-moebel">INDOOR</a> and it was working flawlessly till yesterday. On Brine template now opens up first page in a folder and on Supply template it does notting as it is by default... Please help I really need this click trough function!!! Thanks in advance
  18. Is there a way I can have a page (not a folder) in the navigation and also have a dropdown menu to additional pages underneath it? It can't be just a folder. I want there to be content on this page. In other words, I want to have a Case Studies landing page in the navigation that links to broad information about case studies with a dropdown menu under Case Studies that has direct links to a few specific case studies.
  19. Hi, I have always used <a href="page-slug">page-title</a> in my folder navigation to create a direct link. For some reason this has stopped working. Does any know another work around for this?
  20. I'd like to place a few Categories into a folder, and have the Main Link (the Folder itself) actually link to a Category too. How is that possible? Example: I need the Folder Link (Decorate) to actually take people to the Category for Decorate so I don't have to list it inside of the Folder. So basically my question is how do I turn the Folder Link into an actual link? I saw your other thread about this but it doesn't work if the links are External Links, which these are... Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://aperture-22.squarespace.com/ Hello, how do I disable one folder link only? My aim is not to have 'follow' as a click through as this is redirecting to the first link nested, and in this case, its an instagram link and it goes nowhere. All other folders to remain as click through's however. Thank you. pw is Frank-22
  22. Hi! I really want to change the background color of a folder page. Does anyone know how to do this with css? Below is the url of the page I want to change the background color of. https://www.mindfulhealingjourney.com/counseling
  23. Hello, I am trying to add buttons within a folder in my navigation menu. I would like the links to be buttons with a background colour on hover. Can anyone please help? Thank you
  24. Template: Forte Hi all, I setup folder links using <a href="url slug"> to link to an alternate menu, but they have since ceased to work. Thinking that it might have been some issue with the relative addresses, I have tried using external addresses to no avail. Ling.
  25. Site URL: https://www.greenhealthpartnership.org/ Hi, I'm building my site in 7.1 and I had a question about customizing dropdown menu colors. Each of the pages within my site has a different header color palette, and each of the dropdown menu color backgrounds seems to change depending on what page you're in (I think based on the color theme I have selected). How do I customize these dropdown menus so that they mirror the header color palette of each page? I've seen someone recommend this: /* Change dropdown menu background */ .header-nav-folder-content { background: #(wha
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