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  1. Awesome! It works! Thank you so much 🙂
  2. Hey group! I would like to change my button content when on hover. I know it is possible, but I cant find a proper snippet for it to works on my clients website. Here is the code I used: .large-button-shape-rounded .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--large:hover::before { content: "voir le forfait"!important; } And here are the buttons I would like to apply the changes: website: https://alau-site-web.squarespace.com/ password: freelance Thank you!
  3. Never thought to use the blog code injection. Thank you! Yeah the line is like my most wanted tweak right now! I want to reflect my entire website style in my blog, with lines separating sections. If you have any clue, I'm all ears!
  4. Hi group, I'm currently creating my own blog post sidebar with space blocks, images, texts, code blocks, summary blocks and more. Everything looks fine and exactly how I would like it to be. Except: (a) I would like the vertical line to be full length, going from my navigation to the footer (b) I would like to customize the sidebar furthermore with CSS, but I don't want to add the same code lines to every blog post. Do you think it's possible to add the code somewhere, and it would copy-paste on each new blog post? Thank you for your help! website: https://www.abbiericher.com/blogue/pourquoi-tu-as-besoin-dun-site-internet-pour-ta-business password: freelance
  5. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely recommend that to my client! I saw online that the embedded version of Square Appointments make your Squarespace website bug in the back-end... So I searched online and found that we can integrate Acuity directly in Square. Is it like the POS and only available in the US or is it fine in Canada?
  6. Hi there, I placed an image in between section on my website, but for a reason I dont know, the image appears behind the bottom-border of the section... which I dont want... I tried correcting it with the z-index in css, but nothing works. Any idea? Its on the homepage! website: https://www.abbiericher.com
  7. Hi yall! I have a client who uses Square POS in her beauty salon for her booking appointments and to sell products. She doesn't have a site yet (we are currently building it), but she'd like to integrate her products and appointments into her Squarespace website, so whenever people are booking or buying at the salon or online, everything is connected (quantity, promotions, etc.) Is it possible? Thanks!
  8. Great! Thank you! Didn't think about hiding sections. Everything looks like I wanted now.
  9. Hi @ArminB! I really love the style on desktop and would like to keep it that way. If I let the gallery crop my images, then I would not have the same look on dekstop... Is it possible to allow the cropping so that on mobile it would be full width and then tweak the proportions on desktop to make it look like it is now? I'll allow the cropping for now so you can test it on your side. I'm just starting in coding so if you could help me, that would be awesome! Thanks
  10. Hi guys! Need a little help here! I would like my images in the grid gallery (on mobile only) to have the same width as my content. Tried to show it in the screenshots... Do you guys know how to make it happen? Thanks site: https://papaya-sealion-7c66.squarespace.com/ password: template
  11. Hi group, I notice that whenever we use accordion and there are elements aside, if we click on the accordion, then the elements expand with the drop-down text. You can see an example with the image. It is creating big white space in the other cards elements instead of just developing the actual information that we want. Any idea on how to differentiate those events? website: https://okra-owl-sxw4.squarespace.com/ pass: freelance
  12. Hi @creedon! Do you know if it is possible to modify the link from the logo? When I click on it, it goes straight to a 404 page (not even the one I created). I would like it to redirect to my homepage or no where. website: https://snail-ray-daxz.squarespace.com/
  13. Just tested it, and it works... plus the menu closed by itself. Do you know why someday there's a bug like that and other days not? Is there a way to fix that kind of issue?
  14. Hi group, I got a problem with the checkout page/process on my client's website (mobile mode). Whenever I place an order on Safari, everything goes smoothly except for step 3: Step 1: Email address Step 2: Accepting the custom "Acknowledgement and risks form" Step 3: Shows the order summary for 2sec, and then it scrolls back up automatically for the payment information + billing address But, on Chrome, it's another game! Each of the steps starts by showing the order summary and are all mixed up. Step 1: Shows the order summary and then scroll down to accept the custom form Step 2: Shows the order summary, then scroll back up to enter the email and accepting the form (again) Step 3: Shows the order summary and scroll up to fill the payment information + billing address Also, buttons are black on Safari even though I personalized it to green. In Chrome, the buttons are green. Strange! I asked the Squarespace support, but they told me they couldn't do anything... Any of you experiencing the same problem or could give me some answers on why is it happening? website: https://snail-ray-daxz.squarespace.com/ pass: freelance
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