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  1. Currently having an issue on my 7.1 site that will not let me configure the name or url for a new folder. I can name the folder from the Pages sidebar but it does not keep the name when leaving and returning to squarespace.
  2. Hey, I'm building my site in 7.1 (mainly to get to grips with using it) and I've come across one problem I can't seem to fix. The dropdown navigation has white text & a white background(image attached) My header colour palette is yellow, whereas the main website has a white background, I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can find any workaround for me. Site is here: https://hexaflexagon-star-bh8p.squarespace.comPasword: 123123
  3. Greetings, Does anyone know of a way to style the 7.1 mobile menu so that any dropdown menus (links in folders) are displayed as part of the navigation list on the main mobile menu page? Right now clicking on the hamburger in the site header brings you to a page with a list of nav links and any folders have an arrow to the right requiring you to click onwards to another page in order to see the dropdown links. I'd like them to display as part of the main list, ideally as indented subcategories. I've attached 2 screenshots of how it works now... the third image is the way I'd like it to look (photoshopped). Seems like this would already be a Squarespace feature, maybe I'm missing something? Surely a more efficient way to navigate the mobile menu than clicking through to extra screens. Thanks!
  4. Hi there. Does anyone know how to make a folder slug a page? For instance, if I add a Services folder to my nav, the slug is /services, but that slug is added to the sitemap and indexed by Google. However, when you visit the /services URL, there is no content, and it returns a 404 error page when I try to add a content page for the /services slug (so that the indexed /services URL has a page and content, I cannot because the folder name takes up the /services slug, I hope this makes sense.
  5. Site URL: http://lightsandlines.art Passcode: testing Please help me take a look at how to make the folder clickable. I understand from previous posts that different templates might require different code. Originally I didn’t think much of the folders not being clickable but after some customer testing, it became an issue that’s been repeatedly address. Please help, and thank you in advance!
  6. Site URL: https://www.perlamoredielda.com/ Hello everyone. I have two folders on my site. One is called Inspiration and the other the folder named "Ispirazione". They are identical however Ispirazione is not displaying the dropdown menu when clicked on, on mobile devices. I asked squarespace for help and they told me the problem was code related and could not help. The only code I have is page head code injections because my site is bilingual so I put the bellow code to hide English or the Italian respectively. I changed the order of my layout and instead of page numbers in the code I used to odd/even. Now both drop down menus are not working properly. In English I see music and in Italian I see nostri libretti and attivitĂ  gironaliere. Before I had my layout pages 1-7 in English and 8-14 in Italian. in the code instead of odd and even I put the actual page numbers. <style> @media screen and (max-width:1511px){ #header .header-menu-nav-item:nth-child(odd){ display:none } #header .header-menu-nav-item:nth-child(even){ display:none } I was given this code to input for folders but I cannot seem to get it to work. English is odd pages, Italian are even pages. <style> .Mobile-overlay-nav-item:nth-child(odd){ display: none; } .Mobile-overlay-nav-folder[data folder="root"]>.Mobile-overlay-nav-folder-content>div:nth-child(even){ display: none; } </style> Any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Site URL: https://capybera-ranunculus-8edf.squarespace.com/merch The dropdown navigation has white text & a cream background (image attached). I'd like for the dropdown background to match the header's forest green (#325241). My header currently has this Page Header Code Injection to set the background to forest green: It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can find any workaround for me to change the dropdown menu color using CSS for just this page. site password: 1234
  8. Site URL: https://www.greenhealthpartnership.org/ Hi, I'm building my site in 7.1 and I had a question about customizing dropdown menu colors. Each of the pages within my site has a different header color palette, and each of the dropdown menu color backgrounds seems to change depending on what page you're in (I think based on the color theme I have selected). How do I customize these dropdown menus so that they mirror the header color palette of each page? I've seen someone recommend this: /* Change dropdown menu background */ .header-nav-folder-content { background: #(whatever color) !important; } But this option seems to change the menus for each page of the site. I really appreciate any guidance you're willing to provide!
  9. Site URL: https://deer-vibraphone-gcr3.squarespace.com squarespace 7.1 fluid pw: Art-is-Joyful I have a folder in my top nav. I made the folder "non clickable " with this code a.header-nav-folder-title { pointer-events: none; } now when the mouse hovers over an item in the drop down, i'd like it to change the background color to users can see what item they are selecting. when the mouse moves off the item the background should change back to default .
  10. Site URL: https://goldchain.studio/ Hi gang! The title pretty much says it all but I have a single dropdown folder menu for my navigation on browser and I'd like to replace the title with my own custom image. I've managed to do it for mobile view but I'm looking for a way to make this happen on browser view. Any ideas? 🙂 Thank you!
  11. Site URL: https://bobcat-wolf-gcel.squarespace.com/ Hi all, I used the Stretchy Navigation Line plugin from Ghost Plugins (link here) and I'm loving the effect, but it is, unfortunately, being covered up by the drop-down menu when it's activated. I'm wondering if anyone could help me fix this so that the line doesn't disappear when the drop-down menu appears? Background: I tried moving the drop-down folder down using CSS so that the line stays visible, but this caused its own problems: because the drop-down menu was no longer connected to the menu item above it, the menu unselects and disappears when you go to move your mouse down to the menu items. Website: https://bobcat-wolf-gcel.squarespace.com/ Password: unique Thank you Best, -Scott
  12. Site URL: https://www.truumed.com/ I have tried every trick provided in this forum to make my folder clickable in Squarespace 7.1 and nothing works. Example - I want to be able to link to the All Services page when I click on Services on this site since it's a landing page, but I can't get it to work https://www.truumed.com/
  13. Site URL: https://isere-ski-rando.com Hi, I have a website built in french and I want to add english support. Following available tutorials for me do not work as I use folders. I.e at the root of the website I have few pages and two folders. These folders are used to organised the navigation : Something like the following. /accueil /actualités activitiés/activité1 activitiés/activité2 The tutorial I am trying to follow also use folders so my site should become /cover-page /fr/accueil /fr/actualités /fr/activitiés/activité1 /fr/activitiés/activité2 /eng/home /eng/news /eng/activities/activity1 /eng/activities/activity2 The issue I am facing is that I cannot add a sub-folder to a folder. The ui only let me add pages Any help on this will be welcome. regards E Jannetti
  14. Site URL: https://www.frotteedimare.ch/ Hi all! I am trying to implement a Weglot language switcher in my secondary navigation (https://www.frotteedimare.ch/, top right corner), aiming to imitate the functionality of the native Wiglot language switcher (at the bottom of the page) but having it seamlessly integrated in the existing design. So far i have a dropdown menu (folder) with one link in it ("EN" for English). The link is working (using "#Weglot-en" as link), following the description from this site: https://blog.weglot.com/switching-around-on-squarespace-how-to-design-your-language-button/ Whats does not work so far is getting me back to German using the folder title. I tried to put custom code into the folders navigation title, like: <a href="#Weglot-de">DE</a> As explained in: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/11723-how-do-i-link-a-folder-title-within-the-navigation-to-a-page/ This creates a link, but does not work. Am i wrong with the address of the link? I would love not having an additional link in the dropdown folder for the second language. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://tambourine-khaki-6f3e.squarespace.com/ Hi! I wanted to tuck all of my navigation links into a neat little folder that I called "+" for the most minimal look (it's hidden on the home page, but visible on all the other pages). However, the only downfall is when you switch to mobile, and click the hamburger menu, it takes you to folder labeled "+" before taking you to the main links, makes sense, but I feel it's unnecessary and unsightly on the mobile version. Is there anyway around this? I want to keep the "+" folder on desktop, but just have the main 3 links without the folder while on mobile. I hope this makes sense! password: brineintopedro
  16. Site URL: http://ottwheels.com I have a menu item called "Gallery". I'd like to delete that entry but I get a popup that says the collection can't be deleted. I'm not sure what the message really means and not sure of the cause. Any support would be appreciated. This is my first time using SquareSpace.
  17. What I want is for the navigation/categories bar to have a section called, for example, “Portfolio” and the subsections underneath would be “residential paintings,” “3D art/fashion,” “drawings”. Each respective subsection would contain a gallery of images of all my paintings (for the painting page), or sculptures (for the sculpture page) etc. I would like to be able to not only have the ability to click on the individual subsections underneath “Portfolio" in the navigation, but I would also like the ability to click on “all my artwork and it would take me to a page (that looks something like the page under the portfolio folder also called "portfolio") as sort of a landing page for “all my artwork” and then you you get to the other pages through buttons on that home page. My only issue is when I use a folder, it will not let me design the folder page itself, only the pages within the folder. front end wise, squarespace does not allow folders to have a landing page for the whole folder--instead you can only visit the subcategories. idk if there is a way to make the porfolio folder itself clickable and take me to a page that looks like the portfolio page in the subcategory. the website is: https://www.frazercampbellart.com/portfolio-1
  18. I have created two folders, one I wish to display on the nav bar on desktop and one I want to display while on mobile. Does anyone know what custom CSS is required to display the folders based on screen size? I've found examples online for displaying blocks based on size but nothing related to the navbar folders/links.
  19. When naming a folder, should there be another page underneath of the same name, or is it best practice to choose a different name for the page title. For example. For the About folder (which is the navigation menu item "About') and should there be a page underneath it also called About - see the attached image for an example. It looks repetitive to me. Is it better practice to call it something like Welcome? Any advice here? Thanks!
  20. Site URL: https://capybera-beige-b8fr.squarespace.com Hi Good Folks, I have a website I am working on above. P/W: NCSdataman I am using clickable folders with nav menu anchor points on each page. This all works well on desktop, and I have managed to work it so when you click on the menu item on mobile it does take you to the folder landing page, however, I need the link titles to show on the mobile menu so a customer can jump straight to the section he/she requires rather than having to scroll each page and not be aware of what is on the site. Is this possible? A rough drawing of what I need it to look like is this .... Thank you 🙂
  21. Site URL: https://www.americanpacificgroup.com/ Hi there! I'm helping a client with their Squarespace 7.0 site, and I'm wondering if it's possible to get the navigation bar to behave more like 7.1 sites do. Specifically, when you click on “PEOPLE” in the nav bar (which is a folder that contains two pages TEAM and OPERATIONS GROUP), it brings you to the “TEAM” page by default since it is listed first. However, is there a way to change it so that “PEOPLE” doesn’t actually take you anywhere (like 7.1 sites)? That way the site visitor has to choose “TEAM” or “OPERATIONS GROUP” to go to either page. https://www.americanpacificgroup.com/ Thanks in advance!
  22. Site URL: https://www.fantasy-animation.org Here is the site URL: https://www.fantasy-animation.org It is version 7.0 I've had some problems with the dropdown nav as the 'Contact Us' was being cut off from the screen and used the following CSS code to make sure it was more left: .header-actions--right { width: 20vw !important; } [href="/contact-us"]+.Header-nav-folder { left: -75% !important; } But in doing so, when trying to go the dropdown for 'About', it ends up becoming the dropdown for 'Contact Us'. Was this a dropdown padding issue or a site padding issue?
  23. Site URL: https://thedigitalgrowth.co Hi there, Currently, the folders within my site navigation don't direct anywhere when clicked. They currently act as just a field to hover, and select a page from the dropdown. I would like to create a page, hidden from navigation, that this topline folder could point to when clicked. I don't want it to link to the first page in the dropdown, I'd rather create a page that users can be directed to once they click the topline folder. How can this be implemented? (See attached, I'm referring to the section underlined in Red) Thanks in advance!
  24. Site URL: https://rthglmr.squarespace.com Password: rthglmr! Hello, I have managed to come quite far in my website with learning CSS but now I am SUUUUPER stuck. I am trying to have the same navigation on my desktop and mobile site. The desktop is working exactly how I wish it to and now I need the folders to be clickable onto a page on the mobile view. I would like to avoid the drop-down text menu and instead link to a page that is more visual. I would really appreciate any wisdom or insight on this!
  25. Site URL: http://mathswithbelle.co.uk All items in my navigation menu display properly except for Folders. I have tried to place folders in both the Primary and Secondary navigation menus and neither of them display the folder with the drop down menu like it should. This used to work on the site before but now has suddenly stopped working. When I add the folder to the Navigation menu, all the other items in the menu displace to accommodate the new folder, however there is no button for the folder in the menu. This bug happens on both mobile and desktop.
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